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Flexibits Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Fantastical 2 - Calendar and Reminders ,Cardhop ,Fantastical ,Cardhop ,Fantastical 2 for iPad - Calendar and Reminders ,Fantastical 2), brings Fantastical 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fantastical 2 app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • love the voice commands and the natural language capability..
  • The todo list is also integrated..
  • just like Tweetbot 3 is my favorite Twitter application..
  • Get the desktop version as well for even more goodness..
  • Great update & easily the best calendar widget available for iOS 8..

Overall Satisfactionc97
Best calendar app out there and I have tried them all.
and I honestly think it's substantially better than the default calendar app.
With the new widget introduction I've left the apple calendar behind.
Way better than apple calendar and easier to read and create events.
and I loved it from the beginning.
Love the mini map in the event and the animations are great.
Flexibits has done such a great job improving this app.
Fun & Engagingc98
Awesome calendar app with attentive devs and phenomenal natural language processing.
I had to say something about this truly awesome calendar.
The calendar widget is awesome /innovative.
Today widget is awesome.
Fantastical syncs with everything and the natural language processing is phenomenal.
Truly helps me keep organized across multiple calendars.
Fantastical 2 has the best package: useful calendar views.
Absolutely essential.
Production Valuesc95
It's interface is beautiful and thoughtful.
Love the mini map in the event and the animations are great.
Ease of Usec89
Easy to add events with numbers on top of keyboard.
Can't add events - + symbol is grayed out and not functioning.
Fantastical looks good and its language parsing makes it easy to enter events.
Most intuitive calendar app that handles multiple calendars with ease.
and the layout is simple and clean.
Easy entry of data.
works perfectly - Easy as pie to jump to a date.
Updates & Supportc82
Just waiting patiently for the iPad version.
Excellent product with superior customer service.
The addition of Reminders and background sync makes this version even better.

Natural language recognition makes putting in dates quick and easy. found in 6 reviews
Keeps me on track of my appointments. found in 3 reviews
Clever way of entering and browsing appointments and to dos. found in 7 reviews
Truly helps me keep organized across multiple calendars. found in 7 reviews
It is by far the best calendar app I have seen. found in 12 reviews
The natural language event creation is the differentiator. found in 195 reviews
So so so much better than iCal. found in 5 reviews
Best seamless integration of iCal and reminders. found in 8 reviews
Hands down the best Cal /Reminders app. found in 11 reviews
Absolutely the best calendar app on the market. found in 14 reviews
Fantastical for Mac and iOS is head and shoulders above Apple's own apps. found in 4 reviews
Way better than apple calendar and easier to read and create events. found in 14 reviews
This app is the best calendar replacement you'll find. found in 35 reviews
You must have this fantastic productivity app today. found in 9 reviews
universal app would be great. found in 10 reviews
Love the app but refuse to pay for iPad version. found in 1 reviews
Great app but it needs a native iPad version. found in 3 reviews
No travel time support. found in 9 reviews
can't reorder lists or individual reminders. found in 3 reviews
- today's date doesn't stand out
but give me a louder alert. found in 2 reviews
Had an issue and contacted " customer service. found in 6 reviews
No way to differentiate tentatively accepted invites. found in 2 reviews
I do wish the dark theme also made the calendar dark. found in 8 reviews
- upcoming events are a simple list. found in 10 reviews
except that it does not have vertical month scrolling. found in 1 reviews
but lack support for multiple reminders in google calendar. found in 1 reviews
What Fantastical is missing still is a better month view. found in 2 reviews
but lock screen message alerts appear only randomly. found in 4 reviews
If notification alerts and good tech support is not important. found in 1 reviews
But needs iPad optimized version desperately. found in 4 reviews
Needs an iPad version asap. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't have a weekly agenda view. found in 4 reviews
Latest update crashes on iPhone 6 Plus. found in 2 reviews
This update crashes on iOS 7. found in 2 reviews
Missing Important Feature. found in 2 reviews
No upgrade price. found in 5 reviews
Needs iPad Mini Retina version. found in 8 reviews
Shared Calendar Events Are Broken. found in 2 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Fantastical 2 for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 16.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-17.
More Info: Find more info about Fantastical 2 in Flexibits Inc.`s Official Website :

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Get it                 Best calendar in store
Fantastical is pretty slick The intelligent add event method is the best              Great Cal App
STOP being in my face with the fact that your crap crashes     Stop pestering me
Ever since getting this app I have never used the native reminders or calendar apps again Its fast fluid and natural feeling                 The best calendar app
Tried a lot of cal apps Lots Too many Ill be shocked if I dont land on this one for good Great look Logical layout And the plain English method of entering events works well                 This is the one
Why did my original 999 paid version of fantastical disappear from my ipad after updating to ios 9 I love the software I bought but its tacky to just rename it and ask me to cough up another 10 bucks           What happened to my ipad version of fantastical
A really cool app when it works correctly Many times I have entered an appt only to find it has disappeared or is non existent when I look for it later Right now I have an appt on Thurs and have no idea what time it is Im moving on to a new app        Drops appointments
I really like how easy it is to check my meeting times through the today widget It also makes it easy to see which appointments are done with clear visual indicators                 Great presentation
I like the app But it seems to crash a lot otherwise Id give it five stars Hopefully the update will fix that Would be nice to have a first Friday second Sunday Etc repeating event option Like the color coded list since I have multiple calendars           A bit unstable but otherwise good
Just downloaded and seems so easy All Around Wonderful just one issue small to some but big to me the Day Ticker is not showing Empty Days even though in settings I chose the Show Empty Days option assistance needed please then it will be a five star              Wonderful So Far
To put it succinctly fantastical is fantastic                 Fantastical
I recently upgraded my iPhone software to their latest release and suddenly FANTASTICAL is NOT working Whats the problem Im on a VERIZON iPhone 6 Plus just came out last December Dr jim San Antonio              Fantastical 2 NOT WORKING on latest iPhone upgrade
Ive always had a difficult time choosing a calendar app that best fits my needs This app did it it is easy to use and intuitive It keeps me up to date on my appointments with clients and I love the integration with iPhone calendar AND reminders Its very useful                 Amazingly useful
Ive tried many Calendar apps on three different mobile platforms and none of them come close to this one Im very much looking forward to a native version for watchOS 2 on Apple Watch and complications for the watch face                 Best Calendar App PERIOD
This is the best utility app on my phone Great updates as well                 The Best
I love this app and use it on a daily basis Functionally the stock calendar app was fine for me but I enjoy the UI and aesthetics of Fantastical It is easier to use and has additional functionality that you can read about in the description all of which work as promised The one request I have is to make the date display on the app icon There is a notification option where you can have the date pop up in a red notification circle while its functional it is also annoying Im an inboxeverythingzero type and hate those red notifications Its a small thing for many users Im sure but since the main reasons I use Fantastical are aestheticsUI its a big thing for me Still it is an awesome app and with one change and it would be perfect 5 stars              Best calendar application One thing needed though
Best app ever for organizing my time Listen to everyone thinking of getting this app You wont regret it and you will never regret it Its amazing when you have it for all your devices Just stop hesitating and buy it                 Aint no app better
Good app and I have been using it for a long time One feature request is it possible to visually distinguish all day appointments from actual appointments A different font Color Right now it always takes me a bit of careful looking to see where what time my first appointment of the day is              Feature request
I finally switched from Sunrise Calendar due to the great reviews and good reputation surrounding Fantastical I was hesitant about the high price tag at first but after using the app for a while I have noticed that this app truly deserves the premium price tag It just has so many features that other apps lack Also the app is frequently updated with bug fixes and new features Recent update drafts is absolutely fantastic hehe Flexibits never fails to amaze me and pushes the limits of iOS development                 Fullyfeatured calendar application
It is apps like this that make iPhones iOS shine A pleasurable UI and overall experience One minor issue is the black screen showing up when you first launch the app                 Work Well Done
Its a pretty calendar but not being able to accept calendar invites is crippling I emailed the developers 9 months ago and was told they were adding that feature There have been revisions to the app since then and there is still no way to see or accept event invitations That makes this virtually useless to me        cannot accept event invitations
The way events are shown in a list view is perfect I like also having the option of viewing a monthly calendar Reminders integration works perfectly The best feature is being able to type out an event or reminder using natural language and watching the app accurately interpret it in real time                 Best calendar app
I depend on this easy and handy app                 Dependable intuitive useful
This app is near perfect though of course there could always be a few more features The Apple Watch app is great but I really want a long complication to replace the existing builtin Calendar app with Fantastical Hope its coming soon                 Looking forward to Apple Watch 2 support
Only problem is that it should be universal Regardless still deserves 5 stars                 Best calendar app
I have one request though Id love to see watchOS 2 support with a complication in the near future                 Best calendar app
I find Im unable to import from lists of common Internet calendars like NCAA football but overall I like the interface Sunrise also offers an option to send invites where Fantastical kinda just sends them automatically I prefer the calendar view here as its easier to understand a month and entry by algorithm is pretty decent              Compared to Sunrise
Add more than two alerts per event Efficient enjoyable interface Easily move events with fewer taps than the Calender app Natural language event creation                 Way better than Calendar app Heres why
I bought Fantastical 1 when it first came out and I loved it from the beginning The natural language parsing makes event creation a breeze and the Day Ticker is a great mix of list view and upcoming days The addition of Reminders and background sync makes this version even better I love having todos and events in a single view and natural language parsing makes adding a Reminder as easy as it is in Siriwithout the periodic frustrations The new Today Widget is extremely slick and the fact that the app preserves the signature language parsing animation in the extension is impressive This app is fully iOS 8 ready The developer also offers great support working out bugs and accepting feature requests If you want further testimony Im benwhiting on Twitter If you use your calendar on your iPhone buy this app If you use your calendar on your iPad buy the iPad version                 The best is now better
As an iPhone 6s user I want to use the force touch 3D touch so that I can access a contextual menu for options                 Love the app but why no 3D Touch
This app is fine but sunrise is better With sunrise you get dull feature integration Facebook LinkedIn etc This is just a calendar that can interpret free text I would ask for a refund if I could        Finebut Sunrise is better
All calendar apps essentially supply the same basic info however this app is my main calendar app for one important reason it is easy to read Thank you for fixing the font accessibility issue Easy to read at a quick glance is so much more valuable than other app developers seem to realize                 Easy to read
I love the simplicity and clean look of this app Its easy and quick to add events without fuss Ive tried so many calendar apps and this is by far my favorite One thing I would like to see is the ability to change the color of the header from red I know its nit picky but Im not a red person at all and it bothers me to have it front and center on the app I use most I also think the icon could reflect the look of the app better              Love it
I really like the natural language parsing in fantastical Plus the layout of the app is great I highly recommend it                 Wonderful
Ive had fantastical for a while now I actually had a collection of calendar apps and one by one they were deleted from my phone He last one standing was fantastical Would love to see an update for watch OS2 as the fantastical watch app is currently running fairly sluggish                 Best calendar app
Still the best and it keeps getting better I love that it detects a calendar event in the clipboard and offers to add it The interpretive feature that pulls event details from context works well enough to be useful and not a gimmick This is the best calendar interface Ive ever used on a mobile device The Notification Center display is informationrich too                 Excellent
My go to calendar and reminders app Great interface Love the list view Great customer support response High quality you wont be disappointed                 Great app
I love fantastical Awesome calendar app But it crashes in Notification Center nearly every launch and frequently crashes on open The review will go back up to 5 when it runs in iOS 9     Constant crashes in iOS 9
Well executed interface is logical and features are what youd expect for a calendar app in 2015 something that Apple gave up long ago Well done                 Worth it Really
The most important app on my iPhone By far The coolest part is the smart input For example you can type 400 meeting with Andy at 1301 Example Lane and it will create the event at that time with the location You can hit a button to route to the event in Maps or Google Maps Also very quick for writing reminders It just makes everything so easy and central The widget is absolutely amazing too                 The most useful app I have ever downloaded
For a long time I was under the impression that this app was simply a visually more appealing version of the stock calendar app I ended up buying it because it was on sale a while ago and now I realize why its so hyped Its so efficient and featurerich that it makes me actually use the calendar on my phone My life is far more organized and manageable than it was before the app If youre a user of the stock calendar just get this and stop wasting your time                 Really deserving of its name of fantastical
Works great very helpful and better than regular Calendar Wish there was more capacity to set defaults for new entries Particularly I use reminders more than events and would like to make those the default when I hit the              Need a way to set reminder as default when hitting
Excellent                 User
I would like to take a minute to write a review for this awesome app I am a calendar junkiewondering if there might be something better out there but I keep coming back to THIS app because it is so simple yet comprehensiveit meets all my needs If I may make one suggestion I would ask the developers to add a variety of tones for the alerts and reminders so we can have a bit more fun Thanks for this great meet my needs calendar                 GREAT
I am having issues with adding an event with this app When I go to the event screen there is no voice over feedback and it just hangs there and the app quits It is truly a five star app but with this blog it became down a one star app Please fix this bug please fix this bug I am on iOS 9     Voice Over Bug
I initially tried Fantasical when iOS calendar kept making all my Google calendar meeting to GMT Worked much better plus its so easy to add new appointmentsthe natural language feature is nice time saver Ive got Fantastical loaded on my iPhone6 and iPad3 and works great Bye bye iOS calendar                 Great calendar app Replacement for iOS calendar
But I like the week view in Calendars 5 I think its hard to tell from this layout how my week is organized That said this app is worth it for the input alone              Good for quick input
Ive been using Fantastical since the 10 days of the app and can say without a doubt that its one of the my most used and loved apps The functionality is everything you would expect from a calendar app and then some with their natural language parsing The design and polish of the app are second to none and it really is a joy to use The feature updates and fixes are a regular occurrence and the support is excellent This app really is worth the price of admission                 Fantastic Calendar App
The demand for Universal iOS apps is understandable Yet I appreciate the separate attention to detail on Fantastical for iPad Its obvious it isnt simply a copy and paste of the iPhone app Instead it fully utilizes the strengths of the additional visual real estate on the iPad iPad apps are not generally worth the investment in time for developers But In this case I think the investment pays off in overall user satisfaction which in turn helps to solidify Fantastical as an essential app between iOS and OSX Time well spent Fantastical deserves to be its own separate entity if you own an iPad For those who value a frictionless calendar experience between devices thats a pure pleasure to use Powerful Gets the job done and gets out of the way Fantastical is it                 iPad Version Shines
I use this app every day on my iPhone and the OSX version on my Mac and I love it I can quickly enter calendar events and reminders and be confident that Fantastical will understand what I mean The interface is intuitive and integrates with Notification Center perfectly I love this app and highly recommend it                 Fantastical is fantastic

Fantastical 2 Productivity Week ViewFantastical 2 Productivity Week ViewFantastical 2 Productivity Week ViewFantastical 2 Productivity Week ViewFantastical 2 Productivity Week ViewFantastical 2 Productivity Week ViewFantastical 2 Productivity Week ViewFantastical 2 Productivity Week View

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