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Dropbox , the publisher behind many iOS app (Dropbox ,Carousel by Dropbox), brings Dropbox with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dropbox app has been update to version 1.5.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • There's been a few instances when the file transfer hasn't worked..
  • - Now for my feature wish list..
  • I absolutely love the new music player..
  • This app is a great way to stay organized..
  • Use it everyday to share files between multiple devices..

Overall Satisfactionc71
I love Dropbox and started using it a long time ago.
Love Dropbox but cannot open app on iPhone.
The BEST cloud storage service and fantastic iOS app.
Dropbox's best cloud service available today.
Still my favorite file sharing app between all my devices.
File uploading is east but file sharing is a different story.
Thanks dropbox for such a great service and great app.
you can change upload quality in the Dropbox settings.
Definitely a huge bonus to an already amazing service.
Better than iCloud and google drive combined.
Fun & Engagingc58
Dropbox is awesome and the ipad app just went super awesome.
This app/ Dropbox is awesome.
I use Dropbox all the time to backup my College homework and projects.
Thank you for providing an awesome service and an awesome app.
Awesome app for an awesome service.
It's indispensable and the desktop app even runs on Linux.
Auto-upload of photos and videos is a great & useful addition.
Useful addition to having dropbox on my mac.
and data are backed up and able to access everything.
Very useful program anywhere you go.
Most useful program ever.
Social Aspectsc100
Sharing files with friends are so easy on PC and iPhone.
sharing files with friends.
Production Valuesc52
and the web interface was skeletal.
do in the web interface.
Love the new ios7 user interface design.
Ease of Usec56
: To all the ones getting a black screen after entering PIN.
Security & Privacyc44
got a free Dropbox account after seeing several PC technology reviews.
I'm a bit irritated that I can't use my Dropbox account.
Love the support for password protected MS Office docs.
If you have the app password protected.
New version does hang at password screen.
I have a paid account and it's worth every penny.
by going to privacy settings.
Updates & Supportc28
apple customer service was very helpful.
Customer support is second to none.

It's way cheaper than iCloud too for photo storage. found in 6 reviews
Auto-upload of photos and videos is a great & useful addition. found in 8 reviews
Wonderful app if you're always on the go especially for college students. found in 6 reviews
so the simple drag and drop feature is really helpful. found in 9 reviews
Don't listen to the reviews - you can store files off-line. found in 13 reviews
It's indispensable and the desktop app even runs on Linux. found in 8 reviews
to make this app THE Best:
Uploading RAW files now fixed. found in 4 reviews
support answered it before two hours had passed. found in 6 reviews
Very useful program anywhere you go. found in 4 reviews
Sharing files with friends are so easy on PC and iPhone. found in 6 reviews
I believe this is related to this iOS limitation /restriction. found in 3 reviews
The bulk upload feature is great and dropbox is great. found in 4 reviews
•Cleaner sharing options. found in 5 reviews
I love being able to immediately transfer photos etc. found in 12 reviews
Better than iCloud and google drive combined. found in 10 reviews
This one is definitely a must have for students. found in 13 reviews
and this is how cloud computing should be - easy and intuitive. found in 7 reviews
Not able to open files with new update. found in 39 reviews
Still no ability to change file names - a very basic function. found in 79 reviews
Current version won't upload photos unless you give it GPS access. found in 79 reviews
App Perma Frozen in iOS8 due to Camera Upload. found in 139 reviews
I can no longer upload or move files to specific folders. found in 141 reviews
Keyboard covers number pad on iPhone 5S preventing login. found in 58 reviews
You can't create folders anymore. found in 65 reviews
Type in pass code and it immediately closes the app. found in 88 reviews
Let us be able to share folders on app please. found in 57 reviews
50 crashes back to home screen when inputting lock code. found in 63 reviews
I'm a bit irritated that I can't use my Dropbox account. found in 70 reviews
Currently have to re -login to get files to update. found in 128 reviews
I'll have to take my subscription over to another platform. found in 66 reviews
Ever since I updated to iOS 8 app freezes constantly. found in 71 reviews
Still can't authorize my location services to allow for photo uploads. found in 69 reviews
Photo upload crashes the app every few files. found in 447 reviews
Please add the ability to rename files right in the iPhone Dropbox app. found in 187 reviews
reinstalling and disabling photo uploads fixed the problem. found in 454 reviews
Doesn’t support sharing to dropbox in camera roll. found in 134 reviews

The Dropbox is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Dropbox app version 1.5.4 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Dropbox in Dropbox`s Official Website : http://www.dropbox.com

Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers. App features: - View photos, videos, documents, and presentations in your Dropbox on the go. - Save photos and videos taken with your ...
Was always working well but recently its been crashing and I cant use it Tried uninstalling it but nothing has changed           Frustrating
Its a great place to back up my photos from my device and I can access them from my computer too And now I can download my home movies to my devices without using ripping software which is really helpful I just wish the videos could download faster because it is EXTREMELY slow              I like this
Great app very convenience                 Great app
Given Dropboxs popularity Ive expected something much better than this To give an example Three steps to delete a picture Step 1 Click top right drop down after which the picture you were viewing until then is obscured by the drop down Step 2 Click Delete Step 3 Confirm delete Well this is definitely not the best seamless experience when you have to do this for a handful of pictures How about using a delete icon instead something like the trash can icon we usually see in most apps That would not only reduce steps 1 and 2 into just a single step but would also refrain from obscuring our view of the picture there by providing a seamless experience The confirmation step at the end is understandably necessary        Not happy
Drop box and letting me sign in at all           Drop box
Ive had to install and delete the app over 4 times because it keeps crashing while Im trying to download pictures onto it Then I have to click the pictures all over again Not very happy with this    
Keep up the good work                 Love the app
Deserving of 0 stars but they block your review by telling you that the nickname is already used if you give unfavorable rating           Ease
Why couldnt we use zip I mean we should be able to Also how are you able to transfer something into an app           WHY
Cant log out then deleted app reinstalled now cant log in        Cant log out then deleted app reinstalled now cant log in
HELP when I want to download a file into a app like I wanna download a mod for minecraft it says No available apps for this file please help     HELP ME
Im a med student with a lot of heavy books that now I can keep available in my dropbox                 Perfect for keeping available all my books
Cant even log into Dropbox files wont upload cant do anything with it Going to another app Dropbox has made me lose all faith in it     Cant even log in
The mobile app needs a way to select multiple files to open in another app Going one by one to open documents in word or notability and having to log in every time is a real pain           Needs one thing
I had previously paid for a year of service As it the year expired I went online and changed it to monthly Instead Dropbox charged me for another full year and then put my account on monthly     Bad billing practice
Business professionals cloud users and even writers please read I NEVER write reviews but taking into account that after a half dozen updates key issues havent been addressed I will say my piece I am heavily dependent on Dropbox for business use and personal projects and though Dropbox has taken steps in a direction Im not sure if the direction is the correct one Since the beginning of 2015 Ive paid for the Dropbox Pro 99 yr and the following functionality STILL hasnt been added Editing of textbased files This is biggest one for me at the moment Even developers for Ulysses for iPad have had to make a FAQ on their website explaining that Dropbox needs to add support for editing files directly so that their users can redirect their feedback As an IT Project Manager I understand in the product update cycle certain patches and features take precedence but after almost a year that excuse is no longer valid Either have a personal relations managers give a brief yet substantial statement to alleviates some of these worries Several companies included Evernote do this or dedicate the appropriate resources and hammer it out If not I may have to consider cancelling my Dropbox account and using iCloud as my sole cloud storage solution Other basic functions not included are Renaming a folder Cut or copy files and folders Sort by type Sort by size Viewing deleted files Bookmarks Offline folders Considering the numerous amount of upgrade iterations there have been and the staggering user base Im shocked that even some of these features havent been added yet Its not like this review is unsubstantiated Any iTunes App Store user can go through the Whats New section for Dropbox and can verify this information Understandably the Dropbox APIs help developers resolve some of these issues but not being able to do this natively while their user base is screaming for it is just irresponsible As of right now the Dropbox IOS app is only useful as a file viewer and a hook for other IOS apps to pull files from     Some serious BASIC functionality missing
Worked for a whole 2 minutes and then pretty much crashed Couldnt look at my photos Couldnt listen to my music It acted like it was not there but was working 2 seconds before hand Poorly made of you ask me I dont recommend this app     Horrible
Why isnt there an option to select multiple photos to export It would take me hours to go through and export them to save to my computer        Selecting multiple
I do not like this app I took some picture from the summer vacation and all of the pictures got deleted so now I have no pictures from this summer     Not Happy
Idk but the games arent working                 I just need to rate it
With Dropboxes name brand and popularity I thought that the app would work better than it does While the storage rates leave much to be desired thats not the worst if my experiences The automatic photo backup while useful at times is still underdeveloped It would constantly freeze on uploading a simple video file and constantly retry without success causing terrible battery drain You can only upload while the app is open and there is no background setting to avoid this There are other better camera data and phone cloud backup services Dropbox while fine for your desktop falls short on your phone Just very glad that the app is free to install and use        Expected a lot but got little
App used to be great but now it continually asks me to log into iTunes to allow Push Notifications Well and ye shall receiveIm logged into iTunes to write this review Im a paying customer and I dont appreciate not being able to use your app because a stupid prompt wont go away Why would logging into iTunes be a prerequisite for using your app Please fix     Continually Prompts To Allow Push Notifications
I use dropbox all the time It just lacks one thing The ability to play a slide show One of the biggest things about dropbox is picture sharing but you cant start a slideshow        Great app
It doesnt let me login and it says login failed check internet connection but my internet works just fine with my other apps           No Login
I use it for business and I love it It allows me to share files with clients quickly easily and safely I can access all my customer info via the app and it syncs to all my devices I recommend it every chance I get              Love it
Ive created several folders to share with my colleagues and with family its excellent to have the access 5                 I like Dropbox
Its good to have mobile access Sometimes thats a life saver                 Mobile Access
Uploaded my pics and compared em to my camera roll on my iPhone and the quality on the app wasnt good It was ok For docs its good              Photo quality isnt great
This is second time happened to me While on wifi and all other Dropbox files are perfectly connected camera uploading shows error saying cannot connect to Dropbox Previously I did not know the problem thought all pictures were uploaded so I deleted all the actually unsaved photos Seems we need search for a more reliable app     Camera upload unreliable
I tried to write to feedback via the app and the wouldnt even work App keeps crashing Please fix     Terrible now
So far it connects easily with all my devices and all the applications I usewe shall see              So far so good
There are probably so many bad reviews about this application or program because there will always be critics of something good This program or application does exactly what it says it will do It safely stores your files documents pictures and videos to where you can access them on any device that has Internet connection It also makes it easy to share any file document picture or video to anyone even if they dont have dropbox Well done dropbox team                 Love it Does what its supposed to do
It appears that if I enable photos to upload it will automatically upload everything from my phone I dont want to waste that much space eon my dropbox is there a way to manually choose which photos get uploaded and which folders they go into           Photos All or nothing v396
Developers please make a way to upload multiple pictures into Dropbox Right now its only 2 choices all or one at a time which takes forever if I want to put 20 pictures into Dropbox Would be really great if I could check off the ones I want in Dropbox and only they would upload instead of everything on my phone           Great app but could be better
For weeks I cant access any new files because of a poor connection error It doesnt matter where I am or that I use up to date technologie And when I click myself through the net and the reviews I find that I am not the only one Why dont they do something I dont understand Dropbox has been a elemental part of my life for years But now I have to use third party apps to access the files I have in my dropbox account Why Dont they understand that they are NOT the only cloud service out there anymore one can trust with     Please fix the app
Every time I try uploading a new picture or video it tells me that its having trouble connecting when my internet connection works just fine           Issues
Horrible The app just stopped working     Horrible
I was a huge fan until I was told every event is tracked apparently since you sign up And anyone who gets access to you computer or the website can read all your history and according to Dropbox this feature can never be cleared or turned off So bye bye Dropbox     No privacy
Not working on any of my devices Says it cant connect Booooo     No connection
I have spent four hours trying to download a thirty second video to my phone and it gives me no option i try to copy the link but it brings me back in circles to the video im trying to save i try to email share post it everything but nothing works Whats the point if i cant even save my video and it just goes to photos under the app itself     seriously
Im trying to use this app to transfer some videos from my iPhone to my iPad Theres only 2GB to work with which would be fine but it keeps saying There was a problem deleting video every time I try to delete to make room to transfer something else It would be nice if this could be fixed otherwise Im deleting this app        Frustrated
The worst experience with app ever Your sign in process is crap I didnt manage to get into any of my accounts being told about invalid passwords given unreadable captcha and finally blamed in taking too many attempts Ew       
Very good              Nice
Wont allow me to log in because of poor internet connection My connection is just fine Please fix this     Log in
Normally I love Dropbox Makes it so easy to get my pics and videos to my computer However last night and today the app has been crashing after being open only 10 seconds Please fix this bug                 Normally I love it
Not sure if anyone else has this issue When selecting photos in Camera Roll to upload to Dropbox I can only select one at a time to be able to see Save to Dropbox in the Share options Being able to select multiple photos at a time would be very helpful Also I have Touch ID authentication enabled for the Dropbox app but when uploading from the Photos folder directly as described above I am prompted to key in my 4digit PINpasscode each time rather than being able to authorize through Touch ID Is this a limitation if not a bug that can be ironed out please Thanks              Touch ID authentication
Dropbox is my go to for all files I want access to form all my devices The file sharing feature made life easier for many different daily applications                 My Go To
This app did not help me one bit when allowing me to do what I want to do If you are like me and got the app to download minecraft maps for pe it doesnt work     Not helpful
I need this app to upload videos for my marching band but it DOES NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS FOR ME It uploaded all 30 of my photos and then when it got to the stuff I actually needed to upload it just stopped No explanation no answers to this problem on the Internet This app is garbage and I would just recommend emailing people what you want to give them over this     Useless

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