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TribePlay , the publisher behind many iOS app (Dr. Panda’s Garage ,Dr. Panda`s Restaurant 2 ,Dr. Panda`s Toy Cars ,Dr. Panda’s Hospital - FREE ,Dr. Panda’s Restaurant – Free – Cooking Game For Kids ,Dr. Panda`s Airport - FREE), brings Dr. Panda`s Mailman with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dr. Panda`s Mailman app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc76

You can tell they really put effort into this game. found in 1 reviews
I love this game 100 for me. found in 1 reviews
sun down. found in 1 reviews
panda in for tea or for breakfast. found in 1 reviews
d like go off the beaten path and explore. found in 1 reviews
over 10 animals all with unique behaviors habits and schedules. found in 1 reviews
It's cute. found in 1 reviews
Even harder for a 6 year old. found in 1 reviews
Also I think that this game is appropriate for young children. found in 1 reviews
we develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. found in 1 reviews
4 big areas to discover x2014. found in 1 reviews
This game is so entertaining. found in 1 reviews
Or Maybe there should be more land to drive on. found in 1 reviews
The awesomest game I ever played. found in 1 reviews
so that brought it down to 4 stars it's hard to steer. found in 1 reviews
but for a kid with 10-15 minutes to kill it's great. found in 1 reviews
make that possible please. found in 1 reviews
And another request is that you could knock on their door. found in 1 reviews
Plz fix this problem or refund the money. found in 1 reviews
App crashes every time we open. found in 1 reviews
This app crashes every time we try to deliver a package within the game. found in 1 reviews
It's very frustrating. found in 1 reviews

The Dr. Panda`s Mailman is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish. It weighs in at only 95.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Dr. Panda`s Mailman check developer TribePlay`s website : http://support.drpandagames.com

Be a mailman and deliver mail as you explore a huge, interactive world Take hold of the handlebars and get ready to ride in Dr. Panda s Mailman Explore a world filled with mountains, houses, rivers, ...
I love it I get to draw pictures on cards and bring it to people and I was leading Dr panda on his bike                     Great It's so fun👍👍
My daughter started playing this when she was 4 and she is 6 now she really hates this game plz let people go into the houses and interact more                     Need more fixing plz and fast Girl power ten
Even 13 year olds like this game Glad it is the free app of the week right now                     Big kids n small Ralphnic
Dr panda is not a good mailmen he lets people write notes about dead people and how he will kill their family and the character obviously need to show more emotion it made angry when I wrote mean note and they were happy about it this app needs help so do the characters who laugh about their family being killed     Mailman Mailman maddy
I love it I am 12 but it s still a fun game Anyone have idea to clear up space                     Why 3 stars Piedmont girl
Well it is a great free game but it s hard enough to drag ur fingers on the screen while delivering I think this should be improved make controllers on the screen or I m deleting this app if this bugs u repost or just delete this game plz fix             Plz fix and read Butterfly@06
It s really fun but I think you should be able to do more                 Not bad but needs more Lpstuber
I do love dr panda and all that nice stuff but what u guys should do is make one of your apps free for a day cause everyday I check the App Store for free apps and once u did but u should improve it Pls                     My ideas DaCatGamer6755
Sorry but I m 11 and I go and get this app and it was so boring for my age i don t get it s up to four years or up to four month     4 Elizabeth MLP 🦄
Dr Panda games are fun but I wish that there are more characters places gifts and post cards I love how you can hop of ramps and I also like how if you can t find the character you just have to press the chipmunk and the chipmunk will take you to that character to give them your gift or post card                 Dr Panda games Tms317
This game lets you send ransom notes to the parents of your victims It s a good thing they don t know their kid is dead                     Dr Panda Mail predator Superjaden
If you go as far as to include customizable Christmas Cards to send out it would have been a really nice thing to include other families out there that celebrate other holidays Was really excited to see an update but since our family doesn t celebrate Christmas we feel unaccounted for             Only Christmas Family Feels Left Out mholland15
I 11 I TI YI G T I G E YO E IT O GE I TOT Y E O E IT I O E IT E IT EE O O E EEK                     Awesome for all Ages Cool gal !!!!!😍😝😎
I like the game i liked its design and it is a pretty fun game The only this is the price it is expensive Other that that the game is fine             Good game Sugarhearts2
Happy     Nag 1 star ItsMyNickname
It s a little above his level but he s been thoroughly engaged with it so that s been great                     My 3 year old loves this game Lswabb
My 7yo daughter loves this game                     Awesome App ms.barbara
Quite cool                     Cool oboebracken
Love this app                     Amazing JenJenBug718
Uruguay                     Brunei Jrntnrn
Lilla loo loves this game                     My Daughter loves this game Reeffrog
                    Great Swag it all be jealous
Bad just bad     Very BAD Animalrockisland
No mute option                     Nice غريب-٥٤٣٣
I loveeeeeeee this game The best one yet You should make a game like a town crier newspaper Like you can make your own newspaper type it edit it add pics draw and then ride a bicycle motorcycle to deliver them to everyone I think this idea will be VERY FUN                     Love And you should also make a game like this VaNilla Heart
Oh my gosh o love this game I always try to find my way to the post office for a challenge The animations are great too Even though I am a tween this is awesome guys                     Fresh Ellacate15
Awsome                     sghkjf Lanzassss
Fun                     Fun Bz 2006
I love this game                     Fun Hajihcddvjh
Bruh I m in 9th grade and I ding this fun got like five other friends playing it too fun af panda get turntttt af                     Yasss David_Simeone
Great app My little guy loves playing this all the time Good graphics and immersive gameplay Highly recommended The characters are all so cute especially the monkey                     Fun app for kids Nezjoi
3 10 IGN too much water not enough haxing liekadden purse     IGN LEGIT REVIEW Hthow_
Its cute n all but when Dr Panda goes and the door to deliver the present it loads then it crashes btw i luvs the turtle                     Its cute Elizabeth Ann Nicole Daniels
The finding of the people you get is way to hard even for me and I m 8 so you should prob be ready to start finding                 Good but Lil pop 🐇
Please do not waste your time This is poorly done     Bad Just bad Bowdeen
My five year old brother has currently been banned from YouTube and out of the blue he had been playing this amazing game Now I don t need to worry about him doing anything crazy I just wish we could take more than one piece of mail at a time Totally free game                     Great fun for hours The new gal
Very fun game for my 3 year old grandson                     Gramma Gamma231
Just the best ever                     Best game Rylan2001
Did he get his doctorate just to be a mail man                     Cool but Terrible fake reviews
He plays theses games multiple times a day He will ask and beg to play all day long                     My son loves this game and the others too Preciousfrog1
Love this game Too bad the others cost money Still I love these games and can t wait to get dr Panda in space                     Best game Arnav the Great 01000001
Best app                     Mailman Swabiwal
This game is worth the money You can tell they really put effort into this game as opposed to most kidgame developers There is a risk that the game can get monotonous but for a kid with 1015 minutes to kill its great              Very well done kids game
Its a very cool app my sister wishes it is for free Well make more upgrades The thing I like about it is I really like drpandas friends and know I can visit them how cool is that                 Awsome app
Best app              Best
I love it because you can explore around the city              Great
Love it becuse it fun for baby cuisines they play this game for ever                 Love it
I love this fun cool amazing game                 Awesome
Help me please when I get to send the gift it crashed please please help                 Love it but help
This game is so entertaining                 Mailman
I got this game and was so exited to play it But when I got on it it crashed I was so sad Please fix              So sad
Great app                 Awesome
This game is the best I can play it for hours and never get tired of itThis game is one of the best games ever                 AWESOME
I would love to play this gamebut when I go into the game I can pick the post card or gift Then the person But when its the next loading screen black out of the game Please fix this I did not want to waste 4 dollers on a amazing game Please fix        I really want to play it But
Its a fun and interactive game exceptionally entertaining for my niece Great app hugely satisfied customer D                 Hats off to Dr Pandas creators
This game is amazing I spent hours playing this game and dont get bored of it                 Awesome
I purchased all the Dr Panda apps for our toddler and she absolutely loves them I have and will continue to recommend these apps to anyone with toddlers                 Awesome App
I Think its a wonderful game but i think you need more to the game For example maybe the neighbors should invite drpanda in for tea or for breakfastlunchor dinner depending on what time of day it was in real life Or Maybe there should be more land to drive onor it should turn sunriselightsun downnightand dawn than all over againand maby a couple more things u can send instead of gifts and cards I think u should make a hospital but u can go in all buildings make that possible pleaseand you can take get well soon balloonsMedicineand a bunch of other things or u can take food to restraints              Please add more but its a good app
App crashes every time we openPlz fix this problem or refund the money Thank You     Crashes
This app crashes every time we try to deliver a package within the game Its very frustrating     buggy
The parent section preferences to not show ads promos for other Dr Panda apps does not stick upon closing and reopening the app it goes back to the default state to show them I will have to delete this app as it is too distracting for my child It would also be nice if you had your settings show in settings ala toca or sago games Now I have to mute the app and then change preferences before handing over the iPad because my child hears the intro and gets very excitedso I mute it to do it on the sly Half the time I forget to unmute everything           Fix settings for promo
Okay lets start off with 5 stars so there needs to be more things than just giving out toys and letters I am not santa so that brought it down to 4 stars its hard to steer Even harder for a 6 year old I am 10 so the hard to steer brought it down to 3 stars still good              Why 3 stars
What I would do is to have like the farmer give you eggs and you can give those to someone else that would be great thaxz           Try a little more
My five year old loves all the different ways she gets to make and the deliver the mail All the Dr Panda games are awesome                 So Fun
Ffrgfdffvggf                 I love this game 100 for me
Entertaining But I would like between a option of a mail truck a bike or on foot And another request is that you could knock on their door Last I would like to put the letter into a mail slot and leave the package at their and afterwards show a clip of them opening the letter or package Thank you              Great
1u should try and make it so u can actually go in the houses and Hangout 2can you try and make a game where its a town and you can be any character have any job and go in peoples houses 3PLEASE MAKE A GAME THAT I AM DESCRIBING                 NEEDS A COUPLE OF THINGS
This game is a great way to learn new things for little kids        Awesomeness
It is a great game Id like if it wasnt so hard to find the houses but it is is a decent game even thought Im 9 years oldwell ga bye              LUV PANDAS
Lol its dr panda                 Lol
fun and awesome                 good
The awesomest game I ever playedunstoppable to stop playing it                 Awesome
Best game so far in my life I like it a lot I like that when I play it I always send the first thing to me I always do present and then postcard or postcard then present              Princess Forever
My 5 year old likes it a lot Only downside is that after he played it for a while he saw the other dr panda games and is now begging me to buy all of them              Fun game
Such an awesome app                 Great
I think you should do more than one at the same              FUN
I hate this app so much I put one star but I wish I could do zero     Boooooooo
I know I am a little to old to play this game but was actually really fun Also I think that this game is appropriate for young children                 Love it
Im 8 and its pretty fun u either write create a letter or present then follow signs and deilver                 Its cute
Im 12 and Im obsessed                 I IT

Dr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver MailDr. Panda`s Mailman Education Panda’s Mailman Deliver Mail

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