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Yoctoville, the publisher behind many iOS app (City Papers ,Alarmed ~ Reminders, Timers, Alarm Clock ,Errands To-Do List ,Yocto Clock), brings Errands To-Do List with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Errands To-Do List app has been update to version 3.1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I finally found a task organizer that works for me..
  • Looks like I'm actually going to ditch all the sticky notes..
  • The best task mgr package out for the iPad..
  • Helps me greatly to remember everything I have to do..
  • I have never written a review for an app before..

Overall Satisfactionc95
I think this is the best to do list app out there right now.
Love being able to check things off and see the percentage that's complete.
Easy to use love the checklist feature I'm really impressed at this app.
This is the Best task app of its kind out there.
This app is great - super customizable and I LOVE the notes as checklist feature.
Thank you to the developer for the best app that I have found.
I finally found a task organizer that works for me.
Better than reminders as the repeating tasks are more configurable.
Fun & Engagingc92
Finally a To Do ap that works.
Awesome To Do App.
I'm a list person & Errands is awesome.
Errands is awesome.
This works perfectly for me - it's very intuitive and really helps keep me organized.
Great app for keeping track of everything you need to do.
Great way to keep track of everything I need to do within categories.
Helps me remember and prioritize everything I need to do.
I'm very grateful to the developer for making such a useful app.
This is the easiest and most useful To Do list that I've tried.
Very helpful and user friendly for keeping track of my very busy lifestyle.
I love this app and use it many times every day.
Family Friendlyc100
Mother of 3 kids under 3 years old.
I have 3 kids and a business.
Repeat Valuec100
It allows the user to set priority level of each task.
I can assign priority levels to the tasks.
Production Valuesc97
Easy interface and simple to use.
Easy interface to understand.
Ease of Usec90
It is flexible yet easy to learn and use.
It's also easy to edit and add tasks to existing lists.
Great simple app with just the options you need.
Easy to input tasks and update them as i complete.
Quick and easy to add tasks while in meetings/conference calls.
It's intuitive and has all the tools for reminders.
It have a lot of functions and it's so easy to use and customize.
Easy interface and simple to use.
Updates & Supportc100
Of special importance to note is the customer service is excellent.
Customer service is bar none the best I have received.
so upgraded to the premium version to keep large and small iOS devices synced.
I upgraded to the premium version in hopes that this feature will be added.
What a shame that I spent money upgrading to the premium version.
I'm thinking of upgrading to premium version to support developer.
Upgraded to the Premium version to support the efforts of the dev.

For example I use the checklist function for shopping & grocery lists. found in 37 reviews
Easy to keep tasks organized by category and priority. found in 40 reviews
I tried several to do / reminder apps before settling with errands. found in 180 reviews
Great way to keep track of everything I need to do within categories. found in 63 reviews
This works perfectly for me - it's very intuitive and really helps keep me organized. found in 214 reviews
I especially love the notes as checklist feature for groceries. found in 33 reviews
I love the checklist option and feeling the satisfaction of tracking my progress. found in 196 reviews
Must have-life saver with important " to do's ". found in 209 reviews
It allows the user to set priority level of each task. found in 40 reviews
Quick and easy to add tasks while in meetings/conference calls. found in 33 reviews
This calendar/ organizer app is a lifesaver. found in 73 reviews
I use it for grocery shopping and love it. found in 315 reviews
Really well thought out organizing tool for a great price. found in 45 reviews
This app is great - super customizable and I LOVE the notes as checklist feature. found in 225 reviews
Highly recommended for all the list makers out there. found in 170 reviews
It's my free personal assistant reminding me about my tasks. found in 34 reviews
Can organize tasks into categories with unique identifying icons. found in 45 reviews
Easy to use love the checklist feature I'm really impressed at this app. found in 249 reviews
By far the best todo list app I have ever downloaded. found in 169 reviews
Very easy to set up recurring tasks with tons of options. found in 99 reviews
Great app but does not sync with iCloud. found in 12 reviews
Until a sync feature is available for non i-Cloud users. found in 26 reviews
It meets my needs better than others I have used. found in 15 reviews
I do wish it would sync with my calendar. found in 12 reviews
Is there anyway I can connect errands with iPad calendar. found in 12 reviews
but it needs a desktop version to make not complete. found in 22 reviews
If I enter a task. found in 10 reviews
I would love it if it had location based reminders. found in 14 reviews
Seems to fit my needs so far. found in 21 reviews
PLEASE add a calendar sync option to this app. found in 11 reviews
The only thing it's missing is an alarm or reminder function. found in 12 reviews
Loved this until it lost all my action items. found in 18 reviews
I can't believe this app is free. found in 9 reviews
Drag and drop arrangement would be awesome too. found in 11 reviews
Wish I could manually sort within my due dates. found in 10 reviews
With multiple devices the sync doesn't work consistently. found in 19 reviews
just wish that the task would SYNC with my iPhone calendar too. found in 14 reviews
it erases the check marks. found in 12 reviews
I am no longer using it because the sync doesn't work. found in 19 reviews

The Errands To-Do List is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Errands To-Do List app version 3.1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Errands To-Do List check developer Yoctoville`s website :

Errands is a task manager with a pleasing design and is easy to learn and use. Crafted with a blend of basic and advanced features: Folders, Checklists, Task Images, Scheduling & Repeating, Alerts (alarms), Automatic ...
Love this app I am getting things done without having it all jumbled up in my head or paper I especially love that you can make the notes with a checklist within each errand Also giving them priority levels and separate folders keeps things really organized                 Have never been more productive
Every time I go to add a new task I find another cool feature I cant believe all of the options it has and the app is so easy to navigate Especially for people like me that arent very tech savvy I wont be going back to my old task manager                 My New Favorite App
This is probably the best app I have ran into to for thing I need and app like this to do I have gone through many all kind of like this with little to no satisfaction but this app became the one My precious So thank you and I look forward to the updates                 BEST LIST APP EVER
I use it for appt reminders todo lists and shopping lists all the time Brilliant brilliant app Will gladly pay for the premium just for the app support and extras And its did Cant wait for an update                 Love it
This app has been so helpful for me to keep track of what I need to accomplish The alerts are especially helpful and the app is easy to use                 Love It
I use it every day especially at work After using this for over a year I am still pleased and bought the premium version today to reward the author for a fine app                 Errands
Will not sync across an IPad Air2 and an IPhone 5s both running IOS8 The instructions for syncing all seem to pertain to IOS7 or earlier        A fine App if you only use one device
I paid 299 twice to get the could version It didnt work Ill be asking for my money back     Not as advertised
I have tried many of the task apps This one is special                 One of a kind
I rarely leave a review but this app deserves one Best scheduling app ever I usedThanks for the developer                 Great
If you like lists this is a must I live by lists and I love this app It keeps me organized and reminds me of everything I need to do My favorite app I have on my phoneUPDATEI went from 5 stars down to 4 for one reason I quit apps after Im done looking at them Quitting this app too quickly makes it so the alerts do not alert you Still a great app but kind of weird that I cant just close it like all my other apps              Im a LIST FREAK
This is a very versatile app It lets you create many different categories of errands with a sublist when you want it Great tool                 Errands is Great
I like this app because it organizes your to do list in a nice way and you can always put an alarm to remind you and until you dont check it it will stay in your list as something that you still need to take care of I really liked it so far                 Best electrical planner I had so far
Works great                 Simple elegant no fluff
Perhaps the graphics arent the latestas some have said but Im looking for a program that tracks my tasks and lets me sort and prioritize This program works well              It just works
Keeps me on track I use it everyday              Great app
Needed a checklist app Could not have found better This app was obviously designed by people who needed effective technological assistance with time and task management themselves Very practical Thank you                 Very Intelligent
Great app Does just what you need it toSome suggestions add days until or days past an item is due For example on Awesome Note it has 15 for 15 days until an item is due add a passcode lock option for certain folders                 Simple Effective
This is one of the Best free apps I have ever downloaded I like it so much I am going to purchase it not that its necessary but to support the creator If you want to be organized and see everything in one place this is a great app and very easy to use                 It really works
Yay                 Good stuff
Ive been using a different list maker that recently was upgraded except it no longer worked Found this and its so much easier to use Everything flows together and you can choose to see a daily view or multiple views You also have the flexibility to create new categories folders for specialized lists Love this app                 The best ever list maker
Just wondering if there will ever be an updateI dont use this app as much as used to It needs work to bring it up to current technology        Is this developer still alive
Im more visualI love it its so easy to view and organize every errand or task pending I would like more choices for the image to be assigned to the taskThank you so much for this great app What I like most is that it doesnt have advertisement as soon as I see an app with a separate window for advertising I delete app immediatelyGreeeaaat App                 I love it
There is no way to uncheck a task checked by mistake Mistakenly checked a task and trying to uncheck it before it moved off the list meant inadvertently checking off the task that followed Did this three times Because the tasks are recurring dont want to create a new task from that task which is the only option available I dont want to create a new task I want to uncheck the one I checked off by mistake        Errand Irritant
Helps me organize everything I need to do Its great                 Definitely the Best
This app Saved the day for me I cant think of anything I would change You can keep it as simple as you want or add options Had my wife and daughter download it Would gladly recommend this app to any of my close friends Thank You                 Perfect
Great so far                 Efficient
This is great app I love it                 Love
Good app for task management Consumes battery when running Suggest view without graphics to conserve batt life              Herr
I have to say this is excellent Very well thought out I upgraded after 10 minutes of using the free app Theres no real need to upgrade this app at all but I did it after just 10 minutes because I wanted to pay the guy who wrote this Well done and well deserved Thats the first time Ive ever done that Get it nowStill using it months later Keep the upgrades coming                 Best app Ive used so far
Keeps me on track                 Cant live without it
I could not function without this app I have so many medical appointments and this app keeps me straight and headed to the right place every time Thank you for all your assistance                 Task manager
This app is years behind other todo apps in regards to its features and capabilities It desperately needs an overhaul It needs a facelift too If youre one of those folks who still has iOS 6 on your iPhone because you are adverse to change then this is the app for you The version history says it all This app hasnt been updated since 2013        Years behind other todo apps in features
Just what I needed to stay organized It works great for me Very userfriendly and best of all it works every time                 Great App
Ive only put my toe in the waterso to speak and I like what I see              Just started using it
I use it all the time My only prob issometimes when I delete a note the app crashes and I have to go back in This is not a major issue for me Several friends took my suggestion and bought ittoo                 Very helpful
Im really picky about apps and tried and deleted a bunch before I kept this one Heres whats great easy to add items Wonderful for adding in tasks that can repeat daily Tons of flexibility about how to view lists and folders Intuitive and simple to navigate Fantastic                 I love this app
I am lost without my todo list and I cant believe such a great app is free Easy to use lots of features I love the notes as a checklist feature and the put off until tomorrow button andand I recommend this app to everyoneThe one thing I would like to see is the ability to individually set whether the checklist resets or not on different tasks Some things I need to reset and others Im not going to finish in one day but dont need to repeat the items Ive already done But no biggie I can just delete those itemsI use this app every day                 Terrific
I needed this app Really keeps me on track Love it                 I needed you
So easy to use and adjust to your own preferences I use this to keep track of EVERYTHING I need to do now LoveThisApp                 Love it
Easy to learn easy to use Love being able to check done items off and have them go to a separate done list at the bottom of the page At midnight each day the done list for the day clears But you can always go to archives to see what items you took care of in the past Each todo item has the option of having a sublist of todos Say youre booking your holiday you can have a sublist of airline booking hotel booking etc Each with its own check mark Love it                 Finally an app I use everyday
Simple to use keeps everything at your fingertips I use this every day Routines shopping notes reminders appointments all easily accessed I love this app                 Excellent
Excellent                 Very good app
I use this app for so much more than errands This is my DEVOTIONS app I use it for prayer lists Bible notes I cutpaste scriptures over from Bible Gateways Clipboard then I can rearrange wording in say poetry form to help me memorize it Even chapters of books I wake up early to do my Bible study still lying in bed thru this app I tragically accidentally deleted this app once with tons of files madeso I just rebuilt it I do so many files in here I wish I could have the app 3 times on my phone each a different categoryI do wish it would underline or highlight text thoughINCREDIBLE app THANKYOU Yoctoville Im grateful grateful grateful                 Most used app on my phone
Brilliant app very well designed and comprehensive In comparison with other apps this one stands out head and shoulders in originality and versatility and almost comprehensive but still easy to use                 Brilliant comprehensive and easy to use daily
I gave it a 4 because nobody pays attention to the 5s I have an insane number of apps on my phone This is one that does what it said it would do and more The Yocto Clock app was what led me to this They both outshine comparative programs I am a dunderhead when it comes to keeping track of lifes minutiae Im in a twelve step for it Only kidding My wife loves this too She is an early childhood teacher andloves it She teaches 20 4 year olds As a side it isnt baby sitting She uses it for all of her conferences The sounds are so cool She sets it for important stuff If someone is taking too much time she has the phone utter a screeching cat problem solved              This is Fantastic
1 Expecting default due time option and calendar sync2 not optimized for iphone 6 plus3 No periodic improvements No update since my first install 6 months back           Good app but
Simple Easy to use Nice features I use this app daily              Great app
This is the best reminder app I have ever used Scrap all the rest I did Bill S                 The Best
Ive had this for about 1 week and cant think of one complaint Such a helpful tool                 So helpful

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