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C.B. Liu , the publisher behind many iOS app (Feeddler RSS Reader Pro 2 ,Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone ,Feeddler RSS Reader Pro ,Real-Time Stocks ,Japanese Kana Flash Cards (Hiragana and Katakana) ,Feeddler RSS Reader Pro for iPhone), brings Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone app has been update to version 1.11 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Overall Satisfactionclick me87
Best Google Reader client I've used on iOS.
This is by far the best rss reader app that I have used.
This is the best RSS app available for the iPad.
Makes following my favorite blogs and news sites so much easier.
Love being able to check my blogs while I'm on the go.
Great way for a super busy person to stay current.
This is the best newsreader on the market.
Fun & Engagingclick me88
This is an awesome RSS reader app.
Works all the time - need access to private blogs.
I use this ap all the time.
Absolutely awesome app for keeping up with rss feeds.
Usefulnessclick me90
Really like being able to read everything in one place.
Great app use it every day.
Feeddler really helps me keep up with my Internet reading material.
I use this app many times every day.
A very useful RSS reader.
Awesome App For Keeping Informed.
Production Valuesclick me70
It was easy to set up by connecting to Google reader.
Can't sign in to Google Reader account.
Love the clean and easy to use interface - simple is better.
Ease of Useclick me91
Love being able to check my Reader on my phone.
Excellent feature set and very easy to setup and use.
It was easy to set up and has worked great ever since.
There's no way to set up the needed account in the app.
Easy to stay on top of all my google reader feeds.
This is a very useful app to organize your RSS feeds.
Simple app does what it says never a hang up.
simple reader app.
efficient and easy to organize.
Reliabilityclick me80
App continues to crash when synching feeds from AOL Reader.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me61
Security & Privacyclick me89
Simple to use and works great with your Google Reader account.
Cannot log on to my google reader account.
It was easy to set up by connecting to Google reader.
Can't sign in to Google Reader account.
Updates & Supportclick me63


Feeddler is the most popular RSS reader for
iPadtablet made by Apple
and has been picked as a top iPad app:
* "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" - featured by Apple
* "Essential iPad Apps" - Gizmodo
* "10 Must Have iPad Apps" - Cool Tricks N Tips
* "Top 10 iPad Free Apps" - TFTS


Feeddler is a fast and highly customizable Google Reader client that stays perfect sync with Google and presents RSS stories in a clean interface. Feeddler is a universal app that supports iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. This free version is supported by banner ads.

Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhoneFeeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone
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* Syncs with Google Reader (Google Reader account is required).
* Supports multiple accounts.
* Supports feed management - add/delete/rename subscriptions and folders.
* Supports unread item filtering.
* Supports sorting by newest first, or oldest first.
* Caches up to 100 RSS articles for each feed.
* Able to star/unstar, like/unlike, share/unshare, mark unread any RSS story, even when offline (will sync when starting app with internet connection).
* Able to mark all items as read for any RSS subscription.
* Able to mark only loaded items as read.
* Able to show only feeds/folders with unread items.
* Supports Facebook sharing.
* Supports in-app e-mail sharing.
* Copy&Paste titles, links, or full articles.
* Uses built-in, full-screen browser for full articles and web pages.
* Able to open full articles in Safari.
* Supports swiping gestures to navigate RSS stories. (iPad or iOS4)
* Lots of UI customization options.
* Supports fast app switch with iOS4 multitasking. (iOS4 only)


There are more features in the Pro version:
+ Supports sync all subscriptions, and sync subscriptions in a folder/tag.
+ Customized batch syncing: sync all feeds or unread items only, sync from last sync, days or weeks. For faster syncing, we suggest "Unread only" + "FromLastSync."
+ Supports keyword search to find and add feeds.
+ Able to mark items as read based on age.
+ Able to mark items as read or star/unstar by tapping either side of a headline.
+ Able to automatically mark items as read while scrolling headlines.
+ Supports Twitter with automatic URL shortening using
+ Supports Instapaper.
+ Supports Read It Later.
+ Supports personal account.
+ Supports pinching to change font size of RSS articles. (iPad or iOS4)
+ Saves images by tapping images with two fingers. (iPad or iOS4)
Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone


If you like Feeddler, please consider writing positive reviews on the App Store. We keep adding features, fixing bugs, and improving app performance. Please send us feedback at [email protected] Thanks for your support.


Follow us on Twitter @feeddler.


Thanks David Todd for the splash image and logo design.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone app version 1.11 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone check developer C.B. Liu`s website :


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Icon 175x175 1
Thanks for addressing the small issues so quickly The all feeds at the top now works and the full screen is now an option PerfectSo worth the upgrade                Update fixes my issues
I especially like the Evernote integration             Simple interface
برنامه خوبي است بنظرم بهتر است در اشتراك گذاري گزينه هاي تلگرام وايبر و واتس اپ را اضافه كنيد                Add social networking smart phone viber
This app lacks the basic ability to enter an RSS url or better yet once you click on a RSS Url it opens up automatically in the app    Why do I need to choose a subscription
Update only made things worse along with losing my settingspreferences the app now wont load full web pages specifically soundcloud music The app wont keep me logged in and displays adds    Bad to begin with
Keeping up with F1 news is made so much easier with this app Other apps i have used have difficult and confusing interfacesbut this one is simple and exactly how i feel it should be                Love this App
I have used this reader for two years and it is still my favorite The new interface is cleaner and more responsive Thank you for not over complicating the interface and keeping the content as the main focus Im also thankful for the fix that resolved the crashing issues with iOS 8 Im upgrading to pro as a result                Solid reader love the new interface
Ever since this update came out the app keeps reloading pages It is so bad that half the websites are unreadable Washington Post Vice ect I have been using Feedler for years but I am now going to have to find another program    Nearly broken
1 star for prompting me to review          Good but
This was a very good app but recently it just started crashing after start up I cant keep it open long enough to read any news Please fix       Crash crash crash
Why do I need a subscription just to have a feed from one site    Stupid
I tried this version to see if it was worth paying for My iPod touch is the most recent generation as of June 2014 This is slow to respond to touch commands to go into specific feeds and slow to scroll both when looking at lists of items and reading individual items It also sometimes just gives up and crashes Its unusable to me so I wont pay for pro and will instead find something else that works with the old reader Maybe its no longer supported    Slow and crashy
Add grid view remove ads    Add grid view remove ads
Crashes constantly    Constantly crashes I paid for pro and immediately after pro 2 comes out What a scam
Easy to use and quick                Very eficiente program
This is a go to ap for me but right now it doesnt work It seems like maybe aol reader was updated and it broke feeddler but nevertheless feeddler is currently broken    Doesnt work right now
Just a POS Wont open it is Crap Junk    Wont Even Open Grrr
Night mode                Perfect Google Reader replacement
Looks like the issue with AOL reader was resolved so back to working Also developer confirmed to me by email that he is working on a much awaited ios7 update             works again June 2014
There are fancier interfaces on other RSS readers but I love the simple display of this one I can quickly scan my list of feeds and focus on the ones I want to read It synchronizes with a lot of RSS subscription services so youre likely to find the one you use in their list I only wish the HTML engine rendered a little more quickly Some pages take a while to load which can be frustrating             Clean simple interface for RSS reading
I can almost never finish reading an article without it trying to reload in web format          Keeps switching between viewing formats
The app works fine by pulling your RSS feeds but there are some things that cant be customized such as the number of articles shown at one time Its also missing a quick way to star an article from the article list There are also some VoiceOver accessibility oddities Ive contacted the developer about these things more than once with no response Poor support receives a poor review I guess I cant expect much help if something more serious ever happens Buyer be ware       Works okay but support is MIA
I have been using this feed reader for quite a while Ive never had any problems Bug reports in other reviews are baffling             Reliable and Flexible
This developer seems to be using a bait and switch process for free and paid versions of the Feedler app After using the original free version I bought the paid version of Feedler Pro last year Now the original Feedler Pro doesnt work on iOS 8 and the developer no longer supports this version but instead is selling the new Feedler Pro 2 Buyer beware If you use the paid version be prepared to buy it again when a new iOS is released    User Beware
Took seconds to set up works great w new iPhones no bugs very intuitive great way to get information I want from my favorite websites                Great easy to use
Works great Fast And works with Craigslist unlike the reader I switched from that would go for months at a time without pulling Craigslist feeds                Works with Craigslist
Why isnt the paid version supported any more    Why isnt the paid version supported any more
Works well as an rss reader             Great app for fast vast news
This app no longer works with Google    Google
Works fine again after the old crashing issues                Fixed for iOS8 and iphone 6
But does crash sometimes rather inexplicably A small price to pay however for an otherwise very useful app             Does what I want it to
Cant use without an account    Needs account for tracking
I used to love this app But after the latest update some pages especially links constantly reload making it impossible to get to the bottom of an article The update looks great but if you cant read the entire article whats the point Developers please fix it and Ill change my review back to five stars    New update unusable
Lots of great ideas But it doesnt actually work with any feeds Bugs and problems galore Inconsistencies abound Sometimes rss summaries dont appear Sometimes pictures arent displayed Cant post articles to tumbler Cant interface with tumbler at all Animated gifs wont animate or display Articles dont appearEssentially it forces you to open the articles from the original site which has slow loads and formatting problems being displayed withing feedler So in the end whats the point of using the app    Buggy broken
I used this app every day for months with no problems Now with the latest update it just crashes every time I attempt to read an article       Used to work great but now it crashes
Not able to proceed past splash screen before crashing iPhone 4 nonS iOS 7    New version simply crashes
Все четко по делу удобно Лучше программы не видел спасибо                Очень хорошая программа
This is an extremely useful app I have several feed subscriptions and whenever I want to check for updates I use this app ETA I updated it and now when its syncing it crashes Once it finished syncing and 10 seconds later it crashed again Please fix    Used to work now it crashes
This is a great RSS app for pulling together all of my favorite feeds Easy to use and flexible                Great app
Ez to use and awesome Im not a big techie and I love it Give it a try                Awesome
Added one RSS feed and it then started crashing every time forced to delete it    Couldnt even use it
NO i do not want to hand you my feedly evernote aol account or sign up for one No thanks Delete    Do not want to sign up
Finally something that actually is usable and reliable Please do not change anything ever                Great RSS Reader Thank you
Used this app for years Most features Ive seen Only gripes is the boring layout and unnatural gestures inconsistent with how it normally works          Nice set of features boring design
I laughed I cried It was better than Cats                Great App
For some reason today new posts are not showing in the reader Also I get a blank whenever I click on any blogs Not sure what the problem is          New posts not showing
Used with theoldreader and works well                Easy to use lots of customizability
I love it Very easy to use                Great
My only complaint is that you cant add subscriptions from the reader page I often catch links to other blogs while reading and its a pain to have to copy and go back three steps just to add it to my subscription                Great
This app causes the screen to reload constantly on the iPad version The creator has known about this issue for MONTHS and has not fixed it Stay away Same goes for the Pay version unfortunately    Crashes constantly


C.B. Liu
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.11
iPhone iPad

iOS Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone 1.11 Mobile

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