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Evernote , the publisher behind many iOS app (Skitch for iPad ,Evernote Food ,Evernote Scannable ,Evernote – stay organized ,Evernote ,Evernote Peek), brings Evernote with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Evernote app has been update to version 4.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • smooth seamless integration from computer to iPhone and vice-versa..
  • I use Evernote to add sermon notes during Bible study..
  • This app is a time saver and an organizer freaks dream..
  • Great way to keep track of everything and keep organized..
  • White board snapshot..

Overall Satisfactionc84
I think this is the best note taking app out there.
by far the best note taking app - until they updated it.
I love being able to access it across devices and on the internet.
I'm very frustrated by not being able to access Evernote on my iPhone.
Notes notes everywhere thanks Evernote your a businessman lifesaver.
No thanks Evernote.
I would highly recommend EverNote to help control volumes of data.
Can not recommend Evernote or Evernote premium in current state.
I love being able to sync lists and documents between computers and mobile devices.
Amazing product great for class notes.
I'll be going else where for my note taking needs.
deadlines and lists together in an amazingly useful fashion.
Fun & Engagingc84
evernote is awesome and it has simified my life.
Evernote is awesome I will never part with it.
Use Evernote all the time to keep track of my life.
I use Evernote all the time to remember everything.
I use this app on my iPhone called awesome note.
Evernote is an awesome note taking application.
Use it for everything from note taking to song writing.
Couldn't do without Evernote and it just keeps getting better.
Please sort it out Evernote.
Indispensable tool for someone like myself with a terrible memory.
even indispensable tool until the last few updates.
Evernote has become my essential tool for work and home.
Evernote is an essential part of my daily business routine.
use it nearly every day and I am not a power user.
Highly useful in everything you'd ever want.
deadlines and lists together in an amazingly useful fashion.
Production Valuesc51
Plus coordination with desktop application and web interface.
web interface and my Mac app- all in combination.
Updated: Absolutely love the new user interface.
but not 5 stars due to the new user interface.
Ease of Usec49
Well executed and great for work research and simple notes.
Great app for what it does - simple notes across platform.
Frustrating for simple note taking.
Evernote makes things super convenient and accessible.
Super convenient and highly productive tool.
I hit the password reset button in the e-mail.
Security & Privacyc60
Having access to my notes from anywhere is absolutely indispensable.
Latest update crashes on startup and I have no access to my notes.
- Very usable without having to pay for a Premium account.
The frequent " premium account upgrade" solicitation pop-ups are incredibly annoying.
I am enjoying the features: emailing things into my Evernote account.
It's just need a native password protection to be perfect.
there is no password protection to protect your private notes.
I hit the password reset button in the e-mail.
Updates & Supportc46
Customer service and technical support is top of the line.
Always great customer service and new additions to the app.
signing up for the Premium version is more than worth $5 per month.
Just wish there was a flat fee to pay for the premium version.
I paid for the premium version but it keeps crashing on iPhone 6.

I think this is the best note taking app out there. found in 1774 reviews
I use it for everything from shopping lists to presentation outlines. found in 237 reviews
great productivity tool con: employers might forbid the desktop file sharing. found in 147 reviews
Take meeting notes and link with whiteboard pictures. found in 226 reviews
the recent update to rich text formatting has downgraded that capability. found in 109 reviews
When I type the note scroll down and I can't see what I'm typing. found in 32 reviews
Great service but the text editor on the iPhone is terrible. found in 57 reviews
I'm canceling my premium subscription until this gets fixed. found in 62 reviews
I can no longer see what I'm typing. found in 58 reviews
The inability to change font size or color is frustrating. found in 20 reviews
Current version crashes when I try to delete a notebook. found in 40 reviews
Rich text editing and video capture would be a great added function. found in 305 reviews
Been using Evernote as a premium subscriber for years. found in 87 reviews
Latest version crashes immediately after loading on iPad 1. found in 20 reviews
Unfortunately Evernote still continues to crash too often creating great frustration. found in 87 reviews
I am unable to sync my notes to the server. found in 14 reviews
My only complaint is the lag when I open/ edit notes. found in 87 reviews
Another update and still spell check doesn't work. found in 61 reviews
Current review: Evernote NEEDS a hierarchical outline tool. found in 37 reviews
I'll be going else where for my note taking needs. found in 19 reviews
I do wish they would fix the double spacing issue. found in 26 reviews
Evernote crashes immediately after opening on iPad Mini. found in 35 reviews
I've tried deleting and reinstalling but still have same issue. found in 27 reviews
However the past two versions have been full of sync errors. found in 60 reviews
Superior Product but Customer Service Response is all "Bull". found in 88 reviews
Certain rich text notes become unsyncable - reporting Unknown Error u11. found in 144 reviews
There seems to be no obvious way to edit existing notes. found in 74 reviews
App kept telling me that there was no internet connection. found in 64 reviews
It's really frustrating i can't add new notebooks from my iPad. found in 303 reviews
You can not edit notes once you have saved them2. found in 87 reviews
it asks you to convert to plain text. found in 73 reviews
it continues to crash immediately after opening. found in 87 reviews
Latest update doesn't work on my iPhone 5s or iPad 2. found in 62 reviews
I'm trying another app and canceling my premium membership. found in 116 reviews
It still crashes especially when loading new notes from server. found in 316 reviews
I have been a premium subscriber for three years now. found in 87 reviews
Nice treat right after renewing the premium subscription. found in 62 reviews
there is no password protection to protect your private notes. found in 64 reviews
The iPhone app does not keep notes offline. found in 67 reviews
The current version of Evernote is continually crashing on my iPad. found in 141 reviews
No rich text editing = huge missing feature. found in 305 reviews

The Evernote is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.4 has been released on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Evernote in Evernote`s Official Website : http://www.evernote.com

Evernote turns the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into an extension of your brain, helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it ...
It takes the idea of a journal or scribble on a napkin to the stratosphere 6 stars                 Best app for writers lyricists
Ive been using it for years and I continue to find uses for it I like that they listen to concerns and fix bugs pretty quickly too                 I cant live without Evernote
I kept hearing about Evernote from sources I respected What it took to really get going was spending an hour searching for a misfiled paper in my cabinet Never again Thanks Evernote team                 Commit to implementing
Latest review Sep 2015 Still relevant and loving this app Business cards camera is intuitive and works well One of my best value app Review from 2013 Downloaded this years back and I still have pretty much my whole life on it To accommodate multiple ideas and random notes in one app is a great feat Do not belittle this ambitious app that could encapsulate everything you want your brain to remember but cant If anything one star for shrinking my brain since I dont have to keep it inbtw TEMPO is another well thought out app TRY IT              What is with the crap reviews
I love Evernote I use it to organzine anything from classes at University to different departments I am involved in at work to even my personal morning journal I highly recommend it and my only complaint is that spell check doesnt work on my iPad especially when I have a bluetooth keyboard plugged in                 Very useful tool
I use this app all the time to track information and store photos of documents I may need to print out in the future One of the five most useful apps ever                 Most Useful
I love Evernote Food Please dont let it go away                 Evernote Food
Everything I do runs through Evernote Incredible                 Evernote is life
This is what I use everyday to store information and tasks I prefer to just use it 95 of the time on the iPhone and 5 on the desktop It can be adapted to whatever PIM Personal Information Management needs one has Eventually EN needs to fix the issue crashingwith the camera capture feature which had dragged on for many months now Other than that its very good              Practical Adaptable Tool
From the complaints posted Evernote andor Apple have a problem processing things to allow for the upgrade to take place This should not be happening for companies of this caliber I like Evernote as a product but taking your money and not delivering a productcome on     Upgrade wont process
It is the best online storage Ive found to date                 Great storage
Crashes on start on iOS 84 iPhone 4S Fix it     Crashes
Love Evernote Well supported and works with many other apps                 Brain on Steroids
I use it to keep track of reading and writing ideas                 Awesome app for organizing ideas and info
Please dont release updates without testing them more The latest business card improvement isnt robust and the other day I had a seriously problem after upgrading in which I lost my key TO DO Note permanently              Evernote is my life blood BUT
Love it but not happy that you hv to pay monthly rate to upgrade to premium if you want your information saved and syncd to your other devices              Love it
I absolutely love Evernote but the app has a few annoying bugs that make it difficult to use while Im taking notes in class Mostly its the cutcopypaste functions that break a lot of the time              Almost perfect but not quite
Im a huge fan of google drive for almost everything but when it came down to taking and keeping notes Evernote is far better since I have so many files and have to predestinate where each file is put as I create it Evernote is much quicker in this respect and it helps keep myself organized Great job on the app guys                 Best Note Taking App
Once you get the hang of this app it really helps get you organized I use it daily and I am retired so can only imagine how helpful it would be if I were still working full time                 Evernote
The one and only note that i am using since i used my phonegreat and smoothly it worksvery handy appsloved it                 Note aLive
My favorite organizer                 Great Organizer
I love accessing and organizing all my thoughts notes etc between multiple devices What did I do before Evernote Only negative theyre getting a bit pushy for me to upgrade to Premium Very happy with all else how it helps immensely in my business and personal life                 Integral to my lifestyle
You cant change the tiny font All those features and omit font size Someone messed up Bye bye Evernote        Font folly
Im a big fan I have been using Evernote for years I feel the iOS app is the best app over all platforms And it just keeps getting better                 Awesome sauce
Change devices get the app and keep your notes Thats been my favorite part New computer new tablet new mobile same notes without effort to keep it all synchronized                 Notes that follow you
I enjoy using this app for my business                 Great product
Great omnipresent software                 Awesome
Love this With Evernote Im essentially creating my own personal Wikipedia filing everything away that Ill want to come back and reference frequently My only complaint is that I wish it had a better task management todo organizer              Awesome App
Ive been using the free version of Evernote for a couple of years now and find that I cant live without it Its such a great enhancement to productivity and creativity to have the ability to jot down a note or idea with whatever device youve got handy and then have what you wrote available to you later on another device Im running Evernote on two Macs one PC one iPhone and one iPad and I can seamlessly go between all devices to grab the content I need Simple brilliant and so helpful                 I cannot live without this Evernote
Best Business App that I have ever used                 Best Business App
I think that the possibilities of this app could be vastly improved if the people at Evernote were to put in an option to draw a picture along with typed notes Like if your listening and taking notes on a lecture and want to add in a rough sketch of the concept at hand in the same note           Good app but I have a suggestion
Im using this app for most everything I do that requires me to write a note to myself or to make a list Ive found it especially useful for capturing information on webpages                 Functional and useful
Evernote is a great multiplatform program designed for groups or individuals wanted a more creative interface for their planning and creating And Evernote does that well Well enough for four stars Better than most I have seen But the reason I gave them the fifth star is because I am 100 confident that they are giving 110 to improving their product to better fit their users So the fifth star is because Evernote is a brand I can trust and invest in Buying the premium version was completely worth it                 Why I didnt give them only four stars
best                 best
I use this everyday religiously Awesome                 Great App
Use it for work and home on PC Mac and iPhone                 The catchall note taking app
Find new uses for it everyday                 Helps me stay organized
Evernote has been an essential tool of my every day life for years now However it is just annoying enough that I still keep an eye on the ever evolving alternatives out there Evernotes evolution seems to be driven more by what the company wants rather than by what users want For example no one I know wants to chat with other Evernote users via Evernote a feature Evernote always pushes but everyone I know wants a better way to integrate on screen drawing with our typed notes in Evernote Still nothing I also wish Evernote would pause a moment from building features we dont want and spend some time fixing bugs and improving the consistency of the UI for existing features Most of all I wish Evernote would put more thought into synchronization between devices The most annoying and time consuming bug we put up with in Evernote is fixing our note documents from sync conflicts              Annoying but handy
Use it everyday to keep track everything Its hard to create apps that work well and dont get in the way of what you want to do Evernote is a goto app for organizing my life                 Most used app after email
Not much else to say Use the Secret Weapon System Google it or Michael Hyatts blogging on Evernote and take it from there Ive used Evernote for years and it just keeps getting better                 My most frequently used app
I absolutely love this app The fact that all of my notes writings web articles etc are all synced across all of my devices is amazing and awesome I log onto Evernotecom and work from my laptop log into the app on my iPhone or log into the app on my iPad I pay for the extra storage space each month and it is most definitely worth it I do everything in Evernote and absolutely love its versatility If you are not using Evernote I have a question for you why not                 Superior App Superior Service
I organize everything from work to personal with this app and couldnt be happier                 Love Evernote and the app
With the new Apple announcement this app will even be better than ever                 Keep on evolving
Clean versatile and organized mobile notebook my favorite notebook the only one                 Very good
I love all the things you can do with this app Evernote is also steadily providing updates that improve the app The only issue I have had is syncing issues It has cliched on me before when I am typing and I get cut off with an unable to sync type of message and loose my progress Since I know right away I am able to make my notes in a Word document and copy and paste them to as denote later Its just a pain I would like to see an update where you can make your note and its viewable on the device you are using for entry even when it is not syncing over the cloud A message notifying you of this issue is a must Once you get back within range of a good data signal or the syncing issue is resolved at that point your notes should be synced in the Evercloud any at that point viewable across all devices           Awesome functionality not always the most consistently reliable
Ive been using Evernote premium for years and cant possibly say enough good things about it to showcase my admiration and appreciation I use it to journal while my son plays golf I use it to save memories when our family travels I use it for work shared notebooks with coworkers I used the reminders to remind me to check into Southwest Airlines exactly 24 hours before my flights for boarding priority I use it to store my Moms list of medications for her doctor visitsand thats just the short list of how amazingly useful the app is Download it todayI promise you that it will make your life better                 Cant live without it
I have this on every device and its a crucial part of implementing a GTD system to finally get myself organized                 Crucial
When used in conjunction with Scannable I can operate away from my desk with almost no paper needed Having it show up in the Today section of the notification section makes using it so fast                 As Paperless As Possible
Why do I have to tap the screen so many times to get a simple blank text note Addendum minus another star And Im tired of hitting what looks like a search bar on the mobile app only to find out its some reminders link        Userunfriendly
I have been using this app for a couple of years and have really enjoyed it I love having different folder so I can organize all of my notes recipes plans etc However several months ago there was an update and after that I could no longer access anything on the app will out wifi I found out that in order to access my notes while offline required a MONTHLY plan I was ready willing to pay for a one time app upgrade to allow me access whenever I want but I am not paying for access on a monthly basis           No more offline use

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