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id Software , the publisher behind many iOS games (RAGE ,DOOM II RPG ,DOOM Resurrection ,Wolfenstein 3D Classic Lite ,Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum ,RAGE HD), brings DOOM II RPG with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DOOM II RPG games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The DOOM II RPG is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new DOOM II RPG app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about DOOM II RPG check developer id Software`s website :

75% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Hell has returned Prepare yourself for DOOM II RPG for the iPhone, the sequel to id Software s hit turn based mobile game Doom RPG. A mysterious distress signal calls ...
First of all I can t start a new game without it without it crashing I just downloaded the iOS 11 update and now I can t even open it up It is a waste but it could possibly work if you have something bigger than an iPhone 5s that doesn t have the iOS 11 update     It don t work Cna0504
Needs iOS 11 support Revive the game             iOS 11 support please Knights of Ren SWTOR
I love nothing by more than to pop in my headphones turn up my DooM playlist on Spotify and engage in some strategic demon mowing with this game And that s the key word strategic Instead of a run n gun this is an RPG it s right there in the title guys with lots of fun mechanics and turn based action I have no quibbles with this game seriously except the devs need to update it already I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN                     Truly fun game needs to update to IOS 11 frodobatmanvader
Please update this game and DOOM original I love these games but am unable to play due to compatibility issues with IOS PLEASE UPDATE     Needs comparability update BADLY Mdjxkgmdmvk
Please update this app     Another one bites the dust with iOS 11 Surferdave7777
Fantastic vintage game I ve enjoyed thoroughly that is until I couldn t play it anymore This is a plea to the developers who ported this please update to work on iOS 11     PLEASE Update for iOS11 Booshmaster
For the life of me I do not understand why this or Resurrection were made Please do yourself a favor and stick to Doom Classic     Terrible excuse of a Doom game MC Bizquik
I just bought this before updating my iPhone se and after updating I can no longer play so please update it so I can play I am a huge DOOM fan and played and loved the first DOOM RPG and really want to play and beat this one but can t because it has not been updated yet so please update it so I can play the game I bought                     Please update it to work with newest firmware please Warpup621
I tried to get unlimited ammo Got it for awhile but I can not get any ammo when I ran out             How do you get anmo I ran out of everything Ara6968
Could be gold with an update     Saving issues Blindsith
I just paid 0 99 for this and the controls are worst then in the first game I would hate for anyone to play this game     Bad controls DBSlacker
I just finished this game and wow thats all i can say its a lot of fun scouring the levels for the secrets and playing the hacking minigames on the vending machines storage rooms my only criticism is that this game is far too short i beat it merely in 4 5 hours on medium difficulty if the game doesn t instantly grab you and make you want to play after a few minutes just play through to the second level and i can say with certainty that you will want to continue i really wish this game was longer                 Never played a turn based RPG before Thexhaloxfreak
Takes forever to load and is a waste     Terrible game Rjddad
For some reason I downloaded doom 2 and when I select a difficulty when starting a new game it kicks me out I have tried multiple time and closing the app     Won t work Ebhohn
Crashes when loading     Doesn t work Ben Palladino
Everytime I try to start a game it crashes If I cannot even play at all its a 0 star and 1 dollar waste     Never worked for me HighTowerBK
As a fan of classic FPS and RPG titles I bought this hoping I could play it on my iPad with iOS 9 It opens but upon starting a New Game it crashes I am playing DOOM classic and Wolfenstein classic and this would have made a welcome companion I also appreciate the Doom 3 references because I felt that game was very underrated             Innovative Fails on iOS 9 EmilyApricot
Games crashes right when I choose a difficulty     Doesn t work Feliponjr
Amazing game is working again Yay                     It s working again Sanguinous Rex
Things I didn t like Monsters have two moves to my one Maybe on hard but not on the easiest IMO the Rez guys shouldn t be able to Rez before you get an chance to move You re just stuck behind an enemy who never dies the on fire animation is over the top Can t see anything So annoying the miss rate was too d high Again just MO Things I liked nostalgia Pro tips chainsaw the Rez corps so they don t Rez each other Chainsaw every corps if ya can play listening to DOOM2016 soundtrack             Three stars NordoftheRings
It simply won t work I try to load it every time but it always crashes     It s doesn t work EchKnight97426
Will not work in iOS 9 please fix     Game is broke Svavra
Bought and opened It crashed when i selected difficulty Waste of money     Crash Brad2hot4u
When I chose difficulty it just crashes Can t even start it     Keeps crashing Sergelgar
Game won t get past the menu screen     Game crashes Doom is doomed
Every time I load the game it closes Please help             Please help Nick_kiczek
Don t waste the dollar on this game It immediately crashes when trying to start a game It hasn t been updated since 2010 and from what I ve read it s been unplayable with iOS since 2015 at the very latest What a joke     Broken Keeavin
I m very disappointed I ve been a Doom fan since its inception and this app won t even let me start a new game before crashing Please fix     Crashes constantly TheSupergator
I m on an IPhone 6 and when I choose to start a new game it immediately crashes and closes Don t buy until it s fixed     Broke maximadrvr217
Just downloaded but force closes every time I try to start game     Had hopes Mel13kaye
The game don t even work when I press play it cuts off     WTH Big daddy xxxx
App is currently crashing whenever I try to even start a new game Fix this and it will be 5 stars         Crashes Supsuperman27
iPhone 5s up to date Crashes when I select difficulty every single time     Crashing The MonkeyDude
Recently purchased this game on my iPhone 6 Can t even start a game since it crashes every time I try to start a game Currently unplayable until ID fixes this bug     Unplayable Crashes on new game screen tbaum74
A doom themed rpg If you like RPGs youll appreciate the work that went into this one If not then youll probably write a bad review Fun solid game                 A great Doom title
This is an amazing adventure that held me for several days                 Amazing
Classic sound effects and graphics are all this game has going for it Its ok if you are a fan of turn based RPG games but that isnt what Doom is supposed to be Doom is run for your life or run up in the demons face and massacre them and hurt them more than they can hurt you type game Even the on the rails Doom Resurrection gave you more control over the action than this     An Insult to the Doom Franchise
Very bad controls and stupid gameplay dont waste ur money     Bad
All the negative reviewers apparently dont understand the concept of the turnbased RPG This is a great RPG set in the Doom universe Its really fun and has done great humor                 Great RPG
Cheesy from the start Sealed its ridiculousness in with holy water pistol and googlie eyes Also why is there a holy water pistol onboard When did space stations start having demonic contingencies installed     Comical brilliance
Im a doom fan i have them all from doom doom 2 final doom doom 64 doom 3 and the psx editions and original and this game is fresh it might not be the old doom but it says doom RPG of course its not gunna be the same as the older ones it has a freshness to it that i like controls are great 99 cents BUY IT                 Its fresh and new
The controls on the iOS are hard to use not smooth at all the game does not flow well at all Gave this game a good 5 minutes of my time then removed it Couldnt even get out of the 1st room Waste of money and time save yourself the money If you loved old school doom get an emulator and download it on your computer I wish apple had a grace period where you could get your money back from garbage apps     Nothing like the old school game
Being a huge fan of the original Doom franchise I was a bit skeptical about it being turned into an RPG I never had any second thoughts after playing this game I am super into this game It is amazing how it feels like classic Doom but more intellectual and sophisticated                 A classic reimagined
Something that seems to be lost on our society these days A game that makes you plan your strategy and think ahead Something more than the simpleton kill an enemy in this room walk to the next and kill an enemy there game And yet some people trash this game Im vaguely not surprised Its a great game Its true to the Doom realm Great story Great concept I just wish they would port the first DooM RPG to the iOS I never had the chance to play the first one on the older model phones One more question In the secret chamber in VIOS level you find an unusable item called SAMs remnants Is that the computer AI SAL from earlier in the game or the flying robot SAM that was destroyed in the final scene of DooM Resurrection                 Its Doomwith Intelligence
Its not doom and the controls are really bad and I want my money back     Eeehhhhh
After about a minute of playing I got used to the controls and mechanics of the game very fun and interactive RPG              Great
I was tentative in my purchases of Doom RPG Coming from an FPS game I thought this would be shallow adventure How wrong I was Like the original doom it feels instantly fresh and intuitive With jump out of your seat battles and fun weapons I hope they release Doom 1 RPG for iOS and make another one so its a trilogy If you want a game where you are not slamming buttons to kill but want or need to take your time to play like at work when no one is watching get it enjoy it love it Relive Doom reimagined                 Excellent lite RPG
I maybe read the description too fast but I thought this was a new unique version of Doom 2 The rpg format is less than exciting Except for the characters and sound this is NOT a shooter game           Not what I was expecting
To everyone complaining about horrible controls or a bad game Get bent and learn to read Its a turn based rpg This is just like the amazing doom rpg that i had on my old flip razr back in the day and its just as good if not better                 Amazing
Can You Please Make Doom 2 Classic I Absolutely Love Doom 1 Classic        Okay
I had much higher expectations for this game coming from id software They havent supported it at all Not a single update since its release     Poor support
Not your traditional Doom Game but as its own games its a very good rpg                 Awesome
Best dollar Ive spent in awhile                 Great game
this game is terrible dont waste your money on it its not worth the time     Terrible
The Best TurnBased FirstPerson RPG on the App Store Hands down All the bad reviews below are probably written by folks that skipped the dialogue throughout their gaming careers if you know what I mean If you are looking for a fast paced run gun then get Wolfenstein 3D or Doom Classic This is not that type of game This gem of a game is more like a modern Eye of the Beholder or The Bards Talethe 80s one not the funny XBox one that is now on iOS too with Doom IIs story characters graphics sounds and overall theme If youve played Wolfenstein RPG then youll be familiar with this game already Its like that great game but bigger badder and more Doomy My only regret about getting Doom II RPG is that I waited so long to get it Ive been waiting for a sale for a while and finally broke down and got it Within minutes I was mad at myself for being cheap Its only 299 and in retrospect I would have paid more Its dozens of hours of fun with multiple characters that each have different stats and dialogue I love it Ps Doom 3 RPG and Rage RPG would be really great Hint hint                 Epic Masterpiece
The game is everything you would expect from the makers of the DOOM series Smooth mechanics simple concepts engaging gameplay and a very creative theme Plus an FPSRPG Now Ive seen everything Seriously Great game                 Perfect
It needs to be compatible with ipad              Pretty cool but
I could understand if it wasnt turn based but having 6 zombies surrounding you and killing you and you can only attack one at a time is a bit of a buzz kill        Not my cup of tea
First off I would like to mention that I am a huge fan of the first Doom RPG in which I wish was on iOS I would buy it too This game is definitely not for everyone I say this because of the gameplay A lot of people would purchase this and think it will play just like the original Doom for PC Doom RPG is a turn based game After playing for awhile you will level up in which you will gain additional stats and health The game also covers a story in which will involve you talking to some crew members and cut scenes Of course you will still be looking for secrets items health and armor pickups just like any other Doom game Overall I am very impressed with the iOS version of this game I just wish ID Software would release the first one on iOS because I miss playing it off my old flip phone years ago                 Excellent Game
The controls are crude and for someone who played with a degree of high skill level on a PC back in the 90s I just found myself wanting to simply go back to my desktop so I could actually move the way I wanted to move instead of being stuck and getting killed over and over again        Cool but mostly frustrating
Although the game page says it works on iPad it freezes up at the first encounter while trying to talk to someone Their balloon is empty of all text This is where the game freezes every time I just deleted the game and will not buy anything from id Software again Dont waste your time or money     Unplayable on iPad
The plot seems very bland although I didnt expect much really One thing to note that after beating the first boss I quit out of sheer boredom Judging by this far the game is very boring since repeatedly pushing attack is all the strategy needed to win really           Very mediocre
There is no way to explain it You have to play this to find out why I tried to rate this to 6 stars                 Needs to be a 6th star
The game Is good but It would have been better if it had the controls the original doom had and the game crashes to much I dont think it is worth the money I paid        Dont like it
Simple 90 degree movement takes away from the gameplay realism Dont waste your money     Awkward
The way you move is different than expected but Ive never played the doom series so I dont know if this is what it was like I had thought it would not be four set directions to look and move Overall it is a somewhat okay game           Not what I thought
Ive played Doom since it came out years and years ago Ive always loved it this however is awful they should be ashamed of themselves for putting this out there First room first level I quit this blows     Doom II
I was expecting something like original PC game Its nothing like that     Waste of money
This is a turnbased RPG set in the Doom universe not a firstperson shooter If you like Doom and turnbased games this one is perfect It has the same dark feel as the original Doom games and at times it even makes me jump as monsters appear just like the FPS Doom However since its turnbased you have more time to pick the right weapon for the job heal yourself with a health pack or whatever else you need to do Ive spent hours on this game already and it still feels as awesome as ever                 Great game
If you like RPGs and fps this is really a great time Well executed gameplay if a little simplistic Levels seem a little too familiar after a while but thats exactly what doom was like back in the day My only complaint is how the interface seems to take button presses from the user as a suggestion The sound plays I know you know I pressed the button why do I need to hit the weapon icon 5 times to have it take effect Minor complaint overall This was an awesome time waster on my flight today Will buy more                 Rpg doom
The game is ok but I wouldnt pay for it again        Eh
If youre a fan of the Doom Original forget this app Its junk     Junk
Doom 2 RPG is easily one of the best 99 cents you will ever spend Being a huge Doom fan prior to purchasing I was very excited to find out that there was a Doom game that I had never played and since it was a phone game I was very intrigued I purchased the game and I havent looked back With Doom 2 RPG you have a lengthy campaign plenty of exciting battle scenarios a pretty good story for a phone game thats very reminiscent of DOOM 2 and it even includes a prelude comic explaining the events leading up to the game Its everything weve all come to expect and love with a Doom game but with turnbased RPG combat 55 Best 99 cents Ive ever spent                 Doom 2 RPG review by Zane Hoffmann
Please update the game The game does not have background app support ios 7 support and iPhone 5 support Please update this love doom its my childhood              Great game But needs an update
I absolutely LOVE this game It may be different from the other Doom games but it is still amazing However for an odd reason the game crashes after hitting Resume from the cheat mode menu Is this a bug or intentional                 Great Game
First off ID should port all of their game to ios This game takes the concept of doom and turns it into a whole new direction My only complaint is that it is not longer Great game                 Great different take on a classic
Like The Quest but more linear and less things to manage Also in space Good level up good character building good minigames                 Good iOS RPG
What a waste of money Nothing like the original They mine as well made this game a book because thats all you do in this game is read CAPTIONS SAVE YOURSELF A 1 and STAY AWAY     Wow
If you have notice id software on the reviews for DOOM classic most of them ask for DOOM 2 some of them fairly new so they must not be talking about the rpg version I know your team is smart enough to port doom 2 using the doom 1 engine look if a jail broken iPhone could do it Im sure you can     DOOM 2
not doom but love it                 good
Good game                 Cool game
For those of you that like old school shooters like doom and RPGs this is for you I personally love this and every ID game ever made Very unique A different storyline similar to Doom 3 but very fresh I even recommend Wolfesntein RPG                 Very different very fun
Worst control scheme ever     Worst

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