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Big Fish Games, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Hospital Haste HD (Full) ,Haunted Manor ~ Lord of Mirrors HD ,Nick Chase: A Detective Story HD ,Big City Adventure - San Francisco HD ,Awakening - Moonfell Wood HD ,Plunder!), brings Drawn - The Painted Tower HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Drawn - The Painted Tower HD games has been update to version 1.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Drawn - The Painted Tower HD for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 419 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Drawn - The Painted Tower HD app version 1.0.4 has been updated on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Drawn - The Painted Tower HD in Big Fish Games, Inc`s Official Website : http://www.bigfishgames.com/mobile-games/iphone-ipod-ipad-games.html

[UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME] 30% off Full Game Unlock, only 6.99 1 Puzzle Game US "Stunning graphics and music" 4 out of 4 Must Have - Slide to Play I might not have ...
First the art is beautiful Can I paint and draw like Iris I think my favorite was the painting of the tree Second the story was very interesting I like to draw and I love reading fantasy stories Also I usually dont admit this but stories with princesses usually interest me Id say that this game was made for me Third the puzzles arent TOO hard Most of them anyway However some of them were I had to use the walk through for those ones I have two problems with it One a few puzzles were impossible to complete without a walk through or random button pushing Two I forgot to pick up the candle you need the candle for the cauldron before I went inside the witch doctor painting I could not exit I had to start the witch doctor puzzle ALL OVER AGAIN But at least I didnt have to start the entire game all over again Get the game Then you will understand why I paid 5 to complete it              Amazing Game
If you love an intriguing mystery and solving puzzles you wont be able to put this game down Well worth the full version price                 Beautiful animation and addicting storyline
Loved the game but I completed it in less than a day For 499 I felt it should have taken a bit more time to complete              Good but too quick
But too expensive for the length Also some of the puzzles were too difficult without hints Loved the story graphics and sound                 Wonderful game
First I really like this format where you can play up to a point and then buy the game if you feel like continuing And once you start playing Drawn you realize that 5 seems fair Its a bit pricy for an iPad game but its very well made Its a pretty long game after you unlock it Its a mix of story hidden object and puzzle solving Im not a big fan of hidden object games but this one doesnt focus on that part The controls can feel a little clunky at times but its not bad enough to detract stars The sound and visuals are very nice but like the movement controls the inventory systems is a little clunky All in all Im very happy I played this and Im planning to play the sequel                 A lot of bang for 5 bucks
The puzzles in this game are quite fun and just challenging enough I liked that the hints were clues and not instructions I found the movement to be a little frustrating although there are special instructions on twofinger swiping to move its not necessary and so trying to pick up objects at the edge of the screen can move you instead I did rely heavily on the walkthrough because its not always intuitive what you need to do next and many objects are hard to find I might play again to try for more achievements but I missed the traditional HOS I would recommend this game for someone who likes Myst but wants a more casual game              Beautiful but not my favorite
Pretty enjoyable graphics lots of puzzles some are difficult but theyve provided emergency exits Game was good and long so I dont feel the money was wasted Plan on downloading the next one              Good length for price
The game was fun while it lastedbut it got stuck half way througheven though I downloaded it twice no place to go to get it fixedTry it if you have 499 to gamble withit might work as it has for some or you might be the one to lose your money     DrawnThe Painted tower
There is no previous screen or back button so if you touch the wrong part of the bottom of the screen it takes you out Got to be a little frustrating to continually have to return to the correct place and also interfered with collecting items that sat near the bottom              Nice challenging puzzles but UI is annoying
Drawn us one the best games Ive ever gotten on here I would get the full version but I cant right now Its SUPER fun and has puzzles at every corner I love it                 How good is it
I am not a gamer by any means but the graphics caught my eye and then the game enticed me to play I found it challenging enough that it wasnt too easy I would definitely purchase the continuum if there is one                 Great game
Why would Apple want me to purchase this AGAIN I had all 3 games in iCloud but when put back on from the cloud only get so far and want me to repurchase I DONT THINK SO     Upset customer
The game was great until it froze and would not let me in the tree to finish the stage I restarted the game and now it wants be to buy the full version again Its been a long time since this was reported should be fixed by now     Buy full version again
Gorgeous intriguing smart Challenging puzzles and beautiful artwork                 Wonderful
This game is definitely worth buying its vivid drawings and difficult puzzles kept me captivated for hours during my vacation A to the game makers                 Wonderful game
Upon looking for a new and different BF game this game was highly recommended so I bought it If I could turn back the clock I probably wouldnt have The magic everyone referred to in reviews just wasnt there for me It was different there is no question about that However I think the storyline was lackluster at best a little absent perhaps I thought the navigation was difficult if not frustrating at times In my opinion it was also a little short which in hindsight is ok with me because it just wasnt that great of a game It kind of left me with a hohum type of feeling Just didnt feel the magic           It was Just ok
This is a wonderful game Ive played many HO games and this ranks at the top comparable to the Room and Room 2 Beautiful clever and totally interative Please make many more of these games                 Dawn The Painted Tower
I hate it It is really really scary     It is really really really scary
Love the story and graphics I like the fact that the hints are vague It makes you really think and pay attention to be able to solve each chapter Its more of a challenge that way which I love More please                 I really like this one
The game refused to move the chalk to paint the clouds I backed out 3 times and tried again No go     Malfunction
Amazingly well done Bravo The Best                 The Best
So gorgeous One of my top three games of all time                 Wish every game was this good
Please make a sequel Just came across this older game always on the hunt for something different and Drawn was it So where is the sequel                 Drawn
I expected more for the money Disappointed        Too short
This is NOT A hidden object game so if you want a straight logic game this one is for you I love the graphics very good The game progresses logically until you unlock the full game It then gets much harder I finally had to resort to Internet walkthroughs to get through several parts In particular the walkthrough by Big Fish forgot to tell you where to get the fourth elephant eye in the ice castle It is up on the ceiling in one of the drawings I really wish that game developers would make sequences a little more logical It really takes the fun out of the game when you have to flip backandforth from the game to the Internet walkthrough But I would really encourage people to try this game It is very enjoyable              Enchanting
I have played all three of the Drawn games and loved them The art is beautiful and puzzles are fun Some of the puzzles are easy and some are little more challenging I have played the first two that came out over and over because I like the art and concept of the game so much When the third came out I was thrilled I hope to see more games in the series Its worth the money                 Drawn series
Most of the puzzles are satisfyingly hard so dont skip them Stick with it and you will figure them out Only a bit annoying that tapping some areas when exploring take you backward in the game Generally enjoyed it Well worth the 5                 Fabulous game
This one is kinda different from other HO games Unusual plot for sure GREAT voice overs and characters and puzzling puzzles Only drawbacks were the directional buttons were odd and faulty no map and weird hint system There WAS a hint system Its just not what Im used to Overall the few negatives were not enough to detract from what was mostly a fantastic game              Quirky fun different game
The game was way too short Its puzzles were logical at first but became increasingly absurd as the game went on I had to use a walkthrough guide for a few of them        Disappointing
Awesome wonderful exciting game though I wont stop anyone from paying for the rest of the thing This one is like a preview for a movie                 Oh Yes 70 Screens If I Pay You you Money
Reminds me of why I loved The Myst series so much                 Simply stunning
On iPad 2 OK graphics story of the paintings is fun But too frustrating The puzzles have no instructions No HOPs I spoke with one helper then when I accidentally touched him again he had a new clue or info From then on I click on people until they repeat themselves and I know theyre done Some rooms are too dark On iPad turning the brightness up high enough drains the battery and so shortens play time Often still too dark The girls in the tower but Im so distracted by why didnt that work questions that I dont care Often I click on the side of a scene not the bottom and back out of that screen The swipes rarely work and touch spots are inconsistent Yeah not happy Im deleting it     disappointing frustrating and a snore
This is my favorite Big Fish game so far Challenging puzzles                 Best Big Fish Game
Okay I love this game but it crash when I enter the giants hall or something I dont remember I tried to play the game again and again but when I entered that place it crash again I cant finish the game if its always like this              Awesome but crash many time
I cant help it Your mystery games are by far the best Ive played And this one happens to be one of my favorites The music the story art EVERYTHING                 OMG
This game has so many things going wrong with it It stalled so many times and dumped me clear out to the desk top screen Next there were times when a hint wasnt available so I wondered around aimlessly trying to figure out where to go AND a bit later on it ENDED Out of the blue without any indicatication it was coming A perfect way to end for SEQUEL Which I wont be buying It did have Good animation great and clear color Bright scenes not dark and dingy I would call this game an adventure not hidden object When I needed to find an object nowhere did the item resemble the object they looked like chunks of scenery I am sad I paid 699 399 would have been more reasonable Happy gaming friends PJV           Review for Drawn
Played the game 5 minutes and I was hooked Beautifully written along with beautiful graphics This is a must have story game Would be excellent for parents and children to play together                 Simply Excellent
this is the best game im soooo addicted you guys should make the sequal im getting my family and friends to play it THANKS GUYS samantha j gutierrez                 best game drawn the painted tower
Very cute game I am not usually a fan of hidden objects but this was a nice balance of hidden objects and putting pieces together to solve problems The puzzles were from easy to difficult Only gripe is that when searching for objects it was easy to hit the bottom of the screen and go to the previous screen The 2D environment made it seem more like a graphic novel but for 500 what do you expect The graphics were good and effects when you solved puzzles pretty cool The free version gives you enough feel for the game to decide whether you like it or not              Not Myst but enjoyable
Couldnt put it down Loved the story puzzles and finding all of the pieces One of my favorite point and click adventure games ever Thank you                 Beautiful fascinating challenging and fun
Im never one to spend this amt on an iPad app but it was on special for half off I had been wanting to try it out so I went for itand Im glad I did Let me say first that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the fact that you get a FREE TRIAL PERIOD to play it see if you like it In my opinion Big Fish Games hit the nail on the head with me that option Big Fish Games is setting a new standard other app developers ought to follow in their foot steps The game combines a story line to follow with puzzles that at some times are easy and other times are almost impossible to solve But its not the fact that they are difficult or even impossible puzzles its the fact that directions are either lacking or at most minimalEven a hint or two to start one off in the right direction of solving them on some of the more difficult puzzles would even have been appreciated I also didnt find the twofinger controls for navigating movement in the game to be very convenient feel this could be improved upon Those two small issues are the only reasons I gave it 45 stars They do provide an online Walk thru for the game but its a pain to go back forth versus simply providing something within the puzzle screen itself Other than that small issue I felt this was worth the cost and I cant wait to download the sequel Truly a game with killer graphics that when you reach the end youll be wanting to download the sequel Thanks Big Fish Games Excellent game              Amazing Game That Draws You In To It
The game wants me to pay in order to unlock the full version but I have already paid I loved the game the first time I played it but I shouldnt have to pay again when its already in my purchases Most games have a button for already paid but this game doesnt I love the game but I guess I cant play it again without paying a second time           when I redownloaded no option to say I already paid
I never write reviews but after this game I just had to Try it and youll see why I literally had to peel myself away from it This may be my 1 and Ive played hundreds of Big Fish Games Cant think of a thing that I would change it had a great but not too lengthy storyline and breathtaking scenes Loved the mini games and puzzles each one was something I hadnt done before which was an unlikely and unexpected surprise The minds behind this one are at the very least awe inspiring for their unmatched creativity You wont regret this oneit is worth every penny Please bring us more games like this                 BRILLIANT THIS GAME IS A MUST HAVE
After playing the Mystery Case File games it was difficult for me to find something as gooduntil this game that is What a phenomenal adventure game It is not a hidden object gamelike a majority of the adventure gamesthis was truly a treasure hunt with twists and turns in the story and great puzzles that made you think So pleased I am buying the next 2 as well and I never do thatonly with the mystery case files have I bought the games Thank you for the fabulous adventure                 Fantastically Unique
I am rating this game as one star because it is the first Big Fish game that I have not finished and just deleted It glitched on me several times returning me to the home screen There are no clear instructions on the games and some just do not make sense frozen lions I had to use the guide often to figure out how to solve the games or just skipped them I was disappointed in this game Even though I got frustrated enough to stop before it ended I noticed that I was close to the end This would have been a short game especially considering all the time I spent dealing with the glitches and going back and forth to the guide     Drawn
As with a couple others I see Im being asked to pay again Contacted Apple and they said to contact Big Fish How do we fix this Thank you              DOUBLE PAY
I love is game I would have no problem playing for this gameas long as they keep the originality and creativity up to par as this game Plus the story to me seems to have some plot holes Maybe its just me lol Download this game you wont regret it                 Amazing game
Good game it has a good back story and good game play tobut in the puzzles you should get ride of the skip button other than that I love all the game play as well as all the paintings                 Wow
No issues great story amazing effects and graphics puzzles are just challenging enough and hints easily available                 Terrific game
That was the perfect mix of hard mystery and action Wish it were longer                 Wow

Drawn - The Painted Tower HD Games Painted Tower Http BigfiDrawn - The Painted Tower HD Games Painted Tower Http BigfiDrawn - The Painted Tower HD Games Painted Tower Http BigfiDrawn - The Painted Tower HD Games Painted Tower Http Bigfi

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