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ESCORT Inc. , brings Escort Live with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Escort Live app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Saved me several tickets..
  • This app is one of the true champions of social networking..
  • Lots of configuration options in the Escort Passport Max2..
Overall Satisfactionclick me53
this app will be better with iPhone 5 support.
Update: this update has brought the best experience ever.
I LOVE racing games they are boss.
I love the technology.
Fun & Engagingclick me32
App has awesome potential.
Usefulnessclick me41
iPhone only display implementations are not as useful on the iPad.
Really good helpfull.
Social Aspectsclick me44
This app is one of the true champions of social networking.
Social networking comes to speed trap evasion.
You can't build a social networking traffic notification system.
Once more people start using the Escort Live.
this is an excellent social media navigation app and.
Production Valuesclick me78
Slick interface and quick controls.
Reliabilityclick me20
Security & Privacyclick me37
then pushed to the app.
02 revision to the app.
Updates & Supportclick me26
great customer service on the phone.
Developer responds to the users which is a good sign.
Batteryclick me36


True ticket protection comes to your iPhone! Escort Inc., the world leader in ticket protection, brings you Escort “Live” - the ultimate live alert network.


Escort “Live” is social networking for the road. It connects the community of Escort radar detector owners (Escort Nation) together to bring you the most accurate network of live speed traps, speed
camerasA camera records and stores photographic images
and red light cameras which are updated in real time. Unlike other apps that rely strictly on users to spot police cars, Escort “Live” alerts you to real radar and laser alerts received from our industry-leading detectors and broadcasts the real threats while filtering out false alarms.

Escort LiveEscort Live


The Escort “Live” app uses your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
to create the ultimate display and control panel for your detector. It presents all of the information in two driving modes – dashboard mode and map mode. In both modes you get speed limit data for major roads and interstates, plus heading and quick access to live traffic in your area. An over speed limit feature keeps you alert to speed limit changes, plus you get easy access to your detector and application settings. In map mode, you can easily see your relevant position to live alerts and fixed position (cameras) ticket threats so you can be alert and drive ticket-free.


Own one of our world-class detectors already? Simply add our new SmartCord Live to your existing detector and download this app to get connected. You’ll get up to date software for your detector, including our exclusive TrueLock feature, which locks out false alarms produced by automatic door
openers. In addition, you will also receive our proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software that filters out traffic flow sensor false alerts located on most U.S. interstate highways.
Escort Live


Don’t own one of our award-winning detectors yet? Visit to see our complete line of Escort “Live” compatible detectors today. Escort Live requires an Escort Live Account.


Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Escort Live for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, German, Romanian, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 18.9 MB to download. The new Escort Live app version 2.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Escort Live in ESCORT Inc.`s Official Website :


This app could come in handy for drivers. found in 20 reviews
Worth the amount in money youll save on speeding tickets. found in 11 reviews
It has saved me multiple times with hidden speed cameras. found in 3 reviews
This app is very cool and good for warnings. found in 3 reviews
I hate that I have to login every single time. found in 16 reviews
but devs can't update it to support iphone 5 screen. found in 13 reviews
please provide alerts for traffic jams. found in 6 reviews
GPS stays on even after app is closed. found in 6 reviews
but i really don't like apps that don't support iPhone 5. found in 5 reviews
Wish the map would allow for orientation in the traveled direction. found in 2 reviews
However the live cop warning will alert until it expired. found in 5 reviews
The app needs some more work and bugfixing. found in 3 reviews
If you don't have the ability to fix it. found in 20 reviews
GPS issue keeps this app from being awesome. found in 5 reviews
but sad case was it does't support for iphone 5. found in 14 reviews
Needs more users so there is more data in the app. found in 6 reviews
it still doesnt have an iphone 5 support. found in 28 reviews
I can't believe the company wants $ 50 a year for this service. found in 5 reviews
Would be nice if it had iP5 support… still no iPhone 5 support. found in 31 reviews
The app still needs more users though. found in 3 reviews
The application doesn't get revised to fix overdue bugs. found in 20 reviews
Some stupid " cocoa error ". found in 12 reviews
Whenever I try to log in to the app it says. found in 16 reviews
No Still no iPhone 5 screen support. found in 10 reviews
no iPhone 5 screen support. found in 13 reviews
This issue also occurs on an iPhone 6. found in 9 reviews
but red light cameras and user-marked locations sometimes don't show up. found in 30 reviews
Loves to crash when it gets live alerts. found in 16 reviews
Please push the update for IPhone 5. found in 14 reviews
Update 2-8-13
Crashes after opened/no iPhone 5 support. found in 31 reviews
Still no dark mode or iphone 5 support. found in 31 reviews
and wait for the radar to hopefully connect back to the app. found in 11 reviews
Updated 6-22-13: Location services is constantly running. found in 42 reviews
Terrible App and customer service people couldn't care less. found in 9 reviews
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The app works fine for me and syncs with my Escort just fine However if I forget my phone charger my iPhone 5S battery and the phone itself are roasting hot Most location based apps I have do not cause my phone to die prematurely As a programmer I know there are lots of tools Apple supplies as well as methods of keeping accurate location information without excessive power usage I find I am now avoiding using the app but still using my radar unit Please fix the app it is way easier to control the radar unit than pressing lots of buttons       Kills my phone battery
1 star for garbage intro that you cannot skip    An intro Really
I prefer to run this app on my iPad while travelling The app does not recognize the horizontal position well on the iPad If the iPad is already in the horizontal position when starting the app the orientation will remain in the vertical display state forcing yo to rotate the iPad vertically and then horizontally to get the proper orientation If you go into the settings while the iPad is in the horizontal position the app will often times display the settings incorrectly in the vertical orientation When switching apps and returning back to Escort Live a black bar approximately 12 inch wide will appear across the top part of the map obscuring part of the speedometer and continuing across the screen to the compass The only way to get rid of this is to quit the app and restart Also the autolearn feature for lockouts should be implemented into the app for units that dont have a built in GPS and lockouts should be stored to the users account so they are available to any device used Funtionality to unlock an alert needs to be made available for all users not just iX models The app also needs the ability for users to remove old RLC locations as there are many locations that are no longer current       Needs work for iPad
I purchased the Max HD2 radar detector as I drive over 775 miles per week on the interstates in the midwest with a lot of speed limit changes which seem to be infected with a lot of patrol cars I have in the past used Trapster folded as of Dec 2014 and now Waze awesome and very accurateOverall assessment This app is fairly useless Why follows 1 On app startup the app approximately 810 times doesnt bluetooth sync with the MaxHD2 radar detector EVEN though the bluetooth connect light is illuminated on the MaxHD2 detector It can take from a few minutes to NEVER for the app to connect Often I have to kill the app and relaunch it2 The app has old out of date locations for just about everything EXCEPT saved false radar alerts The patrol and speed trap data is useless and it has yet to be accurate Compared with WAZE which is accurate about 910 times the escort app has yet to be accurate3 The app lets you save an alert patrolspeedradar trap or alert however it seems impossible to delete an alert that isnt accurate If its there its so hard to find that its useless while driving4 I purchased a threeyear subscription to their database What a waste I usually launch the app and drive with WAZE in the foreground which I use religiouslySuggestion to Escort partner with WAZE to use and support their database which is about 99 accurate compared to your database for alerts which so far is batting zero    Inaccurate and Out of Date database data
This app is an amazing idea that has never completely worked in the 2 years that Ive had it Its almost like the developers are high school kids that dont even use their own app as intended and dont have time to fix it because theyre too busy with classes I mean in 2 years not a single useful upgrade such as being able to thumbs up a police sighting or mark it as not there like Waze And Waze is FREE Bug fixes come along way too infrequently for a paid program and often cause more bugs than they fix This happens to be the only app I pay for and its the worst app I have in regards to working properly and never getting feature upgrades The developers better shape up or there are going to be fewer and fewer users making the program worthless Update 31315 Still doesnt work right Stupid This will be the last year I pay for this app    Has never fully functioned properly still
My suggestion would be to time Stamp alerts after users report incidents It would be so helpful to know when something was reported I would say 910 of my alerts no longer existed as they were not recent A simple time stamp would make it much better Other than this I am happy with app             It works but room to improve
Great idea for an app but has problems Simply put No audio alerts You cannot run this app and Google Maps while your phone is plugged into your car and get audio warnings making this app useless    Audio Alerts in Background
New app version just broke the connection with my 9500ix Says that a firmware update is required Asks for a serial number then says that I need to update firmware through my laptop with a cableThat isnt providedand I need to have power applied This detector has worked flawlessly for about three years now an app update broke it Bad Escort no bueno    What The Heck
Thanks snoop832 I have a 6 and completely uninstalled the old version before I updated to this one and it works perfectly just like you said Still kind of a bug you but Im happy with it             The update works on iPhone 6 Plus
The app no longer shows red light cameras or speed cameras etc on my iPad Ive uninstalled the app then reinstalled it and that still hasnt fixed itUPDATE I just figured it out If you make the selection that you have no radar detector it will show all the cameras on the map If you say yes it will show no cameras on the map assuming that you will get your information from the radar detector So if you have both an iPad and iPhone make your choices carefully Im going to upgrade my star rating from 1 to 4 because everything is else seems to work pretty well             iPhone 6 running latest updates
Using pioneer app radio3 and all you see is speed limit taking up whole screen Terrible update       Map
I know software is difficult I was hoping that Escort got their act together with respect to the software side of their business In the past the Escort software that Ive used update my detectors has bricked them After loading this software the battery on my brandnew iPhone six lasts about five hours It also does not seem to work properly it does not display the speed properly on my iPhoneOnce I deleted the software everything works properly Not only am I deleting this crappy app from my iPhone Im returning the radar detector I bought It seems crazy I have a Cobra radar detector from the Apple store I paid 80 for it works way better App Hardware than this App designed to support a 500 detectorI would suggest that if you are going to make iPhone connectivity important to your product might be a good idea to write an App that works properly    Software is hard
Let WAZE integrate with the detectors At least then you can have navigation and a ton of users actually use your network of detectors    Give this to WAZE
You guys really need to change the voice of the lady that says over speed limit Sounds like my 85yearold grandmother Get rid of the Disney Channel fairytale voiceover lady and put a more attractive voice on there             Good but come on
What a major disapointment Been a customer for decades with Escort Bought the latest radar detector with the Bluetooth connection to my phone App works decent but the renewal is 50 Ridiculous I can download waze or several others that are free to do the same thingIf it were 1520 I could understand but they dont input anything its all user inputDont buy the Bluetooth save your money    Very disappointing to have to spend 50 a year when I already spent 500
I purchase the new Max 2 yesterday from my BMW dealer With local municipalities relaying more and more on speeding tickets to close budget gaps enforcement has become a priory for most police departments As a result they have become not only more aggressive but smarter I specifically purchased the Max 2 because of its Escort Live feature which allows you to tap into a network of other drivers which hopefully levels the playing field I have been on the phone with their customer service team 4 different times since yesterday afternoon trying to get log into the Escort live system so that I can get the full benefit of my detector At the time of writing they still have not been able to solve the log in issue If you purchase one of these and cant get logged in to the escort live app on your phone dont bother calling because they have no idea how to solve your problem    Terrible product
Animations are now slow and jerkyThis is very noticeable when you click on the bottom right of the map and the map folds up to show the filtering options As the map animates folds up it is very jerkyIn addition you will notice when you are in the app viewing the map and you push the home button to minimize the app the animation is very jerkyFinally if you pull down notification center while viewing the map it scrolls very slowly and jerky This is an indication that the app is tying up precious CPU resourcesI have since downgraded to version 216 which I backed up from iTunes a while back This is the best version around in my opinion Everything is very smooth like it should be and location services shut down properly after 10 min of inactivity and will reenable after your phone detects movement againI will not upgrade until Escort is able to actually create a version that has real enhancements and doesnt create more problems    Animations are Now Jerky and Slow
Ill start by saying I really do love my Passport MAX radar detector And this app is a great companion however Escort really needs to do a whole new build of itThe app feels bloated and hastily built Theres definitely a memory leak somewhere because after running for more than 15 minutes my iPhone 6 becomes almost unusable until I quit the app and relaunch Also the way its built kills your battery it pings for an update every second and if you have a poor signal each ping remains open draining your battery Overall I love the concept of the social network for radar detectors but the integration could be better          Great concept poor app
I have the radar but now I need to purchase live cable then its the app 50 per year for something that should be free in first place Waze has more users and its free Waze free community saved me from a speeding ticket today Escort should join their network and make it free       Dead to me
IOS 813 iPhone 6 plus The location service bug appears to be resolved when terminating the app However the app is incredibly slow when panning the map or opening up the bottom right hand corner filtering options that animate the corner of the maps up Everything stutters compared to the previous version This is more prevalent when zoomed out at the city view The app seems to be using an excessive amount of CPU usage This was not an issue on the prior version I attempted to delete and reinstall fresh and the issue was still there This issue also occurs on an iPhone 6 Note this issue was not present on an iPad Air    Map stutters and cpu excessive on iPhone 6 plus
Buggy drains battery a shame its not as good as their radars       Buggy drains battery
Apps says reported MULTIPLE times for each encounter Please fix Once is enough       Keeps saying reported
I own a SmartRadar and use this application with it The idea of a SmartRadar has bluetooth and relies on phone for GPS network connectivity is great This actual app isnt that good It crashes from time to time sometimes forgets the login password and cant even launch in badcellservice conditions There are also so many ways they could make this app betterShow how recently another driver took a route Showing live KA is nice but not showing KA could either be no cop OR no drivers to discover the copBe able to change duration of events shown There are TONS of police reported where I am I dont need to see the past hour worthBe able to change detector behavior based on app or no app I dont need detector alerts when the phone is also alerting me I also would like to turn off K band but only when the phone isnt paired55 for an amazing idea25 for code quality Escort you need to hire a QA person35 for features the basics are here but theres so much potential             Amazing idea soso implementation
I received a speed camera violation in Washington DC because I can no longer see speed cameras when I am not using my radar detector That capability was removed without my knowledge I DO NOT USE MY RADAR DETECTOR IN DC BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL I never had this problem before it would show all those notifications without using a radar detector    Speed cameras in DC NOT VISIBLE
Its a great app but its very slow on my 6 It also slows down my other apps Kind of frustrating       Useful but slow
Works                G
They have fixed the location services bug but you must delete and reinstall the app as a previous reviewer said There needs to be a way to lockout speed traps and air patrol alerts as either new users or police are entering false alerts in my area and these seem to never time out             Fixed
With the limited battery life of any phone having location services used by a app not in use will limit battery life furtherThis seem straight forward to any developer Some explanation of why would be helpful yet not enough to make it worth anything past free       Will use location services when app is closed
Hello Company that is ahead of the curve Change your Location services to be on only when the APP is in use not sucking up battery all the time Did you outsource your company to India or China I dont expect this type of laziness from a life long customer who has spent thousands of s on your products Fix it    FIX GPS Usage 247
Bought and had Best Buy install worked fine for one week then quit Radar detector still worked but blue tooth had been lost Escort customer service had me reboot phone reinstall app disconnect forget all other blue tooth devices including my car real pain to reconnect nothing worked was told that iphone blue tooth is difficult Right on the box it claims to be compatible Am I supposed to interface with Apple for them Still does not work Im sending detector back to escort    Lost blue tooth will not repair iphone6
Gets one star as long as location services stays on 100 of the time even with app terminated Must delete app or disable ability for escort live to use location services in settings Dumb    Location services always on
Could use some GUI updates and more features but it does its job             Solid
In addition to the app problem since the latest update the detector itself Passport 9500ix started giving a Rest Power messageContacting Escort customer service they stated that I have to send it for service which the charge 100 to do in addition to the shipping both ways total of 150By doing some online research turns out that a prominent problem with the device and in all the forums they had an official Escort representative having the audacity to claim that only a small percentage of users getting this problem and defend the practice of charging 100 service charge instead of Escort standing behind their productsOne would think dropping 500 on a state of the art radar detector another 150 on iPhone smart cord and the piece of shot would last or the company would stand behind it but apparently that doesnt happen anymore    The brick
This app works perfectly fine however I feel that nobody else uses it I took a trip from Florida to New York and only received three live alerts and none of which yielded police Not sure if buying the Max2 was worth it yet I live on Long Island travel both east and west on the LIE and can confidently say that essentially nobody uses this app             App works fine but
Ever since I updated my app that I loved all it does is crash after about 3 minutes No alerts Speed just flashes and stutters at 0 mph All my lockouts arent locked out any more I thought updates were supposed to be an improvement Not a complete failure I want the old version back Why did I go against my gut feeling Keeps crashing Reinstalled and still not good    Why did I update
App is working fine with the latest improvements My Escort Max 2 product works great with the app                Escort live works great now
Cons High yearly fee Not enough users makes it unreliable No integrated navigation Cant agreedisagree with a report and update it Uses too much cpu power making it a battery drainerFor the high cost of an escort max radar detector this should always be free Ridiculous This was a good idea in theory but it is rarely helpful It has no navigation capability integrated so I have to keep the app in the background while I navigate with another app The other app uses crowdsourcing to show police locations It also shows if a user has been down the road recently Ive found that FREE service to be FAR more reliable than escort live in warning about police It alerts me 9 out of 10 times there are police on the road Escort live warns me maybe 1 in 15 times anymore There arent enough users because its poorly designed    Rarely useful Would not pay for Servive
Waze is not only free its easier to use and its WAY better    Why pay for this app
This app is very clunky and feels this was made in 2010 and never updated On top of that if you accidentally leave the app open it will drain your battery within 30 minutes There is no night mode so if you are driving at night to screen is very bright and the map is fixed and does not rotate I really wish they would take some notes from the guys that developed Waze app The only reason I even use this app is so I can control my radar detector through my phone    Looks like this app was made in 2010
I have never written an app review before but this product is so bad I need to iPhone 6 plus with current version It is free with my radar detector which I love but if I were paying for a subscription I would be furious    Totally Useless
Great help against laser                Another save
1 Ability to make direction of travel up instead of only north like other GPS apps2 Place icon at bottom of screen so we can see more Dont need to see traps behind me 3 Speed icon at top of screen blocks alert icons Move it to the side Again I want to see where I am going          Again sugge
Worked great on my long trip                Worked great on my long trip
This app worked great until the update Now it no longer shows my speed on the app I hadnt had the app long enough to figure all the features out but I really liked the speed reporting feature    Terrible Update
I just got an iPhone 6 and it worked at first but now it wont connect at all App is totally useless now    Bluetooth wont connect anymore
Issue 1 Player always start play songs from first in a library instead of one i stopped on last timeIssue 2 with new music app app player does not capture audiobook stream which now moved to Ibook app Hard to pause or stop audiobook while driving3 cant delete marked location unless you are driving and passing by that location             Good app but need some improvement
Too small of user base to make this an effective tool Plus subscription fee is too expensive    Not effective
Had to disable location services because it wont stop using my location even when the app is closed and phone is restarted Installed the latest update from March 12 which says it fixed the issue but its still an issue    Wont stop using my locationeven after March 12th update
It seems the not real button is not working as I get a detection and nothing is around when I go to hit the button not real it does nothing and keeps giving the same alert I have to kill the app and restart it sometimes that works but not all the time App works pretty good otherwise          Needs work
The latest update has issues with the location services its either on or off Please program the option while using for location services Huge battery drain with the latest update    The latest update needs rolled back


English, German, Romanian, Russian, Spanish
18.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
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iOS / 2.0.2
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