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Facebook, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Facebook Mentions ,Facebook Messenger ,Facebook Analytics ,Creator Studio from Facebook ,Bonfire: Group Video Chat ,Facebook Pages Manager), brings Facebook Messenger with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Facebook Messenger app has been update to version 1.9.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Cool sound effects when people type back or see your message..
  • It keeps me in touch with friends and family in another countries..
  • Good way to stay connected to FB without always being connected to FB..
  • Useful to keep in touch with people considered EVERYBODY uses Facebook..
  • Great way to talk to friends on the other side of the world..

Overall Satisfactionc32
I love using messenger to communicate to my love ones and friends.
I know people who just stopped using messenger all together.
Thanks Facebook team for making like this incredible app.
I love the stickers thank you keep up the absolutely wonderful work.
I love the stickers but seriously this is ridiculous.
Fun & Engagingc85
Messenger is awesome I think y'all should come out with Instagram messenger.
Messenger is awesome it's really easy to see online friend.
Easy to use method without going to Facebook all the time.
It's easy to not go on Facebook all the time and talk.
It crashes your Facebook All the time.
This one app gives yo access to everything messaging.
Very simple options and intuitive interface saves time sifting through menus.
saves time and keeps me from getting "distracted" too easily.
Family Friendlyc74
It keeps me in touch with friends and family in another countries.
It's an amazing feature to keep in touch with friends and family.
I can talk to my family internationally like any local text message.
Perfect for talking to my family and friends from overseas.
I can't even talk to my family nor friends.
Social Aspectsc41
Great way to keep in touch with ppl far off while on the go.
No need to have different programs to keep in touch.
I think it's a great way to stay in touch with Facebook friends.
Isn't the entire purpose of Facebook to stay in touch with your friends.
DEAL or delete all social media from your phone.
Glad I can chat with friends without opening Facebook.
If I want to chat with friends on Facebook.
Perfect way to communicate with friends who do not have text messaging capability.
I cannot communicate with friends.
I really love this app its great te social networking.
Good way to stay connected to FB without always being connected to FB.
Production Valuesc66
Cool sound effects when people type back or see your message.
"seen" & "typing" Sound effects in this app is cute.
And the sound effects are annoying.
Ease of Usec30
Super convenient when you just want to respond to a message.
Fast and convenient way to contact friends n family love it.
simple app that does exactly what it says it does.
But it is definitely not a simple app to use anymore.
Ads not Intrusivec33
Maybe they'll stop asking me to rate it now.
Stop asking me to rate your application.
Security & Privacyc10
So stop complaining about the messenger app and it's privacy settings.
I would recommend this app to any FB account holder.
Updates & Supportc36
I can respond to messages without even being in Facebook.
It's a faster way to respond to messages from friends.

I can message with my Facebook friends who are out of the country. found in 31 reviews
It's aight Convienient. found in 18 reviews
use it to contact friends all over the world with minimum problems. found in 34 reviews
Great app to chat and keep up with friends all over the world. found in 42 reviews
Now it is one of my favourite services for free texting. found in 25 reviews
Would be even better if you could change the notification sound. found in 54 reviews
I hate being asked to turn on notifications every time it opens. found in 420 reviews
Facebook needs to stop forcing people to install this app. found in 620 reviews
Give it a log out option or I'll leave Facebook. found in 61 reviews
The alert sound is annoying and can not be changed. found in 61 reviews
the app has been crashing randomly in the middle of typing a message. found in 134 reviews
The Facebook app have log out button but not the messager. found in 143 reviews
If I could see who's online it would be perfect. found in 258 reviews
No notification and logout button. found in 201 reviews
MESSENGER LOG- OUT BUTTON should be prioritised this app. found in 143 reviews
I can't sign out or switch user and it's annoying. found in 46 reviews
Needs to show who's online to make chatting practical. found in 234 reviews
This is nice but sometimes I don't get notifications which is annoying. found in 40 reviews
Update needs to include option to log out also to see other folder. found in 583 reviews
Sometimes it doesn't notify about new messages. found in 84 reviews
Constantly won't load messages and force closes constantly. found in 124 reviews
Works pretty well but the notification sound is annoying. found in 27 reviews
Really need to work on a way to log out of messenger easier. found in 583 reviews
I can't go back to Facebook right away when open messenger. found in 81 reviews
I can't receive messages or send messages to my chats. found in 283 reviews
I don't need a separate app for messaging people on my phone. found in 573 reviews
but the " Turn on Notifications " black screen is real irritating. found in 420 reviews
Forced to install to read messages in Facebook. found in 620 reviews
Just an invasion of privacy over your whole phone. found in 307 reviews
Going to uninstall regular Facebook app if this doesn't change soon. found in 451 reviews
You force people to download another app to send messages on Facebook. found in 1750 reviews
Still no way to log out of messenger independently of the FB app. found in 583 reviews
This Facebook messenger app must be a joke. found in 2411 reviews
Having to switch back and forth between Facebook and messenger is aggravating. found in 866 reviews
if I needed to talk to people who weren't on Facebook. found in 361 reviews
Please reintegrate Facebook messages into the Facebook app. found in 764 reviews
Stop forcing people into downloading this horrific messenger app. found in 280 reviews
Forced to download the app just to read messages. found in 3753 reviews
And is annoying cause you can't message people with out it. found in 717 reviews
Will no longer use FB messages unless absolutely necessary. found in 476 reviews
but In order to check messages WITHOUT having to have messenger. found in 284 reviews
Annoying that the fb app launches the messenger app. found in 2140 reviews
push notifications from conversations not working at all. found in 430 reviews

The Facebook Messenger is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.9.1 has been released on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Facebook Messenger check developer Facebook, Inc.`s website : http://fb.me/msgr

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to message. Reach friends right on their phones, get and send messages fast, message everyone at once and more. Top Features: Message friends, groups of friends or anyone in your ...
Que vuelva el chat s la app de Facebook feos qlos     Mala
I hate having to uninstall reinstall just to switch accounts If a family member has misplaced a phone and needs to message someone my phone cant be used wout doing that Plus all those stickers and other doodads are fine if youre a six year old kid I want to be able to use options to trim this POS app to bare bones AND get the crap off my phones storage As it is Messenger is no longer something I use FB is next down the delete drain I think        Im Starting to Hate this App
I update it didnt work and I deleted it and downloaded it again and didnt work and tried it a couple times didnt work still so Im waiting for the next update and hope doesnt do the same                 Update
Please add Video Call to all phones Like I have a iPhone 4 I cant even make a video call Why is that Pleas Im begin that you somehow allow to make video call for the iPhone 4 I love the app But it gets really upset knowing that ALL of my friends family other loved ones cant video call me And I have already updates my phone the Messenger app several times In hopes of you guys possibly adding in the Video Call feature please Im begging you     Video Call
I hated this app from day 1 I just hate and hate this app theres no privacy at all It shows that Im active when I am notPlease fb do something about it     Dont like Messenger
I do not want notifications an if the app asks me to turn them on every time I open it I will delete it instead     Listen to your users
I like this app Its free and its fun I dont like the fact that you gotta have it to get your FB messages though Settings and stuff is not relevant              Its free and fun
Please fix the messenger I didnt know why you didnt let us to log off the messenger Can you please to change the messenger so we can either log off or switch account Please listen our complains and I hope you do well with the messenger        Ugh
Needs an update since iOS 9 has launched Never updates profile picture     Horrible
My notifications keep ringing nonstop due to the fact all my read messages keeps coming on the lock screen over and over again even though they are read Fix this please because Im tired of new updates every two weeks and problems are not being fixed     Horrible
this app keeps freezing on me and i dont like it please fix it     freezing no
There is no way to turn off notifications and the constant reminder to turn On notifications If you want to be constantly be bugged by this additional app from Facebook do download this app The most ridiculous app Ive ever had the misfortune to download Deleted and never using Facebook messenger     This app is ridiculously intrusive
Wont install on my iPhone 6 been like this for over 30 min smfh     Wont install
I HATE how it takes me out of Facebook to this app Its annoying and it takes way too much time I like it better when its just one app Facebook Keep it simple     Why is this a separate app
How do I video call people        Hey
I loved that I could use messenger for free when my phone has roaming off as long as I have wifi Works great for me                 Great out of the country
This app is awesome Very fast beautiful design I love this app But it would be great if it would be a multiple app Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Make my request true                 Want sidebyside feature for ios 9
I truly dislike this app instantaneously I mean why in the world so we have to download this app it was a lot funner and better Urge to kill rising     I dont even want to give this app a star
What happened to when the head would pop up on your screen           What happened
I am unable to play audio files shared on messenger since the upgrade to iOS 9 Whats up with that     Pathetic
Very Awesome App                 Eyasir Mahmood
Puedo hablar todo lo que quiero y los mensajes de voz se escuchan excelente y las llamadas geniales                 Excelente
Having two apps for this is ridiculous Also add a way to show that your away or offline     Integrate back to facebook
Why the f u cant logout of this app so one u login u stay in this s is a mess put that logout feature asap why link this app to Facebook anyway     Logout
It takes up too much time switching from one app to another just to carry on a conversation Not to mention a serious inconvenience to have to delete the app and re download it just to log into another facebook account Smart phones are suppose to be saving me time not wasting it     Inconvenient
Some hiccups like saying you have unread messages when you dont Or not always notifying you when you do have one Sometimes pictures dont send But you can still chat with people Need to make it easier to get to the other folder through messenger              Does what its suppose too
Update for iOS 9 Doesnt vibrate when Im out of the app to notify me Please fix           Update please
New update freezes when I try to exit out of the app Please fix        Freezes
Muy buena App              Reseña
My Friend massager got hack whats she to do     Hacker
Every since the last update my messages dont deliver for hours I dont understand why but it is so annoying If I send someone a message I want them to get it then not hours later Please please fix this        annoying
Unbelievable that I have to download another app to message people Stupid     Stupid
Is there a reason video chat doesnt work on the iPhone 4 or is it just my phone     iPhone 4
It doesnt even work on my iPhone4 To check my messages I constantly am having to either update the app which takes like a full day to upload or I have to go to my internet and log into Facebook that way It makes the apps obsolete since I just have to use my internet explorer anyway Straight up you need to fix this     I HATE THIS APP
Suddenly every time I go to scroll up the keyboard gets stuck and I have to exit the chat and reopen it fix it please           Keyboard is screwed
I liked it better when I could chat with my friends in the Facebook app Its irritating having to switch apps just to send a message Its like going through a loading screen just to talk to a character for a few seconds in a video game Irritating at unnecessary at best Also it doesnt work right half the time Overall Facebook messenger has been a bad experience for me        I can use it when it works
Why does there have to be a separate app for messages that just takes up more space on your phone Change it back to normal plus every time I try to download it it gets stuck and wont finish and it will be there for days with out letting me get rid of it     Stupid
Honestly have no clue as to why people are having problems and disliking the app I find it great to use but ITS A LITTLE BUGGY FOR IOS9 PLEASE FIX Love the app but upgraded to 9 today n its a little buggy           Read review
It is a very good application                 Very useful
The update made my messenger crash everytime i open it     Bad update
I think this app is fast simple and efficient It fits my needs and works great Especially like how its so easy to go back to the other Facebook app Although its too bad they cant just combine both apps but its understandable why the dont because then it would be super slow and every time it had to update it would take forever Also the Messenger apps voice and video chat feature is probably one of the best ideas Facebook has had because sometimes I prefer to use it instead of calling with my phone The quality is way better and you can do it with any smart device tablets phones iPod Touch etc Its so convenient and I hope they NEVER take that away                 Works great and easy
Please fix        When on calls it keeps echoing my voice
Why not in 1 app     Bad
great application              Fast Easy and Cool Emojis
Why cant you access your other messages option in the app           Other messages
Is there going to be a quick reply with the iOS 9 update Like the stock messaging app for iPhone           Quick Reply
Hi I wanna Know if you guys can make it where you can send any videos you want on FaceBook Messanger long then 90 Seconds because what if i wanted to show my kids to there grandmother an it says the video has to be shorter then 90Seconds im pretty Sure alot of consumers will agree with me on that So please an thanks                 NO LIMIT ON SENDING VIDEOS
i love how its only for messages the only reason I downloaded this is bc I thought it was better than getting on regular Facebook           Really
i dont like this app        Sorry but I do now like this app
I keep going over my data limit and the only reason I can think of is Facebook messenger I cant figure out how to turn off the messages so that they only appear when Im on WiFi     Data overages

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