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Explicit Apps , the publisher behind many iOS app (Pickup Lines (with audio!) ,EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad), brings EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad app has been update to version 2.7.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The last thing I look at before I go to sleep..
  • It makes me laugh every time and makes dull moments in the day hilarious..
  • From when I wake up and reach for my phone..
  • Definitely a must for anyone with a sense of humor..
  • Great Boredom killer..
Overall Satisfactionclick me75
However cant rate it 5 because it needa to be updated more frequently.
Needs to be updated to be compatible with iOS 5.
Amazingly funny 90% of the time.
It never ceases to bring a smile to my face.
picture quality could be a tad better.
This has to be one of most used apps.
enjoy the photo's and laughter is the best medicine.
So much fun better than ifunny.
Fun & Engagingclick me73
view too many of the same pics.
Makes you laugh when ur bored.
Epic awesome sauce.
Great Boredom killer.
I really line it keeps me laughing all the time I'm on it.
Usefulnessclick me91
This app is amazing I check it everyday and it's so funny.
It makes me laugh everyday after work.
Great way to kill time and get a good laugh every day.
Something new and funny every day.
Repeat Valueclick me78
Funny to laugh at people's stupidity and moments of concentration lapse.
Other people's stupidity and these pictures make my day.
This never gets old.
Ease of Useclick me86
very easy to share the funny ones via email or facebook.
The pictures are so funny and easy to share on facebook.
simple and funny :D.
Simple and funny.
Reliabilityclick me57
Bugs out sometimes.
Updates & Supportclick me47
I check back daily for new updates.


EPIC FAIL is a huge FREE collection of all your favorite FAIL images contributed by your fellow users. Absolutely hilarious fail image get updated everyday! The funniest FAIL pictures are littered across this app. This app is absolutely FREE unlike those other "FAIL" apps and will have you laughing for hours.


Extra Features:
-You can view pictures in different sorting orders such a popular, recent, or just randomly.
-Ability to vote on pictures to alter their popularity
-Beautiful user interface to make browsing a pleasure
-Ability to download images in normal or high quality

EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad
Tags :   pictures ,   epic fail ,   ipad epic fail


If you would like to add to our immensely growing list of funny pictures, you can go to our website to submit your own. If you love this app, please rate it well or write a good review!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad app version 2.7.1 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad in Explicit Apps`s Official Website :


I check this app every night before bed to see what's new. found in 5 reviews
Best app in my opinion. found in 1 reviews
This app is funny and free. found in 4 reviews
a big time passer. found in 4 reviews
Great entertainment while you're on the can. found in 10 reviews
A good way to kill some time and have a laugh. found in 39 reviews
Brightens my day everyday I have this on my iPhone and iPad. found in 3 reviews
So much fun better than ifunny. found in 3 reviews
Also good for a laugh and a great time killer. found in 9 reviews
Pretty good app for passing the time or when you are bored. found in 6 reviews
The perfect way to kill a few minutes waiting in line. found in 39 reviews
Very funny and a good time waster. found in 22 reviews
Good mindless entertainment. found in 2 reviews
U guys r the best. found in 1 reviews
Isn't as good as funny pics or demotivational but still funny. found in 7 reviews
This app is funny but needs to update the pictures more often. found in 5 reviews
The arrow keys don't work occassionally slow loading but mainly funny epic fails. found in 5 reviews
but the arrows never seem to work. found in 13 reviews
Its ok but there isnt many new pics very often. found in 3 reviews
Only way to improve is to FAIL more. found in 4 reviews
Always has me laughing just like Fail Blog. found in 6 reviews
An occasional miss but funny for the most part. found in 3 reviews
I wish the photos were updated more frequently. found in 9 reviews
Really funny but crashes sometimes. found in 5 reviews
Cool app needs more pics mabey videos or catigories. found in 4 reviews
content not for visitors to failblog. found in 5 reviews
Sometimes the arrows will not advance to the next pic. found in 19 reviews
Funny app needs updated a little more though. found in 3 reviews
Need new variety of fail pics over popular genre. found in 16 reviews
great app to waste time and laugh at others. found in 18 reviews
Love it deff helps when yur super bored but needs to be updated more. found in 19 reviews
Needs iPhone 5 support and a major remodeling. found in 2 reviews
now I can't download pics like before. found in 2 reviews
it would be nice if pictures updated more frequently. found in 9 reviews
Never could get it to work properly. found in 13 reviews
You can't move to the next picture by pressing the arrow anymore. found in 19 reviews
but it crashes to much to upload it failing on me. found in 9 reviews
Epic Fail is an Epic Failure. found in 10 reviews
This app doesn't like to post user pics like they say. found in 13 reviews
This app is stupid most pictures aren't funny and most are photoshopped. found in 14 reviews
There has the be thousands of fail pics out there. found in 16 reviews
Needs to be updated to be compatible with iOS 5. found in 19 reviews
Try again "Eplicit Apps" cause this app is an Epic Fail. found in 32 reviews
They don't even bother to change the titles any more. found in 6 reviews
the worst " lol/ fail pictures app " in my opinion. found in 6 reviews
This app is good for when you need a laugh Id say about 80 of the content is pretty good Worth a download                Good for lol
When I first got this app it had everything promised Now it is just a collection of reposts They arent even reposts of old pictures Its common to see all the same stuff several days in a row To make things worse the app now is constantly opening ads I dont mind ads they help the developers but these ads open your browser without permission or link to the App Store without warning It has gotten so bad its basically unusable because every 15 seconds it redirects to some random webpage    Used to be good
Every other picture you click on forces another full screen popup ad Makes it hard to enjoy the app       Too many ads
I used to spend hours looking through this app but now thats its all videos its not the same For the past 3 days Ive flipped through what seemed like 90 GIFs Its definitely not what all the EPIC FAIL fans purchased years ago Watch Americas Funniest Home Videos if you want to see someone get punched in the nuts       All GIFs No PICS
Do not download this app Waste of time and energy I have had this app for over a year and now all it wants to do is open iTunes when I dont even click on anything Had enough of it and the ads popping up randomly Creators should be ashamed for making iTunes open without permission to do so Deleting as of today Too bad Used to enjoy it    Horrific app
I gave the app one star because the fails have become mostly GIFs and its just annoying Its suppose to be pictures of fails and its not anymore So on that note Im done with this app its officially getting deleted because its just to the point of stupid instead of funny    Ridiculous
Horrible but used to be good Now every time you view a pic youre 1st sent to the Apple Store to view advertisements Waste of Time The only Fail here is this App    HorribleOnly EpicFail is this App
I have multiple iOS devices and for the past few days this app has failed to load on all of them    Epic Fails to even load
I check it almost every day and usually find something amusing Only downside are the repost whiners and some of the incredibly juvenile comments that are made by some             Amusing App
This use to be a good app but lately there have been more reposts than new ones Also now the adds open up other apps and when you close them and go back to it the app tries to open it again and again It gets stuck in a loop and actually crashes my phone I tried to go to the app website and even that would not load       Its getting worse
Seriously                My morning ritual
Love this app                My fave
Using this App constantly freezes my iPad Aside from the user submitted pics being posted I understand the developer has little to do with that but when browsing the pics my iPad freezes and even the home button is unresponsive for several minutesPlease take in consideration and fix    Aside from the quality of the content
This ap took an epic turn for the worse There is nothing on here these days worthy of being an epic fail Whoever is allowing this should be fired    Epic fail You have failed
Not a real update but this app has changed The version in the App Store says the latest update was in 2013 Why isnt there a real update so we can see comments again Also in the app itself says there is an upgrade so you dont have to see adds anymore I have had this app for years and only with in the last month have I seen adds Im not sure about the upgrade since I dont see the paid version in the App Store What is going on with this app          Update
Its bad enough the moderators allow so many reposts cute pet pics and nonfail posts but now its constantly launching iTunes to sell me some dumb game Goodbye Epic Fail Its kind of sad too because youve been on my phone for a very long time Already deleted    Pop ups The final straw for me
It used to be greatit would be great still if iTunes didnt continuously without my permission open after every 3rd pic I view So annoying Oh and the repostsand the stupid not even fail postsdeleting the app now Too much wrong to make it right    Donedonedone
I used to love this app but now all it does is take me out of the app to the App Store and try to get me to download stupid games Im sick of s like that happening if it could go back to the older versions I would be more than happy    This is an epic fail
I was highly offended when they posted a picture with a derogatory comment on it It was a fail on behalf of the persons in charge of screening the picture that go into this app The comments were offensive and racially charged I DO NOT condone this behavior and or these comments This app will be removed from my phone forever and I will contact the developer and express my concerns to them as well Theres nothing funny about racism    Failed preventing Racism
It hardly works and the posts are not funny or show up about a week after they were funny       The app is boring and unfunny
When did this change from a funny pic app to a lame gif app    Gifs
The app opens but it just hangs there doesnt load any picture I used to like this app time to download 9gag again at least that one works    App wont load images
Constant repost of same things over and over most of the pics are no fail at all the people who screen what goes on the app should be fired they post things that were posted s week earlier they have ads at the bottom right beside the buttons you have to use to navigate the app and Im ok with me accidentally hit it I get it they need money but after last update it takes me to the App Store or a website and all I did was open the app so this is junk dont download it    This app is an epic fail
Ive had this app for a while but is crashing bad now    PLEASE UPDATE
Used to be good but noy anymore Throw in the ads taking you to appstore automatically results in app removal    Biggest fail is the app itself at this point
Used to enjoy it but now too many gifs and random crap    Was epic now fail
Thats all this app is now That and you cant even view the pics half the time because even though you dont touch the on screen ad it still takes you to the App Store every time    Pictures
Whenever i try to go on it works perfectly fine except the fact that all the pictures are black    It shows up with no pictures
I used to like this app For some reason it now pushes me to a random ad every time I look at a picture Just awful I have to give it a star to write a review otherwise it wouldnt have any Shake it easy    Scraping this crap off my phone
When you click to view a fail they all look like ordinary still photos Even the URL says its a JPEGOnly when you Click For HiRes image does the animated version play if applicable There should be an icon or some other indication to let you know that a particular fail is animated          Cant tell which fails are animated
Unusable Every photo advance launches the App Store on the phone to some crap freemium game    Keeps launching the App Store
This app is truly horrible The only fail you will see is that the moderator thinks cute dog pics are a fail They repost the same pics over and over sometimes within the same day They also allowing commenting on the pics The comments are filled with political babble If you want an app that will totally annoy you then this is the app for you    Horrible app
On IPhone 6 Almost every pic view launches iTunes andor the appstore Repeatedly Not sure why but its really annoyingAs for the app itself I get a kick looking at the pics while the fails are not always epic and sometimes the fact someone posted the pic in the first place is a fail its a fun app minus the constant closing of the app to send me to their sponsored app store links       App keeps launching the app store
All of a sudden everytime I open the app I get redirected to the App Store Over and over with every picture This app is ridiculous    Redirecting to App Store
This app used to be fun even though nonfail pictures were a problem Lately like in the last week or two everything is GIFmotion crap If there ever was a true Epic Fail its this app    Bad to worse
I enjoy the chuckles this fun app brings but that is OFTEN stifled by the ad banner being deliberately placed in such close proximity to page navigation button that you routinely go to a third party site And if you end up on the Bing page you pretty much have to shut down Buzz kill to the fun for sure    Frustrating ad banner placement
Doesnt seem to work any more Deleted          Whats up
New mods ruined this app Memes are stupid now It is about 5 funny    Terrible
Was really wanting to like this app but the humor is lame and stale Deleted it immediately off my devices    Epic Fail is right
Aweful app avoid    Dont check to see if their fails hurt anyone
This app updated and it started causing all of pop ups it would go to iTunes and the App Store constantly while waiting Ive had this app for years and Im tired of the crap so now its gone thanks for making it a crappy app    Use to like
The biggest problem random doesnt work The best part of this app was the random setting back when the iPhone 4 was new Now all you get is a few new pics each day plus a chronological archiveUPDATE now nothing works Not even new pics will show when you click them This is when I have a good internet connection too This app is broken    Rarely works
The main fail of this app are the idiots who post nonfail pictures thinking they are funny    Fail
Recently the app automatically redirects users to the App Store I hope its a malfunction and some nefarious plan to generate click thru ad revenue    App Malfunction I hope
I wish you would fix it so it doesnt keep opening iTunes sometimes I have to back into epic fail three or four times before it stop loading iTunes       Little disappointed
Being redirected to a blank screen in the App Store is the only epic fail here    Pop up ads are horrible
Not only do they think every dog or cat picture is a fail the app will constantly open your App Store without your permission and often locks up your device If this isnt happening then you can be assured the pictures and gif videos will take forever to load which is a fail I suppose       Not much fail going on here
I suggest calling it Epic Repost Random Pictures or Hey Post Anything Here That You Think Is Kind Of Funny Interesting Or Cute It Should Have A Fail Theme But Nobody Seems To Care    Wrong Title
The pictures arent funny and only sexist perverse men comment on them This app used to be way better now its just a waste of space    Terrible
This app is great Whenever I fail I just check this app out and it lets me know that I am not alone                Dont Pass This Up


Explicit Apps
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.7.1
iPhone iPad

iOS EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad 2.7.1 Mobile

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EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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