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Mobage, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (777 Slots ,My Monster Rancher ,World of Wizards ,Warriors of Odin ,Time Teens ,Mall World), brings Fantasica with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fantasica games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Somewhat similar to tactics with an interesting story line..
  • currently very restricting and not so user friendly IMO..
  • A unique TCG / Tower Defense hybrid with old school RPG graphics..
  • the gAme has a extreme taste of an online game..
  • Hopefully it'll continue to be an interesting and unique game..
Overall Satisfactionclick me90
Interesting art style with funny game combination.
Very amazing game made by the makers of Final Fantasy.
I recommend this game to anyone who likes tower defense type games.
Fairly new to the game but I can't possibly recommend this game.
One of the best games I've played on a mobile device yet.
Great fun free game that keeps me entertained.
Fun and addictive with amazing artwork and character sprites.
This is wonderful game I never seen before.
I just started playing and I'm already hooked Referral Code: 56507654.
Fun & Engagingclick me93
Awesome game very addictive and amazing colors and characters.
Just started playing today and it is a very fun and addicting game.
Super fun and progression keeps you wanting to play.
Very fun game that you can play for hours completing quests.
6695710This game is very Addicting and hard to put down.
it's very addicting and fun to play during downtime.
Fun little game that looks to combine turret defense and tcg.
Awesome tower defense and very addicting.
Usefulnessclick me95
This is one game you will continuously play everyday.
and it makes you wanna play everyday.
Love this game play it every day ^_^.
I love it and play it every day.
Value for Moneyclick me67
even to the point of having to spend money to progress.
You need to spend money for the really good stuff.
Replay Valueclick me91
I hope it stays fun at the higher levels.
Game is pretty fun and challenging.
Several different elements to master which will keep you thinking.
Very cool game never gets old.
almost every event bring replay value to the game.
enjoyable gameplay leads to many hours of entertainment.
This a pretty fun strategic game.
Social Aspectsclick me87
fantasica is powered by mobage the best free social game network.
Interesting and unlike any other social game out there.
Easy to adapt to controls and to play with friends.
Great Game it's fun to play with friends.
Need a guide though to help out new people.
New people.
Production Valuesclick me88
Omg great game play and graphics and had awesome multiplayer ability.
The game play is redundant and boring.
awesome graphics and very easy to understand fighting system.
It is a very entertaining old school graphics and style game.
Ease of Useclick me88
Simple Tower defense game with great art style.
The game is easy and fun and the community is great.
it's very easy to get the hang of.
It's a fairly simple concept.
Easy to play and addictive.
Reliabilityclick me33
Updates & Supportclick me10


Raise an ARMY! Band with FRIENDS! Fight in REAL-TIME to SURVIVE!
Your ADVENTURE in the lands of FANTASICA begins NOW!


☆☆☆ NOTE ☆☆☆


Before downloading Fantasica, please confirm the following -
・ an active
Wi-FiWireless local area network
・ all other applications have been closed

Tags :   fantasica ,   world ,   friends ,   cards


*As there have been reports of stability issues on some platforms, please close all other applications before running Fantasica on your device.


*If you have any problems with your download, you may be experiencing connectivity problems. In that case, please close the application and try again at a later time.




***Collect beautifully illustrated cards drawn by Final Fantasy Art Director Hideo Minaba
***Defeat enemies in strategic, real-time battles with your own personal army
***Band and compete with friends to defend the world from darkness
***Over 200 quests to test your mettle
***Ranked events that offer rare cards, prizes, and of course, bragging rights
***Continual updates featuring new cards, quests, and events


Finally, the authentic, fantasy role-playing experience that you`ve been waiting for. Join forces with your friends to defeat the evil threatening your world. All interested heroes are advised to keep their weapons sharp and their allies ready. The world of Fantasica is a beautiful, yet dangerous place!


Jump into the fantastica world of Fantasica today.


The Fantasica is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Japanese, Korean. It weighs in at only 22.1 MB to download. The new Fantasica app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Fantasica in Mobage, Inc.`s Official Website :


use my id u can get some stuff to start with 52856784. found in 24 reviews
Very nice game can play all day with it. found in 21 reviews
A good change of pace from the other games out there. found in 9 reviews
The perfect blend of tower defense and complex rpg card handling. found in 27 reviews
There's always something new to do and it has beautiful artwork. found in 44 reviews
Pls use my ID# 57426373 for bonus prizes. found in 6 reviews
Awesome card artwork and cool old school pixel graphics. found in 70 reviews
At the end of the tutorial put in 43195706 for exclusive items. found in 100 reviews
Add me as an ally and I can help you ingame too^^. found in 8 reviews
It is highly addictive and loads of fun. found in 13 reviews
Interesting art style with funny game combination. found in 115 reviews
Just started playing today and it is a very fun and addicting game. found in 206 reviews
I love dis game it reminds me of Chrystal defenders. found in 5 reviews
The game is easy and fun and the community is great. found in 13 reviews
I just started playing and I'm already hooked Referral Code: 56507654. found in 12 reviews
This game combines trading card game with tower defense mechanism. found in 15 reviews
Very fun game that you can play for hours completing quests. found in 95 reviews
Awesome game very addictive and amazing colors and characters. found in 499 reviews
Easy to adapt to controls and to play with friends. found in 8 reviews
First warning: Do not instal if you are not prepared to spend. found in 8 reviews
A lot of ads for in game purchases though. found in 11 reviews
App cutsoff iPhone music and inApp music horrible. found in 2 reviews
Expensive if u want to compete in events or want great units. found in 21 reviews
It's a good game requires some to little strategy. found in 4 reviews
but appears to be a pay-to- win game farther along. found in 5 reviews
It will take forever to "catch 'em all" unless you spend real $$. found in 9 reviews
even if you don't spend a dime. found in 2 reviews
Nice game to waste time if your looking for something free. found in 24 reviews
3 stars for delay fix login issue. found in 2 reviews
Not a bad game reminds me of final fantasy tatic. found in 30 reviews
Fun but cool downs bummer and necessity for Internet connection. found in 5 reviews
Fun game worth playing if you are willing to spend. found in 6 reviews
overall this game isn't half bad. found in 4 reviews
I Enjoy it yet wish I could play offline. found in 5 reviews
Get ready to spend alot of money for absolutely nothing. found in 3 reviews
but you don't need to spend any money to advance quite far. found in 6 reviews
The first download for the game crashes way too much. found in 22 reviews
terrible customer service. found in 5 reviews
You cannot win without paying money. found in 5 reviews
Unfortunately it's another pay to win game. found in 93 reviews
Highly discourage a game that has poor customer service. found in 5 reviews
As soon as I open the game. found in 6 reviews
I wish I could play this game. found in 5 reviews
With the new update it corrupted my save data. found in 7 reviews
If you do buy stuff. found in 5 reviews
It says unable to identify device. found in 5 reviews
Please refund my money if you want the 5 star back. found in 5 reviews
Not worth trying to compete even if you pay money. found in 5 reviews
The game crashes shortly after I open it every time. found in 22 reviews
Please restart the game. found in 5 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 480x360 1
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Icon 175x175 1
To tell the truth this game is more than awsome You can play for hours and still want more Easy to understand and nice Please check yourself You will play this for sure by some long hours                Awsome game
Quality app                Nice App
So is there 10s And I never got the last event ticket       Why is there so many glitches
Good                So good
Surprisingly addicting love the 8 bit graphics with the new sleek art             Review
Fun game             Fun
It is a fun tower game                Very good game
Pretty good so far                Slumber
Good fun and nice twist on the standard ccg and tower defense games                Awesome
Having a lot of fun playing game The events are real fun Cant wait until I get better cards                Fun game
Pretty fun to play Yeah if you really want to advance you have to pay in the game but its good to pass the time             Pretty fun game
Pain you have to buy so much but fun             Decent game
Im writing this for the gift             Its aight
This game is fun                Fun
After playing for a while I realized this game is completely pay to win Scratch that pay to advance All events are ridiculously short so in order to even get card rewards you need to spend Little to no way new comers can even get 7 or higher cards except the daily login bingo completion    Fantastica
Fun                Great game
Super great                Real fun
I love this game but it wont open anymore             Love the game but
There are lots of nice events to keep the game going I like it If anyone wants a referral code at the beginning of the game heres mine 108836488                Pretty fun
Quick and easy tower pew pew             Tower pew pew
Among everything and as a longtime final fantasy fan I probably like this game the most for the art and animationsBeyond that Im not too far into the game but its quite enjoyable although a bit confusing             Incredibly Nostalgic
So far its been a great game and a good way to kill time          Great game
An addicting addition to tower defense because we are able to get new characters from opening card packs                Tower defense cards
I like it                Fun
I recently started to play this game and Im enjoying it so far It offers many things to do and its a great towerdefense like game             Great so far
But be prepared to be tempted to pay money every second          Fun game
Just got the app and its pretty fun             So far so good
Good game but confusing at first             Player
Well this game is fun fun fun fun Now why did I rate 4 stars Well because I spent 10 minuets waiting and decent units are hard to get if your the people who want good units as fast you can get it you can to the right place I really like this game however I think mobage should at least let you have a 36 star summon since it will help during the collisium roll the dice since the bosses are REALLY STRONG unless you know how to play like enhance summon and do quests So far Id give this game a 9 out of 10 since you dont get a tour around the game maybe I rush and try to get 5 stars             Pretty good
Pros good artworkCons gameplay          Not my kind of game
Very fun game GG EZ                Not too bad
Decent game typical money grab though If freemium is what you want here ya go             Dece
Neat game fun and exciting love to play                Neat
All the strongest welldrawn cards are now NOT TRADEABLE In order to obtain them you must spend money and hope to get lucky when you try to pull a good card    NOT a TRADING game
The game is so addicting that sometimes I cant see whats wrong with it The cards and their details are beautiful and creative that I like nearly all of them                Awesome and lovely game xoxo
Fun Exciting Great time             Great
Pretty good             Decent
Enjoy the game runs well                Fun game
I just started this game not too long ago There are lots of events to keep you from getting bored I play just to alleviate my boredom while commuting to school but theres a lot to do Great game so far                Just started
This game definitely is pay to get ahead but its not impossible to have some decent units for yourself as long as you are willing to be patient They have plenty of events and log in bonuses that give you anything from a 4 to 9 star Dont expect anything super OP but definitely enjoyable             Patience is key
Pretty good Tower Defense game with trading card elements Slightly worried by the device registration for when I change phones but otherwise having fun                Fun TD
App network error    Error
Its a pretty fun game I really enjoy the tower defense aspect                Awesome
Didnt think it would work but its a lot of fun                great game
Different from usual phone strategy games it compels you to keep playing             Fun and interesting
A lot of fun                Fun game
Its quite addicting but it is quite uncomfortable maneuvering through the menu and hard to really get into it             Pretty good
Menu is a little complicated             Good
The game plays like a tower defense game but your units are cards that you get from doing various things in game The ui took a little time to understand but I got the hang of it eventually Im enjoying the time that Im putting in to it                Plays pretty well
I enjoy pixel style and tcg so this is right up my alley                Awesome so far


Mobage, Inc.
English, Japanese, Korean
22.1 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Fantasica 1.2 Mobile

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