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David McSpadden , brings Eagle Cam with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Eagle Cam app has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Eagle Cam is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 9811968, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0 has been released on 2015-02-25.
More Info: Find more info about Eagle Cam in David McSpadden`s Official Website : http://www.mcspaddensolutions.com

Download the Eagle Cam App to watch & quickly access the most popular eagle cams streaming live right now. The various eagle cam nests currently streaming through this app include: Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Berry College Alcoa Decorah Eagle Cam Big ...
Watching mama and papa eagle take care of their offspring is a real treat Thanks so much to whoever is making this possible                     LOVE this cam Moogiecat
This is so awesome it s addictive I want to watch all the time Has really made me want to learn about our national symbol Such beautiful and majestic birds                     Awesome app eviphone4s
This app is not working on my iPhone 8 None of the cams open keep getting error messages Help     Doesn t work Eakeac
i like watch all of the                     team Eagles Bmrivers
Now they are all nothing don t get it because the originals are online Pos         Used to work Mpharns
This app was working b4 but now all the cam report live stream is not available Can you please look into the SWFL eagle nest to see what is wrong     SWFL eagle cam Aegorzki
I love it                     Great app AmberandAndy
As of 10 26 17 my app will not work When you select a camera it has an error when trying to load                     Love online but the App isn t working mkilgore1968
Started viewing Eagle cams last year Started with SWFL Then NEFL and D C Was included They were all so interesting and I learned so much Thank you                     Love it Miss Haven
From egg to fledging this app provides fascinating views of eagle life                     Eagle startup Aecfoxyz
Over all this app is awesome just wish they could rotate in more nests as other nesting seasons end so we can still view more eaglets being raised in other various nests                 Love Eagles Eagle Stalker
I find this app very interesting It is simply amazing to be able to watch the eaglets grow up This app also gives gives you many different Eagle Cams to choose from If you are looking for something to download where you can watch animals the this app is for you                     Fun to watch NYY4EVER
Love to check every day the eagle camera Is very calming and learning seeing the beautiful way those big birds raise their family                     Best ever Dasilva.A
This is so educational and entertaining all wrapped up in one experience I enjoy this so much Thank you                     Awesome app R_September
My only complaint is that I wish I would of found it earlier This app is great Love watching all the different nests and the way each set of parents are different along with the babies South Fl has been my fav so far but the adults in the north are tuff Get this app if you love watching the wild in action                     Love this app Clancy983
I love being able to watch many Eagle Cams with this app instead of just 1                     Live eagle cams Pleemcgee
Because I can t stop watching It is my first season with Harriett M15 and the famous E9 Thank you to all involved for giving us the portal to watch from hatch to fledge What a beautiful experience witnessing the life of one of God s divine creatures                     I wish I never downloaded this app Anitarealtor
This app is amazing It allows you to see some of the eagle cams across different parts of the states There are many others that I wish were incorporated to the app Not sure why they aren t all in the app I love that I have access to the live feeds of these majestic birds and get to see how they live day to day Please add more cams                     Love this app Latina_09
Very convenient to watch all the eagle cams in one place Love it                     Great App Mineaux 58
If you like to see nature the good the bad and the ugly this is the app for you My wife and I follow the lives of all the little soap operas that are eagle life We add our own dialog to their stories and have a blast And we share some of the losses The kids love it                     Outstanding Beware D-Ware
Amazing to see these birds of prey their viciousness so kind gentle towards each other and their little ones Thanks to you who make this cam possible to view                     Terrific glen.mtwy
I can t say enough about this app What a privilege it is to see these eagle families in their natural habitats and watching these eaglets grow I start my day everyday watching them                     Amazing Zipitydoo-da
I adore this app No problems at all                     AWESOME Ella_Boo_Bella
Awesome really enjoy learning about eagles Very fascinating app Wish I had found it sooner Thanks                     Great Sunjunkiepal
By far the best site I have been on I love it I love the opportunity to see how the Eagles advance across the country by climate it is a great website                     Eagles JFSGOLF
I love this app However there has been a problem since Feb 8th The ads are too big on the iPhone and you can t access the buttons at the bottom of the screen to either go to the advertised app or go to the cams Please please fix Thanks                     Problem Kuche51
I started watching M 15 and Harriet this year I found this app which is awesome Here I found there are so many other Eagle cams that you can watch all year Truly amazing to watch our national bird without politics Thank you so much                     Eagle App ConclusiveFlashback
I just love the eagle cam I could watch it all day but I have other things to do Its so interesting to watch the eagles build their nests lay eggs incubate them and watch them hatch The best part is seeing how they take care of their babies                     Love it Vow therm
I wish I had known sooner about this site as it so beautiful watching nature at its finest uninterrupted thank you This is so wonderful to be able to see the interactions between these magnificent creatures in there real habitats it brightens my morning as I check in on them every morning and every night Thank you to everyone for allowing us to see into the world of the Eagles and they of course are America s national bird                     Eagles with eggs Brit 58
I m loving this App All the cams in one place you have a winner with this one However I saw Hanover PA listed in your description as an available cam but after app installed it s not a choice This is a great one and one that introduced me to eagle watching it even has a night vision camera Please add it                     Love smoothie queen 10
I start and end my day watching the eagles Every time I observe them I am intrigued and doing this makes me appreciate how wonderful God is when he created these majestic birds                     A Besutiful Nature Study of Eagles Ann Dinning
This app is the best Great views of The Little Family                     SWFEC ExpressClk
This app is fantastic I no longer have to visit individual eagle cam websites Just one and done                     Terrific Fastcricket
We love to check on this family and make sure they are ok So glad we found this app Hated all the comments on the local news apps Keep up the good work and looking forward to future eaglets We watch Southwestern Floridas cam the most LOVE E9                     So interesting Cfausett
I spend so much time in the evening watching there should be a law but it s too wonderful to stop                     This is the most awesome thing on YouTube Dmgsilver
Love Love I have learned so much watching these eagles from watching the eggs to hatching to taking care of baby So amazing I m glued So educational Such a God thing these eagles know how to take care of the baby Storm coming they get more nesting material snd food I m 55 Someone bought me big stuff eagle for present Love Thank you Great camera man Thanks to Real estate company for sponsoring this                     Awesome Jillsand1
Just found this app and am absolutely mesmerized by it Could spend hours looking if I had the time kind of like an aquarium                     Love this app Cc94553
God bless Harriet and family Long may you fly                     Beautiful eagles Donnnie
I love watching the eagles they are so beautiful and this app allows me to watch them anytime I want to Thanks                     Eagle Cam Kenziesggrams
Easy to use and can watch all eagle live cams anytime conveniently                     GREAT APP Tpeott66
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