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ESPN , the publisher behind many iOS app (WatchESPN ,ESPNcricinfo ,ESPN X Games L.A. 2012 HD ,ESPN the Magazine for iPad , ,, brings ESPN ScoreCenter with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ESPN ScoreCenter app has been update to version 2.4.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Pretty decent for when I'm too busy to watch the game..
  • I highly recommend this app to the sports fanatics everywhere..
  • It's a good app to keep track of your favorite sports and sports teams..
  • Great app for sports lovers trying to keep up with their teams..
  • Definitely a must have for sports enthusiasts..

Overall Satisfactionc65
Without question the best sports app out there with continual improvements.
Worldwide leader in sports needs to have the best sports app out there.
Other than that its the best sports news app out there.
save yourself time & frustration and use another sports news app.
Really helps me keep track of all of the scores for my favorite teams.
I have a lot of trouble finding the scores for my favorite teams.
Let's me check any game anytime and gives me alerts for my favorite teams.
Now I can't even find the last scores for my favorite teams.
Thanks ESPN for finally updating the Scorecenter/Sportscenter app.
Thanks ESPN for ruining what was my favorite app.
Very accurate very awesome I love this app good job ESPN.
Great job ESPN your app is trash.
Fun & Engagingc51
Truly awesome sports updates are handy when out and about.
Awesome Sports Coverage and Scores.
I'm about to uninstall and find another sports ap.
Keeps me informed and updated of current sports events.
This app is awesome my go to for everything sports anytime.
ESPN is ruining everything sports relarwd.
I get up to date information about topics I want to know about.
Helps me keep up w/ news & games when I'm away from home.
Excellent app for checking scores and getting up to date news.
Gives me everything I need to know about all my favorite sports teams.
Social Aspectsc50
team and league news and even track them on social media.
I understand ESPN's requirement to include social media.
Production Valuesc18
I preferred to old interface.
Ease of Usec36
and less intuitive than prior one.
Great simple app that gives you what you need the scores.
simple app that keeps me up to date on everything.
You made a simple app one of the most annoying.
Ads not Intrusivec25
just stop asking me to rate the app every 5 times I open it.
So they would stop telling me to rate the app.
I only did this so it would stop asking me to review.
Security & Privacyc42
How about a fantasy tracker for teams on your ESPN account.
Hooks up with your espn account to display favorite teams.
Updates & Supportc13
Liked the old version better - easier to find information.

Without question the best sports app out there with continual improvements. found in 2845 reviews
Alerts don't work so I constantly have to check manually. found in 62 reviews
Problems with video playback and random app crashes. found in 18 reviews
It takes forever to load scores from the main screen. found in 85 reviews
I still get updates about sports I don't care about especially college sports. found in 86 reviews
Good content but often takes way too long to load and constantly freezes. found in 24 reviews
Crashes almost every time I try to access my Favorite Teams. found in 44 reviews
Plus watch espn needs more contracts for other providers. found in 75 reviews
Takes forever to load and update on LTE or wifi. found in 44 reviews
Very weak in NCAA Baseball stats and conference presentation. found in 129 reviews
Not a big fan of the new layout but still does the trick. found in 36 reviews
Occasionally fails to update and shows previous day or older info. found in 26 reviews
Ever since the last "update" it has gone downhill. found in 25 reviews
I don't get notifications anymore because of the update it's awful. found in 20 reviews
Please update for iPhone 5 and I'm not receiving news notifications. found in 86 reviews
Takes forever to update to current scores and closes itself out a lot. found in 111 reviews
Slow to load and crashes at least once before finally loading. found in 40 reviews
Crashes almost every time I open the app and when it doesn't crash it lags. found in 22 reviews
For some reason they tried to fix what wasn't broken. found in 64 reviews
Last update caused error message when trying to add favorite teams. found in 430 reviews
Please stop asking me to review your app when I already have. found in 125 reviews
Please enable Push Notifications in the main settings area. found in 404 reviews
Home screen doesn't show my favorite teams or sports. found in 207 reviews
Takes forever to load and to update current scores. found in 184 reviews
Horrible layout and old scores stay up for days. found in 207 reviews
Slow to update scores and crashes more times than it actually works. found in 377 reviews
This app will not open on Saturday's during college football season. found in 241 reviews
Takes forever to load & score updates are always way behind. found in 389 reviews
This app used to be great now it blows fix this crap. found in 193 reviews
Now it's slower and doesn't update scores and takes forever to refresh. found in 96 reviews
Good app but 1 star for constantly asking me to rate the app. found in 145 reviews
Please please please please return landscape view in box scores. found in 136 reviews
Cannot enjoy game cast & the scoreboard is really slow. found in 198 reviews
It takes forever to update and the notifications are all screwed up. found in 111 reviews
My team's scores/ upcoming games won't load on my favorites page. found in 158 reviews
I finally turned off all notifications except score alerts for my teams. found in 144 reviews
Pop-up dialog to rate the app is incredibly annoying. found in 145 reviews

The ESPN ScoreCenter is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about ESPN ScoreCenter in ESPN`s Official Website :

ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores from hundreds of sports leagues around the world. Never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown or wicket. Whether you follow the NFL or the Premier League, the Ashes or MLB, ...
For the most part the app is flawless Its exactly what I want News Scores etc Well it loads slower than any other app I own but theres so much content that its easy to forgive That isnt enough to give a 1 star rating right True The thing that kills it for me is that I cant turn off the Champions League or NFL notifications Ive had too many games spoiled for me to keep this app Youd think the Worldwide leader would be able to design a decent flagship app Guess not     Broken Notifications Keep Spoiling Games
This app is worthless when trying to find specific information on a specific sport It doesnt even let you download the desktop site as it keeps reverting back to the mobile site even if you ask it not to Quit treating us like idiots Youre lucky Donald Trump doesnt review apps because he would destroy this one These are so bad Ive deleted all of the ESPN apps on my phone     eSUCKSpn
Ive used this app for a long time and I am finally fed up with it Ive tried every way imaginable to add favorites to my team list but it keeps saying I have no internet connection Ive put up with the terrible user interface so I could get the scores but no more     Not very good
The app is unstable and barely usable Worse is the so called news alerts I just got a news alert at 1030 PM Mountain Time about a beauty pageant contestant that was asked if Tom Brady cheated That is not news at high noon and certainly not news late at night There were other socalled news stories that put this app on thin ice This was the last straw     This is news
Too many to count but I havent been able to edit or add favorite sports or teams in months Figure it out Worldwide Leader     Bad
This app has gone downhill fast It takes forever to get updated scores once you open the app Alerts are inconsistent on when they appear after a score or event Now the app keeps turning on a random news alert and sending me alerts even though I keep going in and turning it off The only solution was to turn off notifications for the entire app through the phone settings which means I cant get the alerts I do want ESPN help was worthless Time to look for another app     Not good anymore
Hasnt worked in two weeks     Hasnt worked
It wont let me remove favorites as it keeps saying could not connect Try again later Please fix issue           Edit favorites
ESPN is the most biased and ridiculous news source for football news Ok top of ridiculous push notifications for their so called news the app is incredible buggy and likes to close itself for no reason Skip this one and find a better source     Biased and bug ridden
I get alerts that I did not setup to receive Very annoying        Alerts
First off the University of Pittsburgh has changed their logo to the Pitt Script Logo You have it on your ESPN televised casts but havent updated it within the app That needs to happen Pretty bad miscommunication between your mobile app and your broadcasted network Second the playbyplay needs to be better for MLB Needs to have a better UI or something The strike zone and pitches are way off based locationwise compared to MLB At Bat Lastly you NEED to do something to improve NHL You have never put effort into it and its embarrassing that theres no UI or effort put into it Its one of the major professional sports leagues in the US and you dont care about        Logos update MLBNHL Revamp
This app is terrible site now Loads to slow with all the videos I am deleting this and will never use ESPN on the computer again     Terrible
App could be so much better        Cannot add favorite teams
What would be so awesome would be if I clicked on a push notification and the link actually take me to the story that was pushed For example I get a push notification about the NFL and what comes up A story about the who gives a rip PGA Really ESPN Get it together The graphics are battery eating awesome tho        ESPN App
Really starting to bother me to the point of deleting the app altogetherwhich Ive done before to see if it would help to no avail        Crashes
I cant favorite any new teams I keep getting the error message cannot connect to server Please try again later I know its not on my side because Ive switched from wifi to mobile data and the exited in and out of the app           App works great but
If I am not connected to WIFI the app tells me I have no internet connection Meanwhile I have LTE and have no other problems on my other apps        No internet connection
App was great until the recent update Now it feels like my phone is crashing every time I use the app        Recent update is slow
Was just watching The US Open Tennis championship The Breaking News notification of the winner came through before the match was complete I was watching on ESPN and it was live Just slow down a little and not everything is breaking news           Slow down on the notifications
There are always college football games that are missing You cant look at this app and see all of the scores they omit certain games Im talking about major conference teams in the PAC12 But ESPN seems to favor the SEC so west coast fans should look elsewhere for their college sports they dont value us as viewers        Not so great
The old college football app was so much bettereasier to navigate This app sends a notification for everything BUT what you want     Waste of space
I used to like and rely on the ESPN app This new app is so cumbersome and not easy to use I feel inept and cant figure out the simplest tasks I miss the other app and am not sure what they were thinking when they created this mess Its so awful I deleted it Newer is not better for sure on thus app     AWFUL
Slow refresh rate Video playback is terrible gets stuck right after ads play and the same ads play over and over constantly     Terrible video playback
Terrible     Terrible
I usually dont review apps like most of the people here are saying but Ive decided to let you know another problem Ive been having I wanted to remove a team from my favorite teams and it wont let me It just clicks back to favorite as soon as I change it Along with that Im unable to add another team to my favorites I get an error message saying it cant connect to the server which is strange because everything else on my phone requiring wifi is working just fine and within the ESPN app in able to search for the team I want and get live updates Please add this to the long list of grievances from other users Id like to be able to change my favorite teams        Needs fixing
So much potential that may never be recognized Two biggest issues for me are 1 A complete disregard for scores support on Apple Watch If a team isnt marked as your favorite you cannot check their score Forget checking college football top 25 scores in general not happening 2 Watch and phone apps both take WAY too long to update info and scores from last login I look at my watch to quickly get an update on sports scores dont have 3 minutes to sit and stare waiting for it to update        Needs Actual Scoreboards for Apple Watch
Works maybe half the time If it doesnt have formatting errors that cut off words it will just outright crash and shut down Nothing I there is unique and anything youd want to read from Grantland takes you to a website outside of the app anyways There is about zero incentive to use this app over something that is far more stable It amazes me with the amount of money ESPN has they cant get a working app If they dont care about it I dont care about it     Crashes constantly
There are better sports news providers out there The quality of reporting and content at ESPN has declined noticeably over the past few years What used to be a respectable network that reported sports news free of opinion or bias the World Wide Leader has devolved into the TMZ of sports making sure that every piece of news reported is paired with polarizing commentary and Hot Takes from equally inflammatory personalities On top of ESPNs decline in content quality their SportsCenter app is lacking It has not had a meaningful upgrade in what seems like years TeamStream has surpassed them in every respect offering a quality app news aggregated from multiple sources and the ability to customize the news you receive I grew up with ESPN and am disappointed with their decline One day I hope they return to their roots and just report the news as it is But until that happens do not waste your time with them     TeamStreamSportsCenter
The app chose my favorite teams for me I get every freaking alert possible for those teams which are teams that I dont follow I try to delete teams and it says network error and wont let me delete So irritating     Disappointed
Every time they update this app it gets slower and more convoluted 2 years ago they had a great app that ran seamlessly Now it takes 5 minutes to check a score     Worse and worse
Worthless Several years ago ESPN website was easy to find information on any sport Now it full of commercials and Pay For Everything And if you dont fork over 100s forget it Even trying to find a particular game it will disappear and a Fee commercial Pops up Worthless     ESPNRMD
Can you please put NLL in the app Lacrosse please i really want that to happen           Needs an update
Every video is preceded by an ad Every screen has an adcontent okay if you can find it     Okay except for Ads
This app is     Wow whatta crock
In the words of Immortan Joe Mediocre     Mediocre
Scores take forever and forget looking on you Apple watch especially if you put the watch app in Glances where it remains permanently frozen Who if anyone actually works on this app     Slow watch app is awful
Needs updating it works sooo slow     The games over before i can get any stats
I tried to set up an account and couldnt even add favorites and edit the alerts without error messages It kept saying error try again later Really I cant even set an account to begin with So I deleted the app Poor performance EPSN I expected better     Major failure
Fix this app and maybe I will download again For now its gone     Cant even log in
Latest update crashes when opened Deleted it but now it wont even install again     This app is way to slow to be of any use I deleted it Too bad cause it used to be a good
They need to scrap this and start over Doesnt save alerts buggy slow updates     Used to be great
Lots of irritating force closures Pop up ads which often lead to force closing Not a fan Watch ESPN is bad too Switching to cbs sports line        Bleh
This app is great if you like crashes and forever load time Flush it     What a Joke
App can never connect to server App crashes every time I try to read an article Find a different sports app     Terrible
Bye bye ESPN just lost a customer     No longer works for iOS 7
This is a major issue I have always loved ESPN and I still do but Ive noticed that my notifications are getting slower Like if my team hit a home run and I could have 5 bars of internet service it would take about 910 minutes to send me a notification And it takes that long just to tell me that my game has started MAJOR FIXING NEEDED           Needs an upgrade with TIMING
Very slow to open Several bugs and crashes all the time Maybe does not need to be a link to open watch ESPN I just want scores and game times Not the watch ESPN app If I want to watch the game I open the watch ESPN     Junk
The app wont save settings for notifications so I never get updates The layout isnt visually appealing or easy to quickly see stats     Horrible
I never write reviews but after today I felt compelled to write one I have four teams that I follow And according to my settings I only want to receive NFL news HOWEVER I have been receiving ALERTS ALL DAY About things I never signed up for nor do I care about I dont care that LSU and Miss St are playing I dont care about Ortiz hitting a home run If I did I wouldve signed up to receive those alerts STOP Or I will be removing this app There are other ways to receive the info I need        ALERT ALERT ALERT
I cannot remember the last time I was able to click on an article and read it through its entirety without the app crashing I would be skeptical if I was told there was a worse sports app than ESPN Just awful     Find another app

ESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite TeamsESPN ScoreCenter Sports Espn Scorecenter Favorite Teams

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