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Dayspring Technologies , brings Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Cool feature is being able to sync on multiple accounts..
  • Excellent for tracking and keeping finances in check..
  • Great way to keep things straight between husband and wife..
  • Does exactly what I need to track spending..
  • Really helpful to control spending..

Overall Satisfactionc86
This is the best budget app we have ever used.
Cool feature is being able to sync on multiple accounts.
Love the sync ability between multiple accounts also.
My husband and I love EEBA.
Wonderful app and wonderful service.
Fun & Engagingc78
Eeba has made it easy AND fun to finally do it.
Fantastic app with awesome support.
Awesome budget helper.
Handy and fun.
Keeping track of everything.
This is really a helpful budgeting tool.
this app has been super helpful.
It's definitely a useful budgeting tool.
and it has become an essential tool for me.
I record everything on this app.
Overall very useful.
Family Friendlyc100
This is an excellent app for keeping a family budget.
This is very helpful for following a family budget.
It's really helping my family control our spending.
Ease of Usec93
A easy to use app that allows us to stay on track.
Good app for keeping a simple budget.
This app makes it easy to keep track of budget items without using cash envelopes.
Eeba has made it easy AND fun to finally do it.
Easy and motivating.
Easy and effective.
It is straightforward and extremely intuitive.
Security & Privacyc85
My husband works out of state & we share the bank account.
I also appreciate not having to link to my bank.
I like that we can have multiple users on one account.
Updates & Supportc88
And good customer service /tech support.
I'm using the free version which is limited to only 2 users/device.

Been using it since first class session at Financial Peace University. found in 76 reviews
Im loving the way this program syncs between multiple devices. found in 5 reviews
Love how it syncs with my husbands spending too. found in 7 reviews
Is helping me to save money and to keep in track. found in 8 reviews
I used to keep track of my budget in a spreadsheet. found in 3 reviews
I'm using the free version which is limited to only 2 users/device. found in 3 reviews
Love the sync ability between multiple accounts also. found in 9 reviews
Great budget app friendly to those using VoiceOver. found in 91 reviews
This is an excellent app for keeping a family budget. found in 9 reviews
Fabulous budgeting tool and it works great with Dave Ramsey's program. found in 66 reviews
but I see no reason to make this require a subscription. found in 1 reviews
but subscription price is ridiculous. found in 4 reviews
Please consider adding automatic payment support. found in 1 reviews
but pay monthly. found in 4 reviews
It doesn't show total $$$ spent throughout the month. found in 3 reviews
also don't buy the advanced features. found in 2 reviews
Needs more than 10 envelopes. found in 1 reviews
I’ve reinstalled it and created a new account. found in 2 reviews
Would like to create a zero based budget. found in 3 reviews
but would be even better if it didn't crash. found in 1 reviews
Awesome app but keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
1yr later and still no iPhone 5 support. found in 3 reviews
I can figure stuff out after a few tries. found in 2 reviews
So far so good but a couple suggestions. found in 1 reviews
app needs a little work. found in 2 reviews
there are annoying flaws. found in 1 reviews
Crashes after first budget input since iOS 7 install. found in 2 reviews
So I just wasted an hour filling in my budget. found in 2 reviews
The account option doesnt let you download transactions. found in 2 reviews
Would use it if it had more than 10 envelopes. found in 18 reviews
but after several failed attempts to add money to envelopes. found in 24 reviews

The Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync check developer Dayspring Technologies`s website : https://www.eebacanhelp.com/

Perfect companion for the EEBA website (the Easy Envelope Budget Aid). Stay on budget with virtual envelopes --You MUST have an EEBA household to use app-- === Haven t Used EEBA Yet? === Get started on the web ...
Good app but difficult to make it do what I need              GoodBudget
I really like this app but Ive just upgraded to iPhone 6 and the app no longer works Ive reinstalled it and created a new account but it just crashes on opening Please upgrade the app Ive tried all the others and this one is only one that helps you manage your spending day by day              doesnt work with iPhone 6
Helpful app for keeping track of every penny and where it goes I really like that I can categorize every expense myself unlike other apps that do it for you Then when I look at the pie chart that says where my money went it makes perfect sense to me Still trying to learn some of the navigation easiest way to fill envelopes etc              Helpful app
I hate it Ive been trying to use it but at the end of my month the 25th I have yet to figure out how to set all envelopes back to even and start over It always leaves the remaining amount of screws up somehow I dont feel like this is a hard concept But they def dont make it easy Searching for a new app now        Aggravated every month
My husband and I use this app to track our personal and household spending Its great Easy to use and definitely encourages you to make good decisions to reach your goals                 So helpful
It can really keep you on your budget excellent and simple                 Love this app
I love this app Sure theres a bit of a learning curve especially if youve never used the Envelope system of budgeting before But once you get passed that Goodbudget is the simplest and most powerful budgeting tool that Ive used Its no problem for me to add my income and fill up my Envelopes at the beginning of the month Then I start adding my expenses with no issue And I love that I can easily set aside funds for specific categories like groceries rent entertainment and savings and easily see how on track I am each month when I add expenses to my Envelopes And I love that Im able to add my Accounts for even more accurate budget tracking Plus it seamlessly syncs between the web and my device which is wonderful This app has really helped me to stay on top of my fianances by allowing me to see exactly where my money is going so I know where to cut back and how I can save more I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is a fan of the Envelope system of budgeting If you have questions just email their support team to get answers They are super helpful                 BEST ENVELOPE BUDGET APP
What I liked about it is the multiple accounts you can get paid feature it helped me a lot monitor my savings and my friends savings as i do it for her                 The best app to save your money
This app is a great tool to track your spending the old fashioned way and keep to a budget                 Great tool for tracking spending
I havent had a single problem with this app Helpful for visualizing my budget                 Super helpful
This app is just what our family needed We can see where we are financially without having to have those difficult money discussions Very easy to use and easy to read We upgraded to the paid version and it is well worth every cent It takes a huge amount of pressure off our marriage Customer support is awesome I tried other budget apps but this one has everything we need                 Amazing
It was great the first month but after that the envelopes never reset So it basically looked like I was overspending in every category when really it was a new month and I was doing fine Ive tried everything and it wont give me a fresh new month Now its useless to me     Wont Reset
If you have the discipline to track all youre spending this app can definitely help you stay on budget Never live paycheck to paycheck again My wife and I love it                 Keeps our budget on track
Use this daily and keeps our finances on track between my wife and I We are doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and this is a huge help It also allows me to daily reconcile accounts at our bank                 Excellent app
This is a nice app to keep track of cash across different areas of spending Keeping track of spending including incidentals is like giving yourself a pay raise              Great Cash Manager
Three words Easy Clean and Useful                 Clean and Easy
I feel like the app is a little over complicated with the envelopes the refills all the other added features I cant find a way to delete a bill Excuse me envelope I was looking for something much more simple something where I can delete stuff without going through multiple threads to find out how        Cant figure out how to delete stuff
With any financial software or app there is a learning curve Goodbudget is no different BUT once you learn this app is a money saver for sure I love that I can update transactions on my phone and it syncs sweetly for reference at home later It also helps me control the beast of overspending by allowing me to quickly and easily check what funds are available when Im out about Im a visual person so the color coding speaks my language if green I shop away if red whatever it is goes back on the shelf until Im in the green The annual fee is minor Obviously wed all love the app to be completely free but then the sweet folks working their wouldnt have work So I gladly pay the 5mo thank them for their hard work that causes me to save more than 5 each month Im not overspending anymore Hallelujah                 Keep more of your hard earned
I hate budgeting but this one really helps keep me on track I love using it with the online website Upgrading to have unlimited envelopes is worth it as well The chart and graph break downs are extremely helpful as well                 Love it
Like others have said great to keep an eye on your budget or watch yourself save for a purchase To the complaint about needing to know how much total to add each month we just fill all the envelopes and it shows a negative balance then we just add that amount Weve been using if for a few years now and the app keeps getting more stable even on iPhone 4S where nearly every app crashes with iOS 83                 Great app
After 37 years of marriage I finally feel rich After using EEBA and GoodBudget for two years I know exactly whats in my budget and accounts Ive saved thousands of dollars by tracking and spending within the limits Ive set Thank you GoodBudget                 I Feel Rich
Discovered this as We were finishing the Financial Peace course with Dave Ramsey This app allows me to plan ahead and easily keep track of how much we have spent in a given category and how much we have left Worth paying the 45 for the yearly subscription to get unlimited envelopes Free version might work for a simple starter budget                 Love the envelope system
Its a rather simple app and does what its supposed to simply without crap like fancy graph or stat bars And UI is great and to the point              Good and simple
My husband and I have been using this for over a year now to keep track of our spending Its been amazing The app syncs with both our phones so even if were not with each other we can still see how our money is being spent Ive gotten a lot of people hooked on this app Definitely recommend                 Been using for over a year and love it
I will recommend this to anyone needing to budget                 Great app
If you want an app to help you see a total of your expenses vs income and tracking spending keep looking This app takes a very arsebackward approach to even basic accounting Its whole envelope system is very RomperRoomish It cant even give you a total of expenses and keeps trying to auto allocate income to what it thinks when you try to do manual the thing glitches like it has Tourettes in a manner to get you back to its way Its like some 5yr designed this withiut grasping the basics of like showing totals and giving you total control of input without dragging you through the ringer Not enough room to go into details here Seriously you fill envelopes LOL     Backwards approach
I love the envelope budgeting method but there are precious few iOS apps that offer it in any way GoodBudget is the only app Ive found thats simple to use that doesnt charge highwayrobbery prices for a subscription and will still let you get a useful amount of work done without a subscription The only other app Ive found that met these criteria was FamilyCash but its development seems to have ground to a halt GoodBudget is pricier for a subscription but at least it has been updated within the last year at this writing So Ive jumped ship to GoodBudget There are areas that could be streamlined For example it ought to be possible to transfer funds between envelopes from within an envelopes page or even from the main page that lists the envelopes rather than having to tap down into a submenu to get to the Envelope Transfer page But maybe thats just me              Envelopes Envelopes
I like this app but Im still learning how to use it              Budget Help
I really wish that the free version allowed more than 10 envelopes I like to be as specific as possible in my budget and need more than 10 categories           Only 10 Envelopes
Im so glad I found this app I can finally keep track of my spending and be smarter with my money                 good budget review
Some aspects of this app were very user friendly and others were impossible and I got the full version and even gave it a few months of use before I just got done with fighting it I would not recommend     Not happy
Good app                 Great help
Love the faces on the envelopes We use it every day                 A great app all around
Ive been using Goodbudget for over a year now and its been so helpful for keeping track of my money I never really kept track of my spending and income before but now that I actually have a steady job and am paying rent its a lot more important now By seeing my spending patterns with the reports Ive been able to notice trends in unnecessary spending such as on fast food and candy and cut back to save for things like vacation Its crazy seeing how a few dollars here and there can add up and this app is helping me realize that I especially love that I can input my expenses immediately with this app so I dont forget to do it later The plus subscription is totally worth it to have unlimited accounts and envelopes because I really need help organizing everything and I get all my questions answered by the great support team too                 Finally keeping track of my money
This is my go to budgeting app                 Great
I dont understand how people can think this is the greatest budget app ever I just want to be able to input my monthly and enter transactions against it so I know how much I have left So I tried making one big envelope but the monthly income would not transfer It was asking me how much to put in the envelope Put it all And do it for me I dont know what Im doing wrong and the learning curve is outrageous Looking for something much simpler and easier     Worst budget app ever Entirely too complicated
This app is simple yet functional My only critique is that the price for the full product is quite high but the product is the most seamless interface that Ive found                 Excellent Budgeting App
Improvements 1 Touch ID or passcode lock 2 ability to clear transactions and reconcile from the app 3 inputting feels a bit clumsy              The best envelope budgeting appworth every penny
Worked somewhat ok till I went to start the next months budget God forbid you make it even remotely easy to just reset your budget Still havent figured it out Will find another Thanks for nothing     Worthless
My husband and I use this app on a daily basis Now we can keep up on our budget while we are out and about and helps us not to forget anything because we can enter it into the budget as soon as we spend it                 Awesome
Other wise it was working perfectly with ios84 hopefully its working again with full release                 Crashes with ios9 Beta
100 keeps me on track                 Love it
I really love this app However the subscription is really high for such a simple app I would gladly pay a one time fee for the extra envelopes but I agree a subscription is absurd I am looking for another app They are out there           Great app Expensive subscription
I love using this app with my wife to track our monthly expenses                 Works great easy to share
Simple expense tracker Less detailed than mint but clearly tracks my budgets Better for following a budget than mint imo                 What I needed
Ever since I got this stupid app my email has been under attack by junk mail I hate that I got this app Thats what I get for getting a free app     Spam attack
The app is average An update is needed for larger iPhones like the 6 and 6 An iPad app would also be nice           Update needed
not intuitive at all poorly designed not user friendly     dumb
I use this app to see exactly where my money goes Everytime I make a purchase I adjust the app accordingly Very intuitive with more features on the website as well                 Great app for tracking money

Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy EnvelopeEasy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy EnvelopeEasy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy EnvelopeEasy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy EnvelopeEasy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy EnvelopeEasy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy EnvelopeEasy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy EnvelopeEasy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync Finance Easy Envelope

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