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eBay Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (eBay Instant Sale ,eBay Selling ,eBay Motors ,eBay Open 2018 ,eBay Deals ,Watch with eBay), brings eBay Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. eBay Mobile app has been update to version 2.6.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great application to save money on items you want..
  • Also you can make money while your at it..
  • I love getting great deals and hard to find treasures..
  • Makes the beautiful Ebay shopping experience so much more enjoyable..
  • I've been an eBay shopper now and will continue to be..

Overall Satisfactionc62
Thanks ebay for your equality between sellers & buyers.
Thanks EBay for setting me up for failure.
Good for keeping up with communication and best offers.
Should be able to delete expired best offers or refunded items.
I use this app all the time great job ebay.
iPhone 5 support and a great app = 5 stars and happy again :.
Some features are even better than the website /desktop version.
but is slightly better than the website.
Well um waiting for next update for iPhone 6 excellent experience.
I love the notifications that allow you to instantly know everything.
Fun & Engagingc92
I said that eBay app is awesome for sellers and buyers are like.
the eBay ap is useless.
This app has made my ebay addiction so much better.
Great app use it all the time makes my life and business so much easier.
Easy fun and exciting every time I use it.
This app does everything I need it to and really makes using eBay simple.
This app saves time and is very smooth on transactions.
I like this app i use it everyday easy buying in my hand anytime.
User friendly and keeps me informed on my buying and selling.
A absolutely love this app and use it almost every day.
Repeat Valuec92
The app makes it too easy to refine searches and find anything.
Paypal integration makes it TOO easy to spend all your money.
way too easy to buy everything I've ever wanted.
Makes it way too easy to buy more stuff.
it is way too easy to get ripped off.
Production Valuesc100
Love the easy interface to PayPal.
Really easy interface for eBay.
Ease of Usec78
It's soo convenient & easy to list items directly from my iPhone.
Completely impossible to list items with this app.
This app really makes it easy to keep track of bids and sales.
Difficult to keep track of where the players are on the board.
Easy to shop and hasn't given me any problems.
and it causes me to shop elsewhere.
very easy to post items for sale as well as purchasing them.
Can't post items to sell.
Easy to upload photos and list items for sale.
: the latest version randomly crashes whenever I try to upload photos.
It's almost too easy to spend my cash on products here.
This app is extremely easy to use and super convenient.
Pretty easy to navigate through and easy to buy directly from phone.
constantly crashes and takes way longer to navigate through auctions.
Security & Privacyc62
Makes checking my eBay account simple and quick.
Unable to login to my eBay account using a valid password.
Need to upgrade " buy it now" directly to paypal account.
Today EBay stole another $30 from my paypal account.
A tip for those who have a PayPal security key.
Updates & Supportc28
Now we just have to work on eBay customer service lol.
Great for responding to messages quickly and managing listings.
Unable to respond to messages and contact customer service through the app.
Well um waiting for next update for iPhone 6 excellent experience.

Awesome app for ebay users on the move. found in 388 reviews
This application is for you and allows you to compare prices. found in 18 reviews
Ive been totally addicted to ebay ever since i downloaded it. found in 56 reviews
I will be able to manage my eBay business more effectively. found in 19 reviews
Like the easy navigation for my eBay selling and other stuff. found in 29 reviews
I like this app i use it everyday easy buying in my hand anytime. found in 30 reviews
This app just made the iPhone my best money maker. found in 11 reviews
Helps to find needed items at great prices & sell items quickly. found in 21 reviews
User friendly and keeps me informed on my buying and selling. found in 21 reviews
Over the months I've become more involved with the eBay application. found in 123 reviews
Love the easy interface to PayPal. found in 17 reviews
All in all it's very functional and easy to use. found in 16 reviews
Works great and in my personal opinion is better than the pc version. found in 23 reviews
Easy fun and exciting every time I use it. found in 15 reviews
Some features are even better than the website /desktop version. found in 109 reviews
Makes eBaying more convenient since its now mobile. found in 201 reviews
Same great app but sorely needs iPhone 5 support. found in 110 reviews
Good search function for buyers but a weak Seller tool. found in 78 reviews
I just wish they will add a send invoice option. found in 180 reviews
I wish I could send an invoice directly from the app. found in 40 reviews
Needs to support listing vehicles on eBay motors. found in 79 reviews
Now my saved searches won’t load properly. found in 647 reviews
Would like to see app optimized for iPhone 6/6+ screen resolution. found in 41 reviews
Wish you could open and close unpaid cases from the app. found in 24 reviews
I wish it had landscape view when using eBay messaging. found in 30 reviews
but needs update for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus displays. found in 65 reviews
Just wish it had the option to send an invoice to buyers. found in 652 reviews
however is missing some features compared to the full website. found in 25 reviews
Great app but saved searches no longer keep the filter criteria. found in 15 reviews
eBay needs to create negative feedback for buyers also. found in 101 reviews
This flaw has caused many unpaid item cases as a seller. found in 36 reviews
Now searches don't actually pull up the right things very often. found in 30 reviews
I just wish it was a little more seller friendly. found in 99 reviews
Why can't I leave negative feedback for someone who doesn't pay. found in 38 reviews
it's getting really annoying having to log in over and over again. found in 229 reviews
Very good but desperately needs the ability to send invoices. found in 872 reviews
No sold or unsold items in the selling toolbar. found in 279 reviews
ever other item I try to Relist gives me this issue. found in 117 reviews
No support: Watch List says full when it's not. found in 351 reviews
Notifications have stopped working for watched items. found in 219 reviews
Still Needs search by seller and send invoice options. found in 180 reviews
There is a problem with adding tracking numbers in the app. found in 209 reviews
Update for iPhone 5 please this is ridiculous. found in 112 reviews
Lost multiple items due to "network error" issues. found in 120 reviews
It doesn't work for iOS 7 please fix ASAP. found in 184 reviews
The new home screen is terrible and counter intuitive. found in 151 reviews
The app is nice but for sellers it's no good. found in 472 reviews
Should be able to delete expired best offers or refunded items. found in 185 reviews
Lovely update but option of sorting by ending soonest is missing. found in 131 reviews
as well as constantly having to log back in. found in 229 reviews
Slow loading search results and can't view from the side. found in 136 reviews
eBays customer service was lacking to say the least. found in 151 reviews
Ebay app needs to force buyers and sellers to leave feedback. found in 221 reviews
I am forced to use classic site via browser. found in 113 reviews
Application does not remind you to bid on an auction. found in 308 reviews
" Saved Searches " option is completely unusable and annoying. found in 647 reviews

The eBay Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new eBay Mobile app version 2.6.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about eBay Mobile in eBay Inc.`s Official Website : http://pages.ebay.com/mobile/iphone.html

The eBay application for the iPhone is specially designed to run natively on the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch. Using a streamlined interface that s as elegant as it is practical, eBay members ...
This app is going down hill very fast Please do not make any more updates I miss the old ebay app It keeps getting worse worse     Good App
If I wasnt already on the fence about deleting everything eBay the scales may have just been tipped Different UIs on every platform and very unfriendly to use Options in places you wouldnt expect them to be It is obvious the new UI was designed to generate company profit instead of accessibility to buyers and sellers     Worst user interface plus worst company 1star
A few years ago our Traffic Manager had to have major back surgery which put him out of action for several months I was tasked with filling in for him Day one after finishing my regular job I sat down and looked at what I had inherited We were a major international television broadcaster that aired events from many multiple production companies Each company sent us production information for the individual shows that we aired from them There were dozens of them airing over different days over different TV channels My job was to get the production information for each show to the television channel that was to air that show It was a giant mess Ultimately I realized that the only way to get the job done was to organize everything into something simple we didnt need to know the phone number of the guy who ran the graphics generator or the guy who was the production assistant but we did need to know the number of the girl who counted us into and out of the commercial breaks To that end I created a daily production book email for each channel that contained all the relevant information that was needed for that days programming while skipping any info that was not Included were links to documents that contained additional information that was specific to each individual show I took something that was cumbersome and confusing and organized it into something that was simple and useful eBay ap developers why in the world did you take the eBay ap and do the opposite with it Why did you take the simple interface that was the ap home page and farm it out over multiple pages Why did you eliminate the ability to view auctions in gallery setting Why did you make it to where I have to keep going back to the main menu for every little thing Why did you take something that was simple and useful and turn it into something that is cumbersome and confusing Please fix the giant mess you have made of the eBay ap     Disorganizing the Organized Why
HATE new layout on app     Bad update
New app is horrible Do not update Saved searches are horrible no push notifications and customer service wontcant help go back to old app     Sad
i miss the simplicity and directness of the old version this update looks is impractical and convoluted plus it feels like theyre trying to direct you in all these ways you dont want to go i know what i am interested in and i dont want to just come on to ebay and shop for any and everything there is just too much going on I HATE IT     a miserable update
The previous version was manageable but the current one is just junk If you dont need a mobile version then dont get this app It seems like the VP of marketing fired any developers who actually use eBay and replaced them with stooges who would make an advertisement platform Between multiple fees and the inaccessibility of my common and followed searches Im loosing interest in eBay in general Hope they can fix this UIUX before I delete my account     Went from ok to crap
I used to love eBay the new update changed my whole perspective it is horrible     Horrible update
New user interface is horrible to use while its made even in kinda new ios8 style How can i downgrade to older version     Worst update ever
Why is it that every time we get used to using something they completely screw with it and f it up Previous version was nice Easy to navigate Now all my saved searches dont work correctly and it is cumbersome and hard to navigate Dont upgrade to this version Its terrible     Terrible Dont update to this version
Do not update to 40 Anything before this update is awesome to use 40 is inconvenient and just a fuddled mess Truly I have never hated an app this much I sold something and did not even realize until 4 days later bad for buyer my store Ebay better fix this crap or it may just lose customers     40 is AWFUL
Upgrade is less functional and less intuitive than prior version Must have been designed by a tech team who does not use EBay     Bad Uograde
Interface is awful not intuitive The recent searches do not get stored Overall very disapponting Do not update I havent accessed the app since I updated and tried it I just wait until I get home to access the desktop version Extremely disappointed Wish I could roll back to previous version     Worse app interface ever
Im not sure whats going on with eBays iPad team but they need to hire some competent UX designers Seriously eBay get with it Everyone hates this app scrap it and start over     Awful Deleted iPad version
This update is a step back The different screenspages are not in sync with each other Particularly the notification page will show that an item is paid for and ready to ship but it wont show up in my sold page for an hour or so Wish I could uninstall this update Hopefully the developer will see all the problems with this update and get them fixed     DO NOT Update
Horrible upgrade Ive never reviewed an app before but this one is so bad that I had to Please bring the old version back Read the other reviews Nuff said     Worst Upgrade Ever
User interface stinks Keep your old version     Absolute crap
The old interface was perfect This last update makes it look all sleek like those Wordpress endless scroll all on one page websites But just as user unfriendly Wish I didnt update Been using it for a week Unstable Doesnt load half the time Such a drag     Why Do NOT update
eBayyou ruined this app It didnt need an update Its very hard as a seller to find things quickly and the layout is horrible Whoever designed and approved this update should be fired     Update from hell
Use this app to sell items and it has done its purpose Like it              Does what it needs to
The previous update of the eBay app was a terrible much less convenient departure from the versions that came before it making me sorry that I had updated to it But that app was still far better than the current version which is easily the worst app interface I have seen to date It is so bad that I dropped the app entirely and will no longer buy or sell on eBay this after purchasing hundreds of items previously This new app is utterly unacceptable eBay deserves to lose all of the money it is going to lose because of issuing the last two crappy iterations of its app     WORST APP EVER
User interface is slow clunky and takes forever to navigate The MyEbay section is no longer this was the simplest way to manage active listings and purchases Only loads pages and notifications about half the time now Id like to find out as well how I can roll back to previous version Before I just get rid of it all together     Terrible Update
This app is AWFUL Wish I could select 0 stars Do not get     Ebay 40
Dont Update Its horrible     Do Not Update
This update has the worst interface EVER Its not user friendly and you cant customize the view Hate it     Horrible update
Have used the eBay app for years and it was always fine This latest versionyuck The complete overhaul is terrible Dont know if I will be using it near as regularly as I have up until know Pretty disappointed     Yuck
Nine months ago eBay released an equally atrocious update to the iPad app The customer response was exactly the same What did eBay do about it They ignored us all Worse than that in the press release for this update Chief Product Officer RJ Pittman blatantly LIED Back in December we put a stake in the ground with the updated eBay for iPad app After launching that app we heard from our eBay community they loved the design So dont expect anything different this time This is all about reinventing eBay for a new type of customer and saying goodbye to those who made eBay the success it is was     Deaf ears
As a seller the changes were not that helpful Where is the green indication when things have bids It was a nice quick easy way to check on items Now it is an arduous task once again     Terrible upgrade
This latest update blows Wheres my eBay It appears to be dissected somewhat and is in different areas No more suggested items that I follow for me browse through That means less sales eBay Bring back my eBay     My eBay
Very very very user unfriendly Been using eBay since 2007 and have enjoyed browsing and looking around buying quite often Navigating around really sickens me Why change Why change to this POS The app developer must either be related to someone high up in the company having personal intimate relations or straight up related Illogical stupidity Im not using this app Pretty sure eBay will lose business over this brilliant decision     This update is horrible The AntiEbayer eBay app
Picked up right where I left off However after using a few days I notice that I cant go back when viewing each notification I have to start all over and go back to the notifications area from the start one by one a hassle when you have a lot of activity Also I should note I dont really do any selling these days tho if I did wouldnt say Id do it from an app anyway so I can only speak for seller experience But as a buyer I dont really see the reason for all the low ratings v4 is getting              Works well great update But back button in notifications is broke
So nice that the app now decides whether or not it will let you bid on an item Or pay Very frustrating     Latest app
I cannot believe how bad this app now is it was perfectly fine the way it was It is burdensome to navigate and I am sick of trying     The Worst
The new update is so bad I am considering to stop using eBay What was once available to access in one action now takes multiple steps     HORRIBLE UPDATE
Like it                 Like it
So the idiots at eBay once again have no concept of if it aint broke dont fix it After trying to use the app about 10 times I have finally come to my senses and deleted the app I now have to use eBay through the web browser and no longer have the convenience of an eBay app This is what happens when overpaid over educated idiots try to justify there inflated incomes when the truth is there just stupid rich idiots who have no idea what there doing     Worst app on the App Store way to go eBay
I like the new app Its faster It actually spend time browsing and shopping And I can find things easier now than before                 Finally a modern app
This update is the worst thing you have ever done So many glitches Also Now I have to go through 2 or 3 steps to achieve what used to be one step Why would your developers release an app that is garbage Shame on eBay     Im done with eBay
I miss the ended items button I havent figured out which price is displayed on an ended best offer If it sold or ended Same with items ended early Looks like ended items is back but everything else is messed up     Some ways better than full site some not
Useless app unable to search purchase submit a dispute Update total nightmare     Horrible Update
New update is absolutely fing horrible What was wrong with the old version eBay Why are characters limited now when searching for an item excluding what you dont want New layout is awful Do you not test the new version and get opinions before you release If your goal was to make your app shittier you have succeeded     Horrible
The sorting of the bids watched items bought selling is terrible and the menus are cumbersome This should be rolled back to the previous version Although the interface looks better     Not very good
The new eBay app is terrible and makes it difficult to buy and sell on eBay Not worth leaving safari anymore Everything that you liked about using the Ebay app before Its gone now     Id give it 0 stars if possible
I really dont like this app after the new update Loved it before Wasnt so confusing Liked how I could see the paidshippedfeedback symbols before why get rid of them ugh     Confusing liked app better before update
I dont like this app at all Too complicated and confusing Wish I could get the older version back Thumbs down ebay ZERO STARS     Really bad
Works fine           Works fine
Im not even going there     Yuck
Worst update of all time Who would have thought it could get worse This app has pretty much sucked before Now I cantwont even try to use it     Hate it
Ditto what everyone else is saying They took a decent app and made it way too complicated I sell a lot on eBay and 99 of what I do is through the iPhone app Now everything takes twice as long because there are too many steps involved Too confusing to navigate One big additional complaint is that I can no longer leave a sales draft open while I research similar listings I find myself using my iPad and my iPhone at the same time to do what I used to do all on one device Whoever thought up this steaming pile of horse manure should be fired immediately     0 stars would be too many
The new format hides many options by default when selling and as before still wont save your previous preferences for example requiring immediate payment on buy it now Gone are options to exclude ship to locations If I prefill a mobile phone details with te correct phone it errors out that Im trying to sell an accessory upon trying to post the listing I keep getting errors that I have too many pictures or havent specified a returns policy despite having only 3 pictures and having tried both return options Frustrating     Issues with selling

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