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MoFunZone Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Duck Life Retro Pack ,Duck Life: Space ,Duck Life: Battle ,Duck Life Free ,Duck Life: Adventure ,Duck Life), brings Duck Life with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Duck Life games has been update to version 1.01 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Duck Life is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 36.3 MB to download. The new Duck Life app version 1.01 has been updated on 2014-11-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Raise your duckling into a champion racer Are you ready to play the ultimate duck training game? The award-winning online sensation, racking up over 150 million plays internationally is finally in your hands Train your duck in 15 ...
We should be able to compete against other players in a multiplayer edition it would make it more fun and also it should be longer because after you make it to the end all you can do is train and it s not as fun anymore                 Multiplayer GoDucks120
When I first got duck life it was better than this because it had the level up food you could train running swimming and flying and it was all one place no swiping so could you do that a again plz         Ok What happened Dot tak my nam
If you are looking for Duck Life 4 This is it Mofunzone inc                     This is Duck life 4 Graham ch
My ducks keep getting duplicated and I keep losing my ducks Fix it     Duplicating my ducks
Duck life is a really good game Even though Im still at the mountains I am still on the mountains because of the big race before you open another place Not because its hard its I think a bug When I drag the duck I want to use to slot it comes up as another one of my ducks When I try to replace it it wont let me What is this Its so annoying But the thing that bothers me the most is that it only happens when Im at the mountains I want it fixed Also when I got a new duck it deleted it and made a copy of another one of my ducks I spend a LOT of money on that egg I would also like if that was fixed too Anyway duck life is a nice game                 Nice game butbugs
Ok so I really like this app its cute and really fun to play Although when I finished it it would delete one of my ducks and duplicate another one I thought my phone was just being stupid but then I read the reviews and a lot of others are having the same problem please fix this Otherwise great app              Pretty good
I completed it in 1 week with only 1 duck it was easy but jumping was hard for meBut i got bored what should i do after completing the game                 I compleded it
This app is a lot of fun and in my opinion you should buy this The paid version is a lot better then the free one In the free version you cant complete the game I would wish that you would be able to race real people I am giving it 5 stars though                 Great app
Duck life is a very fun game and worth the money but it takes a very short time to beat and once you have beaten it it gets very boring I suggest you add more things more races and higher levels than 150 please make it funner that is my unpunctuated review I do like the game                 Super Fun
Good game and all but when you beat the game there is nothing to do I ask if the creators wold make at least 6 new wolds and skills with more stuff to buy plz              Plz listen
I think Its fun I like to challenge the other ducks and to do tournaments The only thing is that your speed can only get to 150 Other then that its not a bad game                 Good but
I have a reallygood duck and when I get to the white duck it says requires lvl 0 flying level so i dont want to start over cause i worked on that duck plz fix that              Why
It is a little annoying because when Im training sometimes it juts stopes and that is really annoying        Duck Life Game
I loved this game but one time I was trying to take on the fire duck but I had to have level 150 Everything So I was trying to get 150 energy for only one duck and the other ducks were eating the foodenergyI didnt know what to do I saw this button in settings It said Clear saved data I didnt understand what that meant Well I did I just didnt get it I pressed the button and it didnt ask if I really wanted to Clear all of my saved dataI am really sad so duck life creators make an update about that              Awesome but
This is such a great game I just finished it with my duck Quackers Now I am training my other Duck All the drawings are amazing If I had to choose my favorite 5 Star game it would be this So make sure to get Duck life                 I love Duck Life
IT IS SO FRUSTRATING TO ACCIDENTLY TAKE THE CROWN OFF AND CANT PUT IT BACK ON                 Became champion duck but cant find how to put the champion crown back on
Dont get this app its not worth your money It is really fun in the beginning but then it gets REALLY boring Your just doing the same things over and over Also the buttons that you have to press dont work at all Please fix and make less boring I am saving you and your money Do not get this app           Boring do not get
What is different to duck life free does it have fewer stuff or is it the same                 Different
This app is fun but it wont give you purchases I bought a pineapple hat and I didnt get it           Good
Ok ok so I got to the glacier part and I train my favorite duck boo and she duplicates and gets ride of ruby which made me sad so I deleted the spare and got a new ruby so ruby cost 100 and I just trained boo again same thing happens FIX IT PLEASE I LOVE THIS GAME              Makes me mad
Jfjkdndntntn                 Love it
I TOTALLY recommend this game So addicting and fun Train your duckenter races you know the drill Only thing I can say is TRY IT                 AMAZING GAME
I love this game a lot But I just beat the game and now I bored I think you should add WAY more levels and a few more bosses so you can get more crowns There doesnt need to be any new skills learned just more levels Please consider                 Update please read
Im at the mountains and so far this is great I love it except on the second training for flying mountains the arrows are too small for me iPhone 6 and sometimes my finger doesnt fit them and I mess up and move on to the third Once you fix it I will rate 5 Overall this is a great game Love computer version too              Duck Life Fun but glitch
As some people say in the reviews yes it DOES for some reason delete your duck and makes random duplicates etc Im also disappointed that it was EXTREMELY SHORT Its a fun game but it should have been longer and the glitches should be fixed I played it for maybe 2 hours in all over 3 days and completed it Very disappointed for such a good game           Great but needs to be longer and less glitchy
I love this game it was my favorite game untill I beat it I got the customize character and I want to train it I have no ideas if this is a bug with the latest update for IPod 5 generation but when I try to train my customize duck either the game freezes when I lose or for jumping training skill so far the screen goes black Please fix this Its ing me           GLITCH PLZ READ
I love this gameits so much fun However you cant have any more than six ducks If you buy more than six you have to get rid of one Please fix this so people can get more than 6 ducks              only six ducks
This game is very fun For 2 hoursthe game needs more content such as multiplayer more levels to gain and more duck slotsand new ducks like for example rainbow duck emerald duck and multiplayer because I want to show my ducks progression and I really cant do that because most people I know dont even know what the game isand infinite level ups              Needs more
Adjrncnwkskchkskdfnricijrbrbdjfjicjendjcirhdbdjxjjdsebnekcjebejdiduyfjebebekdicuebebkefujebejducjdhdicjebdjxuheheheifudjebekdiuxkdjd Skisbenslxkjcjsndnxjxkjfjdndnkdkdkdkdndkdkdkfnfnfkkffnnfndkfjfjrkdkdjdkksksksejjeiejejejkdidjdkdkkfnfbdkxiwhskxkdbdv Ksisiekdkmdnfjfjfkfkdkkdkdkdkrbfjdifikfjfjfkfkfkfmkfkdkdkfkciskkwkwnskxodjwnlqoxkmwmwocibrxneksoxmkxosk                 Best game youll ever play
Fun at first but gets very boring and repetitive in about a solid hour Although its only a dollar not worth it The full game isnt worth downloading even if it were free        Um
I love duck life I completed it and I want another duck life pleeeez make one duck life creators                 Please make another duck life
I love the game but it keeps on crashing when I try to complete the glacier tournament              Great game but
I love this game but after I beat it when I would play with my second duck it would duplicate it and destroy one of my other ducks Please fix this glitch and make the final race way harder Other than those 2 things the game is fantastic                 Great game but
I love duck life My duckies are so cute Its awesome Anyone who doesnt have it you should get it because its so fun and cool My friend was playing it on the bus and I just got it and now I love it so woohoo                 Awesome
I wish that you could race the ducks that arent in tournaments more than once even after youve beaten them              Goes by fast
When I play music and open duck life I love the game it wont play the music Please fix this Great game though                 Creators fix this
It needs bigger buttons Love the though besides that And for some reason on the second to last jump on the boss battle it says I died and one last thing make it so you can delete a duck with out buying more ducks But I sooo love this game              Love it but
I think itd be amazing if there was a multiplayer option              Cool game
The game has a fun concept I played it on the computer I bought this game about a week ago and I trained my duck well until today I was about to start the tournament on the mountains and all my data was reset Fix this        UGH
This game is very good and I have played the game on my computer but I love the game so much I decided to buy the app But I have had trouble Whenever I go to open this app it never opens I have tried several times to delete this app and redownload it but I have not had any success Please help me find out what is wrong and how I can fix it              The Game
Too glitchy but good              Pretty good
It should not stop at six Ducks had to delet my fav one so unfair           Could be better
I love playing the game and cant stop playing                 FunAwesomeAddictive
I used to have the free version of this game but eventually I got the full version This game is very fun but once I got to glacier my ducks started to glitch out I would have one duck when I was on the game but I got off to play a different game and when I came back I had to of one duck So I got another duck and I played for a while Then I went to train another duck and when I finished I had two of one of the ducks that I hadnt trained AT ALL The game erased one of my best ducks So if you dont like getting set back dont buy duck life        This game is fun but has many glitches
I was playing And tryed to turn the music off and accidently deleted all my progess dont waste your money     Really mad
So good but when you get to the final level it is very hard                 Amazing
This is an extremely fun and addicting gameI love it                 Awesome
It crashes during the ice level Please read and fix this              Crash
Hey I have two ducks Mia and Lila Lila is lilac and when I bought her the butterfly hat it glitches at first it spit out my money and didnt give me my hat Then i tried again only it took double the money and still didnt give me my hat I have already successfully bought a bumblebee hat for my white duck Mia who is very highleveled Duck life is great              Racer Chick
I love this game Super fun and the ducks are cute I love how the computer ducks are like You cant beat me Its a fantastic game But as soon as I got to the mountains it started glitching on me At first I thought it was my phone but I was reading the reviews and others are having the same problem I had a duck named Courtney and its stats were high But I had a duck named Taffy with lower stats and it kept having doubles When I deleted the double it deleted Courtney This problem needs to be fixed As expensive sarcasm as this game is I wouldnt have bought if I knew about the glitch I hope you update it                 Fun game Just a small flaw
This game is gr8 m8 I r8 88                 Awesome

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