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WonBo Technology Co., Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (Video Converter Ultimate Aimersoft ,PDF Converter Pro-Aimersoft ,PDF to Text-Aimersoft ,Video Converter Aimersoft ,DVD Creator-Aimersoft ,Music Recorder-Aimersoft), brings DVD Ripper-Aimersoft with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DVD Ripper-Aimersoft app has been update to version 4.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The DVD Ripper-Aimersoft is now available for 14.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 35527867, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new DVD Ripper-Aimersoft app version 4.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-03.
More Info: Find more info about DVD Ripper-Aimersoft in WonBo Technology Co., Ltd`s Official Website : http://support.aimersoft.com/

Convert your DVD collections for winter holiday travel Enjoy on iPad, iPhone or Apple TV Important NOTES: The appstore version cannot support protected/encrypted DVDs. If you want to rip encrypted DVD that protected by CSS, ...
Can t rip a simple Video TS folder 15 wasted     Never worked Jennifer'sClog
and it can t even do it     it had one job TheRockinFreakshow
Would like to do only certain tracks rather than entire DVD                     Great conversion to Final Cut w one 1 2 star off Elle Catt
Do not buy for DVD Conversions Does not remove encryption     Do not buy for DVD Conversions Does not remove encryption Koulomb
Great ripper unless of course you are Jack And inexpensive too                     great ripper Funfunfungus
Granted I have a few straightforward and basic need ripping DVDs CDs so I can include the files in one time use keynote presentations It makes my life SO much easier to click the presenter and have my file auto start With no sound video person at my disposal it would be a 3 ring circus to run what I do off discs It has worked great from the start with little learning curve I have nothing to compare it to but I can t imagine being without it                     A great tool Exactly what I needed!
Has workied wonderfully from the first time no problems at all Choices were somewhat confusing at first but then got the hang of it Saved as MP4 with my movies folder as the output folder then put right into iTunes Had no issues or problems                     Version 4 0 DMW642
I bought this product after reading several reviews Overall its is very good its easy to use is intuitive provides a large number of formats etc The main problem I have is that it doesn t handle the DRM based DVD s that I have requiring an extra piece of software                 When there is no DRM its great Dot-née
Very easy so follow layout I needed to be able to stitch together multiple videos from DVD s and convert them I messed around with other solutions for a week before trying this So simple my only regret was not trying it sooner Gives me options for subtitles and everything I needed                     Works perfectly every time Trigger man 1 mile
Worked the first time which was a great relief given all the negative reviews It s a tad tricky to get the hang of though I think my first success was due to luck actually Was able to save as an mp4 and Mov file Wanted to save it to my desktop and had to search many icons to figure out how to do that Looks like you can save it to iPhone or iPad Under Devices List but when I chose those options it did not load onto those devices Maybe I have the wrong idea Went back down to the bottom of the working screen and clicked Video and then mov and it converted seamlessly By chance when i was searching for the location that the file was sent to I found the very small folder icon at the bottom next to the Output Icon and clicked it A folder poped up and from there you can place the converted file onto your desktop So overall I m glad I got this program                     Worked the first time RonnieMcGhee
I wish there was somewhere I could call to get answers I downloaded it because I thought it would rip videos to my mac Now that I bought it nothing is said about mac I m having trouble figuring out how to download the second time I need a place to call for help         problems like satie
Very easy to use to rip DVD s which I recorded Easy to then put into Photos or edit with iMovie                     Easy to use KimBrink
I have been using this program for many years It works well for me to rip dvd s which have lectures saved on them I make an mp3 and also a video mp4 file from it without any troubles                     Great Software DanSchn
App will not rip DVDs because of some lame CSS crap     Piece of crap App wthintexas
I got this program thinking that I wiould be able to rip the dvds that I own Unfortunately I have not been able to rip a single one This program is junk and a waste of money If you are looking to rip your dads keeping looking and dont waste your time or money like I did     Disappointed TheKamel7879
worthless     please don t buy this app joonpeter
This software allowed me to transfer 9 DVD s that originally were from VCR tapes made in the 1980 s and convert them to Mp4 s All went very well Did not have any problems at all I would definitely reccomend this software to anyone Now the information can be shared much more easily Thank you Aimersoft                     Saved the Day SABINKC
This is good for ripping your home movies and NOTHING ELSE Waste of money DO NOT PURCHASE     Only good for home movies Crew omega red
I was told I needed a Ripper by someone who edits films I contacted Aimersoft to make sure it would work with my iMac and I would be able to convert save and then transport to my Lacie storage Well mission accomplished I did have to click on prompts that I wasn t sure I sghould but through trial and error not many times I am noqw a rippping machine So far so good I m very happy with this product                     Pretty pretty good Deano!@
I downloaded this app only to find out that there are quite a bit of choices that need to be made in order to get the best possible result There is no contact number to be found and every time I sent an e mail they responded with the same generic e mail referring me to a link that just gave instruction on Windows not Mac I m very disappointed I also asked for a refund and NEVER got a response interesting So if you don t know all the aspects about encoding and ripping and you need some basic assistnace this is NOT the app for you I later found an app called Handbrake which did a fantastic job and it was FREE     Unsupported Cover Orange2
Product continues to crash when try to edit Wasted money     Crash Stace’s Apples
Works Perfectly                 works just fine E x A m P L e
Very fast Very easy Very efficient Does what it says it will do Thanks                     Works Great thus far Blazttur
As most discs are copy protected these days this application will not work AT ALL     Does not work at all Tby9999999
I had to finally give up Mpeg Streamclip because it wasn t working after upgrading my OS This has worked very well And it s easy to use which is nice                     Does what it claims DJ_Jes Webb
Out of 20 attempts I have only successfully loaded a disc once That one time the program worked flawlessly and the result was great However for 15 I really can t sit here and watch it give me a disc failed to load error every time If this was 1 99 I d say go ahead an buy it and try your luck For 15 don t even think about buying it     Won t Load A Disc predato
Trying to download this to my iMac but it does t seem to be letting me download it after i ve clicked BUY Please fix this problem or refund me the money for an APP I can t even download to use     Can t download the APP after purchase Mrs.Strowger
Trying to download and install following purchase and get error downloading Please fix or refund     Will not install Saudadevida
how do i get a refund     refund please say cheese and die
I needed to do a little work on saving my trims but the ripping was a cinch                 So far so good HopeForAChange
I bought this to put a video on my iPad Air and it will not work it says it is CBS protected BS     CBS Boomer5405
Bought a series of 15 dvd s I ve just ripped a few disks so far I wanted to wait until I got done to review but everytime I finish ripping a disk it prompts for a review so all I can say is it hasn t let me down yet I haven t played with to many features                     flawless so far Simon Says!
I love this app it works exactly as advertised                     Very Easy To Use Rolltideboom
Aimersoft always makes great products this is no Exception Awesome job easy to use Ripps to most any type of format                     Great Product for the Price Crosspraise!
I want to convert my discs to mp4 so i can watch on my pad It is terrible for me when I use this app It didn t even work once for me and constantly showed me a dialog said quit with unexpected reason And after a while it crashed and closed I tried several discs and with no luck Would someone recommend me another conversion tool which really works I searched and tried many apps but i don t found a great one until now Thanks if you can advise Just avoid this one don t buy I want my money back so i can purchase another one     Crash No use at all I just looking for a conversion app Now i should keep Looking Ckdolli Roewn
DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Business Ripper AimersoftDVD Ripper-Aimersoft Business Ripper AimersoftDVD Ripper-Aimersoft Business Ripper AimersoftDVD Ripper-Aimersoft Business Ripper AimersoftDVD Ripper-Aimersoft Business Ripper Aimersoft

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