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eHarmony, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles ,eHarmony for iPad - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles ,Bad Date Rescue ,eHarmony - #1 Trusted Online Dating Site for Singles ,Compatible Partners), brings eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles app has been update to version 2.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Eharmony is a great way to meet people who are serious about relationships..
  • It's far better than the PC version and yes..
  • Easy access and works better than the desktop version..
  • App better than online site..
  • Only problem is that theres a glitch when sending messages..
Overall Satisfactionclick me27
I thank all who is envolved and highly recommend this site.
they have been good at matching me with higher quality matches.
I highly recommend Eharmony to anyone looking to try online dating.
I think I like the phone ap better than the web site.
In some ways it is better than the full website version.
Better than the full website But the app freezes and crashes frequently.
Fun & Engagingclick me18
0 update is AWESOME.
Usefulnessclick me55
Does more or less everything the website does.
I can access everything with ease.
Value for Moneyclick me32
Social Aspectsclick me45
This app has truly helped me to meet new people.
Eharmony what a great way to meet new people.
Ease of Useclick me40
Easy to use and practical to stay updated immediately.
Notifications made it easy to stay in touch.
It's very convenient and useful.
Reliabilityclick me38
shutting down on its own from time to time.
Security & Privacyclick me25
mostly when it comes to account or match settings.
Updates & Supportclick me10
The customer service rep Chris is sooooooo nice.
A lot better than the old version.


eHarmony, the #1 trusted dating site, has helped singles find deep and meaningful love for more than 10 years. We are committed to connecting you with highly compatible single matches – even when you’re on the go. Approximately 5% of US marriages begin on eHarmony!


Version 2.0 of the eHarmony app has been completely overhauled to bring you the best experience yet. It`s faster and more responsive. We hope you love it! Send your thoughts to [email protected]

eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for SingleseHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles
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By downloading the free mobile app, you can:
• Sign up for eHarmony for FREE
• Complete your Relationship Questionnaire for FREE
• Receive your detailed Personality Profile for FREE
• Upload photos from your phone or from Facebook
• Receive your daily matches for FREE
• Send Icebreakers to your matches for FREE
• Communicate with your matches for FREE during our FREE Communication events
• Communicate with your matches freely within our app, by subscribing to our service


*You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 15.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles in eHarmony, Inc.`s Official Website :
eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles


Just download Juno wallet. found in 2 reviews
Works great AND picture quality viewing on the iphone rox. found in 4 reviews
and the layout is very friendly to use. found in 4 reviews
Everything is pretty streamlined within the app. found in 2 reviews
Love being able to check updates on my phone. found in 4 reviews
The app is handy to have on the go. found in 4 reviews
Should be able to archive and close matches without actually viewing profile. found in 5 reviews
I met the man of my dreams with this app. found in 3 reviews
This is a great complement to the website. found in 7 reviews
excellent companion app to the Web site. found in 8 reviews
This app is better than the online version. found in 3 reviews
Love picture thumbnails. found in 2 reviews
Thanks for the opportunity to meet some some great people. found in 4 reviews
And then it won't let me proceed till I upload a pic. found in 3 reviews
It doesn't seem to sync with my online account very well. found in 10 reviews
You can't access the information on your previous communication stages. found in 14 reviews
It would be great to re -read questions and must have's. found in 39 reviews
Better than nothing but lots of functions don't work. found in 4 reviews
Shuts down at random. found in 5 reviews
some of the features are missing or hard to find. found in 4 reviews
and sometime profile pictures don't match the actual profile. found in 29 reviews
Cons: needs a search option and history off communication. found in 5 reviews
And it freezes up a lot including long load times. found in 5 reviews
Halfway Decent App but needs work. found in 3 reviews
Notifications don't work
Works a majority of the time but pretty glitchy. found in 4 reviews
Very good but needs search function. found in 5 reviews
but it crashes frequently and messages don't send sometimes. found in 11 reviews
I have experienced numerous crashes when trying to respond to a communication. found in 19 reviews
Presents the same profiles
the eharmony fake accounts have got to go. found in 1 reviews
The app doesn't update your activity feed barely at all. found in 41 reviews
It is slow to load and sometimes it doesn't update correctly. found in 5 reviews
It is difficult to block someone. found in 6 reviews
Half of my matches do not have a profile picture. found in 29 reviews
Click on your matches. found in 98 reviews
This is hands down the worst dating website on the planet. found in 34 reviews
I strongly do NOT recommend this online dating service to anyone. found in 27 reviews
Nags about turning on push notifications. found in 24 reviews
com instead if you are interested in online dating. found in 55 reviews
There is no clear indication of the auto renewal policy. found in 39 reviews
Very disappointed and will not reccomned to anyone else. found in 39 reviews
I can't access my info online and can't change match settings. found in 21 reviews
I'm unsure if the guided communication they suggest even works. found in 23 reviews
But don't contact customer service they will never reply. found in 86 reviews
Consistently crashes and no indication a new communication has arrived. found in 25 reviews
It doesn't give you many matches. found in 22 reviews
Doesn't show new matches unless you actually
Needs stability improvements and an ability to review previous responses. found in 45 reviews
I'm sorry-I'm not looking to date a farmer in Wisconsin. found in 66 reviews
I don't believe many people are paying members. found in 22 reviews
By far the worst dating site and the most expensive. found in 185 reviews
you cannot get your personality profile for FREE. found in 23 reviews
Sorry to say I actually spent money to join this site. found in 20 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
I thought this app would be better than the rest but I dont think I should have to pay to be able to see their profile pictures or who is interested What is the point of that at bare minimum I should be able to see that stuff and then pay to have more information given to me    Meh
No one even remotely close in my area And it cost too much Not worth it POF is free to email and search    Awful
Awful    Bad
Great general idea and intention but wow Crashes Lost emails Id bet I have lost a future wife from the email system being so buggy Everything gets buried too many touches to get where you want Thats only the the app Now onto the fact you get matched with people that do not even come close to what you asked for Lastly profiles freeze after you delete them and I cant change my location setting Heap company wont invent in fixing this terrible experience I do not endorse or recommend this service    Good idea bad execution
DO NOT BOTHER with this app There is no sense in setting anything bc it sends you random ages and random places Dont bother expecting something within a certain radius either bc they obviously either dont have enough matches there or the app is not working Wish I had my life hours back wasted on this    I would give it zero if I could
This company needs to be shut down Ive been trying to shut my account off for months I recently gave up and just shut down the email I used to start the account This is just a scam there is absolutely nothing scientific about how they match people up it sent me matches that were further from my geographical range than selected or matches who never communicated Ive read several reviews and it seems that consensus is that most matches arent even real theyre just people who were on the site at some point this makes sense since I myself cant seem to delete my account and I kept receiving daily matches even without logging in or people who were interested in me yet I had no content or images up What a crock So sad theyre playing with peoples loneliness And where the f are they getting their commercial stats of MILLIONS of marriages What I call BS    Worst Ever
The matches are so far off and it costs way to much for nothing    Horrible
Sign up not complete coz Im not single    I dont like it
Its a waste Ive had it for 3 months and not ONE message back I feel this site is fake with fake profiles    Not worth the money
why even roll out an app if you havent put it through qa I would never roll out one of my apps with as many bugs as eharmony did you guys need to seriously eval your mobile ops teamthis is by far one of the worst apps not just dating app that I have ever used    horrible
Ive tried a few other dating sites and this is by far the worst AND they charge an arm a leg for it Extremely disappointed in the app the system the selection of men 23 dont even have photos and the price    Worst I have used
Ive had the membership for a few months and it hasnt lead to more than 1 message One of the people it matched me with only put the word sex in every fieldhow does something like that get through It is a complete lie They just send you people based on age and location nothing about there matching has anything to do with what you are actually looking for Dont bother wasting your time or money on this    Disappointed
Half baked Not very responsive interface Slow and not easy to useAnd watch out for the automatic renewal Even after you cancel online cant cancel from the app the app peppers the screen with renewal buttons that if you accidentally brush over while fighting the profile buttons it signs you up for a renewal No option to say no thanks This site is not worth it Go to OKCupid or Match if you feel like paying but eharm and their app is not wort it at allWould give it zero stars if I could for stealing my money    Horrible Worthless the app
So many issues with the app and the service is subpar Your money would be better spent elsewhere    Not worth your money
Extremely buggy app Only loads profiles 25 of the time Otherwise just sits and spins Half the time my own profile is blank Poor excuse for programmingdatabase access Worst app on my phone unfortunately because I generally like EH    Terrible app
The app is fine but the service is horrible You can only view 7 new profiles a day you cant search their database of users at all Only ones they match you with which are so far outside of the requirements you set its not even funny Im in Pittsburgh and they regularly send me profiles from Ontario Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Virginia New York And Im from PITTSBURGH Last I checked those areas arent within 50 miles from me This has been a tremendous waste of money and time I wish I could be refunded for such terrible service    Terrible
Ive been on the site for over 2 years and its the bigger waste of money You get few dates and the messages you do get are from guys who are spamming you or want to steal your personal information Seriously it happened several times over the course of being on here Dont spend your money on this site I met someone on one of the free sites    Waste of time and money
Best part this app allows people with no photos to be considered a match It really is the worse    I cant believe I paid for this
EH is a crock They send you a set number of matches per day which is fine Theres also the what if feature that lets you look through profiles that are a little outside of your preferences which is also fine Where it gets screwy is if you hit next because youre not interested the next day the profiles you passed on end up as your matches Not only that profiles that get blocked tend to resurface a few months later So basically its the same bunch of profiles just being recycled Not impressed    Dont waste your money
I cannot decide which is worse the service or the app Im using it on the mobile app and cannot figure out what does what it that to press on to get the result I want One gets notifications about activity and want to go view the profile of the person and get sent to the send these questions page It should not be this cryptic to find the right thing to pull up the senders profile Then trying to figure out what the feedback means So and so has moved on What does that mean Closed communication Closed profile Who knows Meanwhile Im at a loss how to close out people Im not interested in Is hiding them the only thing one can do A person I sent closed ended questions to is now not showing up any more in my matches list But not as having moved on rather as if they never existed Whats that aboutThe amount of matches you get is a firehose The whole point of you hardly was that they were supposed to be more selective matching but if I get said 5 to 6 new potential matches every day there is no way I can keep up and review that many matches in any depth I prefer the old method we get a handful of matches and you have to do something with them either dismiss them or start communicating before you get new matches This apps interface is a real cluster flub       Very I intuitive app and FIREHOSE
I have changed my location settings several times indicating very important and within 60 miles The app keeps giving me matches that are in s different state    Not user friendly
I am so tired of not being able to use What if Because I supposedly dont have a profile picturewhen I do Many blank profiles including mine on the mobile app Bad execution    Blank profile
Hard to use never enough matches even if everything turned on    Terrible app not many matches
Come on How long eharmony has been in this business There are apps less than 1 year old that runs a whole lot better       How long have you been in this Really
That app is slow the desk top is even slower with eHarmony no matter what you do Definitely not worth the money    Slow
The app was not in real timedelayed information for a day or more I didnt like the entire process of this website eitherIm a very attractive person still didnt find a single datetheyd just stop responding to me Im so frustrated that now I dont even want to try    Very disappointed
App just continues to try to download and load left on for 10 minutes and still no load Poor update    App not loading
It constantly has network connection issues and only loads blank pages instead of any actual content    App does not work
Very buggy Distanced request is always a fail Poor matches    Needs to go offline until fixed
I want a refund I get more dates walking down the street    Wheres my MONEY
Terrible UI and seemingly buggy Doesnt save the correct preferences and somehow switches to random settings Shows me matches from far outside my specified range Dont waste your time    Useless
Not worth even giving a star I have had more frustrations with the app than I do with their website The matches dont update even after adjusting different settings or priorities You see updates on profiles happen for people youve blocked or moved pass but dont even see new faces For on the go and if its search engine was functionally it would make sense Just poorly executed    Not worth it
Isnt this why you have an intensive and pricy screening formula Fail Pof is free and equally as moronic       POF is free This is just like it
Little to no matches It tells you to change restrictive settings but it wont save them Only allows 612 month packages Its a scam    Dont spend the money
Ive been on eHarmony since December of 2014 and Ive been beyond disappointed with this site The amount of money Ive paid DOES NOT compare to the lack of quality matches Ive received Only 2 connections in 6 months and they both turned out to be complete wastes of time One of them really shouldnt be allowed on eHarmonyI did not know that it would automatically renew so now Im stuck and have to waste another over 200 on NOTHING They wont let me out of my contract even after all the complaints Ive filedThe fact that I have to expand my search to be at least 120 miles away is ridiculous to me I find it really hard to believe that NO ONE in or near Boston MA is on eHarmony that matches my criteria I WOULD NOT recommend eHarmony to anyone I know    I Want This Review to Count Thats The Only Reason I Gave One Star
Not a very good dating app Why would you constantly match me with someone across the country Since it took forever to complete the profile process I would have thought they would have actually read it Not impressed at all    Terrible Waste of money
While you may enter your preferences it only matches them on a basic level Vanity settings are minimally considered and socially it grades them on the same level If you dont share it in common you will not see someone So much for opposites attract and allowing someone to have their own interests apart from yours    Poor matching
What a joke I would like to talk to the man thats on TV about his dating site You pay for this site an get nothing in return So please dont waste your time or money on this site    Terrible
The app is horrible Match settings reset constantly leaving undesirable people in my matches    Horrible
The back button is greyed out on the upper left You can barely see it I think that changed with the last update Also you cannot access your billingrenewal info from appAnd I agree with AkaPenlope why would I want to expand my search to someone three states away          Suggestion for app
I just updated the app and now it wont open at all and I just got a paid subscription but it seemed to have good matches while I could access my account I guess Ill cancel since its a waste of money if I cant even log on       New update
This site has evolved in a very negative way through your the years I met my ex fiancée here and considered myself successful In my return to the users here it has really changed for the worse You can no longer see how long ago someone was active I would guess 99 of your matches are inactive They now offer an enhanced service of you pay even more with better matching How about this crazy idea Go back to the original site Dont allow free communication at all because it ruins the whole communication process and focus on getting more active users instead of making a more and more fancy looking website that nobody uses    Awful No active users Dont subscribe
First mistake I subscribed to EH and filled out the questionnaire through iTunes 3 weeks later no matches Call to customer service who reset my account because their system wont match you unless you complete survey on laptop Supposedly extended my membership by one month Today my original subscription expired and now they tell me I cant get the month extension because I paid through iTunes Will never use again or recommend to anyone    Worst customer service
If youre looking to hook up POF and tinder are much better options because theyre free Something can be said about paying to find love I was instantly matched with hundreds of people within my preferences The what if works just fine I think the only negative I can draw is that you have no idea when the last time your matches were online which means you could theoretically reach out to 100 people who havent been on in months They have a 103 month special which is cheaper than Match and the same price as the premium version of Tinder and POF If youre not creepy you should have no issues             Dont see what everybodys issue is
Ive done everything they advise you to do to make my profile appealing and find my dream guy It hasnt worked for me at all Not one wink message nothing I followed all their advice and paid a ton of money The website and the app are a WASTE of money    Hate It
Im trying this app online dating site and its not for the impatient Takes forever to connect to someone you e reach out to and the selection of men are 100 miles away Why would eharmony select matches in LA County and farther down South San Diego county if Ive set a radius of 2025 miles max Also why allow those without at least ONE picture to have a profile Im glad I signed up for 3 months I recommend you do the same and immediately remove the automatic renewal otherwise it will renew automatically    Boring
One of the worst dating sites Ive ever been on I couldnt even search people that lived close to me The guys they were matching me with were horrible Total waste of money I would rather go to a free site where I got hundreds of messages not just one or two a month Ridiculous    Total disappointment
Not recommended for anyone who is fun    Waste of time
I found my sugar daddy on here                Zoo wee mama


Social Networking
eHarmony, Inc.
15.1 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.2.2
iPhone iPad

iOS eHarmony - #1 Trusted Dating Site for Singles 2.2.2 Mobile

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