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BitMethod , the publisher behind many iOS app (Change: Your Friendly Point of Sale ,Eat Sleep Lite ,Lite Weight ,BNO News ,80/35 Music Festival ,Eat Sleep Pro: Simple Baby Tracking), brings Eat Sleep Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Eat Sleep Lite app has been update to version 2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Others used a stop watch for breastfeeding times..
  • Great time saver..
  • Other than that it's the best baby tracking app..
  • Incredibly helpful for a sleep deprived mommy to keep up..
  • This is the second app I've tried to keep track of feedings and diaper changes..
Overall Satisfactionclick me84
Other than that it's the best baby tracking app.
I highly recommend this app to any new mommy and daddy.
It is better than writing it down on paper.
Best everyday app.
Better than paid apps.
Fun & Engagingclick me98
Awesome baby app.
Usefulnessclick me86
It's so helpful and you can keep track of everything so easily.
This app is really easy to use and very helpful.
Helps me remember vital timing info for the nutrition of my baby.
very helpful and user friendly.
Helps sooo much when trying to remember every activity throughout the day.
Useful and it's free.
Ease of Useclick me76
culture entry it takes several clicks to input info.
This app is really easy to use and very helpful.
Easy to switch between babies to quickly track feedings.
Perfectly simple.
A little too simple.
Easy entry of data.
I wanted an easy way to track my newborns sleeping and eating patterns.
Reliabilityclick me100
Updates & Supportclick me48


Eat Sleep gives you a speedy and intuitive way to track totals and trends in your baby’s eating, sleeping, and diaper habits. Try Eat Sleep with this ad-supported, fully-funcional lite version. If you choose to purchase the full version, all of the entries from Eat Sleep Lite will be quickly and easily imported.


Instead of bugging busy parents with timers and schedules, Eat Sleep provides a fast and easy way to enter details when you finally get that quiet moment. Simply click Eat, Sleep, or Diaper and zip through the convenient menus to enter your information quickly, no typing required. You can track all of the important data in your baby’s day with just a few quick taps of your thumb. Now that’s convenient!

Eat Sleep LiteEat Sleep Lite
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Flip through a combined view of each day or check baby’s eating, sleeping and diaper information in a combined format. Eat Sleep gives you peace of mind at a glance knowing that everything is on track and baby is happy, sleeping, and well fed.




- Track sides and minutes for breastfeeding.
- Track ounces for bottle feeding.
Eat Sleep Lite


- Track baby’s sleeping patterns with easy menus that help jog your memory and quickly enter blocks of time.
- Simple options and no calendars to mess with. Select roughly when baby started sleeping and about how long, and the app does the rest!


- Track wet diapers, dirty diapers, or both.
- Breastfeeding? Know for sure your baby is getting enough to eat by tracking diaper changes and contents.


- No messing with timers at 4am! Enter the information when it’s convenient to you. Eat Sleep will help you keep track when you have time.
- Clean and attractive design. No digging around in menus and options to see what’s going on with your baby’s eating, sleeping, and diaper habits. Dive right in and start tracking!
- One click interface! You can access everything in Eat Sleep with just your thumb – handy for busy moms with their hands full.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Eat Sleep Lite for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Eat Sleep Lite app version 2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Eat Sleep Lite check developer BitMethod`s website :


This app is a must have for new mothers like me. found in 4 reviews
Great way to track feeding- for formula or breast feeding moms. found in 7 reviews
I love the simplicity of this app and recommend it. found in 4 reviews
Couldn't live without this app. found in 1 reviews
It is so much easier than writing l this information down. found in 6 reviews
I love this app for keeping track of eating times and nap times. found in 4 reviews
Great app helps me keep track of my baby's feeding and sleeping patterns. found in 11 reviews
Otherwise this app is a godsend. found in 2 reviews
One drawback is no option to sync with multiple devices. found in 13 reviews
it immediately closes itself about 2/3 of the time. found in 2 reviews
Still crashes even after the upgrade. found in 2 reviews
Needs slight adjustments to Eat log. found in 2 reviews
Needs a few additions but awesome overall. found in 1 reviews
Overall my favorite baby log. found in 5 reviews
If there is no sync function developed ill be looking elsewhere. found in 3 reviews
Wish I could enter when feeding starts with one touch. found in 3 reviews
not ideal for someone looking to accurately track. found in 1 reviews
needs slight improvements. found in 1 reviews
needs a start breast feeding option before the stop option. found in 9 reviews
I needed a quick. found in 4 reviews
Great idea but still some kinks to work out. found in 5 reviews
needs sharing /sync and solids. found in 2 reviews
Needs a timer for breast feeding. found in 6 reviews
My only wish would be to the sleep function. found in 5 reviews
Wish there was a stop clock. found in 2 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
I like it because I can keep track of feedings sleep and diapers However the time doesnt sink with the clock on my phone so if I want to put in 1145 at 1145 I have to wait 10 minutes The feedings are only in increments of 5 minutes but if my little one feeds for 12 or 13 minutes then have to round up or down I dont like that I want exact times Overall it works just not as accurate as I would like          It works
I use this app every day Its very useful helps me keep track of everything                Must have
Serves its purpose Easy to keep track of feedings sleep and diaper changes Havent yet attempted data transferbackup but it sounds like a useful option             Works well
This app is so good in theory Its simple for the most part which is what you need when raising a newborn babyHowever I immediately noticed that the navigation buttons are small making it hard to quickly flip between days you are viewing Im constantly trying to tap those little arrows over and over UghBut the biggest annoyance is with how the app times sleep You can pick baby just started sleeping OR you can put in a while time frame they previously slept ie 35pm but theres no way to say that your baby started sleeping 20 or 30 minutes ago So every time I miss taping the start button exactly when baby starts sleeping I have to put in the real start time a fake end time because thats required if you pick a start time and then edit it once baby wakes up       The inconveniences add up
So easy to track baby                Simple and Easy
This app has been a life saver for a mommy to a newborn baby You can easily record feedings bowel movements wet diapers and sleep patterns Its perfect for an extremely sleepy mommy When I go to the pediatrician I just take out my phone and give it to the Dr No questions asked Nothing to remember for my foggy brain Thanks for this great app                Best app
Very easy to use and has a place for notes                Great Easy to use
I wanted something easy and efficient to use without a lot of extras There would be a few things Id add or change but generally happy with it for our basic wants and needs tracking diapers and feedings             Does what I want
I used this app for tracking feedings and it got the job done I wasnt super fired up about the set up but for a free app it works well          Only used for tracking feedings Worked fine
Good app for tracking we love that when one of us updates the other can see it immediately                Great for sharing info between 2 parents
The app is great since I have terrible baby brain The sleep tracker could use an update             Good app
I love this app its much more better and easier to use than other tracking apps                Love this app
Great app                Must have
I started using this app as soon as we were home from the hospital It was great for keeping me organized and tracking baby I actually had the answers about feedingdiaper changes when the pediatrician was asking me Its also super helpful to remind me what time he ateneeds to for the next time One thing that would help is if I could track other than in notes how much was pumped AND how much he ate since often I only give him part of what I pump             Helpful App for this new mom
I love everything about this app and have been using it religiously for my nanny job It helps to log what you have done for the day for the babys mother to see and to help remind you everything from the last diaper change to feeding theres evening a section to add your own notes                Perfect for Your Daytime Nanny
So easy to use Ive tried a dozen and been frustrated with them all but this is simple and easy to use                Easiest baby tracking app ever
As a first time mom this app has helped me keep track of my little ones daily habits for eating and diaper changes I have not really used the sleep option I like the weekly and monthly breakdown for the different categories             Easy to Use
This app is just what I needed as a 1st mommy Data was easy to enter and made it easy to keep trap of feelings poops and sleeping if I chose to input Especially since I was concerned about my lil one not poopong enough Lol but overall love the app                Perfect
This app is helpful especially when you are too tired to remember this stuff on your own             Helpful
Simple and easy and FREE                Great app
This app has been very helpful in tracking my babys feeding schedule A couple things could make it even better I would love to be able to track my pumping in this app and it seems like that would be an easy addition Currently Im keeping track of my pumping times and amounts in my Notes app since there doesnt seem to be an ideal pumping tracker app out there Also I upgraded to the paid app so I could share my childs info between my iPhone and iPad I was disappointed that it only seems to share info going forward not any info that has already been entered into my iPhone Other than that I love it The interface is beautiful             Great app Could be greater
Keeps track of feeding diaper changes Just what I need             Works great
Ive been using this App for 15 months My baby brain doesnt retain a lot so since I track everything in this app I can refer back This is helpful especially when we visit the pediatrician A few suggestions for improvements1 Timer alarm to remind us of when babys next feeding will be 2 Improve the ounces selection in the feeding section There is no quarter ounces selection after 4 ounces 3 Add a medication option I currently use notes but a medication option would be better             This App helps my baby brain
Very useful app Could be improved by adding pumping changing sleep time settings to be time begun time ended          Useful missing some features
This app is so easy to use and tracks everything I need                Love Love Love
Effective for simple time task keeping Nothing fancy just the basics Easy to use Just what I needed for the price          Good little app
This app is just what I was looking for Very easy to use with all information on one screen Easy on the eyes too                Easy to use
Were on day 5 with our baby boy and this app has been great for both of us to have loaded and synced Easy to use A few ideas for improvements 1 ability to set an alarm for feeding Otherwise were using the clock app and this one 2 hours after last one eg 2 create running lists that arent tied to a date and time like a shopping list or list of questions for the doctor 3 ability to upload photos for diapers These first days the questions are about the color and consistency Would be nice to just show rather than have to tell Overall satisfied customer Just thinking about making it more seamless Keep up the great work                Great app
I wanted an app I could easily use that tracked formula and pumped milk I also love that it tracks sleep diapers and food too Its easy to use and I appreciate being able to see the trends from week to week The only thing I wish is that I could record a bottle with mixed formula and breast milk as one feeding this app breaks it into two But its decent enough to get around so Im keeping it             Exactly what I need
Great Love this but do wish they had a nursing timer                Awesome
This is a very handy app for family with new born babies I recommended this to my friends already However this app definitely needs the iCloud support which should allow multiple devices under the same apple ID to addedit the log I will change he rating to 5 stars if this is added in the future             Very handy app
There are a few minor quibbles with the current features that have been mentioned in other reviews how sleep times are entered inability to have notes that arent tied to daytime but overall this app has been very helpful And of course there are always features that could be added photos timers etc but for the price its been great             Almost perfect
I like this app alot and recommend it however really surprised you havent added ability to auto time breastfeeds If you add that option then 5 stars             Could be better Good overall
I love this app Ive used it since my daughter was born a month ago I use it for all of the feedings and diaper changes and it definitely comes in handy I add a new entry right after I change or feed her and it keeps a great log so if I dont remember the last time she ate or changed her I have a reference This app is super helpful and definitely a must have for new parents                Helps keep us on track
We initially tried another app but it was too layered n not user friendly This one more streamlined It was worth paying the 399 to sync device with wife Difficult to set that up at first n feel we both shouldnt have needed to pay the 399 developers should review this process Great app though                Great App
I love the concept of this app because I started handwriting my info down which is difficult while holding an infant The feedingchangingsleep times need improvement it keeps making me log things for the wrong date and time itll make me say she ate before she woke up That part really really needs to be worked on       Needs improvement
App is great for a simple way to keep track of feedings and diapers You arent forced to hit a timer button like other nursing apps The only bad thing is you can only do things in 5 minute increments             Simple way to keep track of feedings
Its ok          Not bad Does what I need
I am surprised but I am using this app a lot Ii didnt realize how important tracking was at first but this app makes it easy                Using this app a lot
This app does everything it says and does it well Thank you                Straightforward easy reliable
Uncluttered seamless to use Intuitive to use to One or two clicks and youve recorded a feeding diaper change andor a nap Beautifully designed and great functionality Not fussy or difficult to use Download option 99 is worth it because the app works so well Love the layout of downloaded data list plus excel compatible spreadsheet Wish I knew about this when I left the hospital baby 10 days old Wouldve made me more informed and able to communicate her exact health to the doctor at her 1st apptI suggest keeping layout functionality exactly the same even in future versions Future versions might benefit from Ability to enter exact times as an optionAbility to share app data in a way that others can view or edit info within the app that can be turned off and on for an individual Useful if the app holder is not with the child ex mommys running an errand and daddys at home or is a temporary caregiver babysitter A watersleep tracker for mom app holder I love this app                GREAT APP for First time momsparents
I agree with the previous reviewers that the inconveniences really add up While good in theory I would have preferred exact times The time increments are not needed Its good for later when looking at the day as a whole then the app could round up or round down but not while inputting the action Also a calendar would be nice to tap on a certain day undated of constantly scrolling to look for a day All in all its okay but if they add in the suggestions and fix the quirks this app would have been bought instead of tried for free          Its Okay
This made it really easy for me and my husband to figure out patterns in our daughters day and deal with the nighttime feedings without waking eachother totally worth paying the couple dollars to sync so each parent can see the routine on their app                Super helpful
I really enjoy this app Its easy to use and tracks everything you need for a newborn                Easy to use
I just had my second child In the hospital they have you write everything down to keep track of input and output When I got home the task of writing everything down was hard because my pen and paper were always somewhere else but my phone was always near This app is so easy to use I especially love the different feeding options it gives you if you are either breastfeeding formula feeding or pumping Im pumping and formula feeding and its nice to have that feature to keep track of what baby is eatingIts a nice app to have for the first few weeks or maybe even months to track how much and how often baby is eating Its also important to keep track of wet and dirty diapers so this definitely helps because I am not questioning when baby pooped last I recommend this app Its super easy                Must have for new parents Great app
User friendly app that saves mommy brain Cant remember what side you last pumped it remembers for you Plus is tracks diapers feedings and sleep Perfect                Very useful helpful and convenient
This app is amazing First this app is very easy to use Making entries is very quick and easy which is important when taking care of my infant Also the app averages all of the entries which gives me great data to use In addition the app now gives my husband and I the ability to sync data on our son This is great because we can both make entries so it isnt all on me Lastly the customer service is AMAZING I had an issue with a glitch in a recent update and I received multiple emails to try and resolve the issue the SAME DAY I was very impressed with the lighting fast response Best customer service ever                A MUST for new parents
Really like how easy to use it is and that data from individual days are rolled into one summary that you can view by week or month Helps me to see trends in he feeding without having to think too hard             Great app
The feeding part is excellent Its designed to accommodate all sources of milk The sleep part isnt quite right I want an app where I enter the time she fell asleep then the time she woke up I want the app to do the math This one has you enter the time of sleep then how long the baby slept for I dont want to do math at 347am I havent slept more than a 3hour stretch in 55 months Ill keep looking for the perfect app Id give a 25 stars if I could       Almost perfect
Great                Simple n easy operation


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
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iOS / 2.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Eat Sleep Lite 2.2 Mobile

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