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ASA , the publisher behind many iOS app (Instrument Pilot Checkride ,Prepware Flight Engineer ,Prepware Aviation Maintenance Technician ,Prepware Commercial Pilot ,Multi-Engine Pilot Checkride ,Private Pilot Checkride), brings FAR/AIM with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FAR/AIM app has been update to version 1.27 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc44
it is still by far better than using the web or a book.
Ease of Usec93
Simply simple.
Navigation is easy.
profile and landscape viewing available for easy reading and viewing figures.
Makes it very easy to study for my written exams.
Updates & Supportc32
get the book version.

profile and landscape viewing available for easy reading and viewing figures. found in 1 reviews
I love the search function. found in 6 reviews
it is still by far better than using the web or a book. found in 1 reviews
these are improvements to an already good app. found in 1 reviews
this is a reference tool only. found in 2 reviews
Makes it very easy to study for my written exams. found in 1 reviews
an update shows up in your App Store icon. found in 1 reviews
pilot controller glossary included. found in 1 reviews
Fonts too small. found in 1 reviews
ESSENTIAL APP FOR CFI. found in 1 reviews
the functionality is somewhat less that what I hoped for. found in 1 reviews
I suggest this application at all. found in 1 reviews
previously mentioned 147. found in 1 reviews
Once again my flight bag gets lighter. found in 3 reviews
Great replacement for paper FAR/AIM. found in 1 reviews
A must have for any pilot. found in 2 reviews
text search helps you find what you x2019. found in 1 reviews
Great resource and very convenient. found in 1 reviews
Great program but it needs the ability to Save highlighted sections. found in 1 reviews
Missing Part 25. found in 4 reviews
Please add bookmark option. found in 2 reviews
Missing highlighter function. found in 2 reviews
I have two big complaints about this app :
I agree with others about updates but overall a good app. found in 1 reviews
but it's hard to know what changed. found in 1 reviews
but could you also add highlighting as well. found in 1 reviews
It would be really helpful if ASA added the ability to bookmark pages. found in 1 reviews
such lag is unacceptable. found in 1 reviews
If you are thinking of using this to LEARN the FARs/AIM. found in 1 reviews
First. found in 1 reviews
Now that would be great and I would bump it up to 5 stars. found in 1 reviews
Please add a favorite option. found in 1 reviews
If a highlighter function was added I would give it 5 stars. found in 1 reviews
This app is very stale and has zero personality. found in 1 reviews
Like the App ~ but needs some additional features. found in 1 reviews
Poor user interface for iOS devices. found in 1 reviews
no way to quickly scroll through and scan content. found in 1 reviews
One cannot swipe the screen to move between pages. found in 1 reviews
but I find it missing so many parts. found in 2 reviews
I counted 5 seconds to open up a topic. found in 1 reviews
Great app but missing part 45. found in 4 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download FAR/AIM for $9.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.27 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about FAR/AIM in ASA`s Official Website : http://www.asa2fly.com

ASA has built a reputation for providing the aviation community with the most accurate and reliable FAR/AIM products available. The FAR/AIM app continues this tradition, containing complete and up-to-date information from Titles 14 and 49 ...
You can highlight but make sure you mean it because you can t un highlight Also indentations of subparts aren t correctly formatted and you can t adjust font size             Needs improvement Kev264367543
ATP is not listed in the study by certificate     Missing points Hodarik
I like the idea of app but not being able to take down notes is a real downside for me Please add that functionality             Can t take notes FliyingJavicho
Great app I use it a lot for my studies Unfortunately it was last updated in Aug 2016 and does not contain newest Regs e g Part 68             Out of date Bennybunny026
Part 23 was changed a week ago When is the app going to reflect this and all the other updates since August 2016         Updates periodically Smbran
I like the fact it s an app but the updates are very slow Too slow and I may have to switch to something better if I don t see updates by mid month             Waiting for updates Ammo2awacs
I love the fact that I dont have carry around that giant book but I can not highlight sections or bookmark pages for easy reference later when we are searching you need to know the exact phrase in order or else you turn up nothing The updates on the FAR need to be more often and I need to be able to see what updates have been done in the app If this is done you guys get five stars and all of my students would be advised to have this as well        It has potential to be better
Need to be updated to 2015 FAR AIM DO NOT BUY UNTIL THIS IS FIXED     Not current
Why cant we update This is useless        Wheres 2015
I think there was a problem while programming It says I have the correct version however it still says I have the December 2014     Update
Great app I agree with others about updates but overall a good app I would however like to be able to highlight a section to email or share with people As a flight instructor I get asked plenty of regulation questions and it would be nice to be able to email a section to a student              Sharing
This app is awesome The developer just needs to provide the updated FARAIM        Provide new update
This app is great But it is not a complete FARAIM It lacks part 93 Special Air Traffic Rules I fly in and out of Lake Hood and Merril Field in Anchorage and that FAR is necessary for operations in and out of Anchorage as well as other areas like Washington DC and the Grand Canyon This app is not a complete FARAIM           Lacks Part 93
This is one of the best ones out there A feature that Id like to see would be the function to print certain parts up so that we could have a paper copy to give to the examiners andor FAA inspectors              One of the best out there
Originally different FARs were missing Current version has all regs included and the app works great Excellent search function                 Part 25 is back
The study by certificate in the tools options is genius Great app thats exactly what it needs to be                 Simply simple
I like the app and installed and works well on both the ipad and iphone5 The idea of receiving the updates is excellent and is much better than carrying around the thick book The one feature missing is the ability to highlight and bookmark specific sections Please add a favorite option              Like the App but needs some additional features
Its okay for your generic you should remember this type stuff but I find it missing so many parts I dont know why the data isnt that large Just put the entire Title 14 in there Now Im going to have to find another app with the complete FARs and that will be the one I recommend to all my students     Missing so many parts
This the best 10 I ever spend on an app All the answers u need at your fingertips 1010                 Great
It states in the app that it is current through the Dec 2013 I bought this app back in August of 2013 and the developer has not updated it once even though there has been a newer version of the FARAIM published since then Whenever I click on the update button it states that there are no new revisions available Lies Buy one where they will update it        Not current
Its a good app with what you need for reference However as of now I would use this for reference use only Aviation requires indate info and until I see an update this is a reference tool only ASA is not living up to its name here Update              Good App
Is there any way to have the current through date say something less ambiguous My DPE says that Current through April 11 2014 means it hasnt been updated as of that date I showed him the version updates but he says no good And isnt there a way to indent the sub topics properly instead of following the same confusing layout as the paper copy The reason this is so hard to read is because its printed as a book when in reality it should be indented like an outline        Current or updated
No highlighting or bookmarking I thought that would be the big tools to have using this with the ipad Now the only tools you have is the search engine and portability Cmon you guys dont torture us           No highlighting or bookmarking
Needs updates and it would be nice with a bookmarking and highlighting tabs           Pilot
I also tried to update it but it wont let me     It wont update for me either
If i can change the size of the fonts then it would be perfect              Fonts too small
It would be really helpful if ASA added the ability to bookmark pages or even better that and the ability or highlight particular FARs Its great that I dont have to carry the book around anymore but more often than not I find myself tracking down a hard copy at my flight school because I can turn immediately to the FAR and flip between FARs easily when teaching Not having that ability makes using this somewhat tedious           Bookmarks
This is a wonderful way to access the regs and they are periodically updated Great app Beats the FAA brick for sure                 So convenient
Ive tried to update to the new 2015 FARAIM but it wont update Ive deleted the app and tried to download it again but its still the 2014 version Please help              Wont update
This app is useful for looking up a reg using the search tool It could be a great app for students with highlighting a bit of formatting to indent subsections and a page to show the changes when it is updated I find it updates quick enough but its hard to know what changed If they put a bit of work into it Id recommend it to any of my students but as of now not so much           Could be good
Excellent App for any aviator well worth it              Updates
I give this app three stars for its clean layout and search feature but it really needs bookmarks highlighter and print tools to justify five stars and the ten bucks it cost           FARAIM
Wheres the update Its pretty important     Out of date
I dont normally write reviews but this app is not up to date and hasnt been for a very long time I dont recommend purchasing this app due to the developers disregard of content updates     Never Updated
Regarding updates from ASA directly The current through date in the app is to let you and your examiner know when the last update occurred We do this for all of our FARAIM products If your app says current through Dec 23 2014 it is current and contains everything that is in our 2015 FARAIM print book printed in Aug 2014 plus any pertinent changes since then This app is way more current than any of the 2015 printed books Regarding questions about updates to the FARAIM app the most straight forward answer is if the app store does not list an update for your app your app is up to date When an update is available to you your App Store icon on your device will have a number on it that indicates an update is available Going into the App Store on your device will list what app the update is for If required you can demonstrate this to show the app is up to date It is important to note that ASA tracks FAA changes daily and updates the app when regulations and AIM changes affect pilot operations The date shown for the apps update reflects the last regulatory change affecting content A new update will be released when a rule change affects operations                 Most useful FARAIM format yet
I use this app constantly and its very easy to use I love the search function                 Fantastic
Great app but missing part 45 Please add it ASAP     Part 45 missing
This is a great quick reference app and I use all the time However I would like to be able to highlight in the document to make future references easier Also it should include Part 93           Improvements wanted
The app is straightforward and utilitarian with search capability But as others have said parts are missing Moreover the description calls this the 2013 FARs while the app indicates that it was current only until August 21 2012 There is an update button but no updates available In aviation such lag is unacceptable Heres hoping ASA lives up to its name with an update because it could be a 5star app           Almost quite good
New update came out great Theyre still expired Current through march 15 2013        What is wrong with the developers
Downloaded the app and it works great A fully comprehensive list of appropriate FARs and the AIM Great search and highlighting features I have it on an iPad and iPhone and the functionality is great on both Regarding the problems people are having with updates I called ASA to ask how the process works I talked to Mike who told me they monitor the regulations for significant changes and when that occurs an update shows up in your App Store icon Currently the most recent update is the end of December 2014 He mentioned that updates might only happen 23 times per year depending on what is happening in rulemaking Its possible people think their app isnt current since the last update was in this case December 2014 and its now 2015 but the app IS current as there havent been any significant changes Far more current than a paper book A great app definitely happy with the purchase                 App works great
Search function is great Plus it updates                 Awesome
Emailed ASA regarding the date of currency They emailed me back stating that regardless it was current They said they would fix it but clearly that was ignored Never again will I purchase ASA        It WAS good
The tool itself is great as a quick reference tool The only reason I bought it was because Im a DER and it beats the hell out of using the FAA Website In the previous version Part 25 was there but in this version Part 25 is missing Im hoping that this was an erroneous error that will be corrected soon because without Part 25 this app is now useless to me           Missing Part 25
Very useful and easy to use but one very important feature is missing To bookmark important and common used regulations Hope to see that in the next release              Very useful and easy to use
Good app Missing highlighter function Also 2013 hasnt been updated yet           Good app
This app does just what it is meant to do Its a nice substitute to lugging the paper book around HoweverI think ASA missed the mark a bit They need to look at what a used FARAIM looks like and design around that Highlighted circled marked up scribbled out sticky noted tabbed bookmarked bent and warn in This app is very stale and has zero personality Ill be loyal to youIll even pay morejust give me an experience I can personalize and USE And if possible leave my annotations in place even after an update           good not great
This app is very organized and this best FARAIM app by far except for its lack of a highlighter function If a highlighter function was added I would give it 5 stars              Great App except
This app is a great tool for readingreviewing the FARAIM The search function is very easy to use but you have to know how something is phrased exactly in the FARAIM in order to find it Unfortunately one does not have the option to bookmark or highlight text within the app You can copy parts of the text but it is a pain to do so Additionally as the FARs are updated this app is slow to reflect those changes and updates Overall it is a good app but it would be even better with highlighting and bookmarking options           Needs more
Would like the ability to highlight words to enhance study time           Great app however
Great search function I love the ability to search for a specific keyword but I was hoping there would be improvements to the app by now Same interface no improvements and there needs to be an update There has been two aim updates so far this year and these have yet to be incorporated into this app           Good but looking for improvementsupdates
Very useful                 Updates
I recommend this to all my students and I use it daily It is updated frequently despite what some other reviewers say I highly recommend it                 My favorite app
Tools menu will let you pick your certificate and it will only bring up the parts you need to read You can highlight things you want to remember or come back to use the tools menu and read what you highlighted Great for quick reference                 Can Study by Type Certificate
Current through March 2013 Great Now I have to go back to the 19th century and carry a 7lb book for my check flight Disappointing     Expired Do not buy
No way to update I uninstalled the app then reinstalled and still no update It says 2015 current but its not This really needs to be fixed dont download outdated FarAims Great app until it became outdated Please fix        No Current Update

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