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Chintan Ghate , the publisher behind many iOS app (CodeHorizon ,Falcon ,Exporter ,Origin ,Falcon Notes), brings Exporter with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Exporter app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Exporter for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 2525806, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Exporter app version 1.3 has been updated on 2016-04-18.
Bottom Line: For more information about Exporter check developer Chintan Ghate`s website : http://falcon.star-lord.me/exporter/

Export notes from Notes.app - Notes are converted to markdown & store in plaint-text format. - Creation & modification dates of notes are preserved. - Notes are stored in directories named after the notebooks in which they are ...
Pros preserves modified date creates folders based on folders in Notes app Cons does not comply with standard Markdown notation bulleted lists don t use or links are not generated newlines are not added header syntax not used             Effective but not Markdown compliant v_lin
Works great yes data formatting is left on the floor as it s text conversion That wasn t a problem for me                     Great little app in a pinch R4yv3n
Worked exactly as described exports converts Apple Notes into Plain Text files and the Note date becomes the date of the txt file Exported notes were organized in the same folders I had used in Apple Notes although sub folders were no longer in their previous top level folders Thank you so much for this helpful app                     Thank you for this app Luminous H
It cuts off the first line of every single note So this 1 Important entry 2 Important entry Becomes this 2 Important entry This is a HORRIBLE oversight and makes exporting Notes useless Absolutely not worth purchasing     Do NOT Use This Program It Ruins Notes Daddy Warpig
This is a great app It s slightly slow to do the job but it gets it alll done It preserves the folder file structure but throws away some important information namely that the notes are normally sorted by date modified Still it s not the biggest deal in the world depending on your number of notes I had around 1100 this may or may not be a big deal to you As other reviewers have mentioned it also doesn t keep any kind of rich text It s not perfect but it s more than solid Unfortunately after auditing my notes I have found that this app arbitrarily truncated quite a few of them Not sure why this is My best guess is that the way it processes the first lines of the files it has a character limit but many of my note titles don t have line breaks This is a huge problem The app is handy but be careful and diligent             Losing Modifed by Date is annoying Some errors Danny Vega
This is exactly what I was looking for Notes are exported to txt files organized by folder with modified date The markdown includes URLs and is well formatted Perfect for allowing you to backup and import notes into other applications                     So simple Love it mattydc
A really simple to use app Does what it says it will do                     Works Great Derick Melander
I recently started using Apple Notes but found that backup was limited to PDF export I was looking for a usable backup My notes will eventually be the source of Pages or Word documents I did a web search and found Exporter Free was worth a try Bingo the app backed up all my notes to individual text files just what I wanted I read that Exporter erases formatting but I don t use much formatting so I can live with that limitation One minor ding You can t use the app twice in a row without quitting in between unless you post a review                 Does its job 6-Wood
i like it                     good zzirom
It s perfect for what I want it for I was always worried that my notes weren t accesable like a text edit or somethign more available like a file that I can put and get from a folder what if one day I want to change to another system like windows or something but now I have downloaded them and it s awesome Than you exporter                     AWESOME Gr8 cause :)
it does just what it advertises no more no less migration ought to be easier from Apple Notes in the first place it s my text i should be able to take it where i want                     excellent knicpfost
Worked great when I opened and ran the application but I am having a hard time figuring out how to run it again so you lose points for usability                 Worked great Jhogg2
Awsome app with supersimple UI and UTF 8 encoding this app exports your notes in a well organized folder structure and with preserving your text s encoding although the rich contents will not export                     Simple Lossless Ali re ee
I hve been looking for a way to move notes around from one platform to another without going through iCloud for quite some time This helps do the job As others have noted you can only move plain text but it s easy and works                 Very useful g4s4
Main concern was that the export would not include dates But yay it does save text files with the file date the same as the date the note was created                     Yes it includes dates palmpilot too
Does what it says well                     Solid Brian W. Davidson
Does what is advertised I do not know how one can export pictures and images to a txt output file so I never expected that I lost line indents that would be nice to have but not critical I back up my MAC and having txt files to migrate to other platforms is useful very happy Spimple Love simple mode which works                     Basic simple and Fast jjviews
But could use some polish Hyperlinks are NOT exported Images are NOT exported The app does NOT talk about the two items above the app takes up a lot of system resources and doesn t have a clear answer for how long it will take It sets in progress status on the exported files and doesn t seem to unset that status after export I can t find the in app purchase button for notes filtering The app becomes completely unresponsive when it s exporting doesn t even show up when clicking the dock icon It does not export subfolders so you ll have to recreate your folder structure in the app you re moving to Uses txt as extension for the files but they are in fact markup But hey it works and it s a better backup than nothing Thanks for putting this together I m sure it helps a lot of people                 Does what it says not what it promises poirothercule
Used this app after downloading Bear Notes Fired it up selected a destination folder and it did everything else Simple                     Does exactly wat it says on the tin Bart the App Reviewer
The app seems to work as advertised but as the notes are exported as txt files rich items are not included For bold italic or other similarly basic rich text features the loss isn t a big deal at least for me but the big problem is that iOS 10 style links shared from Safari or another browser are not preserved nor are attached pictures or other rich media I have saved several notes in which the focal point is those links or pictures so if the note is saved without them it s pointless It would be great if links were there even as plain text links and if notes had attached pictures as separate files with same name pic1 Same for videos and drawings Also I think that the file names for the exported notes should include the modification date of the original note in order to avoid the renaming of identically titled notes                 Pretty good A few missing things elgrego1939
How can I export one or two folders without dselecting hundreds of folders that are automatically selected in the filter Weird And useless I could be wrong I must be missing something but no permutation of control clicks works to deselect all the folders And no help which provides any guidance on this issue     Bizarre Forces you to export all folders or deselect hunders of folders 1 at a time PickyPeteReviews
This was so simple to use so pleasant to look at and so perfectly suited for the thing I wanted to do export my notes Now I have to check out other apps by this author to see if there are more beautiful apps that I don t know about yet                     Perfect single purpose utility mr.plimsoles
A very simple app sure but with a critical functionality that no other AppleScripts or exporters I could find supported PRESERVING ORIGINAL CREATION AND MODIFICATION DATES That means when you export your notes they will be plain txt files with the creation and mod dates the same as they are in Apple Notes This was critical for me since I was moving over from Apple Notes to Bear sorry Falcon I ll try you next if I don t like Bear and I wanted everything to stay the same in terms of order and original authorship info Thank you so much for this simple yet extremely useful piece of software Oh and its also really pretty yay design                     YES Preserves Created and Modified Date Dex110
and for making it free It works well I would like to request the ability to select a folder to export individually rather than exporting the whole shebang                     Thank you for making this Verdulo
This is exactly what I was looking for It pulled down all of my notes kept all of the folders and converted all of the CSS or HTML whatever it is into markdown Now I can do as I please with the files                     Marvelous Cyanotype Memory
Not bad                     review mavisnerd
Exactly what I was looking for Even keeps your folders                     Works perfect petebocken
In my particular case this is really useful if you have a bunch of unorginized cut and paste notes I think this helps in organizing your notes                     Well designed and useful d4trotta
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