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TeamLava , the publisher behind many iOS games (Farm Storyâ„¢ ,Monster Story™ ,Pet Shop Story: Valentine`s Day ,Bakery Story: Valentine`s Day ,Home Design Story: Halloween ,Restaurant Story: World Games), brings Dragon Story™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dragon Story™ games has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a awesome game everyone should get it..
  • I get to play with friends and my grandson to on here..
  • Deep for a social game..
Overall Satisfactionclick me84
My daughter and I love playing this game she likes the dragons.
I'm not playing this game anymore because of that.
You should come up with more dragons and more nesting dens.
but there needs to be more dragons.
really amazing game i play it more than my sister.
Amazing Game that keeps crashing.
dragon story is one of my favorite games to play on my iPhone 4S.
Thanks for ruining one of my favorite games.
I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a fun.
I do not recommend this game unless you're okay paying for it.
I used to love this game so much.
I truthfully think Dragon Story is better than DragonVale.
Wonderful wonderful wonderful game my hole household is adicited.
Fun & Engagingclick me86
This is a awesome game everyone should get it.
Awesome game but too impossible to achieve goals too expensive.
Very addictive like everyone says I love playing it.
You should come up with more dragons and more nesting dens.
but there needs to be more dragons.
Super fun and challenging from time to time.
Some rating to pass the time originally has become addictive.
Dragon story is an interesting and very fun game.
Super fun to raise up and see what transformation your dragons make.
Ur super stupid to raise prices and lower food amount.
Dragon Story is awesome I think all the dragons are very cool.
Usefulnessclick me58
My only complaint is how much everything costs gold wise.
Super addicting yet everything takes a lot of time.
This game is amazing I play it every Day and night.
Family Friendlyclick me85
Great now game for kids Try it and tell your friends.
Wouldn't be a good game for kids with limited income.
My whole family plays this game and it is really fun.
Grand kids started playing this two years ago.
The grand kids fight over who's going to play.
Value for Moneyclick me42
And I don't like that some quests require you to spend real money.
Only down side is that you have to pay real money for gold.
would force you to spend more real money for gold.
Have managed to play for several months without spending real money.
it just annoys me how long it takes without buying gold.
therefore every new battle becomes impossible to win without buying gold.
Replay Valueclick me61
-You should create some more things to unlock at higher levels.
players can get to higher levels without spending real money.
making gameplay near impossible when you reach higher levels.
it's fun and challenging trying to breed all of the dragons.
Dragon Story was fun and challenging and now it just blows.
way too hard to breed valuable dragons.
Social Aspectsclick me75
I love the social aspect and how well the game works.
I like the social aspect.
I get to play with friends and my grandson to on here.
Truly a fun game to play with friends keep it up.
Production Valuesclick me79
The graphics are great and the communication between players is fun.
It has beautiful graphics and is very addictive.
Ease of Useclick me51
Only other complaint is that it's too easy to accidentally spend gold.
One is how easy it is to accidentally spend hard earned gold.
This deserves 5 stars graphics are awesome for a simple game.
This simple game is a great way to kill time.
Reliabilityclick me34
Ads not Intrusiveclick me50
and there are way too many prompts for other games.
Only too many pop up when you start.
Security & Privacyclick me79
Always loved playing jus couldn't transfer old account.
Updates & Supportclick me22
The customer service has a lot of opportunities for improvement though.
Customer service is very prompt and helpful.


Hatch, raise, and breed dragons of all colors on magical islands! Raise your dragons from babies to epic adults and breed them to discover rare dragons!


Become the best Dragon Caretaker - you could be the first to discover the ultra rare Diamond Dragon!

Dragon Story™Dragon Story™
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★ COLLECT strong, mysterious, and fun dragons. Each dragon moves with a lively, and sometimes quirky, personality!
★ EVOLVE your dragons through 4 stages to reach EPIC form!
★ BREED different colored dragons to raise new hybrid dragons! Can you DISCOVER the rare dragon for each color combination?
★ GROW magical food for your dragons. Feed them and watch them grow and evolve!
★ DECORATE your islands with colorful habitats, castle towers, flowers, and more!
★ Sharp, stunning graphics, animations, and sounds bring your dragons to life.
★ Invite your Facebook or Storm8 friends to play with you. Gift GOLD and help each other raise dragons!
★ FREE updates will introduce new colors of dragons and more!


Which dragons are your favorite? Mighty Fire Dragons, whimsical Air Dragons, mysterious Magic Dragons and many more await you in Dragon Story!
Dragon Story™


Dragon Story is the BEST looking FREE dragon game for your iPhone,
iPadtablet made by Apple
or iPod Touch!


Please note: Dragon Story is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Dragon Story™ for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 32.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.3 has been released on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Dragon Story™ in TeamLava`s Official Website :


Super fun and challenging from time to time. found in 156 reviews
Dragon Story is literally the best game ever. found in 5040 reviews
Very cute game the selection of dragons is very nice. found in 280 reviews
Half have stopped playing because of this and the exorbitant prices. found in 34 reviews
Too many popups and advertisements to play/try other games. found in 32 reviews
Way too many pop ups Currently cannot even load the game. found in 72 reviews
It's a decent game but the constant ads are so obnoxious. found in 14 reviews
if nothing changes I will delete & not play anymore "Stories". found in 25 reviews
I enjoy the game but HATE the ads for other games. found in 73 reviews
It is also painfully slow game play with too many pop up ads. found in 37 reviews
Needs an easier way to get gold and more dragon options. found in 281 reviews
But there are WAY too many pop ups that interfere with playing. found in 74 reviews
A major flaw: TL markets their other games every time you open the game. found in 60 reviews
Also this game crashes more than any other game I've played. found in 47 reviews
You people made the biggest rip off of dragonvale ever. found in 84 reviews
why so many pop -up ads before each game session. found in 241 reviews
Fun and cool but everything costs waaaaaaayy to much. found in 115 reviews
Love the game but hate all the pop ups every time you start it. found in 21 reviews
They are way to expensive and I'm getting nowhere in the game. found in 121 reviews
The amount of pop ups every time you open the game is frustrating. found in 39 reviews
Pretty interesting but the pop ups are annoying. found in 13 reviews
I am seriously thinking about deleting this game. found in 10 reviews
Nice game but it takes too long to build up the coins. found in 130 reviews
would force you to spend more real money for gold. found in 158 reviews
unless you want to spend real money on gold to make it happen faster. found in 573 reviews
But apparently Team Lava wasn't making enough money. found in 439 reviews
Waaaay expensive extremely glitchy and a complete copy of dragonvale. found in 139 reviews
Enjoyable game but it cost too much cash and time. found in 128 reviews
almost impossible to finish without spending real money. found in 456 reviews
Copy of dragon vale people need to stop stealing ideas. found in 240 reviews
There is no way to earn gold on your own. found in 349 reviews
And there are no secondary means to earn gold. found in 387 reviews
forcing to buy gold doesn't make me like it more. found in 281 reviews
it is difficult to feed the babies and earn silver. found in 200 reviews
The game and concept is good but too many pop ups. found in 237 reviews
food is expensive and no time to accumulate gold bars. found in 207 reviews
This issue is common to many of TeamLava games. found in 120 reviews
Many dragons become unavailable after a very short period of time. found in 139 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
This is a very additive game I love it                Nice
Although the game is nice and graphics are great I am slowly loosing interest and have decided to spend less money I find the creator excessively greedy Everything one has to do is associated with having to spend lots of money The breeding land expansions are ridiculously long as is everything else Feeding dragons is so costly that one loses hope to ever get them to epic size The costs for many items outrageously expensive Tournaments and goals are as well geared towards having to spend money so in all honesty the game is great but not worth the amount of money one would have to spend to get somewhere in this game I also like to mention that Fantasy story has the same flawsbut figure it is created by the same people          Good but
Its pretty good but I wish there a way to get gold                Dragon Story
Hi dont waste time TL has made updates that have made everyones game crash they dont care thats the sad problem THEY dont even answer normally when you write them PLAY any other game but anything from the company team lava stay away they have glitches but admit nothing IF u like crashing every few minutes this game you will enjoyTHEY dont know how to even fix their game PEOLLE ARE LEAVING TL AND THEY JUST DONT CARE    Dragon Story BIGGEST waste of time dont PLAY THIS company
Very enjoyable to play                Cool game
Love the game just dont like crashing all the time but a fun game worth playing                Crashes
Love this game I enjoy the challenges but agree with many other fans of the game that the cost for obtaining or clearing land for dragons and their broods is very high They eat better than my own Good thing we are in different worlds In all very entertaining       Dragon Lover
Everythings in gold Make dragons go for coins so that way people who have no or dont want to spend real money on gold UPDATEDo not buy this game I updated it and it made me start all over I was at a high Lv and with rare dragons I would recommend Fantasy Story its the same thing but with animals and it has a lot more vs dragon story where it has like maybe 20 dragons delete dragon story immediately not worth the time or money    Make all dragons go for coins
I updated when I plugged in my phone to charge and it erased everything I was at level 137 So mad    Dont update
Fun game It would be great to be able to expand easier It would also be great if the dragons value to sell was the same as purchased cost Thanks for making a fun game It would also be nice to have an easier way to add friends             Minor suggestions
It really is fun But when your done doing whatever needs done theres really nothing left to do                Dragon story is ok
Its the same as always                Good for now
Seriously this game will rob you whether or not you believe you are strongwilled It takes hours upon HOURS to do anything 3 hours to clear a tree that cost 1500 coins 24 hours to breed a rare dragon AND 24 hours to hatch it And then another 24 hours to make it old enough to breed after spending 1000 food to get it to that point Good luck getting an epic dragon its never gonna happen without spending a fortune or getting wrinkles from old age as you play on the iPhone 300s plus OH and unless you pay a crap load of gold for boosted breeding that takes 24 hours youre not going to get a good dragon for decades I hope you all cashed in those savings bonds          Cough it Up or Die Waiting
I would love to be able to purchase gold bars with silver coins Not getting more than a few gifted per day makes it very hard to purchase some of the dragons          Please make one change
Love all the dragons they come up withOrion                Fun
It is fun collecting dragons my 6 year old grandson love this game                Little Bear
Great game but wish there was an easier way to get gold bars                Love Dragons
An easy game to play The dragons are a work of art beautiful                Dragon Story
Hooray                Hooray
Love how fast this game is                Fun
Like to play helps pass the day along             Fun
So much thought put into it Bravo                Beautifully designed
It takes too long to grow enough food to level up dragons and breeding time is ridiculous when trying to complete a challenge Not to mention the amount of time given is not enough in order to do everything thats required Breeding is ridiculous in itself because it rarely gives other dragons after you get up a few levels Also expanding takes far too long Unless you buy gold and use it for the game you cant get anywhere unless you spend forever trying This game seriously needs some updates    Stupid and a waste of time
I love this app Good stress reliever                Great App
Love it Play all the time The new upgrades are great                Loads of fun
I really like this game Ive had it for 4 years now The only problem is the battling could you tell us what the dragons are strong or weak against That would help a lot             Battling
I only started the game because I played Fashion Story and needed more diamonds I really liked the game My issue is that it takes too long and too much coin to clear rocks and trees Other than that no problems             Dragon Story
Lots of fun                Great Game
I like the game Wish the dragons were easier to get                Dragons
This game keeps not letting me access it Infurriatiing       Whats wrong
I recently started playing on my iPad agin but it has been glitching and closing on me in the middle of the game    Recently started playing on my ipad again
3Tails Dragon DenVery disappointed Dragon Story progression Getting really expensive to play Dont have that kind of disposable income any more Love game graphics love story challenge of sagas but constantly having to pay for things not having sufficient time to try to breed the dragons 12 the fun especially if youre on a tight budget Having all these dragons pop up at once for a limited timebad Please address these issues can continue to play This version the game crashes if youre maxed out level 150 At level 150 when the game crashes you dont get credited for item that you won you dont get credited for food when you harvest food or you dont get credited for pieces you collected in the event Things go missing Sometimes a combination of problems Latest update is horrible More problems with updated game than with lower version NO Problems Please fix glitches This game has good graphics and is very addicting fun to playNow that tournaments more reasonable able to possibly win even without all the top fighters more enjoyable to play the tournamentsInsufficient support for game on other devices Ive lost a number of really great neighbors due to this factorWheel game has gotten tighter and you need to be really lucky to win a dragonThe extended time frame for community games is what is neededCustomer service is inconsistent Depending on who you get as the agent on your case service is great to Ho Hum aka the pittsNice if we could tradegift duplicate dragons with nbrs who havent been able to breed that particular dragonWonderful if game quit crashing every few minutes if gold food coins quit disappearing If updates actually fixed bugs rather than planted more bugs into gameCustomer support of late has been really bad Dont get a response for days because theyre back logged Then response is your device etc is the problem what do we have to do Delete ALL apps in order to play DS Not going to happen Nor is constantly deleting the game after updates reinstalling going to happenNot enough time to finish tournaments without using gold Need more time or decrease the opponent dragon levelsIncreased island space added to existing island is great Now maxed out players able to continue to play Also now have room to grow and breed more dragonsOther than that a thoroughly enjoyable game 45 stars at current version Fix Glitches Tired of game shutting down every 2 As nbr said visiting but not posting so can visit more nbrs before game shuts downAgree with other players who rated game Need to be able to buy goldfood with coins Need to be able to gift dragonsmore goldfood to nbrs Too expensive if need to constantly buy gold with real money Too many new dragons all at once with short expiration dates Same with package deals Too many expired dragons Suggest not put out so many new dragons at once give them a longer shelf life before expiring Or make breeding these new dragons easierNew land to expand is great But it takes double the time costs more to clear and you cant mine for the new landUpdates result in more glitches doesnt solve problems I have a nbr who has to delete the game after every update and reinstall the game in order to play I have nbrs who have started a new DS game as it was so bad trying to visit and participate in events Tournamentswheel gameworld eventsnext leg of the origins saga all need more time Not all of us use gold to get to the end instant gratification some of us actually Play the game do the various tasks in the saga and enjoy doing so In saga events tournaments either need to be easier or more time needed for events If youre not a retiredhouse person hard to play during working hours if your work day is more than 8 hrs Even harder to finish tournamentevent on timeBring back old dragons that you could win from mining collecting pieces etc Have quite a few odds ends pieces where short of crafting the dragon laying around in storage When you brought Venetian back for short time nice to be able to use up pieces to craft dragonGet a bigger server since the game has really taken off Get more help for the help desk to address problems Dont want a response from help desk after the eventtournament ended when you experience the glitch during the tournamentevent you end up with a too bad so sad response from the help desk because you did not receive timely assistance to be able to finish eventtournamentPlease credit me properly with wins In last tournament wasnt credited for a crystal chandelier piece x3 But what is the sense of emailing you when the response back is so late told cant do anything about it Sorry to say but I guess the nbr who filed a complaint about unfair gaming practices was rightWith current version glitches have to rate the game a 4540 lower level higher rating as all the higher level problems havent yet been encounterediPadiPhone device          Disappointed
So much fun                tkdmom
Nothing but frustration New dragons are bred 68 weeks apart battles are impossible events are like having another job    Too hard
Im totally addicted to this game Its always the first one I play The challenges within the game keep it fun The only thing Id suggest is letting the players collect the eggs They really are beautiful                Love My Dragons
This is my new favorite game It is very addictive and I recommend it 100 I really didnt think I would enjoy this game as much as I do but I find myself playing it over my other favorite game lol Everyone that plays is so nice helpful I have only been playing for over 2 years now Have lots of awesome helpful neighbors Awesome game for sure you should play it                I love this game
Cool dragons             Nice game
Make all dragons free to get aka hatch Ill up the rate          Good and fun graphics
Hubby I play for hours Great game                Love it
Should make more cool dragons dragon city and monster legends are better i have already uninstalled dragon story       Very bad
I am having such fun playing Always enjoy seeing what breeding combinations I can come up with                I love this game
Love the game Only negative is having to use gold to complete the longer chapteract quests So many dragons so little time             Addictive
I love this game                AMAZEING
Ive played dragon story for over 3yrs I love it There has been some hiccups along the way but theyve always sorted out I recommend it for all ages great game                Dragons Story Cappyl2
My kids love it                Great game
Another update with more problems    Bug Loaded Dragon Story


32.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Dragon Story™ 1.0.3 Mobile

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