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The Lampo Group Incorporated , the publisher behind many iOS app (Ramsey Events ,FinancialPeace ,Smart Money Events ,The Baby Steps ,Ramsey Stickers ,EveryDollar), brings EveryDollar with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. EveryDollar app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the perfect budget tool for us..
  • very easy to track your spending habits and budget for the month..

Overall Satisfactionc51
the Dave Ramsey team for creating an exceptional product and free.
Way better then mint or any other budgeting app out there.
This is the perfect budget tool for us.
So much better than Mint.
I recommend this program to everyone.
I love that you can customize the categories.
Security & Privacyc11
Updates & Supportc54

Some of you people amaze me. found in 1 reviews
A slight learning curve as in anything new. found in 1 reviews
I'm a longtime Dave Ramsey fan and love this new tool
My wife and I track our budget in real time. found in 1 reviews
It syncs across all my devices and my wife's as well. found in 1 reviews
keeps you aware. found in 1 reviews
1. found in 1 reviews
and excel spreadsheets work okay. found in 3 reviews
Helping me hit my goals. found in 1 reviews
we can both update it throughout the month from our phones. found in 2 reviews
Love the control this provides me. found in 1 reviews
THE answer for periodic bills. found in 1 reviews
The point is to pay attention and manage your money. found in 2 reviews
I like the way you can drag and drop transactions. found in 6 reviews
It is a tool to replace a pen and paper budget. found in 1 reviews
On a scale of 1 to 10 this app is a 10. found in 1 reviews
whatever…even towards that car I want to pay CASH for in 2 years. found in 1 reviews
I was happy when Dave made the announcement yesterday. found in 1 reviews
if you're not following Dave's plan. found in 1 reviews
It's annoying that there is no option to remember my username online. found in 1 reviews
Logging out and back in fixes the issue. found in 1 reviews
Great improvements but needs a balance indicator. found in 1 reviews
but honestly it's quite hypocritical to charge this much. found in 1 reviews
This app is currently unusable for me. found in 1 reviews
Mint sadly still wins. found in 1 reviews
Needs bug fixing. found in 1 reviews
It just spins and gives an error message. found in 1 reviews
just the launch screen. found in 1 reviews
But Needs Some Adjustments. found in 1 reviews
this app is extremely buggy and needs a LOT of improvement. found in 1 reviews
Good idea horrible buggy useless ap. found in 1 reviews
I can't edit budget categories on the app. found in 2 reviews
but if you make extra payments towards debt during the month. found in 2 reviews
It keeps saying " Error loading budget" and " Error loading transactions. found in 3 reviews
It keeps saying "Error loading budget" and " Error loading transactions. found in 3 reviews
Before this most recent update I was able to login to the app. found in 7 reviews
otherwise the trial will be cancelled and we'll go back to mint. found in 6 reviews
I also just canceled my free bank sync trial. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download EveryDollar for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2015-02-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
More Info: Find more info about EveryDollar in The Lampo Group Incorporated`s Official Website : http://everydollar.com

EveryDollar Account Required. Get one for FREE at EveryDollar.com After you have created your account and started your budget at EveryDollar.com, download this app to help you stay on top of your budget. We automatically sync ...
This app works great for my family Im glad to find an app that is this user friendly                 Works Great
This app works like my brain works So its just so intuitive to me Plus its the best looking app Ive used Just two recommendation 1 Let people sign up through the app instead of having to go through the browser 2 Add Apple Watch support Id love nothing more than to put each transaction into each budget item on my wrist                 Best budget app Ive ever used
EveryDollar has effectively ended my quest for an easy way to realize I invest most of my money and time but thats another app in Netflix and food Having such unique interests and a lack of a car car expenses a mortgage etc means that being able to easily manipulate titles and truly personalize my budget to my lifestyle is invaluable I finally have a simple way to keep track of where my money is going plan for a month where I need extra money to buy gifts for my friends who feel the need to have birthdays at the same time and avoid simply not eating for a week to afford things Thank you for this app And thank you for making a free version that is actually helpful and isnt just aploy to get someone to buy the betterfunctioning version You are allstars Keep it up                 The next best thing to actually being handed money
Worked great on 5s but cant enter the app with my new phone     Stopped working on 6s
Ive tried several times to sign up with no success Ive deleted the app reloaded it and no luck There is no help tab so I guess Im out of luck     Cant sign up
This app is wonderful and so easy to use My husband and I have been struggling to get back on a budget because of the whole cash envelopes They just didnt work for us BUT this does You can add transactions as you go So as soon as buy something we can enter into our budget and it deducts it immediately If you are on a budget and have a spouse and want to work together as a team to develop good spending habits this is perfect If you are single this is a perfect app too It is just so spot on and so glad DR caught up with the times and realized how many people use their check card                 Awesome
Cannot register or sign in to the app Have tried multiple times and rest my password     Forbidden 403 error
App works great on my phone but it crashes on my wifes phone so I am unable to test syncing If we can get it working on her phone then Ill increase the rating Also is there a way to addedit envelope categories I see that they can sort but I cannot figure out how to add or edit categories just envelopes themselves Thanks        Great for me crashes for wife
This is a great budget app to monitor your spending and keep you on track for your spending goals Were currently using the free version since we just started in August However my wife and I have encountered a couple bugs It often times is slow to load your spend lines and can leave you guessing if you put an expense in Not too bad as it will eventually load after scrolling the screen or initiating a refresh but we encountered the worst bugglitch so far when we swapped to Oct When Oct 1 hit it prompted me to start a new month by copying over Sept budget I thought great lets do that Dont do that apparently it wasnt saving the adjustments my wife and I were doing from our phones in the app throughout September Oct was created and it had none of our added variables in it And as everyone should know no budget is perfect so we were refining pretty often Best guess is it hadnt saved since Sep 1st Gets worse though as it also reset Sep to day 1 so now we cant even reference back to recall the changes we made throughout the month If these bugsglitches get fixed Im sure they will as Dave usually surrounds himself with a great team Id give this app a 5 star rating and even be willing to upgrade to the pay version Has that much potential Hope this assists the devs           Great App but
It really is easy                 Easy
Love this app Ive been a longtime Dave Ramsey fan but when I discovered another budgeting system with an app I bought it Then this one came out and I tried the free version Its very user friendly and does exactly what its supposed to Thank you for offering it for free                 Every Dollar is accounted for
I downloaded this app because it said I could sign up for EveryDollar in the app you cant and that the app is fully functional it isnt There isnt an option to create an account in the app you can only sign in after creating a login on the website I was able to do this via Safari on my iPhone 5c After creating my account I had to verify it by email standard practice I then had to download the app in order to use EveryDollar I could not access the website any farther from my phone I signed into the app but couldnt create a budget in the app I was directed back to the website but couldnt create a budget there either because it doesnt support mobile browsers The EveryDollar help page states theyre working on it Bottom line you have to have a computer to set up everything before you can use EveryDollar This is extremely inconvenient and the reason for the 1 star rating     Must have computer to set up
It worked great for ios8 I upgraded and now it just says Tap to unlock No matter how much I tap it kill and restart the app it does nothing           The app doesnt work in ios9 at all
I like most other people tried using spreadsheets to do my monthly budget before I found this app But that just got to be too tedious and it wasnt portable which isnt very convenient for me Then I decided to give EveryDollar a chance after hearing about it on the Dave Ramsay show and I am so glad I did I really like most everything about this budgeting software especially how you can copy your previous months budget for the next month because it makes it easier to tweak a few small things here and there as opposed to writing out a completely new budget every month The only thing I wish would be improved is the ability to move and rearrange budget groups Hopefully that will be coming in a new update Other than that its a great app for anyone              Love this budgeting app
This app has not only changed my life but countless others that I see and know everyday I love that I can change add transactions and even labels on the app Im so thankful for Dave Ramsey and his great team for making this app happen                 Radical
Its nice having mobile access to see whats remaining in the buckets we have made One missing feature is seeing a funds goal I havent had to use that on a phone yet but I now need to know what it is              Really nice app
By using this app and only by using this app was I able to make monthly budgets this saving thousands after giving EVERY DOLLAR a name                 SAVED ME THOUSANDS
Does exactly what it says It is a nice simple expense tracking tool The key is to set up your budget on primary computer such as laptop and then the mobile version is ready to go Ive tried other budget toolsbut this one has worked best for me                 Awesome
I love this app I find myself checking it every day It works flawlessly and its interface is super user friendly Oh and did I mention its free Unless you use the auto download bank option which I dont then its 100 bucks per year I believe The free version is better than my old PAID app that I used to have If you are serious about budgeting and want to see where every dollar goes then you have to use this                 A must have
Id like to give an honest review on the app itself but I cant get my email verified to sign up     Cant Sign Up
Over the years my wife and I have tried many different budgeting tools From spreadsheets to Quicken we would spend a lot of time setting them up but over time we would never really actually use them They were at home on the desk or computer the next month would come and the effort required to set up the next months budget was not worth the time those tools were just not practical With everydollar we both have the app on our phones can log in from any computer in our house and it was so quick to make our budget Because our phones are always with us we both continuously update the budget every time we spend money It has now been 3 12 months and we are still using this budget tool Finally we are both working together to stay on budget                 Simple and quick and we actually use it
App crashed on the last day of the month and erased all the transactions NO customer service or helpful FAQ or troubleshooting Try to get app support from the App Store and it takes you to the website No help there Very disappointed DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP WILL NOT LET YOU POST A 1 star review so I put 5 stars so you might read this and know how horrible this app is There is no way that nickname Auserlilyflower12982 is already in use                 Hate it Crashes
Horrible app Doesnt allow anyone to add themselves as a user Spend your time on better designed apps After I spent time on the website and not the app I was able to create a user ne and password So annoying to not do that in the actual app After that and finally signing in the actual app I received a message to log into my computer to upload my budget Are you kidding me Anyone with any tech sense knows its all done from apps on tablets at this point and no one logs into computers So disappointed Again     Horrible app
Thanks for producing such a great product So simple and easy to use makes budgeting fun                 Great App
This service is 99 year The support is horrid The app shows little to no information about each transaction The app is designed well but I was very unhappy with customer service which I did not expect from Daves company We are going back to MINT since its free and works better for us It doesnt sync for weeks sometimes there is NO way to export your data or view it in reporting We asked for a prorated refund after 4 months of trying to make it work and were basically told too bad you paid it Now I have to try and fix the 4 month gap in our history VERY DISSAPOINTED        Not worth the money Bad customer service
Piece of junk Dont waste your time     Lousy
This is amazing I was so sick of trying to plan my spending on paper this app makes a monthly budget easier and faster than anything I have used before Highly recommend It may take a while to get the hang of it but it has made my life so much easier and I even have more fun money now because I know what is being spent where ahead of time                 Best App I have ever used
This is a must have app Every dollar is the best app to help build a budget eliminate debt and build your financial future of wealth The app is easy to navigate and use Great job well done to Dave and the everydollar team                 Amazing
Right in step with the baby steps                 User friendly
Great App Love Dave Ramseys principles The only thing this app is missing is the ability to roll over budget items not used ie Our fun budget we dont use all of every month and so we like to save it for big purchases                 Very Easy To Use
Would like to get started but cant register thru email Have tried several times to register Deleted and downloaded again the app only to find same problem     Cant register
This app is fantastic for syncing transactions with my husband After trying out many free budgeting apps this is by far the best one out there You do have to set up your budget initially on your computer but once you do that you can manage everything from your phone Since I use mostly cash I dont find it a big deal to have to enter the transactions on my own Thanks Dave for an amazing FREE app                 Love this app
Couldnt register pls fix it the app looks great     Super disappointing
This is the best budget app Im using it for 6 months now and loving it                 Best budget app
Great app for budgeting Dave Ramsey made it easy for us                 Budget made easy
Having a budget gives me and my husband peace of mind because we tell our money where to go Its empowering and exciting to see the progress weve made and this app makes it all of this easy Definitely an app I trust and would recommend to anyone                 Keep it coming Thank you
This application is simple and works well enough However the inability to automatically categorize transactions is awful It wastes my time to manually categorize the same transactions month after month Its a basic feature and we should have the choice to turn it on or off I wont be using it for this reason alone           Almost right
Ive used this for two months so far and I love it I am already so much more aware of where our money is going I use the free version because I like manually entering my transactions so I FEEL where my money has gone I love being able to add transactions on my phone and am looking forward to an iPad version                 Great app
This is a great budget app The few things that I would like to see is some more instructions on how to use the app Maybe a longer tutorial i would also like to see a way to erase a month that you copied from another month Minor things like that Thanks Dave Ramsey for helping us budget              Great app few improvements
Have yet to see a budgeting app as good as this one                 Awesome
Fantastic app Really helps my wife and I to be on the same page Really easy to use and wonderful for keeping us on track with our spending                 Every dollar
Used to work on iOS 8 but doesnt seem to work on iOS 9        Doesnt work on iPhone 6s Plus
I tried every budgeting tool without success then I found everydollar This app is easy effective and intuitive If you need a budget use everydollar                 The easiest and most effective budgeting tool
Ive tried lots of budgeting apps and finally resigned myself to a spreadsheet I created for the purpose But that was clunky tweaks took time and I couldnt easily carry it with me Every Dollar has changed all that not only helps me stay in line with my budget but also helps me track my savings goals                 Awesome and keeps getting better
Never got past the setup     Forbidden 403 error
My wife and I had just gotten married and were trying to make a budget so we knew where our money was going and why it seemed like we never had enough We tried multiple apps and spreadsheets including Mint but it took the responsibility off of us so we never really used it This app is the best budgeting app because it helps you easily create a zero based budget and you have to manipulate and add transactions yourself This app had allowed my wife and I pay off about 18000 and were on our way to financial peace Thank you Dave Ramsey team for making this app and allowing us to use it for free It has changed our lives PS Exited for an iPad version sometime in the future                 Best Budgeting App Out There
We have been in Daves Plan since 2007 We have always gone back to excel as other apps focus too much on debt and not enough on budgeting I would like to see some improvements like auto assignments for recurring vendor transactions and incorporating sinking fund goals for major purchases Also if we could see asset tracking for retirement goals incorporated that would be fabulous Overall the budget is what got us out of debt and that part is simple and perfect                 Finally the FPU friendly app
You dont need to be a Dave Ramsey fan to use this budget tool I have been trying for years to find an app to budget on my phone It is always with me so that makes more sense than a paper source which may be left behind This is the first app that has worked the way I intuitively want to budget The interface is very attractive and user friendly It is also free which makes this an even easier decision We have had a long journey to becoming debt free This app came out just as we were starting our last and biggest debt We are moving faster than I had ever hoped we could and will finish 5 months prior to our most optimistic projections The web interface of Every Dollar is how we do our budget and I use the mobile app to keep track of spending Thank you so much You really are changing lives We will be debt free in February 2015                 This is the one
So easy to use All you need to do is input the numbers                 Easy to use
I cannot believe this app is free Ive been wanting Daves budgeting system forever My husband and I both had it on our phones and update the envelopes when we spend allowing us almost no chance to fail to track spending especially on GEM I took down a star only because it has a tendency to stall or crash Not often though perhaps it is when they are updating              Excellent service

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