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Alexey Bogdanov , the publisher behind many iOS app (Scanner App : scan documents ,Штрафы ГИБДД gibdd.ru - бесплатная проверка авто штрафов через сайт gibdd.ru и их оплата онлайн для Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга и всей России ,Fax - send faxes from mobile phone online easy. Fax app to send pdf files, documents and ifax without fax machine or pro burner. Free file and document fax previews: pdf, doc, docx and images ,FAX app PRO: send fax from iPhone on the go ,ВКонтакте.ДниРождения), brings FAX app PRO: send fax from iPhone on the go with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FAX app PRO: send fax from iPhone on the go app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The FAX app PRO: send fax from iPhone on the go is now available for 3.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 74280960, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new FAX app PRO: send fax from iPhone on the go app version 1.1 has been updated on 2017-02-14.
More Info: Find more info about FAX app PRO: send fax from iPhone on the go in Alexey Bogdanov`s Official Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fax/749549871833113

Over 500 000 active users, 1+ million faxes sent Send fax from iPhone or iPad on the go. Fast and easy No need to use old school fax machine or go to a fax office. Key Features: Powerful fax ...
I don t understand the need to 1 have to pay for the app 2 have to buy points to fax             Charges RaiderMyke
I am lucky enough to work from home but this means any equipment I need comes out of my pocket I don t need a fax machine often but just often enough that it was frustrating to have to run to a copy shop each time And this app has been a huge time saver                     Good sansaid88
So good all of my work is done in the field This app completely eliminated printing then hard faxing No wasted paper time or hassle Price per page is well worth the money                 Thanks mikeyhanor
This application allows for massive convenience at low cost it goes to show how amazing technology has become So far the app does everything I need it to without compromise                     Really like it hiolopber566
Wonderful experience This is very fordable cheaper than faxing from staples etc not to mention if you re not in the office you can fax from any location right from your smart phone Absolutely a must have for people who are constantly out in the field and business owner                     so good loxoreos99
No need to fax machine for us I have FAX app PRO with my iPhone so I send fax from my iPhone very easily I scan document then I send fax via my iPhone This app very useful and very important for me I can send fax from online cloud documents I can trace my dilevery status via it                     Useful FAX app PRO No jeyasuthan1777
The best fax app I have ever use it worth the money and the 5 stars                     Great fanshentou
Works stable and really useful Great app                     Great app HaansChamberrs710528
Really helpful fax app Thanks a lot devs                 Very helpful MeagghanLingsston386193
A pretty good useful app Thanks                 Pretty good LuisTrevinno632802
This app works perfectly and has no bugs I m very satisfied with it                     Great app TtaylerShhelton310836
This app is smooth and efficient I can simply fax when necessary and just pay for it when I use Had no trouble at all Thanks a lot                     I love it salem_christ0990
All of my faxes went through Worked perfect and was pretty cheap Didn t even have to leave the house                     Convenient leslie997991
Super easy fast and Convenient Saves you and time from having to go to an office supply store just to fax documents It s connected to cloud services to make it even easier                     Excellent tool chris azog78
First time using this app and I must say it was very easy I faxed out 4 page letter and was sent in no time Would definitely Recommend To anyone                     Impressive mojoerchris56
This Application is pretty awesome I urgently needed to send documents before tomorrow morning and I was able to in two minutes right from my iPhone All you have to do is upload a document from your phone or snap photos of the pages you want to send The price is Reasonable as well                     So good komeris8992
Better than any other fax app on the AppStore this app is faster and better Never send fax without using the app                     Best app out there Statham1600
Faxing is really a pain these days but some folks still insist upon using it So it s really convenient having one on my phone Worked with no problem So far                     Wonderful anthony-martinez90
So far so good I just sent some faxes hopefully all went well on the other side The interface is very simple which all apps should be Anyone can figure it out really If you are upset about the cost                     Nice simple app adamleitenant
I install this app before 5 minutes after that when i opend he close him self quckly i try many times to open its crush or have problem in his programming what problem in this app     Not working Zid428
I can t tell you how convenient this app is It has Saved me Tons of time especially when I could just Take a pic of something then fax it to my employer Thank you guys                     Great job jotaxmieero67
Goodapp                     Good Alexjoin1986
It s so helpful to me because it s very easiest and the comfortable way to send the fax without fax machine or go out the fax office                     Best way to fax haphonghoang
Now my job easier when it I do not need a fax machine can still fax viticulture it quickly good quality fast m simple and convenient It is true that i need to find app This is very simple to use and practical easily sends all faxes to the desired number Never before has been so easy to send a fax in a just to a few steps i was able to send what i need It has great features and don t any bug This is easy user interface smooth fast speed I hope this app grows or more features I really like this app                     Great services lyka144gghjuyrttr
I am a business man I must to work with many partnet Sometimes I need to send infomations for them And I found this app and use it often It is very to use convenient and very useful It can preview documents before sending And it has never fail It help me a lot in work                     Great hungman1989
Love it replacing fax application convenient simple interface and easy to use convenient features and great thank developers                     Good app for me viewappaa
This app lets me fax anyone with ease docs images what have you So convenient and much easier than using a traditional fax machine Glad I found this to bring my business communicate into the 21st century                     Wonderful business tool natt_644
At my work I need to send faxes almost everyday and sometimes its frustrating but with this app my life has been easier since I installed it I can send faxes anywhere and anytime the app brings a friendly user interface and fantastic features to improve the sending there is no need to fax via the machine Love this app                     Best app to send faxes Patrickzx23
Works great prints well with my printer thanks                     interesting app csnpxx1900
Great do not need to use the old fax machine to the office or school it is the most convenient quick and easy so many people use it thank the developers                     Good app tienlagiay
This is the best fax app I have used there are many useful features such as Preview any document before sending and Create professional looking cover pages worth trying                     good hoffman521
This is one of the best fax applications I ve ever used Worth giving 5 stars                     Great app Jaky19900
I recently got a new apple device and downloaded this app I was amazed as to all the new content to this app I love this app so much Keep the updates coming great app Many thank                     Good app HDTH1111
This is very great app I try to send my documents to friend and it worked perfectly Thank you                     Very great app Tom Seattle
On first try for sending fax I found it easy to use and worked great Now I have my fax in my pocket love the convenience it gives No longer have to worry about getting faxes out Keep up the good work                     Great try pay6
The application is very useful for people who need to send faxes from iPhone without to find a fax machine you can Scan any documents and Track sent documents status worth trying                     Useful Jones121
A very useful fax application the user can directly to important documents through this application fax to a friend It is recommended to use                     Good KingsTirpitz
This is a very great app I have downloaded it today and it worked perfectly Now I can fax my documents everywhere out of my office                     Very great Diamond 9999
Interesting to use this app This application is very convenient it helps me a lot in your work and life I want people to know about it more and use it more I am very pleased with this app Thanks                     Good app ArmyTea
A very magical fax application A mobile device can save and send files unique design I can easily use it anywhere                     Awesome PolyDome
The Fax Pro is best app helpful for me I feel fun when used app and it easy to use I will invite my friends play it I will play it every free time Thanks for designer                     love it mtoRnEdO.
This is the app I need It has concise interface and intuitive and easy to use With this app my cell phone is a fax machine whenever and wherever I can fax Useful                     Useful app Bobs King
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