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Age of Learning, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (ABCmouse.com Mt. Rushmore ,ReadingIQ ,ABCmouse Science Animations ,ABCmouse.com Zoo Set 3 ,ABCmouse Language Arts Animations ,ABCmouse.com The Hen in the Pen), brings Early Learning Academy with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Early Learning Academy app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Early Learning Academy for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.1 MB to download. The new Early Learning Academy app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Early Learning Academy check developer Age of Learning, Inc.`s website : http://www.poetscart.com/academy

Early Learning Academy Members of this award-winning site will enjoy the direct access to their account and many of the most popular activities, games and learning lessons found on the website. Non-members are able to try out ...
Im a sahm and I always work with my kids and education however abc mouse has accomplished more in a few days than I could in months The songs puzzles and games capture their attention and educate them effortlessly Its really an amazing app The only downside is paying an additional fee to know exact details about their learning achievements or problem areas              Very impressed
It wont load Just sits there and then closes        Cant really rate it
Good app so far havent been on long enough to see a difference           Okay
Love it in 3 years                 Mr
My little sis LOVES this Everyday when im home from school she says play game sister Play game The only thing i dont like is that the books dont catch her attentioni mean i know thats small but if there was any way to fix that it would be nice Overall ABC mouse is great              Amazing Only one prob
My kids love this app It keeps them interested in learning                 Love this App
Purchased for my child Bought on special year price But when I logged in on computer it started charging me the monthly price as well Apple fixed the double charge but now I cant access How do we contact abcmouse to fix     Charged me twice now cant access
Downloaded the app for my four year old Opened the app and the only thing we could do is watch a video pertaining to this so called amazing curriculum If this curriculum is so great why dont they allow you to try some of it out like so many other apps do Plus once you sign up you HAVE to select a payment method 799mo or 7999year The only thing free on this app is the opening screen I wouldnt have downloaded this if I knew these were the only options Move this app into the Paid area and leave it there     Shouldnt be in the FREE area at all
My 5 year old cant stop using this app In a wee he has learned so much                 Awesome App
The program itself is wonderful My one year old is enjoying it but the My Favorites screen is pointless because it doesnt allow the saved favorites to be played from that screen              Great program Ok App
I just recently purchased the ABC mousecom on my home computer my child played all day long and loved it she will learn as she progresses I downloaded the app on my phone which is definitely going to be different but the app on your phone is for them to play on whileyoure not at home it is in on the go game and also it will keep up with your progress you just sign in I would not personally purchased it from the app store I would go online on your home computer and purchase it and make your own username and password and set up your childs account then have your app as a secondary And another thing if you have an intelligent 4 12 yearold you more than likely dont need this app this app is for children that are trying to learn that might have difficulty in learning but love to learn and if they already know everything dont get the app because youre not going to be satisfied                 To those who cant get the app to work
My grandkids love it working on the ABC Mouse              I love the program
I hate this app Its the worst app It crashes every minute My kid is bored with it Graphics are cheap I haaaaaate it     Cant even cancel
Abc mouse makes learning fun Very educational and my kids love it                 My kids love it
First a bit about me I am a college professor I teach at a tier one research university I build apps I teach students how to navigate todays digital media landscape So I know something about teaching and something about digital interactivity Now about ABCMouse I saw a story about ABCMouse in the New York Times so I bought the app for my fourandahalf year old daughter I am extremely disappointed in this app Even with my skill set and education I cant figure out much of this app There are FAR too many choicesbuttons even for me to navigate much less for a child She tries it gets stuck asks me for help and then Im stuck ABCMouse has been a source of frustration for both my daughter and I since I purchased the app a week or so ago I hope to find an interactive engaging educational app out there but ABCMouse is NOT it Heres hoping I can cancel my recurring subscription without the hassle that other buyers have encountered     Confusing Frustrating Canceling
My twins love it                 Great app
I have to say that I can believe how much my little one is learning with this app Thank you so much ABCmouse                 My toddler love it
My kids have learned a lot from abc mouse                 Abc mouse
My husband and I have never been happier with an app for our child Worth it                 Our Three Year Old LOVES IT
Great app                 Abc
Great application but my daughter found a bug in it On the hundred chart construction part of the app after she finishes it does nothing but should go to next part of lesson Please fix to get 5 stars              Its a neat app but should have more for 1st graders
Its a really great app I like that when its reading a book out loud it highlights the areas its reading I also like that you could put the ages of each kids for it could be on there grade level I havent had any problems with it so far                 Great app
Did this for an offer making me download the app to cancel my account so i can stop getting charged BS     Garbage
Love it super easy to use              Love t
We love this app and highly recommend it Its actually the only app I pay for My two year old is doing amazing things and I think a lot of it has to do with the app There is always something new and the reward system of tickets and items works great                 Little brainiacs
Weve been wanting to restrict access to the extra areas besides the lessons Unfortunately the settings to restrict access have been under maintenance for months now Lessons are great but the parent control within the app is nonexistent now     A lot of additional feature under maintenance
Pretty disappointed The app said that it was free for the first month I put in all my information thinking that I would be charged after the first month I wasnt I was charged immediately They shouldnt advertise a free month if they arent going to honor it Already cancelled my subscription     Not free
Just paid for the monthly subscription and it wont let me sign the parent in so it wont let me move past that Very aggravated     Frustrated momma
Excellent compliment to any curriculum                 Perfect
Couldnt get this set up for two children that are 3 years apart Didnt like you have to sign in to make any changes Too much trouble didnt like will cancel     Free version not easy for 2 ages
I have had nothing but problems concerning the billing and the reimbursement of debt owed Their website is about as functional as their billing and if you have had a chance to try it out then you know what I mean I would never recommend giving them your credit card information due to a lack of organization     Not a trustworthy site
Dont waste your time or money This app is complete garbage     Garbage
I really recommend it My daughter has learned so much in only 2 weeks I seen results in her learning right away                 Awesome
Very frustrating              Keeps restarting
I loved the app but my kid is not using this app anymore When I log on the website and there is no way to cancel the membership The worst part is that there is no number you can call to report issued Not happy with that     Scam Cant cancel the membership
We love ABC mouse but the app wont let switch users if my son wants to play ABC mouse he cant when were out we have to pull up the computer for him to be able to do it whats the point in having an app if you cant use it     Frustrated mom
I feel that this a great app for parents to interact with their children but it should be free This app also allows children to become familiar with the computer era                 Good app
Thanks Uncle Eddy for such an awesome app                 AWESOME
This app started out fine and my daughter was enjoying it how ever after a couple of weeks it slowed down and my daughter lost interest in it Needs much improvement           Jenny
I love that my kid can also have the option to still play on the go on a phone and not just a computer o tablet Its perfect to keep my kid busy while grocery shopping etc The app is so kid friendly she cant get enough                 Very educational
The app kept crushing Mousecom charged me for full month after only three days of use But thankfully after several email requests refunded the rest of annual tuition     Very disappointing
This FREE app is a total rip off Working with disabled children it is important to be able to test run things to see if it meets their needs holds their attention and if it actually works If it meets the requirements teachers are always more than happy to purchase the full app However all you get is a full size advertisement for the app and website It gloats about how amazing the program is yet there is no free trial period no Lite version nothingI find that to be a good indicator of a lack luster program     FREE is just an ad to buy the full app NO Actual APP
We love abc mouse Its so great for my little ones We use abc mouse when its moms time to get house work done and they dont even know they are Learning My 4 year old son love the games He is also stating to read too And my 2 year old love the songs                 Love it
Love this I use it in my classroom and now with own children                 Great for teachers and moms to reinforce skills at home
I wasnt able to try this product since it offers a 30 trial It isnt truly a free product though it claims to be     Not free just 30 day trial
Love how my boys enjoy sitting down to learn They love the different things they get to do and love listening to the music They have come so far just within the short time we have had ABC mouse its been so inspiring to see them learning so fast Thanks for everything                 Love
This is a good app                 Marjorie
This is a wonderful program for my daughter to learn phonics letter formations reading skills and so much more thank you to the creators of ABC Mousecom                 Wonderful App
Whether its on the iPad or iPhone every single activity my child is led to kicks her out of the entire app The only things that do not crash the app are the zoo animals and the aquarium This is our free trial period however my account was charged the day I signed up for the trial This could be a very good tool if we could actually use it     Just keeps crashing
This is a waste of time My son and daughter can not more to different activities so after only week they are bored with the free one month trail on the app Waste of time and space     Great concept horrid app

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