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Facebook, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Stickered for Messenger ,Bonfire: Group Video Chat ,Facebook Messenger ,Facebook Poke ,Facebook Candidates ,Slingshot), brings Facebook Pages Manager with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Facebook Pages Manager app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great time saver to schedule posts ahead of time..
  • Easy to handle and use .
  • Allows real time updates for my multiple accounts on the go..
  • Perfect management tool for all my pages..
  • Very user friendly and makes updating my information a snap..
Overall Satisfactionclick me50
I would like to be able to tag my clients to make things easier.
I constantly have to log in through the Internet to be able to tag.
THANKS Facebook for your continued support.
The album in this app is even better than the Facebook app.
This app takes too long to update and needs a share button.
Try it and you'll see it's much better than the FB page.
Love the insights and immediate notifications from my pages.
Fun & Engagingclick me45
Still needs more features.
The Facebook pages is awesome.
I think pages is awesome.
Usefulnessclick me73
This app helps me keep up with three Star Wars fan pages.
Love it sooooo helpful for my business getting off the ground.
The most troublesome aspect isn't that I can't do everything I want.
This a fantastic tool that saves time on the go.
It's a useful app for managing my page.
Very helpful but needs kinks fixed.
Social Aspectsclick me81
Excellent way to keep in touch with business when we're on the go.
The best tool for Social management.
This apps brings me the best I need in social networking.
Production Valuesclick me37
Ease of Useclick me75
Makes life easy when managing more than one FB Page.
I manage 4 FB pages and Pages makes my life easy.
Very convenient and simple app to use.
It's good to have such a simple app.
you can't even get a simple app to work.
Easy to use and convenient for small business page management.
Really like my pager manager--it's easy to use and convenient.
This makes it super easy and fast to post things to Facebook.
Makes it super easy to manage my page on the go :.
Reliabilityclick me26
Security & Privacyclick me45
This app does EXACTLY what is suppose to-Manage access to my pages.
Very buggy and my changes to my pages aren't working properly now.
Easily update my business page without wading through my personal Facebook account.
Doesn't have photo filters as the personal Facebook pages.
use images from links and interface better with personal FB account.
and you have to log in everytime you open it.
Updates & Supportclick me41
post updates and photos and respond to comments as your pages.
I can update post / pics and also respond to comments.
Would like the opportunity to message fans without being messages first.
Quicker response times to messages always make the consumer happier.


Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place.


- Post new updates and photos as your Page
- Get notified about new activity on your Page when it happens, no matter where you are
- Respond, post and comment as your Page while you’re on-the-go
- Manage all your Facebook Pages from one app
- View your latest Page Insights

Facebook Pages ManagerFacebook Pages Manager
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Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Facebook Pages Manager for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Spanish. It weighs in at only 2.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Facebook Pages Manager in Facebook, Inc.`s Official Website :
Facebook Pages Manager


Allows me to keep track of my business and interests desperate from my personal. found in 19 reviews
This app helps me keep up with three Star Wars fan pages. found in 40 reviews
This app is wonderful for updating your page quickly on mobile. found in 16 reviews
Works great and is a handy tool for my biz page. found in 14 reviews
Great app for managing my business and non profit pages. found in 41 reviews
Facebook fan page admin app. found in 20 reviews
This is a good business tool to manage your FB page. found in 38 reviews
Excellent way to keep in touch with business when we're on the go. found in 34 reviews
this is as essential and wonderful tool for our church. found in 10 reviews
Can't tag people in posts which is really annoying. found in 576 reviews
It makes me login every time I open the app. found in 88 reviews
now it makes me log in each time with multiple screens. found in 44 reviews
I don't enjoy that I cannot upload multiple pics from my iPad. found in 134 reviews
Wish I could tag people and other pages with the @ in my posts. found in 84 reviews
Can't change profile picture or cover photo
Can't view page news feed is my biggest bummer. found in 395 reviews
I would also like to see the ability to edit posts. found in 362 reviews
2. found in 152 reviews
My primary issue is not being able to add multiple photos. found in 128 reviews
The constant need to log in every time is a pain. found in 693 reviews
Wish you could upload multiple photos /videos at a time. found in 183 reviews
Wish there was a way to upload multiple pictures at a time. found in 143 reviews
No ability to tag photos once submitted and uploaded. found in 64 reviews
At times it makes me log on multiple times. found in 40 reviews
My only complaint is the constant logging in. found in 31 reviews
Just wish i could edit photo information from the app. found in 30 reviews
Can't upload videos from my I-phone Please change that. found in 126 reviews
every time I open the app it makes me login twice. found in 54 reviews
but using the new version it makes me log in every time. found in 40 reviews
Needs to have an option to change the cover photo in the app. found in 255 reviews
Wish I could view my news feed for my page. found in 395 reviews
Makes it impossible to properly respond to comments from this app. found in 164 reviews
Can't change the profile picture within this app. found in 152 reviews
Can't upload multiple pictures at one time. found in 143 reviews
Plus the ability to tag businesses and individuals would be nice. found in 783 reviews
Still can't tag people and other pages unless they have friended you. found in 576 reviews
I am annoyed with the need to log in every time I open the app. found in 693 reviews
You can't search other pages or share posts. found in 168 reviews
This isn't any better than the regular FB app at this point. found in 864 reviews
Needs to be able to share on other pages. found in 640 reviews
PLEASE bring back the ability to SCHEDULE photo posts on mobile devices. found in 334 reviews
ad you can't upload multiple photos at the same time. found in 183 reviews
I can't do anything accept change the profile picture and update the status. found in 143 reviews
Another complaint – you can't cruise other pages in order to share posts. found in 168 reviews
Better off using the regular Facebook App than this piece of junk. found in 538 reviews
I constantly have to log in through the Internet to be able to tag. found in 548 reviews
I have to open safari or chrome to change the cover photo. found in 255 reviews
I am unable to edit posts that other administrators put up. found in 362 reviews
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i cant comment using the page i tried to comment on a post and my own profile appeared instead of my page pls fix          Cant comment using the page
I have no idea what you have done but I cannot post to my pages all my blogs because the app shuts down when opened please fix asap    Blog owner
Super glitchy At the moment it says it doesnt send a photo while it is and then if you repeat the process it does the same only to have sent it each time then gets stuck in the photo selection window unless you click out and close the app this closing the photo choosing window Over it not really worth the hassle except all my pics are on my phone       Needs an update in a big way
Crashes at opening every time unusable    Crash
When uploading pics they immediately lose quality Was just fine before the last update And generally speaking its not the best app Seems a little behind in times especially for FB       Last update no bueno
I love it but they took away the notes And I actually used it for mine thats where I held the admin contest at And now its gone             Ok but
Facebook messenger and this one Just wish theyd combine these somehow    Why three different apps Facebook
No one wants this Stop FORCING US TO NEED IT You are preventing me from viewing messages on my page so that I have no choice but to download pages manager Guess what still not going to I can check those messages on my laptop    Stop Trying to Make Facebook Pages Manager Happen its NOT Going to Happen
Crashesevery time    No good
Cant use the FB Page Manager It is stuck on trying to update Tried all I know to do    Update wont update
I had an issue with my payment info I was able to solve it but it took weeks to figure out what to do It would have been way simple if I was able to update my payment method fromt the app itself          Not Enough
Very limited No access to timeline of pages liked by a page       So so
I use to love this app Now it slows my work down tremendously because it just wont stay open please fix soon       Now its an inconvenience
The only problem I have is that it doesnt send me notifications that have come through             Notifications
Not in love with the auto enhance being automatically applied to each photo I post Would love an option to turn it off          Auto enhance
I like the application and the thought of it but its very glitchy Every time I try to make a post on yesterday it will let me get up to a certain number of characters and then freeze I tried to invite people to an event and it would freeze and I couldnt pick all the people that I wanted to It only let me select about five people It doesnt seem to be any kind of consistency in it working properly    Not good
I would really love to see my newsfeed Sharing and commenting on other pages makes Facebook so great for businesses of all types Id love to see that option come into play soon             Good App but
Tried to download last update still buffering since yesterday Still showing update available indicator on Apps please fix    ranchhand
Since the 915 update the app shuts down within seconds of opening or after one or two clicks Its essentially useless at this point    Cant use app
A lot of work needs done with this one The amount of time you put in the main app needs to go into this one One main issue is the lack of HD upload support As advanced as technology is potato quality videos do not cut it       Needs hd video upload
After update this version I can not view the customers profile from the chat box any more Whats happen       Please fix it
I was wondering if you could tell me why the Pages Manager App closes down and returns my phone to the home screen as soon as it opens Thank you    App closes as soon as it opens
The Pages app is good and I love using it but I would like some new features sometime soon 1 I would like to see an actual newsfeed 2 a way to search pages and like them as my own page and 3 the ability to create notes I run a Lord of the Rings OC RP page and I would like to create fun facts for my character in the notes section on the go Thanks             New features for future updates
อยากเปนผโชคดบางคะ จะรอตดตาม season2                ชอบๆๆ
Seriously Facebook Are you guys retarded Why stop here How about a whole separate app for news feed And one for photos And one for events Come on lets fill up a phones memory and icon page with apps just for Facebook This is the tech equivalent of manspreading    Lets have 3 apps when 1 would do Derp
Easier to deal with then getting a message throw the regular Facebook app                Thumbs up
I cant even open the app on an iPhone 6 Ive deleted and reinstalled 3 times and the app still wont open    Cant open
The app is pretty much useless the notifications dont even work right If I were you I wouldnt even waste my time making a page to begin with You cant see who likes your page anyway All they want you to do is pay for adverts You dont have any freedom to tag people or anythingDo yourself a favor and just start a group on FB So much better    Not a fan of Pages in general
This app is broken and worthless Its filled with glitches and therefore will be uninstalledExample of how its broken I wanted to upload pictures to a page i own and manage It stopped me at 40 pictures so I dropped a couple and tried to upload 38 It sits spinning for 30 seconds then kicks me to my home screen No error no notification just didnt do anythingTerrible    Broken and worthless
Okay no Stop with these updates Stop having my pages personal accounts showing up on other pages wall I dont like that keep it the way it is and dont ever update that Please update that now And stop changing it Please update fix the messages its confusing me       Annoying
My FB page manager wont allow me to do posts without it crashing I can only do two sentences des Fix this asap    Horrific update doesnt work
Crashing every time with in10 seconds Happened more than 50 times Tried closing from miltitasking menu but still the same App is really good but please fix this issue       Crashing
Chuan message will crash    Chuan message will crash
It no longer opens It crashes every time time    Ughhh
If theres one thing I cant stand its a companion app and this one is completely useless There is nothing I can do in it that I cant do in the page itself and it is constantly sending notifications I cant see and cant get rid of The latest upgrade has something terribly wrong with it and the screen is cut off at least on the 6 Deleting    Useless Annoying
Trying to manage my pages on my iPad mini and the app keeps shutting down       Glitches
O subo fotos o escribo comentarios No puedo hacer ambas cosas       Uso limitado
When i send picture to my customer i cant go back to any where Send pic go to library can not go back anywhere Until remove background whats new    Can not send pic
The app freezes EVERYTIME I am in the middle of a post I cant get back what Ive written I dont prewrite it so its just gone An entire train of thought GONE Please fix this so I can use the app again Because Im done with it until then    Constantly crashing
Whats the fuking fuk    I cant share anything on my page
You cant see content from other FB pages within this ap like you used to bebe able to withing this ap I cant find any way of sharing a post from another page to my FB page on my mobile using FB in my browser or in this ap Whats the point of this ap if you cant view and share whats going on on the rest of FB with it Why was this functionality removed       Cant Use Facebook
Requiring me to get FB Messenger wasnt enough huh Now FB decrees that I must waste more space on my phone for another function that should be built in to the FB app    Really I need a third FB app
After the last update now some of my posts dont show on my feed I can see the photo posts but they just dont show on feed    Posts not showing
I really do love this app because it makes it much easier to run my page This is a much simpler process than through the Facebook app but what I would like to see is some sort of setting that allows posts to the page to be intermingled with the posts from the page I run the page for an organization with many members who would love to share pictures with other members of the organization through the club Unfortunately no one can see the posts to the page I think it would be amazing if in your next update that feature was added I know that there are also many others who would love to see some sort of feature like this one included in the next update Also Im not sure if this is a problem with pages or with Facebook but when people make a post to the page they cannot post more than one picture at a time It would save a lot of time and page space if there was a way for followers of the page to post more than one picture to the page at a time          This app needs more
I use this app a lot to manage my pages but disappointed I can addwrite Notes I write a number of notes but have to use a computer to submit my notes to my pages because this app has forgotten to add noteswwwfacebookconReverendKoala          I like this app but
when you force me to download an app I want nothing to do with just so I can read messages on my page you already lost me I dont new an app to manage an amateur sport teams page    Forced app No thanks
Please change It freezes when i send pictures          Freezing
The ability to tag people in posts and photos would only make sense As a photographer it would be great to be able to tag my clients in their photos          Room for improvement
I dont get notifications when I receive a message yet Im graded on how fast I respond Im forced to use this app to see messagesyet dont know when Im getting them I cant send messages to clientsinconvenient I cant tag peopleinconvenient I can do everything I need to in regular Facebook app but messaging The irony kills me Please fix       Limited
I have read all my messages checked all my notifications and visited every part of the app to see why there is still a red badge with the number 1 on it on my home screen The badge makes me thing there is a message waiting for me when there is nothing there I even marked the message as read The badge is annoying but I want to know when someone messages in my page so I dont want to turn the notifications off for the app Please fix          Badges dont go away on iPhone 6


Facebook, Inc.
English, Spanish
2.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Facebook Pages Manager 1.3 Mobile

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