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DoorDash , brings DoorDash - Food Delivery with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DoorDash - Food Delivery app has been update to version 1.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • We have two small kids and Door Dash is amazing..
  • a food delivery service that makes sense and delivers consistently..
  • app is intuitive and user friendly..

Overall Satisfactionc77
I order to work about once a week.
Best on demand delivery around.
Thank you for your amazing service.
This app and service is far better than GrubHub.
Will definitely use again and would recommend to a friend.
Love the new design.
Love that there are so many restaurants on the network.
Fun & Engagingc100
Such an awesome service that I started working for them.
With awesome service quick and easy payment.
Ordered once - and everything went great.
everything went very smoothly.
Super useful for busy people.
Seriously Useful App.
Ease of Usec98
Super convenient and reliable.
Easy to use and informative.
More choices of resturants and app is super simple to use.
DoorDash is just plain easy.
Vert easy simple to use.
This is dangerously convenient.
Updates & Supportc97
great customer service.
Amazing customer service.

Also really like the push notification updates. found in 1 reviews
So many restaurants to choose from. found in 3 reviews
Drivers are always super nice - it's awesome in Palo Alto. found in 2 reviews
Easy to use and informative. found in 2 reviews
Door Dash is always reliable. found in 4 reviews
It's like magic. found in 4 reviews
Take a chance and download this amazing app. found in 1 reviews
One tap and food shows up in less than 20 minutes. found in 4 reviews
Lived up to the hype. found in 1 reviews
I have little time to coordinate dinners for family and friends. found in 3 reviews
To make a long story short. found in 1 reviews
Doordash has been such a refreshing service to have in my area. found in 3 reviews
Although I have to pay a little more. found in 1 reviews
great customer service. found in 5 reviews
No restaurants in my area. found in 1 reviews
Sticking with Grubhub and Seamless until they work out the kinks. found in 1 reviews
Why isn't there a repeat order option. found in 1 reviews
you shouldn't require users to sign up for an account. found in 1 reviews
At least until Google buys them and then we'll tap out. found in 1 reviews
the second order came but no sign of the first order. found in 3 reviews
Please don't require an account for Apple Pay. found in 1 reviews
if slightly limited. found in 1 reviews
App is super buggy as well. found in 1 reviews
Needs to work out kinks. found in 1 reviews
I simply deleted the app immediately from my iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Please add iPad /Universal version. found in 1 reviews
app horribly designed. found in 1 reviews
Poor selection. found in 3 reviews
But the up charging going on has reached really bad levels. found in 1 reviews
Can't trust it to work when I need it. found in 4 reviews
and their app kept crashing on my phone. found in 2 reviews
Don't be fooled by the quoted delivery fee. found in 8 reviews
I obviously have no need for services like this. found in 2 reviews
Terrible service. found in 2 reviews
First experience was the worst. found in 2 reviews
Deceptive pricing. found in 1 reviews

The DoorDash - Food Delivery is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 12.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.3 has been released on 2014-02-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about DoorDash - Food Delivery check developer DoorDash`s website :

DoorDash brings you food from your favorite local restaurants, hot and fresh, within 45 minutes. We have amazing restaurants and amazing people who will do anything to delight you. Well, almost anything. Your first delivery is ...
This app makes ordering from my commute much easier Love the layout and the service They always have a great selection and excellent customer service ApplePay feature is so cool                 I love DoorDash
DoorDash is awesome full stop I ordered Thai and it got to me 20 minutes early hot and my delivery driver was very nice I use it twice a week now because its so good                 Great food fast and reliable
I have used this app about 7 times now so Ive given it a good try it and was initially thrilled But the thrill is gone as I am no longer getting the credits that made things not so expensive and besides the very expensive delivery fee they charge the food prices are jacked up above what the restaurant charges and then you add on the tip and suddenly you are paying 23 for the entree salad that costs 1099 at the restaurant ouch Over priced convenience        Initial Excitement Fizzled
Late all three times Ive tried them Cant reach customer service been on hold 20 minutes and no answer Cancelling account they are that bad     Horrible always late
This is a good service but the food is often late Do not use if you need to feed your family by a particular time           Good service often late
Ive ordered from DoorDash dozens of times now and theyve saved me hours by not having to wait at a restaurant and looking for parking Super simple and clean app                 Best life hack to save time
They deliver your food on time about 50 of the time 25 of the time they show up incredibly late 25 of the time they dont show up at all     Unreliable plain and simple
I should probably cook more but I have more than 300 restaurants available in my area to choose fromDoorDash makes it super easy for me to get everything I want and more                 The best app for delivery
I was concerned about placing an order after reading the reviews but my firsttime experience was awesome I ordered Zacharys pizza in Oakland which can definitely take a while and the driver called to let me know that he was at the restaurant waiting on my pizzas The app updated every step of the delivery and my pizzas arrived hot and almost exactly when they were promised My driver was friendly communicative and prompt Overall fantastic experience I will definitely order again                 Great firsttime experience in East Bay
I cannot say enough good things about this service I love the tracking aspect it was super easy to use and the driver was a total sweetheart Great experience all around Im a definite return customer                 Perfection
I have had issues with four different orders in the past month This wouldnt be a huge issue if it wasnt painfully obvious that their customer service doesnt care about making it right Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere     Delivery issuesTERRIBLE Cust service
Where other delivery apps either have too little good food the GrubHubs of the world or too little of the food Im familiar with and love Caviar and other apps with too few restaurants DoorDash covers everything I care about and can get it to my door ASAP Highly recommended                 Amazingly reliable fast tasty
Love using DoorDash great service They have my favorite restaurants and the app is easy to use                 Great app love the service
Ive only had positive experiences with DoorDash Thank you guys for for giving me back time in my life                 Best app of all time
Good to see that DoorDash is pushing fixes so often                 Nicely done
They stole my money and never gave me any food     The worst doesnt work
Ive ordered two dishes and later found out I was over paying 3 extra PER dish on top the delivery fee and drivers fee All in all for around 25 order I was paid around 40 Last time for sure     Many times cost way over the restaurant menu
I loooove DoorDash Its magic just a few clicks and my delicious custom meal is delivered right to my door The timesaving factor is immense They have a ton of restaurants to choose from so I never get bored Plus I get to try out local restaurants Ive never had the chance to visit and probably never would if they werent conveniently on the DoorDash app Whether Im slammed at work and cant leave for lunch or Im relaxing with a glass of wine on a Friday night and dont want to cook the delightful DoorDash team comes to the rescue and brings my meals right to me Worth every penny love it                 Magic Service Huge Timesaver
Bad selection and they increase the prices of the food so the delivery fee seems low not chill     Increased food prices
Quickest most reliable and best selection of all the ondemand delivery apps                 Best delivery app
The app itself is just the latest in a long line of toyourdoorinnotime businesses that have come and gone mainly gone over the years First 2 orders were fine nothing was wrong 2nd order they sent me a link to substitute an item Ok I substituted Received neither the original item the substituted item but I did get a nice charge on my card 3rd order driver doesnt check the bag and neglects to bring most important part of the meal guac Asks if I want a refund No I want my guac 2 hours later the ordeal was done with Now Im trying to get them to credit back my card for the missed item but customer service doesnt bother to write back This company is clearly trying to do too much and is not set up to provide the service it promises Apple should review these sorts of things more strictly for the apps they let on the App Store This one is a joke     Good idea for app service is awful worthless
This app will be so much better if cash accepted           Review
My original order was completely incorrect and I tried to reorder and it was incorrect again I tried getting in touch with their support team FOUR TIMES and received no response There is more to my story but the fact of the matter is Doordash has awful services     AWFUL SERVICE
I have had a few issues with drivers who were either rude slow or brought incomplete orders However Ive had more pleasant experiences than unpleasant ones In addition every time Ive had an issue Ive received an apologetic email from the company as well as usually some sort of credit on my account Thus while far from being perfect their customer service and desire to improve get them a 4 star review for what would otherwise be a 3 star service              Overall a good service
The application never seems to know where I am I have inputted my address several times removed and reloaded itbut still after saving another address appears     Location Problems
This app is the best Ive seen easy to use and so many options Orders always arrive quickly and the quality of service cant be beat Ordered yesterday for lunch and my sandwich came quickly and was still hot Definitely impressed everyone at my office                 THE best delivery service
The app now incorporates the ability to share the links to get referafriend easier through SMS texting FB Twitter or FB messenger I love the fact that the app tells you how many have used your code                 Yay I can now track my referrals
Wont let me add an apartment number to the delivery address Useless     Couldnt get set up
My wife and I both work so we really value our downtime together DoorDash is great for the nights we want to relax and dont feel like cooking The service is awesome and they have all our favorite restaurants                 Game changer
I use to use this app a lot But as of recently you lost me as a customer 599 for a delivery fee on a 10 order is dumb Thats 50 of the meal Bye door dash Back to eat24 I go     Rediculous
They have the best restaurant selection out there always on time super friendly drivers Awesome service                 DoorDash best delivery service EVER
App saves lives glad that I can save others                 Finally refer a friend
App said food would arrive 742 but no update to status until 750 then said food being prepared and picked up all at once Took about 15 hours to get food Finally deliver at 801 Basic complaint is no updates and cold food My guess is food sat at restaurant for an hour I order and pick up there all the time Food is generally ready in 20 minutes     No updates cold food and late
I was very skeptical with this app at first so I tested it with a small order first To my surprise it was delivered WAY faster than estimated From then on I have been ordering food to get delivered to my work place almost 3x a week at least It has yet to fail I got a slightly wrong order one time but after I complained about it they refunded me partial credit I had option to re deliver but I wouldnt have time to eat it Depending on what area you are trying to get food delivered to there are amazing options Lets keep supporting doordash and hopefully they will expand more restaurants to deliver food from AND more areas                 This will be the death of me
This app works like a charm the delivery people are nice and they deliver all kinds of delicious food in my city Far better than other food delivery services Ive tried Im sticking with DoorDash only from now on                 AWESOME APP AND DELIVERY
This app makes my life so much easier I get all my favorite restaurants delivered straight to my place highly recommended                 Such convenience
Weve used door dash a handful of times and not once have they gotten the order right Sometimes they dont send an item sometimes they miss an add on Always very apologetic and offering credits but honestly the amount of meals they have ruined is not worth using the service and their account credit make goods anymore     Cant get an order right
Love this app I order dinner 34x per week and never have issues Great food great service                 Reliable and userfriendly
This is the best food delivery app service I have found DoorDash have expanded exponentially in my city Unlike other food delivery services DoorDash does not limit the menu to the traditional take out style foods Instead it provides access to a long list of top rated restaurants food service outlets which do not themselves run a take out or delivery service The food is delivered to your door in no time The delivery fee is 5 plus driver tip m the drivers are polite and they are never late There will be no more sickly cheap Chinese food arriving at our place because we cant be bothered cooking DoorDash is great for every day meals and you could even use it to pretend youre a superstar chef to your friends and family Thoroughly recommended                 Love love love
What an easy to use app Super reliable I order 4 times a week                 Amazing appservice
Disorganized Bad customer service Long wait 3 hours later they texted Food is ready I cancelled said they couldnt give me money back because I had made the order even if they took 3 hours Its a Scam Avoid Door Dash Delete App     Ridiculously Bad
Doordash makes it easy for you to order dinner every night App is smooth and clean Really happy with it                 Best food app ever
New update is great Love the item search capabilities                 Fantastic update
Love everything about DoorDash Have awesome merchants always transparent about where your food is and great prices                 BEST DELIVERY SERVICE
Fantastic service when they bring you food Ive used the service over 50 times and its hit or miss mostly misses Id say a large percentage of the time they mess up the order or they are significantly late sometimes over an hour late Additionally theres been over 10 occasions where they simply dont show up which is fantastic when your feeding a family of 5 Ive stopped taking the risk Uninstalled the app Horrible     Horrible and unreliable
I wanted to try something new and had a 10 off coupon However I have been waiting over two hours for my food     Man
I use this app almost everyday while working late at the office Looks great in iOS 9 as well nice work you guys                 DD changed my life
I downloaded the app two hours ago to order some pizza I placed the order at 610 PM Estimated delivery was 720 PM which they said usually arrives even earlier Im located in Chicago I received a call at 720 PM from Door Dash in Palo Alto telling me THEY are cancelling my order because the restaurant told the driver it would be another hour The restaurant not did not cancel Door Dash did They didnt even give me the option of just waiting The customer service man said they could give me my money back on my credit card or just give me credit on my Door Dash account but still charging my card Not even a coupon offer on a future order The guy told me that if I put it back on my Door Dash account I could just order from another place Why would I order from another place What if I wait another hour just for the same thing to happen again That would be a dumb decision on my part I asked for the money back on my credit card which they said may not be processed for 7 days Completely unacceptable This is not the restaurants faultits Door Dashs Dont give me delivery times and tell me youre preparing food if youre not able to actually communicate with the restaurant This app is not primetime ready and a huge letdown Based on their customer service Im not sure it will ever be primetime ready Now I have to make alternate plans at 730 PM for 4 people Download Grub Hub if you really need a delivery app or just call the restaurant directly Im not even a huge reviewer on here with unrealistic expectationsits just insane how poor the customer service was     Worst ExperienceDo Not Use
Love this app so far Cant believe I didnt know about it until now                 New favorite app
We were trying the app for the first time We had a coupon for free delivery and 10 off meal We entered code and on app it showed 699 delivery and 599 discount When it actually hit my credit card it charged for everythingdelivery and no discount We tried to contact someone but an email ONLY policy is NOT customer service That was how the driver told me to deal with it alsoemail them     Worst experience

DoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery DoordashDoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery DoordashDoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery DoordashDoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery DoordashDoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery DoordashDoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery DoordashDoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery DoordashDoorDash - Food Delivery Food & Drink Delivery Doordash

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