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Episode Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS games (Demi Lovato: Path to Fame ,Ugly Americans, a Comedy Central and Episode production ,Episode: Choose Your Story), brings Episode: Choose Your Story with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Episode: Choose Your Story games has been update to version 1.20 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love reading new stories and role playing in different situations..
  • This an amazing game and I really really really like it..
  • This game is super fun and awesome to play..
  • I wish we could get free tickets faster..
  • It had a bunch of really funny and interesting stories..

Overall Satisfactionc74
One of my favorite games just wish there were unlimited passes to use.
It is a big bummer because this is one of my favorite games.
This an amazing game and I really really really like it.
I really love this game its the best game i have ever played.
okay I really love this game but I'm deleting it now.
It's silly to have to wait for three hours for 2 little episodes.
but it's really annoying to have to wait for more stories to be released.
Just wish episodes loaded faster and you could play more daily.
but needs more daily passes.
I love reading the stories and playing through the characters.
So I highly recommend this game for who ever is reading this.
I would no recommend this game.
Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.
Fun & Engagingc79
Addicting awesome game also check out surviving high school.
It would be an awesome game without the long wait.
This game is super fun and awesome to play.
but it's super fun too.
But overall the stories are great and I'm addicted to this game.
I think that if more changes were made to this game.
This time there is actually something interesting and it's really fun.
Just wish episodes loaded faster and you could play more daily.
but needs more daily passes.
I love this game is so so so so fun and interesting.
But other than that this app is really fun and entertaining.
I'm obsessed with this game and I love it.
My friend told me about it and now I play it every day.
It's one of my favorite games and I play it every day.
This is a super awesome game and I play it everyday.
Game is extremely addicting and I play it everyday.
Family Friendlyc52
Another is there is bad language.
This game is REALLY fun but it has REALLY BAD LANGUAGE.
Value for Moneyc57
I'm losing interest in this game & I've spent REAL MONEY.
You can play it without having to spend any real money.
Like who's gonna but passes for real money.
Production Valuesc70
It's images are clear and the sound effects aren't too loud.
those scary sound effects.
This really bugs me because I finish it within maybe.
That really bugs me about this app.
Ads not Intrusivec47
I had to sit through a 30 second ad before each chapter.
Updates & Supportc42

Oh my gosh I love this app. found in 13 reviews
We should get to change their hair color and clothes ect. found in 16 reviews
Something like thirty minutes to an hour is more reasonable. found in 23 reviews
they have a lot of different genres of stories to read. found in 14 reviews
like my own personal soap opera that I get to control. found in 12 reviews
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't make us wait 4hours for 2 episodes. found in 107 reviews
I don't mind waiting on new chapters- whatever no big deal. found in 35 reviews
Especially when I have to watch 2 ads before each episode. found in 189 reviews
please please please fix the time gap between episodes. found in 23 reviews
Great game but the waiting time needs to be cut down. found in 18 reviews
Fix these things and I would rate Episode with 5 stars. found in 15 reviews
You also have to watch ads before every episode. found in 81 reviews
The stories are fun but the wait time is ridiculous. found in 81 reviews
Four hours is a little ridiculous two stars for the wait. found in 40 reviews
That's ridiculous please make the wait shorter and more episodes. found in 69 reviews
There can be two minutes of ads before a 30 second episode. found in 33 reviews
But I hate how you have to wait FOUR HOURS for other episodes. found in 53 reviews
It's really really annoying to have to wait three hours to play again :/. found in 84 reviews
There are way too many ads and not enough passes. found in 45 reviews
If the wait wasn't so long I would rate this 5 stars. found in 21 reviews
The only thing is that I hate the new update. found in 23 reviews
Both chapters together are shorter than the advertisements im forced to watch. found in 20 reviews
Just don't like waiting four hours every third episode. found in 164 reviews
One is understandable but MULTIPLE 30 second ads is incredibly annoying. found in 108 reviews
We can't wait 4 hours just for 2 short episodes. found in 2035 reviews
They also make you watch two advertisement between every episode. found in 76 reviews
but you are required to sit through adds between each chapter. found in 72 reviews
This would have five stars except THERE ARENT ANY NEW STORIES. found in 242 reviews
and watch ads that are as long as a whole minute. found in 81 reviews
but having five ads on one story is stupid and inhuman. found in 120 reviews
We also get only 3 passes ever 4 hours that's ridiculous. found in 69 reviews
I hate waiting four hours for new episodes to be available. found in 164 reviews
If you want to make money as an author. found in 93 reviews
If something doesn't change Im going to delete the app. found in 261 reviews
waiting 6 months or more for a new chapter is ridiculous. found in 246 reviews
but having to wait 4 hours to play for 2 minutes is ridiculous. found in 2238 reviews
but it's really annoying to have to wait for more stories to be released. found in 84 reviews
30 second ads before I can play one episode. found in 117 reviews
having To Wait 4 Hours Just To Continue Reading Is Ridiculous. found in 2035 reviews
but we have to wait 3 hours for two short chapters. found in 320 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Episode: Choose Your Story for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 42.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.20 has been released on 2014-11-28.
More Info: Find more info about Episode: Choose Your Story in Episode Interactive`s Official Website : http://episode-app.com

Welcome to Episode: your home for interactive, visual stories, where as the player YOU choose what path your character takes Explore our wide catalog of stories in any of your favorite genres from adventure to romance ...
I love the game and the different stories My only problem is that it takes 3 hours to get new tickets I think the time should be lowered can you please fix that              Needs a few changes
I LOVE this game its so much fun and its so cool how the game functions like you some of the speaking options determine what path youll take and how your game life will turn out But I wish that the timer on the tickets would keep going like when the timer would run out and you would get your 23 tickets that it would then restart because when I go to bed for like 8 hours when I wake up I only have 2 tickets and I know that thats how you get some of your money from because its a free app but the two episodes that you get go really really fast so when you go to bed and wake up you wouldnt have just two tickets you would have 4 to 6 and then you would just wait for the timer again but pretty much what Im saying is that once the timer is finished and you get your tickets the time with then restart without you having to use all the tickets first But I really like this game and would definitely recommend downloading it              I love this game
I love this                 Cool
Great Game                 Episode
Okay this game is actually pretty fun                 Worth it
good game addictive                 c00l
Really fun Good game Its just slow sometimes              Fun
Just started playing this cute little game so I have no idea how I like or dislike it From what Ive experienced thus far Id have say it might be a fun game geared toward the younger crowd in mind say the young to mid teen Ill continue my trip thru this fantasy game and possibly Ill begin to enjoy it more Happy gaming everyone           Carol
Fun but too many ads Especially if you pay for tickets              Fun but
Its a great app its just that the wait for the tickets is a bit long possibly one hour per ticket And so you can keep stocking up and your max isint only 3 Also you should have limited replay options and not have to be 3 dollars for a third replay           Its ok
LOVING THE DEMI EPISODES I love how you can choose your character best fiend                 AWSOME
I love this app but it has a lot of ads I mean at least space them out and give us MORE PASSES you wait like 4 hours for 1 pass but other wise this app is great              Best app ever but
Like readingwriting a book Just wish we didnt have to pay for passes to continue reading              Awesome
I used to love this app But once you have it for a month or two it wont let you go in the app Every time I try to it takes me out        Eh
I like it thus far but it could be better If they either gave more passes or made the time quicker for them is the main issue I like that there are different genres              It is cool
Inspiring to new writers                 Fun and creative
Best game I have ever played                
I like this game but most common response is the passes time is way to long It definitely keeps you interested but its entirely to long to wait You should do something different about that              Love it
Love              Review
This app is relax addictive and fun I like being able to make decisions for the characters and see what the outcomes are each time However between each episode there are three ads that last one minute and 30 seconds all together which is a bit much I know ads help the developers make money but having 3 long ads at one time is a bit much Also sometimes the episodes are very short and I end up feeling cheated It wold be nice if there were an FAQ for this game I still dont know what the gems are for All in all this is a fun app but the long ad breaks ruin it some           Fun App Too Many Ads
Best game ever like it felt like the real me                 I love this game
I love this game Its so corny its cool hahaha BUT too many commercialssponsors I mean seriously None of my other apps have all these sponserscommercials its so aggravating and its starting to make me want to delete the app           Like the game but
Love it cant stop playing              Great app
Wonderful game                 Great
Being a male I wasnt sure if I would like this HOWEVER its pretty much a make your own journey game The dialogue options feel a bit like Dragon Age or Mass Effect which is pretty cool Overall Im enjoying it I recommend you at least give it a shot                 Awesome Stuff
Fun Wish we didnt have to buy episodes though                 Good
This game is really fun and addicting I like that I can choose my own path while visually seeing whats happening The storylines are really good as well Referral code FFET37JZ7W                 Really fun
Love it                 Super fun game
There is too much time between being able to play a chapter Unless you pay you get frustrated fast Horrible        They wont let you play without paying
This game is so addicting and fun to play                 AWESOMENESS
I dont have a favorite all is my favorite I just hate that you only get 2 passes to read I story and then having to wait a couple of hours to get new passes but over all the game is really fun                 I love this game
There are so many reasons I love this game but I wish that players could have more passes You have to make it fair for players Maybe watching ads could give players more passes I also love the idea of customizing your own person maybe there could be a feature for readers to customize their own character and for authors to customize clothing hair styles etc Another thing This app crashes or says Im not connected to wifi ever since I got the IOS9 update I havent been able to readproof read my story for weeks              Please read
Ok this is my favorite game but I cant even get on it but if this dosent get an update Ill have to wright a bad review and delete please fix it soon                 Please fix it
I love Episode Ive always liked stories especially telling them Its great to make your own decisions and see where the story goes from therebut there are some things I dont like about the app First almost 4 hours to get 3 passes I know we can buy more but not everyone has money on their accounts My issue is that why so long just for a short minimum of passes If you want to give us 4 hours to wait then give us more passes Second the nonstop of ads I understand why theyre there but most of them are 30 seconds long and its an annoying wait Third it takes up some storage but thats why I cleared out some of my phone to keep the app           Fun game but has some annoying things with it
i love this game its really interesting until all the advertisements came in get rid of the advertisements Every time i try to start a new episode i have to wait a minute of advertisements and thats plain out irritating           ugh
New update wont let me open the app anymore Please fix Im addicted to the game        HELP
I have now seen every possible ad an app could show Since the stories are all communitywritten quality of the stories you read are varied so it isnt the greatest but its still nice           Enlightened
I have uninstalled this app twice due to the annoying ads Theres not just 1 but THREE ads with each episode Please limit ads are provide a pay option to eliminate ads        Too many ads
Such an awesome story game Always interesting                 LOVE
Love this game TOTALLY worth it                 5 stars love this game
The game is amazing My absolute favorite no lie BUT You have to wait so long to get more passes that I forget what is even going on Its insane please fix it I cant handle waiting so long Im about to delete it At least make it where you can earn a pass by watching a video or something           Waiting
I love this game but I wish they would update it to where the characters acted and looked they do in the Demi lovato chapter that would be awesome and also PLEASE GET RIDE OF ALL THE ADS Its really annoying having to watch them every time I want to play the game I wish they would go away but other than that its a great game I recommend it              It fun and all but
Its so fun and cool LOVE IT                 This app IS AWESOME
I love the app its really fun But I wish there was a way to watch ads to get passes or something I have to wait for 4 hours for 2 passes if I dont want to buy any If this was diffrent I would give 5 stars           Its ok
This app is kind of fun but it crashes about 50 of the times that I try to use it           Too Many Crashes
I love this app but it kicks me out a lot and even when Im in the middle of an episode it will kick me out and make me find the story again so thats why Im giving it three stars and theres nothing wrong with my ipad           Love this app but
This game is awesome thats all I have to say BOOM CHICKEN NUGGETS                 This game is awesome
Love it                 Loves it

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