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Epocrates , the publisher behind many iOS app (CardioMath Tool ,GFR Calculator ,STAT Cholesterol ,Cardiology Tool by Epocrates ,Epocrates EHR ,NCCN Guidelines by Epocrates), brings Epocrates with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Epocrates app has been update to version 4.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A tremendously useful app for med students and docs alike..
  • Upgrade to Essentials for a complete Drug reference in your pocket..
  • It's loaded with tons of useful information..
  • Any Medical professional with an iPhone must download this application..
  • Easily links to online version as well..

Overall Satisfactionc52
Thank you Epocrates for making my job easier and safer.
thanks for adding iPhone 5 support.
Love this app and have recommended it to many colleagues.
thank you for such a WONDERFUL program.
I like the drug search and interactions features better than the Palm version.
I love the new UI.
Amazing that Epocrates has released this amazingly useful tool for free.
and the Epocrates Essentials for the iPhone is phenomenal.
My current subscription to epocrates essential is running out.
It's loaded with tons of useful information.
I use this almost everyday at work.
It is worth the money to have the essentials deluxe version.
This is an excellent program with up to date information.
Indispensable app for physicians.
I find it helpful for looking up different meds.
Production Valuesc82
educators and other team members regarding medication uses and side effects.
searching for a dose or medication side effect.
adverse effects and interactions in a well laid out format.
adverse effects.
Great Info and well designed interface.
update graphics.
Ease of Usec67
Very easy to use and very informative and handy during rounds.
The data is current and the program is very easy to use.
This program is very easy to use.
Security & Privacyc10
Signing up for an account was effortless.
Updates & Supportc53
Docked it one star for not having MedCalc like Palm version.
Customer service VERY HELPFUL.
Excellent customer support.

The interaction check has saved me numerous times from lazy "professionals". found in 15 reviews
I ran my med list and found a wealth of information. found in 7 reviews
One of the best recent developments in primary care. found in 9 reviews
One of the most useful apps available. found in 1 reviews
I also recommend it to the nursing student that I mentor. found in 12 reviews
I have used ePocrates since its Palm Pilot version. found in 70 reviews
Please decrease the startup time. found in 3 reviews
Stars removed: for nagging and lack of iPad support. found in 9 reviews
Needs to be iPad compatible. found in 2 reviews
Great Applicaton specially the Epocrates Essential but slower compared to the Palm Version. found in 5 reviews
This recent update crashes on startup every time. found in 4 reviews
I have been getting some spam email so beware. found in 1 reviews
Now always crashes when searching for a drug. found in 5 reviews
No medical calculator or diagnosis reference. found in 5 reviews
Unfortunately there are forced updates that occur without warning. found in 7 reviews
Application Not working with the New Software Update 4. found in 1 reviews
Please add support for the retina display. found in 9 reviews
Also an iPad version would be great. found in 2 reviews
What can't they come out with a true iPad version. found in 4 reviews
I had the Online Premium subscription. found in 3 reviews
Worked great until recently. found in 2 reviews
Why is there still no iPad version after more than two years. found in 7 reviews
Love the app but really needs full screen iPhone 5 support. found in 10 reviews
Followed instructions for autoupdate but not updating with perfect Internet connection. found in 10 reviews
Still no ipad version = 1 star. found in 7 reviews
but never gave me the option to create an account. found in 20 reviews
I cannot open the app with my new iPhone 4s. found in 12 reviews
especially considering the " doc alerts " are mostly paid advertisements. found in 14 reviews
No way to reset it. found in 7 reviews
NEEDS A RETINA DISPLAY ICON. found in 9 reviews
Automatic updates are terrible. found in 6 reviews
iPhone version takes forever to load and even longer to update. found in 45 reviews
Often when I attempt to look up dosage info. found in 8 reviews
A lot of potential with content unuseable in a clinical setting. found in 7 reviews
Now totally crashes since updating to ios 5. found in 7 reviews
There is nowhere to sign up in order to log in. found in 12 reviews
I needed quick access to drug information recently in the ICU. found in 43 reviews

The Epocrates is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.4.1 has been released on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Epocrates in Epocrates`s Official Website : http://www.epocrates.com/platforms/iphone/

Epocrates is the 1 mobile drug reference resource used by healthcare providers at the point of care. Trusted for accurate content and innovative offerings, physicians choose Epocrates 3 to 1 as their point of care ...
Still the best tool for checking doses Uptodate discussions on conditions is unmatched in a brief comprehensive database Good calculators                 Still indispensable
I have been frustrated by the notifications in this app There is no way to turn them off or modify frequencycontentand up until this latest version you couldnt even delete them after they were read They will push drug advertisements this way More recently they have been pushing the EMR they are owned by I use the pay version and feel it should be free of bias           MD
I started to type a longer review with a long list of new problems but every reviewer here is listing them Here are a brief few Now very inefficient to access a medication and get dosing information As a physician the extra time and complexity this adds is unwelcome Ads in the PAID version Thats unforgivable When an app costs 150 why in the hell would these guys put ads in the fullypaid version Suicidal Lowcontrast blueonwhite text Makes my eyes bleed Several aspects of functionality now simply GONE such as being able to rearrange apps or favorites The global search now returns TONS of AthenaHealth bloat making what you are actually looking for much harder to find AthenaHealth bought Epocrates and decided to fix things that werent broken and added many layers of corporate bloat to the app With Medscape and MANY alternatives available I suspect we will see the rapidly hemorrhage customers until the current director is fired and someone without an agenda to improve everything about Epocrates is hired as a replacement hopefully someone who has some clue about User Interface Design     Previously my favorite app now a worthless app
Used to use this about 50 times a day and thought it was the best app ever since the update to 40 it has got slower and more cumbersome and although updating to 403 and rebooting my iPhone has helped it is not what it was Im afraid I will probably be keeping my eyes open for a replacement as we seem to be getting into the bloatware category now     Was 5star perhaps now its way downhill
Completely useless now Lexicomp or uptodate through your institution is preferable To the developer Please at the very least update the resolution to support the 66     Ruined
Please fix the app Was great until nothing loads and it keeps telling me to update I have done that may times without avail     Update messed it up
Great program Been using it for years Only thing I take one star off for is as a client of Athena for EMR and billing services they should make the Essentials upgrade freeincluded as part of the Athena EMR for current customers Granted I wouldnt use a lot of whats in the Essentials paid upgrade but having to pay as an Athena client already is a reason I havent upgraded              My standard for drug information
Confusing Not user friendly Liked the old version much more     Dont like the new version
Once a tried and true pocket medical reference now obliterated Even the desktop version is useless Save yourself the trouble much more for your money with UpToDate     Useless
Thrilled my app is working again Love the new updates Too bad Epocrates crashed for me during my first two months of intern year                 Back in business
Use the full version daily App update ideawould love a personal notes feature on the app main menu for my own pearls I want to jot down and remember                 FNP
It really is my go to app first for any quick reference during a busy clinic Has great calculators too The interaction check is well done                 Wonderful all around app
One of the best all around Apps for primary care Concise organized and current info                 Best Ever
This new version has a great new look and feel and is quite easy to use The multidrug interaction checker is one of the greatest clinical tools to cvome out in a long time I wrote a review earlier pointing out what I thought was a failing of the new version but find that I was mistaken and it does everything Id like it to do In my clinical practice I use ePocrates many times each day and I always have it with me on hospital rounds I couldnt practice with the same accuracy and efficiency without it                 Essential to medical practice
Reider           Support
Forget all your other random medical apps Epocrates has everything diagnosis drugs lab values I uses it everyday multiple times a day                 The BEST
This version of the app has rendered it useless What a Shame This app used to be amazing and I used it on a daily basis     What a shame
Excellent for NP Students in Clinical better than carting around a book Recommend it                 LOVE IT
Please fix the new app version it freezes upon opening now and doesnt update           Great app indispensable
Does not load anymore since it sold out to Athena Should be removed     Useless
Last update offered great improvements This app is a must have for NP students as well as new and seasoned NPs My only suggestion would be to include a swipe deletion option in the notifications versus opening to delete              Improved
The June update destroyed what had been a 5 star app This version of the destroyed app wont even open Too bad there arent negative star ratings This is a total waste of time Ferget it Im going to Medscape AthenaHealth should stick to health care They sure arent any good at app building     Frying Pan to Fire
What a horribly cheap app who is so desperate to annoy you into buying the premium version by making the free version slow and full of annoying ads Get emedicine its better     Annoying advertisements
great app very informative easy to use just love it                 awesome
Substantial systemwide improvements                 Epoctates
The only medical app do I use more than three times a day No others are even close Ive been using ePocrates for more than 15 years now initially before smartphones on a Palm Treo now on iPhone Cant remember the last time I thumbed through a PDR or printed monograph cant imagine a drug interaction search without it Its a continually updated database that keeps getting better though I do miss the differential diagnosis function of 8 years ago helped stir the brain matrix through symptom queries at various diagnostic tiers Thanks for returning the delete notification function next step is to stop making me confirm the delete my EHR already wears me down enough John Todd Primary Care                 TID PRN
Sadly I must agree with the review that states this app has been rendered useless by iPhone updates Previously my most utilized app I use it for dosing drug interactionspricing info updates etc after over a month no correction has been made and the app is unusable on some iPhones I removed it and replaced it with Medscape That app provides nearly the same services and works on updated 5c iPhones Goodbye Epocrates     Agree with Useless
I have used this app for many years With the new changes it is useless to me     App useless now
Would like to see monitoring parameters for per drug monograph              Tjs
I should be able to disable the clinical notifications They are essentially useless for me and are mostly advertising Im going to Medscape     Not good
The newest iteration of the ePocrates app was well worn the wait The iPad version takes all of the best features of the iPhone app and adds a great layout and tabbed browsing to create a great pharmaceutical reference As an Essentials user for many years Im so glad this is finally here                 New Improved
Since the upgrade the menu grid does not show options just blank squares that cant be clicked When clicking on options within a medication for further information a message stating upgrade required appears and despite downloading the new update as requested over and over and restarting my phone I continue to get the same message One of my favorite apps that I use daily has become worthless     Upgrade has made app useless
Update did not fix anything     Still not functional
App used to be great to use now impossible get any information from Please fix     Once a great app now horrible
I have been an Epocrates user since it was first available The new version especially for the iPad is very elegant in addition to continuing to supply me with the pharmacologic information that I seek This is an app that no clinician should be without                 Essential app
I use this app everyday It is still the number one drug app going Its intuitiveness keeps you from having to continually click and wait The updates only solidified my choice of this app as my go to drug program                 Still the 1 Drug App
Once a great resource now totally nonfunctional     Useless
I love this app It is my goto source for quick accurate point of care information From correct doses to drug interactions to the pill ID featurethis is the one medical app that is a must for anyone in healthcare If you are having issues with the program let the Tech support people knowI dropped my phone and couldnt get Epocrates to work They walked me through the fix and got it up and running by rounds Thank you Epocrates                 Physician
Crashes most of times in my Iphone 6 very sluggish and when I called Customer service for a discount from 17499 a year after using epocrates for five years they were rude and impossible talking to a supervisor I wrote a letter they said CALL I said I am busy seen pts sorry very poor serviceATHENA HEALTH CHANGED EPOCRATES FOR BAD now going with 5MCC cheaper faster and better customer service     useless and expensive poor customer support
Content is useless doesnt load most of the time Not user friendly anymore they need to revert to the original version     Terrible after update
App doesnt work anymore My favorite app is ruined     Horrible
The new version of this app continues to be simple straightforward easy to use and intuitive The information to be concise and correct                 ePocrates
Been using Epocrates since it came out I use it at least once daily usually more frequently Interactions dosing especially formularies help my patients get their scripts faster without callbacks when it is nonformulary for their insurance Wish more formularies were available                 Best app I use daily
Ive stopped using every other medical app except in the the case of some medications I would like there to be a section on special administrations instructions              Love
You fail the clinicians and the patients when you dont work You should be ashamed Will never risk patient care on this app again     You cant not show up to a clinical job
Use it all the time Excellent resource                 Excellent
I have been using Epocrates for well over 10years and love it and how it keeps growing to offer more opportunities to have information at my finger tips I began to use it when i bought a palm pilot and now with the i phone cannot live without looking drugs and interactions and mechanisms of action all day long I also love the pill ID option and guidelines available It is a great app                 use it every day and love it
Overall I really like the Epocrates app and I use it on a nearly daily basis as a physician Im happy to see that after years of waiting its finally come to the iPad However I just cant bring myself to give it more than two stars because of a couple remaining issues which I find to be very annoying 1 Epocrates is primarily a mobile application provider Why in the world this application gets such infrequent updates and why it is still not optimized for the iPhone 5 screen is beyond me Optimizing what is essentially a database app for the iPhone 5 screen ought to be a simple fix and a high priority Just get it done Do they not read reviews at all 2 DocAlerts need to be able to be disabled Theyre almost exclusively advertising and for an app that you pay this much money for full access to this is inexcusable I dont need to see them first every time I open the app Even if theyre useful information when Im working in the ED I want to see the information Im looking for first not other stuff that I can come back to later        Almost great
Ive been using Epocrates since residency when we all had Palm Pilots It has always been an integral part of what I do as a family practitioner on a day to day basis Whether it is drug infointeraction checker on the fly or to look up coverage for a drug or immunization recommendations Its all there at your fingertips Latest update is great and just improves upon an already fantastic product Well worth the subscription price                 Indispensable
Ive had a subscription to Epocrates Essentials for many years At this point I dont know if I can calculate drug doses without it Ive tried Ive still got it but this app is so easy to use to calculate dosages I use the BMI tool multiple times per day I also use the bugs and drugs app thats set to the isolates in my area I use the search feature to look up random rashes syndromes etc Im a pediatric NP in a primary care environment I couldnt imagine working without it I often use it to show patients what Im talking about and how Im certain that their rash is X Im a beta tester for ICD10 I looked at it quickly today Im not looking forward to October Great app I have other medical apps but have never used them They sound good when I download them but Epocrates is it for me And no I dont work for the company nor do I get any compensation Just love the app                 My go to app

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