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45.5 MB
Rene Vinding
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 6.0 or la

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Rene Vinding , the publisher behind many iOS games (Spades Gold ,Romanian Whist Gold ,Unblock 2 Escape ,Knockout Whist Gold ,Oh Hell Gold ,Euchre Gold), brings Euchre Gold with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Euchre Gold games has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc86
for the best experience a iphone 4 or better is recommended.
Ads not Intrusivec66

Compared to the others I've tried. found in 1 reviews
Thoroughly enjoying the game. found in 1 reviews
Would like to be able to see past hands. found in 1 reviews
Different options makes it fun and challenging. found in 1 reviews
from 9 to 21 points target score. found in 1 reviews
for the best experience a iphone 4 or better is recommended. found in 1 reviews
North American. found in 2 reviews
very lifelike. found in 1 reviews
Constantly disconnecting before the games is finished. found in 1 reviews
Most hands are unrealistic. found in 1 reviews
Moves are predictable and computer partner does not know how to play. found in 1 reviews
Please fix this cause I really enjoy playing. found in 1 reviews
but then it is a good speed. found in 1 reviews
Hate the advertising. found in 1 reviews
The partner doesn't play well. found in 1 reviews
Fun game but most of the time. found in 1 reviews
The AI doesn't play stupid. found in 1 reviews
The ads become more and more intrusive. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes your partner makes some poor moves. found in 1 reviews
a lot of ads. found in 1 reviews
Not always perfect camp but decent cards nevertheless. found in 1 reviews
maybe uninstalling and reinstalling would start the progression over again. found in 1 reviews
then it starts popping up ads over the top of the game. found in 1 reviews
It's fast and it doesn't cheat. found in 1 reviews
I don't think much thought went into the game. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Euchre Gold for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 45.5 MB to download. The new Euchre Gold app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Euchre Gold in Rene Vinding`s Official Website :

Enjoy a smooth and beautiful looking game of Euchre against challenging computer players. For the best experience a iPhone 4 or better is recommended. Rules: British,North American, 32 cards and 33 cards euchre Retina graphics Achievements ...
It s a good game best out there but you need to adapt programming so computer partner leads trump into their partner makes it more realistic Still a good game                     Best one I have come across Superiorautoglasspa
Ok game although it really doesn t play proper strategy like leading trump back to you when you call it                 Better than most Griff is awesome
Used to love this game I will now likely delete it since the too frequent 30 second video ads have driven me away     30 Second Ads Hilobigdog
Annoying long lasting full page ads have totally ruined the app You can take your crossword puzzle ads to the land of one star I ll be moving on another euchre app     Went from 5 to 0 Stars RbtC
No matter which partner count on them getting euchred often On the other hand on my previous app my partner ALWAYS over trumped my trump that s why it s gone                     Euchre Igivakrapp
Paid for no commercials have contacted site still getting commercials Need the right fix                 Paid for app Barbie1946
Your partner frequently orders Trump with almost no chance of making it The interface makes it hard to tell who has the deal and who made the bid You always play against the computer because they warn you that the multiplayer version is still being developed There are no good Euchre apps but there are better ones than this         Lousy Partner Confusing Interface Codger796533
At first ads at top not obnoxious Now they are whole screen live commercials Deleted it             Ads too invasive Katie44333
I really enjoyed playing this app more so than other euchre games That was until they decided to come out with ads that run for 30 seconds I usually will get hit with 2 ads per game I have quit using this app There are plenty other ones out there to choose from                     30 seconds ruined a good app Hdhdnc
I have had this app for a while and probably would have given it a 5 before I use the app to play a few times a week They had banner ads at the top or bottom Fine Suddenly a few days ago they started with pop up ads I can understand maybe one when you open the app But they are 20 30 second ads and pop up every 5 6 hands which is usually a minute or two of play for me So for every minute or two I have to watch a 30 second ad I ve never seen anything like it What are they thinking I am going to use another app Not only that I will not use any other app from this company     Thirty second ads every 2 minutes Insane jlnyca
Seems to deal fair for the most part opposing AI team doesn t seem to cheat like other apps many customizable speeds of gameplay one touch to throw your card other game options British 33 or 32 cars etc I m not familiar with this though good graphics I used to play Euchre 3D app the most but I ve come to like this one better My only suggestion would be adding the option for auto play for an end of the hand when points are already determined Update I lowered my rating one star still love it the app but my partner sets trump then gets Euchered A LOT like many times in one game sometimes Update 2 I lowered my rating again from 4 stars to two tempted to make it a 1 I still think it s the best euchre app and It s been my favorite for a long time but a day or two ago the ads changed from easy to close ads every few games to 30 second videos every few hands it seems I m sadly on the hunt for a new euchre app         Was overall best Euchre app now long frequent video ads Chacha316
Started adding ads that last 20 seconds or more every 3 4 hands Gonna delete this and look for a new Eurche app if they don t change back Used to be able to close the ad in a few seconds if you weren t interested Very frustrating now     Ads 1693739346230
Deleted it     Annoying video ads nix this version hatchibombotar
If you like to follow suit then this is the game for you 95 of the time your opponent leads off and probably 95 to 99 the opponent to your right makes trump Almost every Ace you or partner lead gets trumped but your opponent can lead an off suit Queen and it will go through         Definitely stacked against you 9💎
My partner and I rarely get the first deal in a game My partner frequently trumps my ace when the trick is mine My partner will not take the trick when I lead them lower trump when he called it and I know he has bigger All other three players call trump on crap and then get euchred More points scored on euchres than anything Very frustrating I ll be looking for a better app by someone who is more than a novice     Horrible joe4545454545
Would like to be able to see past hands Other than that Im glad I got this app                 Great
Great game Enjoy playing it My only suggestion complaint is that the other players never go alone regardless of how good their hand istoo easy to win sometimes              Almost perfect
Good app havent had any problems with it I have not played Euchre for a long time Im practicing to play with my family                 Good App
Ok went back to game and paid the 099USD to unlock the gameget rid of the darn adsand by doing sothe other items that had a dollar sign next to unlocked Apparently there is no store you can go to for additional purchases so seeing the word store is a bit misleading as you assume there is more content for purchase like with other vendors Mind youthe cost should still be clearly marked so technically this review is for 45 stars Would be great to have a little more content for pizazz and perhaps some music in the background otherwise great BTW the AI is SO realistic that I get mad at my parter on bids when shehe ends up getting us euchred for not having enough trump or by playing a little shoddy on a dealhand etc whereas shes great at some hands and can stumble a wee bit here and therevery lifelike and that is part of the appeal of the interface on this vendormaking it like real life after a sip or two 0                 OkI see
Im addicted Love this game                 Euchre Gold
Good game                 Me
Its not very good what I dont understand when an opponent decides on a suit it keeps asking me alone I would go alone maybe if I ordered himshe up Also it doesnt give a a great variety when customizing a name I dont think much thought went into the game     Euchre gold
I suppose this is as much as I could hope for in a virtual card game Unlike a game with real people theres no way to read your partner so it feels sort of robotic tossing out the cards and watching the game progress You dont have to think as much as a real game since the app kindly lights up which cards are available to go down preventing a renege But half the fun of a real game is stealing the deal and catching a renege so this doesnt quite satisfy my craving for euchre Also whats with the maker thing Ive never played with that terminology in Michigan              As good as virtual euchre can get
Best game Ive found Different options makes it fun and challenging                 Best Ive Found
Very happy with this app Great for killing a little time while waiting for my wife at the mall              App user
Most hands are unrealistic Whoever calls the suit has both jacks 90 of the time        Comparable
Nice way to pass some time                 Great game
Best single player game Ive found                 Good stuff
Like the title says this is the best readmost comprehensive in terms of varieties and rules euchre app Ive played Pros Four to six standard set varieties of euchre rules Custom option to build your own Smooth game play hasnt crashed on my phone Cons Cannot renege Minor variations unavailable Not really many cons except you learn to hate the AI and their assigned names Even your own teammate I love this app Note have not tried to connect with other players do not know how this part of the app functions                 Handsdown best free euchre app
Ok at first I was really liking this game Then after only having the app for a few days there is now a huge ad banner that cant be closed Basically it covers my partners hand it does not go away It also has the normal popup ads but that is to be expected from a free app It seems the huge ad banner across the top of the screen can only be removed by purchasing the app I think that is ridiculous APP DESIGNER REMOVE THE BANNER AD PLEASE           I would rate higher but
cool        i like it
I have been looking for a decent euchre game for game for sometime Ive tried several they all fail This is by far the best onetdate that I have found with realistic dealing Not always perfect camp but decent cards nevertheless              Best euchre for fee out there
Love the graphics The AI doesnt play stupid like other Euchre games I play this one more than the other games I have Still not sure about the second round of loner play              Plays well
Finally a good game of euchre Thanks                 Thanks
Way too many good hands dealt wboth bowers or all of one suit        Too predictable Not Random
While I might change a few things its the best euchre game out there in my opinion Its fast and it doesnt cheat My partner though is an idiot              Best euchre game
This game is fun and easy to play The only thing it needs is a tutorialteaching mode for those who havent play it before              Great game
Fun game but most of the time the opponent leads with the left Bauer which wouldnt happen in real life at least in my Euchre experience One of the best Euchre games Ive found online It would be even better if the scores can be enlarged like in the Hearts game              Euchre Gold
Unlike many others this game seems to deal fair It is clean and easy to use and keeps your interest              Pretty good app
Ive just learned to play the game and this game is great practice My friends are impressed with my playing I havent told them I practice this game daily Thanks Retired              Euchre Gold
There could be more to make this a really interesting game It is functional and allows me to try things I might not in a live game but definitely needs an undo feature in case I tap the wrong option              Options
I play it all the time                 An amazing game
Excellent                 Euchre
I like you can play a quick game to 5 but other than that it is not that good The plays it makes are ridiculous Example my partner deals I have the trick and he throws a bower and trumps me when he has other cards He does not have anything brilliant where he wants control This or he overtrumps me happens consistently Another plus would be to finish the hand when you have won 3 tricks but lost one Overall not that good but entertaining           Entertaining
Sometimes your partner makes some poor moves but other than that really solid Euchre app I would recommend              Great app
This is an improvement over Euchre 3d The AI players are much better I like that your AI partner seems to learn how you play and plays similar to you They only thing Ive noticed is that none of the AI players has ever gone alone when they have the hand to do so              Fun
When you need a euchre fix this is the game for you I also have the Hearts game and Oh Hell Actually pretty happy with all of them Computer players can be kinda dumb sometimes but for a free game I cant complain Im sure my computer partner thinks the same                 Pretty decent game
Great                 Euchre app
This game has so much potential but it keeps disconnecting when I have a score of 7 or above out of 10 Then Im cheated out of my points I dont know is screwing with me because it is happening 10 to 15 Games I play I play as often as 30 to 40 games a day Also when I play against others they disconnect if there score is low an mine an my partners is on the brink of winning This needs changed by not allowing the game to end for those who want to play it the end If I loose thats fine but when it just keeps on disconnecting it is so disappointing Please fix this cause I really enjoy playing        Constantly disconnecting before the games is finished
Very enjoyable game One problem is that most of the time when the opposition gets the bid they have both bowers This happens more as a rule than the exception              Colonel
Fun                 Fun
Like I said above Best euchre layout in the app market and very fun Definitely a 5 star game but the only reason it fell short is because it does not have multiplayer games              Best euchre layout in the app market
Was an Awesome game till ads started popping up then my as well delete game as I did        Ads ruin game
It is a nice program fun to play                 Goodone
Teaches the basics to a beginner           Fun Game
Love this game Works well No glitches                 Good fun
After playing several games a large banner across the top of the app block my partners card and the big chosen and whether or not she was the dealer It flashed a lot moved a lot and was very distracting So I deleted it     ADs so large annoying I deleted this app
I had to turn the speed all the way down but then it is a good speed Otherwise the game is great You can customize all the game settings for different rules Simply put it works well and looks clean              Good simple game
Pretty good interface smooth except that it crashes quite a bit and doesnt recover your current game Progressive ads you go a while without ads then it starts popping up ads over the top of the game then it starts covering the game with ads that have a very small cancel button at the top so you often go to the App Store and have to navigate back The ads become more and more intrusive maybe uninstalling and reinstalling would start the progression over again Good game otherwise           Good app a lot of ads
Nice game              Fun
I recommend this one because it has multiple versions of the game British North American 32 cards etc and isnt slowed down by the advertising like other apps                 review
Pretty good with some recent improvements              OK
As far as Euchre Apps are concerned it is comparable to the others that I have played Unfortunately Euchre Apps have a long way to go before they come close to simulating a real game If I had a real partner who played the way my partner in this game plays we would be in a knock down drag out fight before the first round was finished I would suggest that the developers of this App actually find people who know how to play Euchre and start over from that point     Unfortunately Euchre Apps have a long way to go
Like this game              Cards
I love this game Although sometimes I wish I could stop my partner from calling trump D                 Excellent

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