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id Software , the publisher behind many iOS games (DOOM Classic ,Wolfenstein 3D Classic Lite ,Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum ,RAGE ,DOOM II RPG ,DOOM Resurrection), brings DOOM Classic with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DOOM Classic games has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • preferably with Game Center support and online play..
  • This is an awesome game brings back memories..
  • It's great/ old school graphics..
  • All the music is the same as are the sound effects..
  • When I used to play doom it was with the arrow keys..

Overall Satisfactionc84
One of my favorite games of all time in the best port ever coded.
This is an amazing game and it is worth buying.
By far the best FPS out on the iPhone.
Will we ever get Game Center support and achievements.
Thank You John Carmack and ID.
This is the best game I've ever played on the iOS.
Fun & Engagingc91
This is an awesome game brings back memories.
I used to play this game all the time.
Awesome port of the original.
I spent countless hours playing this when I was a kid.
Super fun.
Everything is perfect and I'm totally addicted.
Replay Valuec85
Doom 2 levels and multiplayer.
Had this game for months and still never gets old.
and with four difficulty levels has a great replay value.
Their is also 4 episodes with 4 difficulty settings to master.
some completely new levels.
Social Aspectsc67
Needs to add bluetooh multi player and Online multiplayer.
I've managed to get them to work for me.
Production Valuesc90
All the music is the same as are the sound effects.
for how old this game is the graphics are great.
because this has slightly better graphics and the controls are perfect.
Updates & Supportc91
I bought the XBLA version of this.
My only suggestion: I think a lite version.
give them a lite version.

we wouldn't have Call of Duty. found in 3 reviews
Great remake of a classic for the iPhone. found in 2 reviews
This game is a blast from the past. found in 3 reviews
When's the next update. found in 1 reviews
As the higher levels almost require you to run and gun. found in 2 reviews
s how do u do co op. found in 17 reviews
it lowers the frame rate a bit. found in 3 reviews
Brings back so many memories from my childhood. found in 4 reviews
Playing this is just like the old days of playing doom. found in 3 reviews
I spent countless hours playing this when I was a kid. found in 3 reviews
It's like having my childhood memories everywhere I go. found in 2 reviews
Also just for old times sakes and fans of the game. found in 4 reviews
some people says that the controls are too sensitive. found in 3 reviews
Very good game the gameplay is great and it's original. found in 3 reviews
Best iPad game on App Store. found in 2 reviews
This game runs flawlessly on the iPhone. found in 9 reviews
Now I'm lucky enough to relive those days. found in 4 reviews
I would pay any price for it. found in 2 reviews
and the boss battles are awsome. found in 3 reviews
they advertise that you can listen to music and play. found in 2 reviews
Juat wish the controls had sensitivity adjustment. found in 3 reviews
Please update for the new iPad. found in 1 reviews
Needs to fit the entire iPhone 5 screen. found in 1 reviews
I also think it would be a great idea if you guys added doom 2. found in 2 reviews
wtf is their a button u push to open dors. found in 13 reviews
To fix the controls too small bug that appears after updating. found in 9 reviews
How about forward/backwards tilt control. found in 4 reviews
Great game marred by terrible controls. found in 3 reviews
Awesome but one thing. found in 2 reviews
I also found out how to open doors. found in 13 reviews
Great update but still needs updating. found in 1 reviews
But I wish the controls had the option of sensitivity. found in 2 reviews
Classic though needs multiplayer back. found in 9 reviews
If you press restart from the options button. found in 1 reviews
Needs better save/ load game management/settings. found in 1 reviews
Needs better save /load game management/settings. found in 2 reviews
NEEDS CONTROL WORK. found in 1 reviews
Needs better save/load game management /settings. found in 1 reviews
Fix motion controls and it's a 5 Star Game. found in 4 reviews
but I have found it nearly impossible to control. found in 23 reviews
No sensitivity adjustment. found in 3 reviews
Terrible controls in v2. found in 3 reviews
Horrible Controls. found in 5 reviews
Fix the controls and then it might be worth it. found in 9 reviews
But since my iPod is a first generation. found in 2 reviews
There is just no precision in touch screen controls. found in 6 reviews

The DOOM Classic is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new DOOM Classic app version 2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about DOOM Classic in id Software`s Official Website :

ON SALE during QUAKECON 2010, Thursday through Sunday only. Critical Acclaim for DOOM Classic: "Best of 2009" Top 10 Game, iTunes Rewind For shooter alumni, this version of DOOM on the iPhone is a flawless reminder ...
Overall this is a very good mobile port of doom There are multiple flaws but none of them are serious some missing textures that create the famous hall of mirrors effect limited control scheme that doesnt offer much customization no strafing unless you want the controls to be awkward a sprite dead enemies items etc behind another sprite might overlap even though it should be covered up sound is a bit strange no nightmare difficulty mode multiplayer has been removed entirely theres a slot in the weapon menu for the super shotgun from doom 2 called dblshotgun but doom 2 isnt included lack of mod support If you want to play doom 2 or any mods Id recommend gameception but you need to own the desktop versions of doom 1 or 2 to play them From what I can tell id software has abandoned this app so theres very little chance anything will be fixed              Good port but a few problems
The controls are terrible     Unplayable
The game is very very very good and i know the deamons are fictional and you want the game to have the atomesphere but please remove the satantic goat head from the buttons You guys dont know what kind of negative thing that is Just stick with skulls plz              Good game bad symbols
Can you make it so I can continue playing on my iPad where I left off on my iPhone Like some sort of cloud saving thanks              Same file for multiple devices
Same feel of the original mobile friendly without lag I have been playing since I was a toddler If there was Deathmatch available I think it could bring a classic first person shooter into a new generation on a platform that is used by many users and bring a new generation into the world of Doom           Just Like the Original Needs Deathmatch
Controls are terrible They are way too sensitive an option should be added to adjust that As of now I personally find it unplayable Its way too difficult to find the middle ground between tip toeing and bolting around the rooms at full speed Between this and the vice city port I bought on here I realized these games just arent for me The controls just do not transfer well to touchscreen I figured doom would be simple enough how could you screw it up Lol guess I got my answer RIP 5     Immediate Regret
I loved this game when I had first seen gameplay of it I now have it for XBox 360 PC and now IOS A couple things that would make it better are multiplayer and Moga support Multiplayer in DOOM is amazing so it would be nice if it was implemented The controls are ok so Moga support would be fantastic Other than that this is a great game                 DOOM is Back
I first played Doom about 2 yrs after its release on the PSX and I was hooked This app is a huge plus for me cuz now I can play it whenever and where ever I would like to play Doom where the game uses your camara and you can shoot demons walking around your neighborhood Just dont target civilions D                 Doom enthusiest
Every fps on the App Store needs controller support I wont play it seriously until its added           No controller support
John Romero would be proud and john Carmac did a great job and at least try to add doom 2 even though hes gone please you guys at id are smart enough                 DOOM II
why have the classic doom game with the doom 3 UI this is strange and doesnt make any sense have the UI and main menu be the menu from the original game its strange to mix doom 3 and doom 1 menus for the iPhone port just leave it as the original and keep it as true and close to the first doom as possible and multiplayer           great port but UI is strange
This is an excellent port from PC one suggestion though the UNMAKER and to the people who dont like doom this is the creator of FPS                 Amazing
The title says it alla waste of koney        Controls are unusable
Release Doom 2              Wheres Doom 2
I played the original back in the 90s and this port has none of its charm Wacky control scheme ruins the        Controls ruin the game
I love the game and such But I like the addition of the old classic music of doom but Id kill for a toggle to switch from classic to remastered Also needs to be updated since the control scheme is entirely messed up and options do not fully work 35           Options for music iOS update
Please please please add doom 2hell on earth I NEED TO SEE HOW IT ENDS                 AWESOME
Plzzzzz make doom 2 and final doom for iOS it would complete me I want the second chapter of doom saga best game ever plzzzzzzzzzzz make doom 2 And please return multiplayer                 Wheres doom 2
A fantastic game as always However I do hope that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus optimization is in order              Always a Classic
Awesome game                 Best iPad game on App Store
Think you guys should add multiplayer on Classic doom make it free to One more thing you should add wads and make doom 2 to not the RPG versionMake to doom 2 free and add multiplayer and make quake one and add multiplayer make it free                 New update
This is great but why isnt there a port of doom 2                 Great
Ive been having so much fun replaying this finding all the secrets Better iPhone adaptation than other fps ports Played it till my eyes bled over summers in my childhood Please add doom II chapters Maybe someday quake 1 on iPhone                 Fundamental game Great port
please add multiplayer                 ADD IT
So glad everything is the same Even the files If you have a jailbroken phone take the original doom file and replace it with something else So far Ive played doom duh doom 2 and plutonia experiment Provided that you own these of course you can totally port it Music and all Just make sure you have the controls to your liking because I accidentally changed it and the turning wheel wasnt to my sized liking Anywho Im off to try final doom now And yes the super shotgun appears too                 Dem WAD files
The controls are horrendous no strafing and its so sloppy trying to play with one control The music sounds like crap too Those two things there are what made Doom amazing Dont waste your money like I just did        Crap
This game is amazing its the god of the games you need to add more weapons in the game ok                 Best First Person Shooter on the App Store
It not good game as the computer version Not realistic not good game I bought     Not the same the computer
I what a refund it crashes a lot when I start it And I dont have a bad I pad Give me my money Back     0 stars
Sólo falta el doom 2                 Tumulto padre
Been playing Doom since 1993 on PC I have DOOM BFG edition for xbox 360 had to try this out to complete the collection and all I have to say is good job id this is a great port well done Love playing this on my lunch break at work everyone is tripping like what you got doom for your phone Haha hell yeah Doom fan til I die cant wait for DOOM next Gen                 Doom Classic for iOS
This port was my first time playing Doom and I love it Not only is it fun to blow some demon heads off but just everything about it is very quirky and creative It really captures what I think old fans of the series really love Also the suspense scene gives it style I actually find myself horrified sometimes when suspenseful music is playing and you are wandering around alone and you can hear the monsters growling but you cant find them And then boom Something shoots at you and you go crazy with the controls trying to find the enemy and kill it Its just a good feeling I hear that the old Doom had multiplayer though id love it if you could put that back                 Amazing
Dont get me wrong I looove this game but thanks to Apple and their rating system I cant install it anymore These are school distributed iPads so they reset them each year and I cant turn off parental controls It was nice knowing you Doom Even though I still have the PC version     Thanks Apple sarcasm
So many great childhood memories Please make this multiplayer                 Nostalgic
If you press restart from the options button youll lose everything Imagine having to face 2 barons of hell with a shotgun Doable but I dont have the time Otherwise 5 stars        Dont press restart
So many memories playing this game Why no Doom 2 Cmon you cant leave us hanging                 A classic
The controls are awkward and function very poorly on a phone i want my 5 dollars back The game was there all they had to do was set up a decent interface and they failed impressively Looks good on the purchase screen though go figure     This is crap
Great game only complaint is the controls arent horribly consistent making maneuvering difficult              Great game
Great game But there is no Jumping To get to some secret areas you need to jump Now you cant get to those secret areas           Disappointed A little
Awesome game love playing it They just took out multiplayer WHY My son and I are bummed        Where did multiplayer go
Hey id software im a big fan of all your games rageclassic doom doom 64doom2doom3doom3 colletors editionrage wolfenstien3dwolfenstien the new order and all of the quake games but one thing you should put classic quake on download its a really good game                 Put quake on download
Please Make Doom 2 Classic If You Release It I Promise That I Will Be First In Line With The Money In Hand I Dont Care If The App Costs 999 Ill Still Buy It                 Good app
For five dollars Id expect for the sound to work Hugely disappointed     No sound
Love the game but the controls and that vibration thing is pissing me off allow people to turn it offffffffff     Not good
I love the game but this app is killing me No double shotgun no multiplayer I want to believe you guys will do something about it please        Love the game
Decent port Controls take time getting used to but you can get proficient at moving around with practice Game has some glitches I dont like the gave Its saving in places that I dont want to save at automatically Multiple choices on game saves would be nice Ive had to start levels over because Im saved at a point where I dont have enough health to make it through a level Overall its great playing doom again           Decent
MAKE ORIGINAL DOOM 2                 Great
Doom for the IPhone pad and pods in context is particularly a good game on pen and paper However what could have been a fantastic resurrection of the original shooter is bogged down due to control limitations and the lie that you actually cant play music during gameplay Overall everything else is fine and Id software I am begging you I WILL legitimately pay 10 if you bring the original quake to the iOS store PLEASE           A Flaw in the Systems Core
How do you switch weapons                 How
It sure is noisy All the time ya know Youre killing me smallz              How the hell do I put this chainsaw down

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