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Crossway , the publisher behind many iOS app (Global Study Bible ,ESV Bible ,ESV Study Bible +), brings ESV Bible with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ESV Bible app has been update to version 1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the only electronic Bible..
  • It's so nice having an ESV that works without Internet connection..
  • I LOVE the addition of the daily reading plans..
  • It maintains it's speed and simple look while adding Bible reading plans..
  • I love the fact that it includes excellent study tools..
Overall Satisfactionclick me67
One of the best bible apps available because of its simple interface.
This is far and away the best Bible app in the App Store.
The "update" broke the best bible app for the 3GS.
New addition of iPhone 5 support deserves 5 stars.
NEEDS iphone 5 support BAD.
I love the ESV version and its understandability and readability.
I've been really patient hoping an iPhone 5 update would come out.
Thank you Crossway for making the ESV app available for free.
Thank you for providing this wonderful translation for free.
Love the clean interface.
Fun & Engagingclick me78
This is an awesome Bible app with great tools and a clean.
Awesome bible ever you have to get it.
I love this bible app and use it all the time.
Usefulnessclick me93
Has everything I expect from a Bible.
The app is now beautiful and filled with immensely helpful features.
This is a wonderfully useful Bible app.
Learn more every day : helps me live life.
Best bible app for everyday use.
Production Valuesclick me93
Probably the smoothest and cleanest interface out there for scripture.
Ease of Useclick me82
This & " Simple Bible " are my two favorite Bible apps.
easy to navigate through the books and chapters.
Great Translation and easy to get around in.
and notating my thoughts so easy and enjoyable.
Reliabilityclick me24
I'm a pastor with vision problems.
Updates & Supportclick me33
I love the ESV version and its understandability and readability.
72014: I recently reverted to the ESV version 1.
new update still problematic.


The ESV Bible at your fingertips. Carry your Bible with you wherever, whenever, and share with whomever you want!


• Free. The only free ESV Bible App that is available for your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPod Touch, with or without an internet connection.

ESV BibleESV Bible
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• Use. Offers a fantastic user experience. Finding a verse is fast and easy. Jump from a cross-reference or footnote back to your passage with seamless fluidity.


• Read. Scroll through the entire Bible in landscape or full screen modes and enlarge or shrink font sizes to fit your needs. The ESV Bible App emulates the same unique typography users encounter with print versions of the ESV.
ESV Bible


• Search. Ever had a verse on the tip of your tongue but can’t remember where it’s found? Search for it with the Bible App’s comprehensive concordance.


• Write. With the ability to record notes, you can capture your thoughts and observations in a sermon or personal Bible study.


• Highlight. Highlight verses by simply pressing on them. Save them in your favorites for future reference.


• Share. Share verses with friends and family


• Manage. Add, delete, or reorder your verse favorites. Save your own user-defined preferences.


Created by Crossway, publisher of the ESV


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download ESV Bible for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new ESV Bible app version 1.6 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about ESV Bible in Crossway`s Official Website :


One of the best bible apps available because of its simple interface. found in 491 reviews
Especially during church with the highlighting & notes feature. found in 4 reviews
Almost perfect right out the gate. found in 1 reviews
I would recommend this app for its exceptionally nice note taking feature. found in 20 reviews
Thank you Crossway for making the ESV app available for free. found in 21 reviews
This is easily the best free Bible app I've used. found in 26 reviews
I was expecting just another Bible reader that accessed translations online. found in 5 reviews
the cross references are great for digging deep into God's Word. found in 52 reviews
For comparative proposes: while the YouVersion Bible app has commendable features. found in 5 reviews
This is far and away the best Bible app in the App Store. found in 462 reviews
Soli Deo Gloria. found in 3 reviews
This is a wonderfully useful Bible app. found in 2 reviews
Now that it's new and improved I love it even more. found in 2 reviews
I'm an atheist and I love this app. found in 1 reviews
This makes the app lightning fast compared to other Bible apps. found in 3 reviews
Thanks and God bless you. found in 3 reviews
Thank you for providing this wonderful translation for free. found in 4 reviews
easy to navigate through the books and chapters. found in 4 reviews
I love it's functionality and ease of use. found in 2 reviews
Has everything I expect from a Bible. found in 4 reviews
Please do thorough testing across iOS devices and systems. found in 5 reviews
Now it crashes every time I open it up within the first 3 seconds. found in 4 reviews
Still crashes on iPhone 5 even with newest update. found in 8 reviews
Love it except for the split screen. found in 16 reviews
Probably a loading issue causing it to crash after update. found in 24 reviews
Even after the update that was supposed to fixed crashing on startup. found in 12 reviews
deleting and reinstalling this app will fix the crashing. found in 11 reviews
Please provide a new update to fix as soon as you can. found in 6 reviews
but please update to optimize for the iPhone 5. found in 26 reviews
App is still crashing immediately on startup. found in 4 reviews
Hope they can fix this problem soon. found in 4 reviews
but after the last update it immediately crashes when I try to open it. found in 8 reviews
Still no landscape mode. found in 2 reviews
This app would get 5 starts if it had syncing capabilities. found in 1 reviews
I loved this app but the new update closes immediately after opening. found in 9 reviews
it crashes almost every time I try to open the app. found in 10 reviews
After multiple updates the app keep crashes on start up. found in 7 reviews
The app crashes immediately upon launch now. found in 21 reviews
Don't want to delete and reinstall since I'll lose my favorites. found in 36 reviews
I updated to the newest version and it continues to crash without opening fully. found in 12 reviews
Continues to crash whenever I try to open the app. found in 24 reviews
and the last two updates have caused it to crash on launch. found in 24 reviews
The last update was made to fix the crash problem with previous update. found in 54 reviews
My notes and highlighted verses have simply disappeared twice now. found in 21 reviews
I have highlights and notes that I really don't want to lose. found in 9 reviews
Please just go back to the old app before you lose all your supporters. found in 13 reviews
Was excellent previously- newest update crashes immediately upon opening. found in 21 reviews
it's still crashing every time I open. found in 9 reviews
After the second update still crashes on startup. found in 16 reviews
It keeps crashing and going back to my home screen. found in 16 reviews
Crashes immediately upon opening on iPad Mini with latest OS. found in 12 reviews
Still unable to open the app after the latest update. found in 10 reviews
Get rid of the split screen in landscape please. found in 16 reviews
Now it crashes every time I try to add a note :. found in 13 reviews
I tries deleting and reinstalling and it did not fix the problem. found in 11 reviews
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Theyre trying to do too much You cannot select multiple verses easily and cross referencing is a pain Disappointed to say the least    The update made this awful
I love this app a lot I use it on both my iPhone and iPad It is put together very well and the settings are nice Great job Crossway                Great app
Reader mode is the greatest thing to happen to Bible apps in a long long time I love the ESV Readers Edition printed Bible and its really great to see the same wellconsidered layout and typography come to the mobile version as well This app is highly recommended                A WellDesigned Bible App Finally
This app used to be good until the updated version released cutting out many verses the CEO doesnt like Missing verses are Mt 1721 1811 2314 Mk 716 944 946 Lk 1736 2317 Jn 54 Acts 837 Do NOT get this app It wont be worth your time    Beware Missing verses
Love the app Not the best reader but now I can follow along while it is read to me I am now reading listening the bible more Thank you for creating this app                Thankful
July 3 2015 My phone and computer automatically synced updating this app unbeknownst to me Ive been using version 17 since the last review I wrote for this app which is still below No longer marking favorites or notes in the app since that crashing update of late 2013 Trust will have to be rebuilt Glancing at this most recent version I have some hope that acceptable improvements have been made including more options for this free version And the return of simple options like landscape view Ill try it out and ease back into more robust usage of the once great app I liked this app in the past Version 17August 11 2014 I recently reverted to the ESV version 17 which is far more stable and user friendly than the current 25 References go directly to the indicated verse Scrolling is smooth instead of jumpy If I chose to write notes they are easily adjustable Im still a bit bummed that my notes from 102012 to 122013 are irretrievable although Im sure the data is somewhere in the jumble of data in one of those backups I have I will admit my shortsightedness of not directly backing up during that span of time but if I didnt update Im sure Id still have those notes plus my favorites and highlighted verses Im mainly hoping the next update brings back stability to the app which was the best bible app at the timeThese updates have crashed This most recent update only crashes when searching or scrolling Plus my notes no longer have their original date of being authored but instead the date time of the update This is less than ideal for one like me that likes to keep records of when things are written I really hope the original date is saved somewhere In addition not all the highlights notes or favorites transferred I remember some specific verses that I had marked before the buggy updates and they are no longer there There is also slowness and crashing when scrolling and loading Im glad to have the notes saved Im glad the update now opens sometimes Im saddened and slightly disappointed by the glitches and I hope that time stamp data can be recovered somehow Merry Christmas and thank you for your hard work as a notforprofit organization             Tentatively Positive
Design is great the plan Bible and study Bible seem good Reading plans are still buggy on the iPhone 6          Has Potential
Really enjoy using this app One thing I would like is for the bar across the study bible to disappear to make reading easier                Great bible app
Easy to use Looks like most printed text in Bibles Somewhat customizable Good reliable translation Great option to listen to Scripture                ESV app Excellent Starter Version
It hasnt been wanting to show me my notes I have a lot I dont want to lose them Its great but Im very let down       Notes personal options
When I read my bible I want to do just that read my bible I dont want to deal with sharing and bells and whistles that I dont need This app has just enough options to make reading a delight and has enough features for me I absolutely love the simple and minimalistic design It is functional and elegant and very pleasing to the eye All in all I found this to be not just my favorite bible app but my favorite reading app in general Keep up the good work                Simple and elegant
Acts 837 is non existent             Missing a verse
Ive used this app ever since I got this phone and its been great I recommend it Great app                
Great app that Ive used for quite a while Missing Acts 837 Thanks             Missing verse
I own the esv study bible which forwarded me to this app But when I go to restore purchases nothing happens It wants me to pay another 17 to rebuy the study bible version       Cant restore purchases
It used to work fine but after it updated itself there is nothing there but links to our website And other words as I said there is no app in this app    Theres no app in the app
Im a current seminary student which makes it easy for me to get lost in the abundance of current resources But this app provides me with lots of great and trusted works all in one app I love all the ways you can use it and its clean sleek look its easy to use and sync with my laptop This is a great tool for anyone from seeker to theologian                Great App
I love the look and feel of this app and how you have brought together the study bibles and scripture But there is a serious bug with highlighting It will highlight large sections when all I want is a verse highlighted Please fixI like the app and would like to love it more    Issues with highlighting
Compared to the old ESV app this one is horrible Not only it it hard to use but it is hard to read Although there is a way to jump to a particular passage it is hard to find and not easy to use It is cumbersome and clumsy app Furthermore this app does not contain the ESV study notes within the app I paid 17 for the ESV Study Bible app which is now unsupported I was furious to find out that I would have to pay 17 again in this app to get something that I already paid for What a terrible way for a selfproclaimed Christian organization to behave They should be ashamed    Terrible app just another way to get money out of you
Ive been using the Daily Office Lectionary reading plan for the past 6 months or so Beautiful interface and experience until two weeks ago Whenever I open the reading plan it defaults to November 29 no matter which day it is leaving me to scroll until I find the appropriate date The readings are also one day off Really hoping there is a fix soon       Glitches
Are you kidding me why are there missing bible scriptures Unacceptable Disappointed       Missing Scriptures
I love the ESV version of the Bible However this app removes verses which other Bibles show have been removed from some versions At least they showed the Scriptures with that note The verses should be shown so that each individual can choose whether or not they approve of the versus being left in If not they can disregard them Still that choice should be left to us Because of this I only give two stars because I do like the ESV version Also the audio feature does not work on this app on my iPad Would like to listen to audio and read the Scriptures at the same time I hope someone decides to correct these issues It is a shame for this app to be so disrespectful of Scripture       Very Disappointed
This would be the best bible app I have if only it were able to sync the reading plan from my iPad to my phone So I cant read my daily bible plan if I dont have my iPad with me Yes this is a 1st world problem I know But come on that should be a simple fix If they fix that issue its an easy 5 out of 5       Cant restore purchases
For reasons I dont know the following verses have been omitted completely from the ESV Ive loved this translation until This was brought to my attention Missing Matthew 1721 2314 Mark 716 944 946 Luke 1736 2317 John 54 Acts 837    Whole verses omitted
If you are relatively young in your Christian walk this app is awesome You can enjoy the entire Bible offline and the search function is so helpful to look for topics throughout the Bible The ESV is a wordforword translation similar to the NKJV and NASB so the word choices from the Greek are more accurate The NIV and NLT are thoughtforthought being less reliable and just plain wrong in certain verses It gets 4 not 5 stars because the FaithLife Bible and Logos Bible are also FREE apps and they include good commentaries and all sorts of other resources             Very Good for a new Believer
The navigation to each verse is great but for starters some verses are missing such as John 54          Needs improvement
This is a great app I especially like the way that you can drill down into cross referenced verses without leaving your place Also the ESV Study notes purchased separately interface pretty seamlessly with the text                Very functional
I have had both apps and I prefer the old app much better I know its a study bible app and the new one isnt but thats why I like it There is so much information to be had with the old one which is needed when I study the bible I hope you keep it available as I have been using both    Not crazy about it
Great App                Review
have been 16 verses removed from the newer translated bibles I have been using this app for a while now and loved it After hearing about the removed verses I couldnt help but check the esv bible app and sadly it was true I deleted the app I believe altering the words of God and removing verses that could potentially lead someone to the Lord is wrong I was very disappointed and Im very saddened about the way things are going these days Here are some of the verses that were removed Matthew 17211811 2314 Mark 716 94446 1126 1528 Luke 1736 John 54    Removed
The Holy Word of God on an elegantly designed app                Aesthetics
Love this app No complaints Just an idea to make it better and more useful for witnessing study teaching I often create a series of favorite verses on a topic im studying Then later I want to study a new topic or save a series of verses that would help me witness or counsel a friend who struggles with a particular issue I use favorites as a way to list verses but I always have to erase it to list a new series It would be great if I could create multiple verse lists for various topics and purposes from witnessing to counseling to studying It would also be nice to have the option to make notes within each favorite track you create But one step at a time is great Thanks for all you do to make Gods word accessible to a world that is starving for spiritual food                Idea enable user to create multiple favorite tracks
Study Notes used to be able to highlight a verse and pull up study notes for that versenot any more Have had many other quirks List my notes and favorites during upgrade on my phone       Like the old version better
I expected to be able to read the text only I wax pleasantly surprised by all of the reading plans bible reading audio color and text options Bible download options among many other parts of the app Thats will be my go to app for a long time                Best Bible App
Overall this is a functional app for occasional biblereading However some work needs to be done in order to make it useful for more intensive study More intuitive highlighting and commenting would be useful as currently you can only highlight whole verses rather than excerpts of verses I also wouldnt mind some way to access the Study Bible content without downloading another app or paying I already own three ESV Study Bibles and would like digital access like I have on the web          Needs some tweaks for the serious student
Really love the horizontal page scrolling Very easy on the eyes with a customizable reading experience I can even read without verse numbers like my paper Readers Version And I can read without being connected to the Internet Great job Crossway                Best most simple Bible app
This has been a great release Still has some tweaks to be made but its now my go to Bible app                fantastic
For several years Ive read the ESV within the YouVersion app Through its many upgrades YouVersion has become a wonderful app and I couldnt have imagined leaving it for my daytoday reading But that has changed Just one reason why is the embedded crossreferences within the ESV Study Bible app simply click on a crossreference number and youre able to read it without leaving the passage youre reading Brilliant I also love the book introductions maps and other reference materials Ill still go back to YouVersion for the times in which I want to review a passage in a different translation but for my daytoday reading study this app is tremendous                An outstanding Bible app
The ESV has been one of my favorite modern language versions because of its beauty accuracy and clarity I never have to wonder if What I am reading is reliable as I do with some Thankfully this is not a paraphrase Thanks Crossway                ESVQuality
ESV have outdone themselves To date I have had a love hate love relationship I loved their first version then they butchered it which I hated but now they have come back with a powerful little appThe aesthetics are elegant the audio is very helpful the different viewing options neat The app is reliable and has not crushed since I upgraded                Great Improvement
This is a tampered version of the bible Several verses including Mathew 1721 are omitted This is NOT a true version of the bible Dont download Dont support tampering with Gods word    DONT DOWNLOAD Omitted Verses
I really enjoy using this app                Great app
Originally I liked this app but yet I noticed that in the updates they began removing versus Altering the Bible really Dont believe me Look up Matthew 1721 or Matthew 1811 These are just a few to name You wont find them Now go to the Internet or a hard copy of the Bible and you will find these versus But beware newer versions of the Bible are also being changed    Missing versus
I was looking to upgrade to the ESV Study Bible app and started reading the reviews for the free version and read the review titled Removed Verses have been removed from the ESV Study Bible app free version I am saddened by that and I am deleting the app I hope to find another study bible app that is not alternating Gods word    Disappointed
Im a cross referencer It helps me adjust since I grew up reading the KJV to the updated and revised language And though the numberletter system that denotes footnotes and cross references is still there I havent found a way to access them v sad          Missing my cross references
Stable app with a clean look sufficient options to make notes highlight and bookmark where you leave off each day Search function is swift easy to use for finding specific verses Thank you for helping me stay in the Word even when Im traveling or unable to read the text myself The reader voice is pleasant enough to listen to every day Its not Max McLean but there is adequate voice inflection to make the reading soundfeel authentic As my eye sight has gotten weaker I find myself gravitating to audio for daily Bible reading In the past Id have preferred reading it myself but since I do my reading in the morning when my eyes take awhile to focus I had gotten away from daily reading The previous option for me was DAB Daily Audio Bible which I went completely through in 2014 DAB is an amazing ministry it brings with it a strong sense of community This year I wanted to read on my own but I was inconsistentI think because its too hard to focus visually in the morning When I realized ESV offered audio I started reading again Great functionality ease of finding new verses When I use it to read along during Sunday morning worship Im able to access sermon bookverse very quickly The top bar allows you to switch to other books OTNT very easily Bookmarks allow me to get right back to my morning verses on Monday Great app Thanks             Audio listenerthank you
Ive used this app extensively and am grateful to have it on my phone Thank you ESV for making this a free tool                Well worth the download
This app is incredible very easy to use and such a great study tool I especially like the free reading plans When I have a plan for what to read it helps motivate me to be in the Word every day which can become difficult if you have no direction Thank you for adding this feature                Wow
Looks pretty Runs smooth Good idea I like                Works good I like
Im really saddened by this release In looking at the things that have changed I cant say any of them are an improvement in my mind For instance there is now a huge hideous border on each side why do I need or want this I dont I am reading on an electronic screen not from a paper book I dont need and in fact I dont want another border Since this feature doesnt seem to be user configurable Ill end up not us no the app This leaves me at a loss wondering how that is an improvement Another example might be the fonts and sizes Small medium large reallyI could go on and on with nitpicking the app but I think it would be better to simply say that there is this new and undesirable look and feel of cheap video game play to the new app I end up feeling like I need to get stars for reading Genesis so I can unlock the book of John bonus My inclination is to give this one star but because the old app is still available Im giving it two and going back to the better app       Not an improvement


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
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iOS ESV Bible 1.6 Mobile

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