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Evite, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Evite Photo Booth ,Evite PartyBooth ,Evite Instant Gifts ,Evite), brings Evite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Evite app has been update to version 1.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Along with spur of the moment questions "how many kids "..
  • User friendly and a convenient interface with iPhone calendar..
  • Somewhat limited options compared to full online site..
Overall Satisfactionclick me58
The add to calendar feature is great - even adds address and details.
I love being able to see all my upcoming events so quickly and easily.
So perfect for making party planning easy and hassle free.
Thanks evite for keeping track of life for me.
Does the job better than the mobile website.
Crappy but better than the mobile website.
Fun & Engagingclick me68
I use evite all the time and now that there's an evite app.
Evite is awesome and such a life saver.
Mobile Evite is awesome for a busy mom.
Usefulnessclick me71
Saves time by rsvp'ing on app vice wwbsite.
It saves time and it's great in the GO.
I find this app very easy to use and helpful.
This app is easy to use and helpful.
Very nice that you can keep track of everything.
keeps track of everything that I need it to do.
Very useful and convenient.
Family Friendlyclick me28
Kids Birthday party invites.
Three kids birthday party's.
Along with spur of the moment questions "how many kids ".
Social Aspectsclick me30
Like remove names too not just invite more.
however when I want to invite more guests.
Spend just minutes improving your social life.
They have a busier social life than me.
Like the app for tracking the social calendar.
Declutter your mind and social calendar.
Ease of Useclick me59
Makes it do easy to respond quickly & check changes w/a click.
I am trying to respond and have a constant pop up.
Easy to RSVP and update unlike using Internet via phone.
It only allows you to RSVP with total number of guests.
Easy to use especially since they added Comments to Reply section.
The streamlined interface makes it super easy to plan events.
Super convenient to check status of guests.
evite for iphone makes it easy to send and manage invitations on the go.
So easy breezy.
I had no problem creating the invitation- that was easy breezy.
Nice simple app - could use a lil upgrade.
Too irritating for me on such a simple app.
Reliabilityclick me20
Ads not Intrusiveclick me15
Security & Privacyclick me23
Updates & Supportclick me51
Easy to use app that makes responding to invites very convenient.
Thanks for making it easy to create and respond to evites.
When I log on to evite thru safari it's fine.
Need an iPad version :.
Internet version is better.


Evite for
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
makes it easy to create and manage Evite invitations on the go. Use your iPhone to create invitations, manage guestlists, RSVP to invitations and receive realtime notifications for updates to invitations, new comments and Guest RSVPs.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Evite for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.3 MB to download. The new Evite app version 1.3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Evite check developer Evite, Inc.`s website :

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The streamlined interface makes it super easy to plan events. found in 29 reviews
Easy as 123. found in 3 reviews
I only really use this app to manage events and RSVP. found in 8 reviews
Handy dandy. found in 3 reviews
I depend on this to stay organized with any event. found in 6 reviews
Very nice that you can keep track of everything. found in 4 reviews
Easy to use and really helps me keep track of events and attendees. found in 12 reviews
otherwise convenient money and time saver. found in 15 reviews
Great for checking for updates quickly. found in 3 reviews
Nice way to keep social events at hand. found in 5 reviews
Allows me to multi task and get things done. found in 3 reviews
and love the app as an extension of the website. found in 3 reviews
So perfect for making party planning easy and hassle free. found in 36 reviews
Excellent App that makes party planning easier than ever. found in 35 reviews
Great way to check status of guests while away from computer. found in 5 reviews
A little quirky. found in 2 reviews
Love keeping track of whose coming to the parties right at my fingertips. found in 6 reviews
Party girl. found in 3 reviews
but love the convenience of being able to quickly check invites. found in 9 reviews
Every time I try to add guests the app crashes and closes. found in 425 reviews
Cannot invite more guests to pre-created invitation from computer. found in 129 reviews
Daylight savings time issue shows incorrect time. found in 38 reviews
Biggest issue is that it crashes when you try to invite more guests. found in 214 reviews
An improvement would be the ability to send messages to guests. found in 47 reviews
This app crashes every time I try to invite guests. found in 133 reviews
The time issue on iPhones is unacceptable. found in 38 reviews
Tried several times to add contacts and the app crashes everytime. found in 32 reviews
- Unable to reply to messages. found in 50 reviews
but no add to calendar which is what I really wanted. found in 75 reviews
Have 3 upcoming events and all show incorrect time. found in 55 reviews
Every time I click " invite more guests " the app closes. found in 129 reviews
Very difficult to use contacts from my address book. found in 42 reviews
Every time I try to invite people to my event it closes the application. found in 133 reviews
Clicking the "add to calendar " button does absolutely nothing. found in 92 reviews
Cannot make even basic guest list changes with this app. found in 152 reviews
Please fix the issue with the event times not showing correctly. found in 62 reviews
Incorrect times are displayed for events via the app. found in 53 reviews
Crashes every time I try to add guests and gives me other random error. found in 425 reviews
When I try to add guests it crashes and deletes my invite. found in 425 reviews
-Not iPhone 5 compatible
I can't create a new evite without it crashing. found in 29 reviews
I am trying to respond and have a constant pop up. found in 73 reviews
which has no " desktop version " link. found in 32 reviews
I can't make any edits nor can I and messages to guests. found in 47 reviews
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The new app does not have an intuitive way to get to the event details We had many people asking about the details of the event Currently you need to click the event picture and it simply opens another window that looks just like the event picture To get to event details you need to unintuitively click the Activity button in the lowerright corner and then the event details will display above the RSVP updates and other info Love Evite but the app needs work          Not intuitive to get to event details
Great app very convenient to manage invites from app works fast without problems Prefer list view to go over invites took couple of clicks to figure how effectively manage invite Love that can add guests from contact list                Great app
Tried multiple times and invitations were never successfully sent from mobile    Was not able to invite guests on mobile
This app is terrible It doesnt let you manage your invite like you can on the web Right now via the app it states I have one guest attending my event and its ME On the web its showing 30 yes to the event Good luck trying to add any new guests from the app Disappointing       painful
I sent an evite with important details and found out that most of my invites did not see my invite details and I was not able to understand that peoples comments are under activities          Invite details and comments are hidden
Love that I can send and manage my Evite on the go and not have to rely on just my computer Awesome designs and pretty easy to create and reply to evites                Easy and convenient
This app is light years ahead of what the old app was Much easier to maneuver and exactly what I need to know at the click of a button Great job Evite                Evite has stepped up
Ive new using Evite for years The interface is easy to use and integration with phone contacts makes it easy to plan events within minutes Highly recommend             Easy Evite App
I downloaded the mobile app for iPhone because I couldnt edit my event via the website When I wanted to edit the guest list I wasnt allowed to do so without sending out the invite This is an obvious flaw that needs to be fixed There were people on the list that were automatically carried over from my contacts that I hadnt intentionally selected and I couldnt remove them without sending the evite out I wasnt even allowed to view the guest list without sending it first Otherwise the app is easy to use       Guest list edit needs work
Id give it no stars if I could App crashes upon opening No amount of restarting app or phone fixes it    Update needs an update
You cant add to calendar easily Its add the event as s full day not the location Not helpful You can no longer request to be updated when other guests RSVP       Not happy with new download
Adding guests is working soooo much better now No more crashing every time I add an email address                Much improved
great app and easy to use loving the updates especially the photo upload function                5 stars
Great                Great
I had a draft evite created at home 90 completed now Im on a trip and I cant send it out It tells me the evite I created needs to be edited from the web then I exit the app and login via my browser and it tells me it cant be edited from a mobile device Then I thought ok it only has one typo Ill send it out anyway and it doesnt look like I can    Cant use this
So I just updated my app and in the new version there is no longer an option to add the event to your calendar Bye bye iCal option I will miss you Guess Im now expected to memorize the event date time address and notes then type all the details into my iPhone This is terribleEven the emails dont contain the event details Whats up with that    iCal option is gone
Good                Easy free
After completing the required fields on my evite I selected contacts to send the invitations to but invitations were never sent I tried twice from two different mobile devices Their support consists only of selecting what the problem might be and my problem was not included    Invitations were not sent from the app
Loving the update                Easy
Its hard to find event details Its hard to RSVP This is going to make planning events a nightmare    I used to love the app but the new changes are awful
I dont normally take the time to write reviews but Im so impressed with the latest evite update I felt I had toFinally I can do the entire evite from my phone I used to have to go to the PC to properly manage guests and updatesAll the great features may not be easy to see at first but within a minute of tapping around I had it figured out Love it Very well thought out Give your design team a bonus And I can actually see what the evite looks likeThanks                Love the new update
Much more user friendly than previous versions             Much Improved
I like the interface the design looks good but you cant see the message that you have put on the invitation to your guests isnt that an important feature to have       cant see message
Love how easy it is to send evites from my phone now The only glitch Ive noticed so far is my address book isnt complete on the mobile version                Love the mobile
I love the new update well done Evite This app just keeps getting better and better and I use it for all my event planning needs Id definitely recommend checking this app out Evite is on a roll                Evite app is awesome
Supposedly this version lets you see event details more easily All it does is the first time you tap the Event Details button it flips the card and automatically shows you the detailed description Once you close it you can never get to it again The Event Details button only flips the card to show the address which is already on the front of the card and time which always shows as null Nice try Evite but still a ways to go       Event details still hard to find
Dislike the updates Bring back the old app Dont like the cards or the way the whole thing is laid out Its not nearly as intuitive as the old version    Bad update
Love that it accessed my contact list in my phone I invited almost 85 people easily                Easy to use and robust
Love that the list view is back and that I can now easily find my event details Nice job                Great update
Just used this app last week it worked great There are a lot of cool new features the photo upload and sharing was a hit at the event                Love the new updates
Cool App created my account and sent invites in a few minutes                Easy to use
It would be even better if I could add events to my calendar like on the web version          Cant add to calendar
Love the new version                GREAT APP Great update
So glad that you guys chose to make these updates to the app Much more user friendly and nicer to look at The graphics are beautiful Cant imagine why someone would have trouble using this                Much better experience
Simple and easy Love checking my guest lists while on the go                Evite on the go
How do I love thee Let me count the waysI love thee to the depth and breadth and heightMy soul can reach when feeling out of sightFor the ends of being and ideal graceI love thee to the level of every daysMost quiet need by sun and candlelightI love thee freely as men strive for rightI love thee purely as they turn from praiseI love thee with the passion put to useIn my old griefs and with my childhoods faithI love thee with a love I seemed to loseWith my lost saints I love thee with the breathSmiles tears of all my life and if God chooseI shall but love thee better after death                Oh Evite app how do I love thee
This app is amazing So many choices and categories it was hard to choose my baby shower invite theme This app is ingenious and I HIGHLY recommend it Download this right now                LOVE LOVE LOVE
Love it so much better                Love it
Event details are missing We I open event details via app it just gives the address Details for party are missing unless I log in online Also can see past parties anymore Very annoying       Events Details are missing
Fast beautiful easy to create And photos and comments too                Great update The app Evite users have been waiting for
I am currently the host of a party for which I sent an evite I had been tracking the attendees on the app After the update however I can no longer tell who is coming and who isnt The display shows a nameless circle without even an email address attached I used the app for ease and convenience so now its frustrating to have to log into the full site on my laptop Ugh Fix the bugs please    Update is terrible
Nice update It was simple and quick to create my evite                Love it
Is there a way to back to the traditional list view for events This stack of cards looks fancy and all but isnt particularly useful    Needs a list view
I like this app seems pretty intuitive to me Easy to do my big or small parties and keep track of everyone in one place                Good app for coordinating my groups
Cant comment on receiving Evites but sending one was so simple Seems simpler than the desktop version                Easier drafting
You create it and thats it Other people have to download app to view Cant just save it and send it as a text Limited options Cant even upload your own photo Not useful at all    So dumb
This app is great                Great new app
I cant save new events to my calendar The app doesnt show up apps that have requested access to calendar under settings How can I add the events directly from the app Thx          App No longer working properly since last update
OkI take it all back This update fixed several issues I just complained about one of the most annoying ones being the list view BAM Its back And a great implementation of it too Keeps the prettiness of the card but with the quick high useful capability of the List View Well done                List view is back
Sent an invite in literally 5 minutes adding 10 new emails Wow This is amazing The evites style and designs are sleek and the formats were super easy to fill and send                Super easy


Social Networking
Evite, Inc.
4.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Evite 1.3.1 Mobile

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