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CJKApps , the publisher behind many iOS app (Annoy-A-Teen ,Annoy-A-Teen Lite ,ECEApps: Resistor Tools ,Troubleshooter ,FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime ,QuickSend), brings FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime app has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


FaceNow is a utility to make it easier than ever to go straight into a FaceTime conversation with your friends!


Simply create your favorites list, then tap on anyone to go straight into a FaceTime call - completely skipping the initial phone call or the long menus!

FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTimeFaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime
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Note: This application requires the
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
4 for FaceTime


If you are iPhone owner,you now can download FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime app version 1.1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime in CJKApps`s Official Website :


Doesnt work at alldont waste your time downloading    Crap App
ITS TERRIABLE Because it didnt let me do crap When I tried to call FaceTime or message someone it closed me out of the app So I deleted it    TERRIBALE
Piece of crap app that I spent time trying to get to work Settings doesnt even see the presence of app so you cant give it access to function    Nonfunctional App
This app does nothing I strongly dislike it do not get it    This is worthless
This never face times my friends and if I could Id give it 0 stars Please dont buy    Worst app ever
I hate it so much I almost threw my iPod touch o the floor    Its
It wont let me push crap    WHAT
Good                Alshaibah
Dont get this stupid appIt doesnt work at all    
This app is absolutely horrible I have an iPad for school and I downloaded this app to FaceTime one of my friends so we can do homework with each other I only have an email address and it wont let me FaceTime    Bad
Do not get this app it is a total scam    WARNING
I hated it and it doesnt work    Horrible
App really does nothing but give you a blank screen we were able to finally figure out how to add contacts to the FaceTime but then when went to try to FaceTime it did nothing Completely useless app    Wth
Yeah Thats just worthless    Dumb
I cannot FaceTime or call anyone with this stuff Take it out of the App Store I was really looking forward to Facetiming friends    What is this
Its a blank page    Dont buy it
The worst app ever I am now forced to email my cousin in another state that six hours away instead of actually see their nice friendly face                CRAP By awesomegirl 300
This app literally does nothing Thanks people    THIS APP DOES NOTHING
This app is great Its not easy to use but once you understand the trick it will work flawlessly First of all this app is good for those whose idevice is from middle east where facetime is blocked Secondly this app can make facetime calls only on phone numbers that are linked with facetime It can not make call to ipad or ipod whose facetime is only linked with email address Again it will only make a facetime call on phone numbers not on email address And if you are using this app on a middle east idevice then you cannot receive a facetime call but only can make a call             Not good for people who dont have technical sense
like       good
Developer did not disclose that this app REQUIRES a telephone number NOT AS ADVERTISED    NOT AS STATED
It does nothing dont ever get this app it will delete everything I lost my photos and my contacts I do not recommend for anyone    DONT EVER GET IT
Ist dumb stupid weird and it wont let me facetime for some reason and dont download it caus it dont do nothin    I hate it
Doesnt do anything I thought it froze Nope Bad app    Terrible
So your supposed to send something to an email that isnt even set up with anything You would THINK that you would make an account but nooooo these idiots just say ok Send this to nothing    MAKES NO SENSE
This is not a good app All it does is upload your contacts onto that app It doesnt let you do anything It doesnt let you call your friends or FaceTime them I kept trying to click on one of my contacts and it didnt let me do anything I dont recommend this at all    Bad app
I dont get this app I read the directions but idk it didnt make any sense    Doesnt make any sense
This app is worthless    Junk
This app is really great when it works Unfortunately in my experience that is only about 15 of the time when using wifi to wifi    85 failure rate
Dont even waste your time on this    Peice of GARBAGE
Junk    FaceTime
Why is this friggin POS app still in the App Store    Apple Do Something
This is the worst app Ive EVER downloaded It is useless It is STUPID Never get this app EVER even if youre desperate I only rated it a star because it made me It says two stars but the most anyone rated it was one They should take this app off the App Store    WORST SUCKIEST APP EVER
Ummm no    Worthless
It doesnt do anything it was just blank crappy app Delete it now    Worst app ever
Fhhdbrhfbdhffhfhhfhdhd    Love this app
I can do everything crappy FaceTime cant    Best app ever
You literally just stare at the screen and wont let you do nothingWORST APP EVER    Why is this even a thing
This app is totally bogus does nothing besides assimilate your contacts list Avoid this POS    SCAM
This app stinks I told my friend to download it and she did but we still couldnt FaceTime so take it off AppStore your wasting your time downloading it all u can do is text them an it still dosent go through    Bad
I just now got this app and trust me it is probably the worst app in the world whoever made it must be really stupid the only reason I rated it one star is because I had to    Crappiest app I have ever heard of
Its not a good app dont waste time    Nooooooo
Do not ever I mean ever get this app The worst app ever It doesnt even let me do anything 0stars    Suckish
I tried to download this for my ipad ios84 but it didnt work at all if you are going to make an app make something useful    Worst app ever
This app is totally worthless FaceTime messaging and calling is easier WITHOUT this Id rather use the regular FaceTime and stuff provided with iPhones instead of making a call and getting connected to a strangerthanks no thanks    Why Even Put This Out
This app I believe after i got this there was guy calling my wife and calling her family and mine that all females with the same number trying to talk dirty to them and asking for pictures so we got rid of it and change number and emails on our iPhones    Random people
You cant even add 1 contact theres no point in this dont waist your time    WORST THING EVER DONT BUY
This app is totally STUPIDI am NOT and I repeat NOT messing around This app is just stupid You cant do anything in it All you do is stare at it Dont waste your time downloading it I warned you You downloaded it didnt you Completely STUPID AM I RIGHT    STUPID
This app sinks your wasting your time it doesnt let u FaceTime and the app is for FaceTime like who made this app they should be ashamed for making this bad App    Please take this app off and delete it
How do you know whats your number so people can call or text you             App


Compatible with iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1.2

iOS FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime 1.1.2 Mobile

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FaceNow - Go Straight Into FaceTime

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