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Sesame Street , the publisher behind many iOS games (Elmo Calls ,Grover`s Farm ,Sesame Street: Divorce ,Feel Electric! ,Bert and Ernie`s Great Adventures: Ahoy, Pirates! ,Big Bird`s Nest), brings Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad games has been update to version 2.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Elmo loves this app! It has songs and videos about letters. It has coloring pages and games about letters. It has all the letters from A to Z! Elmo even made a new alphabet song for it. Elmo think it’s the best ABC app ever! Come on! Explore the alphabet with Elmo!


Elmo Loves ABCs is a toddler friendly app that encourages children to make choices and learn at their own pace. The app includes a research driven `Touch with Intent` mechanism that is designed to minimize accidental button pressing. A child must touch and hold a button for a short period of time in order to activate it.

Elmo Loves ABCs for iPadElmo Loves ABCs for iPad
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• Touch your favorite letter of the alphabet and watch it fill the screen.
• Trace each letter to unlock its surprises.
• Touch, slide, sweep, swipe, dig, and trace to discover over eighty classic Sesame Street clips, seventy five Sesame Street coloring pages, and four different ways to play hide and seek!
• Touch the star button to play letter games and see how much you’ve learned.
• Touch the music note for four versions of the alphabet song including a new silly Elmo song.
• Learn how to find your favorite letter stuff by identifying and making letters!


Curriculum and Skills
• Letter identification (uppercase and lowercase)
• Letter sounds
• Letter tracing
• Art and creativity
• Music appreciation
Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad


About Us
• Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization that revolutionized children’s media with the landmark Sesame Street. Learn more at


The Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad is now available for $4.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 538 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad app version 2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad check developer Sesame Street`s website :


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My daughter is non verbal and absolutely loved this appthe older version I upgraded the operating system and now have this crappy version She cant find her songs anymore and it flickers in and out The alphabet doesnt run around the screen anymore at the star and that was her favorite part For a mentally disabled child this was the high point for us to hear her laugh when Elmos calls out the letters Bring back the old elmo You have taken a sick childs joy away       Dont love anymore
Now it wont let me update and even when it is in the landscape position the picture stays in portrait so my daughter cant see any letters past P Please fix    It WAS great but
If my 22 monthold nephew sees my iPad hell come over say hi in a super adorable way and says is Elmo ABC I have several free apps for my nephew but a few weeks ago I was done with just the A B and C options with this apps free version I downloaded the full version yes paying the 499 costMy issue with the full version is the size of the app My 3rd generation iPad is not just for apps for my nephew so app size becomes a huge issue when its to the point I have to delete things for system updates The really irritating thing is that there is Elmo app update pending and Im only writing this review because its a 600 MB update My question to the developers why on earth is this app already over 700 MB and need a 600 MB update It seems extremely large when several other apps are just as detailed and are much smaller including their updates          Nephew LOVES app Aunt hates its size
My son is a HUGE Elmo fan and loves this app Its really helped him learn his letters at 18 mos Highly recommend                My 18 mos old loves this app
I purchased this app for my daughter on my original iPad Not only can I not update it I also cant use it at all as the update it paused Please fix it Frustrated Mommy          iPad one problems
I upgraded my iOS and now the audio is not working for this app          Audio
Very disappointed We loved the lite version so we downloaded the full and what a waste of 5 dollars Its very buggy and the audio goes in and out    Disappointed
My girls love this app One problem though Anyone else notice that Elmo says a long a sound when pronouncing the letter L I have contacted app support a couple of times with no success Would be a 5 star rating otherwise             Great app just one problem
Keeps crashing Please fix ASAP my three year old would greatly appreciate playing this without it freezing all the time       Dara
This worked great on my iPad G3 IOS 7 But on this iPad Air latest update the audio for most of the videos fades out partway through Elmos intro There are a few videos where sound is normal Will change review when it is fixed    Was great until audio stopped working
My daughter loved this app but since I tried to update it no longer works Very disappointing Wish I could get my money back    Elmo loves ABCs
Weve used this app for over a year now and with iOS updates more and more parts of the application have began having issues Son loves it and I credit it to helping him learn the alphabet quickly and efficiently but it is hard to explain to a toddler that what he wants to do no longer works like the letter identification game Definitely listen to the other reviews and dont buy this until you see an update after March 2015       Application problems
This really is a great app My son used it when he was little and now my daughter is using it I do not like how arrow is one of the Aa words Rcontrolled vowels are not okay for teaching vowels in a PreKK app Also my daughter loves the veggie dance in letter Vv however the audio has gone out in that video too          Great but audio goes away on certain videos
This app is awesome My 2 year old uses it every day and its helped him learn his alphabet The ability to customize the videos is a super cool bonus I highly recommend it                My toddlers favorite app
I just bought the game because my daughter loved the demo and I figured let me buy her the whole version Its resetting the app every time I try to personalize her page Please fix this issue the app has so much potential and I can recommend it to so many people Please and thanks          Demo was better
This app was my 2 yr olds favorite before this update Now the app does not work right It has little to no sound constantly freezes and the new design is terrible The bugs need to be worked out    Bring back old version
We purchased this app thinking it would be good to help our children write there letters The only thing this app has taught them is how to scribble in the letters and not write them I would not recommend this app to anyone I give it a 05    Worst App Ever
Dont buy its not working like it should    Fix it dont buy
This App has great navigation and fun to use the issue with Video NOT playing sound is a major let down and I wish to be refunded for this purchase    Great AUDIO ISSUE REFUND ME
The abc Elmo app is not functioning correctly since the last update There is no audio during the find the letter game and the attached videos are not working again My son loves this game so I hope you fix it before he grows bored with it due to its malfunctions          Your app needs to be fixed
This app is good for kids and the graphics are excellent however be mindful it will take a lot of storage space Its taken up 703MB of storage on the iPad If you have room its a great and educational download             Be prepared to use a lot of storage
Elmos needs to say Trace the letter WITH your finger not Trace the letter WHICH your finger          Please fix Elmos wording
Easy to use My son is 11 months old and can press buttons easily and watch videos Love the variety of videos for every letter in the alphabet                My 11 month old loves it
Just wish there were more videos in the main abc menu Other than that a great app                Cute and fun
crashes do not waste your money what a ripoff i want my 5 back    crashes
My 2 yo loves this I would like to know if it will work on the iPad mini as thats what I plan to get him for Christmas                Need some info
My boys 3 5 love it when it works but it closes every time we try to play       Doesnt Work
I like the game but it crashes when you switch to the other game modefrom abcs to find the letter the other reviewer said the same thing I spent 5 bucks on this app and I can only play part of it Fix it Now Fix it Other than that fun to play Elmo and everyone is there Good mix of old and new Wonderful But fix the glitch          Yes and no
My son loves this app but figured out how to switch it to the find a letter thing and it always crashes Please fix it Another day of ASD meltdowns is not pleasant Paid for the full version for a reason          Great once they fix the crash glitch
Plz plz make the music as an option to turn it on or offMy kids cant write when they hear music       Nice but
Fixxxxxx itttttt my kid is going crazy because its so buggy       Updates ruined this app
Update helped make the app better Toddler enjoys much better now          update is better
Whats up with this iTunes    Still wont download
Bought this for my son so he could have a different game to play and to help with letters Im a little disappointed because the lower case letter game will close the app Please fix this       Review
This is by far my 2 year olds favorite app He loves the videos and coloring options and is starting to be able to trace the letters himself but mostly still asks for help with that He knows almost all of his alphabet because of the app and his doctors are blown away Definitely the best iPad purchase Ive made for him                Great App for Toddlers
This app was fabulous due to the fact that unbeknownst to me my 3 year old was taught the entire alphabet It has entertaining games video clips and rewards for tracing the letter and choosing the correct answer Its great for kids who cant trace the letter exactly like some apps require This app is perfect for the beginner all the way up to the advanced I recommend the app to all my friends whenever I can Worth the money                Taught child the ABCs
Hopefully the latest update fixes the crashing but the update before last really screwed up the letter tracing To complete the letter H you have to go waaaaay off the lines          Used to be finenow not so much
Id love to see if I like this However I cant because it wont download All other apps I purchased before and after attempting to download this This is the second dud I have bought from iTunes    Wont download
I would probably have given this app a five star were it not for the fact that this app asks for access to your photos First app to do that Why would a childrens app want that Creepy          Beware This app wants access to your photos
But Still crashes in find the letter game mode Please fix this because I paid full price I want full app Ok Please    This is a very good app
The app continues to crash No support is offered    Doesnt work
Loved this app until I tried to update it now its locked uppretty sure I paid for this so im not happy    Update locked up app
I got the demo of this and when you trace the letters it said the letter and said good job after you traced them My son was playing with the demo one day and the sound was gone on parts of the app the interactive parts mostly I paid 5 for the full version thinking it would fix it and it still doesnt work Pretty disappointing    Sound doesnt work
And Ive tried a lot of them Tons of content grows with my 2 year old                One of the best kid apps out there
Youd think a 499 app would have the kinks worked out but sadly this is not the case Worked beautifully the first two times we used it Now it freezes constantly and when we tap on a letter the sound is gone Sound is also missing from the game section So unfortunate they let crap like this drag their whole brand down    A buggy waste
This app was great until the audio on the videos stopped working Ive sent two emails regarding this issue and havent received a response My daughter now doesnt want to play with this app since the audio doesnt work properly       Audio issues
The update has pretty much made this app useless You can no longer trace most of the letters If you get lucky and it recognizes the tracing you only get 1 or 2 videos to chose from I should not have updated My grandson no longer can play this on my iPad and he gets frustrated Plus I paid extra to have the seasonal opening Elmo had pumpkin before the update and now Elmo is no longer in the opening so I wasted the extra money on that Very disappointed    Elmo Loves ABCs
Wonderful app but its frustrating to watch your child struggle as the app keeps crashing       Please fix crashing bug asap
After we updated there is no more sound during the games but we can hear elmo during the introcan you please fix this Its hard to guess a letter when you dont know what elmo is asking          No more sound after update


Sesame Street
538 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.3

iOS Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad 2.3 Mobile

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