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Leawo Software Co., Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Data Recovery Pro ,Free Video Converter ,Leawo Blu-ray Player ,DVD Ripper HD ,DupSongs Cleaner ,Blu-ray Creator), brings DVD Ripper HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DVD Ripper HD app has been update to version 7.6.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The DVD Ripper HD is now available for 19.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 52882035, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 7.6.1 has been released on 2014-11-03.
More Info: Find more info about DVD Ripper HD in Leawo Software Co., Ltd.`s Official Website : http://www.leawo.com/support/mac-app-store.html#89

Enjoy HD movies on any devices DVD Ripper HD is an easy-to-use DVD to video converter software. It helps you backup DVD to all popular video and audio formats with high conversion speed. It supports conversion ...
Does what it says it will do and with decent quality but it is so slow There are other better faster programs out there             Painfully Slow teknopasto
This app is one of best at App Store they need to have an upgrade to allow to ripper at 1080p                     Good App JMRBR
This was a horrible app prior to the update now the update will not even download Save your 19 99 and download Handbrake rips multiple items in multiple formats     App wont update CMGardner2
This app doesn t do anything but crash Everytime I tried to use the app it would crash again and again I have no use for it save your money ZERO Stars     Does not work orisjzjkd
This app is an easy way to rip your home movie without any hassle It has an easy and simple guide that attacts to newbies It supports resolutions up to 1980 1080 HD and below The output is really great and it saved you much time to rip a large file Overall I think it deserves to 5 stars                     Good Choice johnytakeit0_0
I don t write reviews normally But this app can do what I want in few minutes I have to give praise It supports almost popular video and audio formats and I can rip to any files freely All the functions work well Absolutely the best                     Absolutely Worth Paulex@_@
Until now it works great and just like made for me I had one minor issue that resulted in me contacting technical support they were quite responsive and were able to give me the help I need Nice app and sweet customer service                     Just like it was made for me garyrigh
So far so good The converted speed is faster than the earlier one I used It does work normal loading quick and no crash But you have to contact the customer support for a link to download a free encrypted program However it was acceptable now                     So Far So Good Binepume
This has all the features of an app costing much more It is stable and easy to use Works great for me I agree with the previous comments                     Works well magiennie
Faster and more user friendly than the highest cost version of Handbrake Could have a few more directions but if I could make my way through it anyone should be able to Customer support by email great Make sure you go to the site or ask for the encryption code If you follow the directions works like a charm                     Great App quick k
Warning Before you buy know that this will not copy most of your video library to your computer as most movies are encrypted Always try the free version first I learned that the hard way     Does NOT copy encrypted discs Buyersregret
Not user friendly Does not work I want my money back     DO NOT BUY WASTE OF esimone21
This isn t on me New iMac updated software everyhting on my end is taken care This software is unreliable When it works great But it frequently quits and there hasn t been an update for some time AVOID THIS SOFTWARE     Unexpetedly Quits dgclasen
used it once and went back to my free handbrake I like to do multiple movies at once and i don t think you can do it on here other than that it s real easy to use and if your only doing a movie every now and then and not 10 a day then it s good for the price seems to be pretty fast also but id rather wait an extra ten min and do 5 at once and not have to check on them         20 and not as good as handbrake all names taken - even just that
20 and it doesn t work as well as Handbrake which is free Pros anyone can use it So simple a neanderthal could do it Cons mediocre picture quality leaves black bars on the sides audio is muffled and quiet If I could ge tmy money back I would Owned this for two days not worth the hard drive space         Not as good as free programs QNman
Even though it is slow about an hour the wait is worth it when you see the results                     Great Software Great Quality 2014baby!!
Everything was working great I got the movie downloaded on my computer and my ipad Now my ipad wont let me open it Help         Frustrated RWRRC
This product is great like everyone else has said you have to download additional file Takes alittle over 45 minutes for a 2 hour movie Takes a little getting used to but once you have it down it is perfect                     Perfect Mjflyers25
This app really works very well I was a bit shocked at first but definitely easy to follow instructions                 Wow great app EckoWhite
don t waste your money it takes all day to convert and doesn t even work when its done Refund please     want a refund GKJ3
I am a little disappointed I was not expecting 7 8 hours to rip The interface is nice and simple though I m just not sure if it is worth the 14 99 price tag definitely not 39 99         Not what I expected LivintheEast
Just follow the directions                     Works great Lord GYRO
I love this app well worth the money It payed for it self the first time I used it I totally recomend it                 Worked flawless and easy to use artposer
Beware of this software I read several reviews for this software and I finally decided to buy it I ripped two movies and everything worked great It took about 2 hours to rip a movie in HD I was really happy with the software After my third movie it started taking longer to rip the movie It now takes over 8 hours to rip a movie Also in the movie Star Wars the opening story line is in Spanish not English This has happened with two other movies as well I have emailed customer support but they have been absolutely no help They replied to my first email but have replied to none since I emailed them about the length of time it takes to rip a movie and they have not responded I have asked for a refund but I have heard nothing from them Beware of this product Also I went to the forum and I have discovred that other people have had the same issues that I have run into         Beware mattrew4au
I thought that this would be different It is an ok app Not the best for making exact copies of movies with menues and everything Great app to make digital copies though and put on devices             It s ok VapingClouds
The important thing as all reviews indicate is you have to get the Dvddecripter in order for this app to work properly All those who say it does not work probably do not understand how to use it This only gets 4 stars as the instructions are lacking and basically you will figure it out using the instructions and experimentation Drag and drop to the iPad works well This app could be improved by having better instructions                 Great app and does work well ersimes
I can not get this application to work at all I downloaded the encryption file from the website still no luck I would like to be refunded my money     Doesn AnthonyWTucker
After buying this app i went to the website like everyone said to get the encrypter code the website was not did not work and can t get reply from the company     will not work Matt Steward
It took a few minutse to learn and to undestand everything but that is normal with any new software I agree withe the previous comments I m impresssed with this product                     Great quality
This works just like it says only catch is you have to download and reopen the decrypter everytime you are downloading another movie kind of a pain but all in all works GREAT                     works great Mandagal
Time to eat the humble pie I originally chastised this program and called it deceptive because it wouldn t open encrypted movies like the second picture indicates It actually does but you have to download a free encryption program from the link given after you download the program Then it works and you can drag the movie into iTunes and put it on a pad It is painfully slow but the quality is good Maybe the particular documentary was tough but it took longer than real time to rip it I m upgrading from a 1 star rating to a 4 I would rather a 3 5 because of time but its definately better than ok I d buy it again if I had it to do over                 Retraction A E A
I read about this app in Mac Life magazine and purchased on their recommendation I went to the sight and downloaded the encryption key and was ripping movies in under a minute after purchasing this app It took me just under 40 minutes to load a 2 hour movie and had it tranferred to my iPad a few short minutes later Extremly easy to use and does exactly what it says in the description I highly reccomend this app                     Great and simple to use Beavislivesinme
The new version seems to have fixed the audio lag problems It is still really slow if you are trying to make quality videos but after the wait the video looks much better than I ve seen from other ripping programs                 Slow but good williamsjase
6 attempts hangs either upon load or upon changing a setting I m going back to handBrake     Not worthy JimWithAttitude
Dont waste your time and money it takes ages to convert a movie into video Try Handbrake it is free and works out great     Dont waste your money WDuser
This item is a rip off It says that it is only 14 99 but when i got my credit card statement it said I had been charged for the whole month So much for the HUGE sale I want my money back Not only that but the plug does not even work I went to the site five times in order to try and install it Doesn t work after I get it on my computer     STOLE MY MONEY BjornFree1986
Fairly easy to use once you understand the workflow of using the free decrypter Good output options and processes files in a reasonable time Major problem is that the audio is delayed just enough to be noticable when you re watching people talk I ve emailed support and am awaiting a response on how to prevent this problem I ll keep you updated When the audio video sync is corrected I ll give this app 5 stars I can t detect any difference in the quality of the audio or video between the original disc and the movie played via Apple TV2 on a large screen LCD TV Pioneer sound system         Close but no cigar GirlzGetTechie
I have been using handbrake Went with this because handbrake wouldn t work on Lion apparently it now will Interface not very clear Instructions rather poor Instructions could be improved by having it edited by a better writer grammar very poor and content confusing as a result Ripped files were quite large by default couldn t figure out how to change them for Ipad or Iphone resolutions I would not try this one again I think handbrake is much superior     Wish I had a method to test it before buying James Mahan
It s easy to use and has a really clean UI I highly recommend this version                     Great UI simple to use Jeffrosproto
I purchased the first version It was not an exciting application though worked very fast This version looks much cleaner than the previous one And it add a new feature that choose before convert It is good thank you for the update                     Even cleaner UI TeaPhy
Love this app Fast and saves time                     Love this app eyePhones
I bought this thinking it would be less of a hassle than handbrake Well in a way it is however it is really really slow I am running an iMac 2011 i7 with 16gb ddr3 ram and it takes for ever Summary If you do buy this app let it run over night             Slow Stick with handbrake 4068
Loaded with features pretty easy to use Great app Good job Leawo Software Keep em coming                     GREAT Krypt0Kn1ght
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