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Duolingo , the publisher behind many iOS app (Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free ,Duolingo Test Center), brings Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I've owned my iPhone since 2009 and has never written a review..
  • Perfect for students taking a foreign language class..
  • I am enjoying the Spanish educational tool in DuoLingo..
  • Doulingo masters vocabulary and other grammar structures through a variety of exercises..
  • Number 1 free language learning aid for sure..

Overall Satisfactionc95
i love learning new languages and finding apps that help with that.
Definitely the best language learning app that I have used.
Better than Rosetta Stone & helps to translate the Internet.
I don't want to spend $400 for Rosetta Stone.
I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in learning a new language.
I have become addicted to this wonderful way to learn French.
I love the reminders and the encouragement this app provides.
Best of all it's free in an expensive market.
This app does a great job of teaching new and reviewing previously learned translations.
Fun & Engagingc93
Great and fun way to learn a language without being overwhelmed.
Awful app for those actually wanting to learn a language from scratch.
It makes learning a new language fun and its very encouraging.
It provides a challenging yet fun way to learn Spanish.
More fun and effective than most language programs I've tried.
Super fun and easy way to learn new languages.
Fun and educational - accelerated my French learning like no other.
The lessons are fun and engaging so they keep you intrigued.
DUOLINGO added a fun and useful angle to daily learning.
DUOLINGO added a fun and useful angle to daily learning.
great job making learning both fun and useful.
A little practice everyday can really make a difference.
I keep it on my main home screen for practice everyday.
It's an easy way for a beginner to practice every day.
Really good app and pushes you to practice every day.
Now I'm almost hooked on using it every day multiple times a day.
I'm addicted to it and look forward to using it every day.
Family Friendlyc97
It keeps you entertained and is great for kids as well.
I think this app is great for kids and adults.
Repeat Valuec93
This app uses learning languages in fun and challenging way.
Such a fun and challenging way to learn a new language.
and good options for different levels and speeds of learniing.
I love all the different levels and the lessons are perfect.
Good App - higher levels in German have some mistakes.
I hope that it eventually offers higher levels.
Social Aspectsc100
It allows you to compete with friends for experience points and levels.
and being able to compete with friends helps with motivation.
Ease of Usec94
It's a simple and fun way to learn basic new language skills.
Short lessons that are easy to fit into any schedule.
It feels intuitive and fun & I find that I really am learning.
It is very easy to follow and I feel like I'm learning fast.
Games in the beginning level are based around simple phrases.
This is also an enjoyable and convenient way to learn a language.

Super fun and easy way to learn new languages. found in 116 reviews
I'm having a blast relearning a language I haven't spoken in years. found in 31 reviews
It helps build a good foundation for subsequent language training. found in 25 reviews
This app is great for brushing up on Portuguese before my Brazil trip. found in 262 reviews
Saw the TED talk by the creator a long time ago. found in 39 reviews
I really cannot express how much I love the App and website. found in 28 reviews
This is the best foreign language teaching system ever. found in 28 reviews
Great for beginners or those looking to refresh their skills. found in 64 reviews
I'd recommend it to anyone who's serious about learning foreign languages. found in 90 reviews
A fun app that is a welcome tool for language acquisition. found in 27 reviews
DUOLINGO added a fun and useful angle to daily learning. found in 56 reviews
This app is great for all ages wanting to learn a language. found in 31 reviews
It provides a challenging yet fun way to learn Spanish. found in 746 reviews
I'm learning German straight from the palm of my hand. found in 387 reviews
The lessons are fun and engaging so they keep you intrigued. found in 74 reviews
Definitely the best language learning app that I have used. found in 2210 reviews
This app uses learning languages in fun and challenging way. found in 40 reviews
Great language learning app that keeps you motivated. found in 347 reviews
Really great language learning app - the best I've ever used. found in 397 reviews
We were planning a trip to Italy when I learned about Duolingo. found in 52 reviews
Solidifies understanding very well and accommodates for weak areas. found in 19 reviews
I always worked on weak skills before doing a new lesson. found in 44 reviews
Just needs iPad support. found in 11 reviews
This app NEEDS Japanese. found in 16 reviews
I wish there were more choices like Japanese and Korean. found in 29 reviews
Will you guys please add Chinese Mandarin language as well. found in 12 reviews
but now it won't load on my iPhone 6 +. found in 13 reviews
Please add English from PERSIAN and I'll give you FIVE. found in 28 reviews
but please add more languages like Chinese would be even better. found in 25 reviews
Please add Persian language to learn english. found in 12 reviews
Why can't you buy lingots or other languages like Russian with money. found in 20 reviews
If you add Turkish I'll turn my four stars to five. found in 11 reviews
but a good aid if you're serious about learning a new language. found in 18 reviews
It doesn't explain basic but essential things like conjugation etc. found in 35 reviews
be cause I can't know if I'm saying it properly. found in 19 reviews
Great but needs more languages to learn for English speakers. found in 153 reviews
Offline mode doesn't save your progress. found in 24 reviews
This app should offer American Sign Language. found in 27 reviews
Please add an option to learn Japanese for English speakers. found in 29 reviews
It would help if Duolingo would have grammar lessons involved. found in 19 reviews
but I was giving the right answer. found in 32 reviews
Microphone doesn't record correct answers. found in 103 reviews
and still there's no update for the Japanese language. found in 23 reviews
Great concept - some show stopping issues on iPhone 6 plus. found in 13 reviews

The Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 11.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free in Duolingo`s Official Website : http://duolingo.com

PC Magazine Editors` Choice for Language Learning: "Duolingo is undoubtedly one of the best free tools for practicing a new language." "We ve also tried a few other methods such as book learning and Rosetta Stone, ...
I have enjoyed this app for almost 2 years now However recent upgrades dont necessarily equal improvement 6 months ago I would have given it 5 stars The most recent one with the pictures was the worst change The pictures dont really convey the essence of the Spanish language Just because you CAN make changes doesnt mean you should              Pretty Good
Does exactly what it says on the description Ive only had it bug on me once and I use it constantly Great program I do wish it had a wider range of lessons but since it was a free app Im ok with it                 Great app
One of the best tools for learning a new language The lessons are awesome and make learning fun and easy And its free                 The best
You probably shouldnt start a language from scratch in Duolingo But it is an amazing                 Great but
I am already fluent in Spanish and English and I enjoyed using this app for some quick review of compound verb tenses and some of the fundamental grammar I went through a very large number of lessons As other reviewers have pointed out this app will never make you fluent in a language from scratch but it certainly can help you get closer to that goal The fluency number that DL throws out is utterly bogus and if you put that number on your linked in profile well I wouldnt DuoLingo will have you translating and saying some pretty dumbsounding computergenerated sentences that are not useful in the real world but are narrowly tailored to exercise a grammatical concept My problem with it is that they do not explain the nuts and bolts of the concept at all They seem to simply think that if you repeat say the pluperfect tense enough times youll be able to conjugate a variety of verbs using it Not so unless youre a child learning the language natively but even then this app doesnt give a wide enough variety of examples nor enough repetition to learn that way It certainly does not hurt but it isnt as good as a real language course where they actually teach the grammatical rules behind the words you repeat in this app Nor is the vocabulary in the app very useful I reviewed several items and found the vocab to be quite narrow and repetitive But hey its free and it is going to help you with some aspects of a language I would just caution against expecting either useful tourist or business vocab or much in the way of grammar explanation It does a nice job of getting people to actually speak the language even if it has you saying oddball phrases           Its OK for Review
I dont usually write reviews but thought this app deserved a review from me The app starts out with a basic language proficiency exam and gives you the ability to start where you may have left off on a different course or program Having used Rosetta Stone for my basic Spanish previously Ive found it difficult to use other apps because they seem repetitive or just dont seem to flow well Duolingo has provided me with a way to continue learning Spanish and brushing up on what I was rusty with                 Easy to use great learning tool
I learned how to speak fluent Spanish and Swedish in a matter of two days                 Great for learning any language
Great app I am really pleased with the results I am learning German and it is a lot of fun This app makes learning a new language enjoyable and easy                 Awesome
Wanting to learn a foreign language I decided to learn German and its great at that but if you want to learn say Japanese it is almost impossible since there is no crash course to learn the characters                 Great App
I already recognise words in Deutsch Like seriously                 Great
I love duolingo but recently I was trying to test out Spanish with my friend and she is Mexican and she told me that some of my Spanish was wrong so I went back to the app to show her and some of the Spanish is wrong example the boy is el niño according to the app but the boy is El Chico and I was very dissapointed at these spelling errors please check Thank you        PLEASE READ
I have been using Duolingo for over a year now and my Spanish is great I am also interested in learning Polish so I can communicate with family there is that next on the list I would love to be able to learn it with the same app that helped me with Spanish Keep it up                 Love it Can we get some more languages
I have taken two years of Spanish before This app is very easy to use and verY helpful I have already been able to use some of my vocabulary                 Very easy and flexible
Great for basics wont make your speak native but its good for practice                 Worth it
This app doesnt around 10 of the time have the proper translations of words It is as if people who used google translate created this app The translations are sometimes far off Ive been living in Germany for a few years now and have a very good understanding of the language and asked my German friend about a translation in one of the last business lessons and he too said that it was incorrect Basically they just need to fine tune the app and it will be great Adding more complicated terms also wouldnt hurt           Good concept but not always accurate
Great learning tool and a reliable way to steadily learn a language                 Works for me
Love it                 Great App
This app rocks Love it                 Love this app
This is by far the best app for students or anybody really for learning Spanish I am getting better and better at Spanish the farther I get into the app This app works and anyone trying to learn Spanish should get it                 Great app for Spanish students
Ive been using this app for almost a month and Ive had a great time learning the basics of Italian Obviously as others have mentioned you wont become a native speaker unless you actually practice in real life situations But this app makes for a very fun and easy way to expand your vocabulary and learn grammarwhich is no small feat                 Fun and Educational
I started using Duolingo about two years ago It was fun but repetitive After they took oral tests out of the app I stopped using it I just got a new phone and I love the new features especially that theyve brought back oral testing                 I Like What Youve Done With The Place
A wonderful app for learning language and its absolutely free Best app of its kind and makes learning so much fun                 Amazing App
I really love this app You get the basics of the grammar explained in simple easy to understand terms I wish they did more speaking exercises and that some of the languages didnt sound so slurred you cant seem to get the right answer like Portuguese or French and Italian That would be my only complaint              Having some glitches
I look forward to working with duolingo either as an app or on PC App version has very nice interface                 Very engaging and addictive
I used to love this app because I take Spanish in school and this app helps me a lot until the new update I cant even understand what the boy is saying Its so dumb like he said el veve I even listened to it in slow motion But the correct answer was el bebe     The NEW UPDATE RUINED THE APP
I have loved duolingo for years and use it to keep up my Spanish skills It has also been great for learning conversational French But I hate the new update The biggest downside of the app for me has always been the somewhat childish aesthetic of the graphics and this last update made it much worse The new cartoon characters are distracting rather than helpful Please change it back              New Update No Thanks
Great                 Great
The app and Duolingo are great but the app lacks elements from the desktop website version              Great app but missing desktop pieces
Im refreshing my high school French So far so good              Good refresher
It is perfect for anyone looking into learning another basic language I recommended it to all my friends and family with kids and am currently brushing up my Spanish to help my daughter in school                 Best Free App
Ive been using this app to brush up on my dusty Spanish and French skills I like that it asks you to translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English I also liked using the placement assessment so that I didnt have to start from scratch And i cant believe its free Wow Thanks And you can learn fun phrases stuff like that you wouldnt learn in a standard class                 Practicing a language can be fun
Thanks Keep Going                 Great App
Easily learned Spanish while using this app with university studies Helped a lot                 Great
This is an excellent app It offers the features of another language learning price for free I have used this for some time and like that you can pick up where you are on any platform Every update they add more tools and a richer experience Outstanding                 Outstanding language learning
Awesome app Highly recommend                 Amazing
A wonderful tool for learning the basics of a language and for practicing your skills as long as you have other sources available for indepth study and explanation                 Super
Working on French I like the goalsexperience system so far The translate questions can be frustrating because they dont say translate to what language                 Great for speaking
This app is fantastic It is so simple colorful and addicting This app does great things that some language apps dont This app gives grammar rules colourful pictures to match the words sound button so you can hear how it is pronounced even with the accent which is very helpful I have no complaints about this app and I hope that Duolingo keeps expanding the content to learn and languages available                 I love this
Words cant even describe how wicked awesome this app is I feel like Ive learned and retained more Spanish in 2 weeks than I did in the 3 years I took it in high school The interactive features from listening to speaking make this app an incredible tool for learning another language                 Uhhhhh
I do not normally write app reviews but I have so far loved this app I find it easier to learn with pictures and bright colors and this app has both I began with Italian but found out I was taking Spanish 1 in school this year so I switched from the Italian to Spanish with the push of a button It is so easy to do and I find it VERY fun I dont want to say to much and spoil it for you but I think anyone who did this even if they have taken a Spanish course before and just want to freshen up on it would have fun with it and it is PERFECT for all ages young and old not that your old lol ENJOY the app              Great app
Love this app its gorgeous design and effective techniques make learning a language something you want to spend time on everyday                 Pretty and Effective
Having fun                 Das ist gut
Love the app but one correction is needed The translation of cat in French is chat not chatte which it says is the correct answer Only complaint              Wrong info
Trying Spanish yet again plus French                 Great fun
Duolingo is a great appI am learning Italian and its been easy                 Awesome just needs a few bug fixes
I am currently in my third year of Spanish in my school and sometimes I need some practice at home Duolingo is the perfect app for learning new languages It not only helps my strengthen my Spanish but teaches me new skills I have yet to learn Keep up the good work                 AWESOME
Its really good                 Good
Me parece muy interesante he aprendido mucho                 Me encant a este app Es muy educativo
I love this app so much but Im trying to learn Japanese and I would love to use this app for this so may you please add a Japanese corse                 Japanese
Amazing app Im Using it for school and its so helpful                 Great

Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free EducationDuolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and German for free Education

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