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DoubleUCasino , brings DoubleUCasino with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DoubleUCasino games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great way to kill time before bed every night..
  • I can also add friends in here..
  • Nice selection of games with just enough variety to keep one playing..
  • One of the best slot games available and it's free too..
  • I love the casino games and all the prizes available..

Overall Satisfactionc90
One of the best slot games available and it's free too.
So far this has been one of the best casino games I have played.
I love playing this game on my home computer thru Facebook.
I needed to spend less time playing this game anyway.
It's a great game love playing it play it everyday.
Love all the free bonuses and the variety of games.
I love this game just wish jack and the bean stalk was on mobile.
I recommend this game to all slot junkies like me.
This is an amazing game it is so much fun.
Fun & Engagingc87
Very creative graphic designs with fun bonus round.
It is a very addictive and I love it.
This is the most awesome slots game that I've played thus far.
Awesome slot game loads of fun Big Payouts.
All in all a good and fun way to spend time relaxing and unwinding.
Super fun and not stingy with large payouts.
Tons of fun and a big variety to choose from.
I play it all the time at different times of the morning.
Play every day and the daily bonuses are great.
Game gives extra money to play every day :-.
Love playing these slot games play everyday.
I play everyday Any big jackpot You playing.
Value for Moneyc83
So much so that u will buy chips with real money.
Don't waste real money on this.
bonus boxes and spinning wheels to play without buying anything.
What a fun way not to spend real money.
Production Valuesc86
The graphics are great and the game are just like Las Vegas.
Awesome graphics with so many bonus points giveaways.
I Love the special effects and the music.
Game doesn't work.
Security & Privacyc16
& use your FB account for double the fun.
Updates & Supportc41
Excellent online casino with exceptional customer service.
I win often and their customer service is AMAZING.
New update today.
Good version.

Lots of variation among games. found in 3 reviews
Lots of fun and lots of action. found in 5 reviews
If you are patient and just collect your MANY daily rewards. found in 7 reviews
This is by far the best casino app game I have played. found in 13 reviews
It's very relaxing and fun. found in 5 reviews
Very good game full of excitement. found in 3 reviews
I absolutely love Double U Casino. found in 16 reviews
gives you lots of freebies. found in 11 reviews
Awesome slot game loads of fun Big Payouts. found in 28 reviews
Hell of a lot better than slotomania. found in 3 reviews
I love the variety of games and they're very generous with coins BUT. found in 80 reviews
So far this has been one of the best casino games I have played. found in 248 reviews
Love playing these slot games play everyday. found in 15 reviews
Generally it gives you plenty of free tokens to play with. found in 4 reviews
Super fun and not stingy with large payouts. found in 22 reviews
achievements and various other interactive game play. found in 14 reviews
The best free slots on the market. found in 2 reviews
One of those games you can keep because the fun never stops. found in 5 reviews
So far I've had some pretty good pay offs. found in 6 reviews
It is fun and fast paced. found in 7 reviews
Can't afford to buy the credits really needed to win. found in 3 reviews
Also wish you could add a chat feature. found in 3 reviews
it has become extremely difficult to win a jackpot. found in 26 reviews
This update is AWFUL. found in 2 reviews
While the fifth reel is still spinning the game crashes. found in 7 reviews
Would be better with more bonus spins than 3 each time. found in 44 reviews
Even if you do purchase extra coins. found in 2 reviews
It is a consensus the customer service is non-existent. found in 23 reviews
Don't offer FREE spins if you can't collect the winnings. found in 226 reviews
Love the bonuses & the rewards other games don't offer enough. found in 7 reviews
Good games but can't send gifts or see Facebook friends. found in 3 reviews
Let's you win enough to keep you entertained. found in 7 reviews
This game is a grate way to waste my time. found in 6 reviews
I like but if you stop the spins would be much better. found in 1 reviews
It would get 5 stars if I could invite friends. found in 6 reviews
'14 I still can't play Perseus or Wheel of wealth. found in 4 reviews
but need to loosen up the wins to everyone every day. found in 10 reviews
When you first play it let's you win some. found in 7 reviews
Customer service is horrible and never take care of your complaints. found in 23 reviews
and it still freezes when I try to play. found in 6 reviews
the game crashes. found in 7 reviews
I refuse to buy anymore points just to loose them. found in 10 reviews
Unless you buy coins from them. found in 26 reviews
resolve or follow up on issues. found in 6 reviews
The minimum bet on here is beyond ridiculous. found in 6 reviews
If you dont buy chips your probably going to lose everyday. found in 38 reviews
Still cannot login to Facebook to transfer my credits. found in 10 reviews
nor do they seem to care. found in 6 reviews
No jack pots ever. found in 10 reviews
App crashes every time a big win is won on Perseus. found in 21 reviews
Cannot login with Facebook. found in 6 reviews
Seems like you never win anymore since they did the updates. found in 8 reviews
Game doesn't work. found in 8 reviews
Experienced many issues after purchasing. found in 7 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download DoubleUCasino for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 42.4 MB to download. The new DoubleUCasino app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-01.
Bottom Line: For more information about DoubleUCasino check developer DoubleUCasino`s website :

DoubleU Casino has finally landed on iPhone mobile service Enjoy ultimate casino experiences for FREE. Experience the biggest win in your life on DoubleU Casino DoubleU Casino is 1 online casino, and we provide a number of ...
Great fun           Fun
Great game lots of fun Payouts great                 FUN
Have been playing this thru FB and DUC on iPhonehave never had s problem but done your update I cannot play Error message says unable to loginhave logged inout of FB as well as rebooting iPhone Thanks for nothing DUCcant play any longer Will delete now     Update was epic fail
Love it                 Player
Awesome great chances in winning big                 Great slots
Best slots app ever If theres a problem they fix it and generously make up for it They rock                 Amazing
Just like real slots                 Fun
Fun games                 Good app
Today I rated this your game at a one star I enjoy the games that are available with the Double U Casino app more than any other But I am slowly loosing interest because of the constant FIXS this time its been three days since I was able to play my favorite games uninterrupted because you got to fix something It was working fine maybe what you should do is to leave it alone I find it hard to bel eave that you need to maintenance these games as often as you do all I know is if I cant play your games without the interruptions that I am experiencing lately then I will find another Please fix it and then leave it alone Thanks CG     Fixed or Not Fixed
Great game Good payouts                 Double u casino
One of the best casino apps Awesome to play and 4 times a day score free money Two thumbs up for sure                 FUN
Excellent fun to play                 Game
Having problems loading on my iPhone 6 since the updates this week Wont even open My husband lost all his coins20000000 after the first update this week And he purchased coins Please fix        Not LoadingWiped out coins
I play this game daily as a relief from the stress of work I think they have fair payouts although after a few months of play I have never won a single jackpot However between the software glich of a month ago and now two separate maintenance the site is down I am a bit unimpressed Especiallysince I lost my daily highest reward on a free spin although no fault of my own              Good but
DUC gives out great daily freebies but they take the chips right back If you buy chips the game will eat them up in a matter of minutes if you keep playing Im a platinum VIP however before I started buying chips I won more jackpots They have jackpot partys every week I use to hit one every other week at least but now I cant hit one no matter how long I play Its not as much fun anymore     No fun playing anymore
No app gives you the constant returns that DoubleU provides Like all the special effects of the different games Ive been traveling and have lost connections several times Glad to be back on DoubleU                 Continuous Fun
This game is sweet                 Sweet
Dont even bother All the slots are rigged so that you lose all of your FAKE chips in hope of you spending REAL money to buy more fake chips     Worthless
My favorite online Casino I play everyday                 XMy favorite online Casino I play everyday
Nice game gives a lot of chances to win tokens                 Duck
Wont let me log in through Facebook on my iPhone as of about an hour ago I logged in fine and then I closed it to do something else When I went to log back in it says it failed and to try again later Usually a good glitch free app until now Super frustrating           Technical issues
If they keep doing maintence on this no one will play it anymore     Annoyed
But predetermined out come Appeared to be rigged A smart answer given by a Man when asked How do you feel when a woman gives you a flying kiss Man I hate such lazy woman                 Fun Games
I love it                 Really nice
Many different fun games                 Fun Game
Ive had a lot of fun playing the different games Bonuses are good and l love the free spins when you start the game for the day                 I enjoy this game
Enjoy this game and I win more than lose              Fun game okay wins
My favorite                 Hey
Games are very addicting I love playing Chips are given frequently                 DDU
Once again I did the update and now the game wont work wont open Same thing happened in July when I did the update and the game would not load Now I cant get into it after loading Why do you have updates the cause problems instead of leaving the game alone when it works fine This is so upsetting     Dont do update
Does this game do actual currency payouts or just for fun          
Great app BUT Freezesdisconnects a lot during free spins bonus etc and doesnt return to that point so you lose the opp and award So I am reluctant to purchase coins due to this And its my devises fault even tho I get an apology site under maintenance notice no reinbursement policy That said Still best games concept and addictive I especially like how you have options other than Facebook which I dont do           Freezes
The new version is causing problems cant get the game All that happens is the loading message As with most upgrades it always gets worse     Cadque
This is the best casino game that I have ever played Hours of fun and so many great gifts every day                 Awesome
Love the game but now every time I get a bonus spin or a big win it shuts down Please fix        None
Had to update to get free spins Now login failure I retried 10 times Useless after update Getting mighty sick if DUC     ZERO stars
number 1 i love this casino                 the best
Love the game but my problem is is that your new update wont let me or my girlfriend play it on our iphone 5 or 6 Why not Keeps saying your fixing it but it said that yesterday the 22nd of sept                 Fix the issues
The new update did not work My game still wont load        Does anyone really ever hit the jackpots I think its a scam
Love it                 Queen of the damned
Fun game           Mom54
This app has a lot of fun games to play Always easy payouts Best of all fun ways to receive lots of FREE coins                 Lots of FREE coins
Why is it that every time I try to open the game I get a message of maintenance check back later Going on for three days now I have a Iphone fives              Double u casino
I love the games but have had so much trouble loading the app I also keep losing all my money It just disappears when Iliad the game on my iPad It doesnt transfer from my mobile to iPad           Excellent games
I have been unable to log onto this game since maintenance was done last date I have already deleted and reinstalled the app with no luck     Unable to log on
Cool           Cool
I love this game but now it wont let me sign in It keeps saying log in failed                 Love this game
Since the recent update I have had several problems trying to log in Either I get the everpopular login failed or a message saying the game is down for maintenance Rather frustrating Please fix asap     Love game hate failed login
This game is fun           A fun game
Ever since I updated this app I am no longer to even open it let alone play Sad as this used to be one of my favorite casino apps     New update ruined app

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