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DevHD , brings feedly with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. feedly app has been update to version 10.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the best rSS feeder / news aggregator ever..
  • Wonderful RSS aggregator with novel navigation and a very clean interface..
  • I really enjoy getting up to date news from multiple sources..
  • Use it daily to stay informed about things that interest me..
  • Everything I ever wanted in a news reader application..
Overall Satisfactionclick me94
Hands down the best RSS reader out for Google Reader users.
Best google reader app and the redesign is awesome.
Best google reader replacement hands down until this latest update.
Love Feedly on IPad and my Droid Incredible2.
Please fix - I used to love Feedly until this version.
I love having all my favorite news sources streaming to me everyday.
Thanks feedly for being so user friendly.
This is simply the best news aggregator app for iPhone or iPad.
Better than flipboard and is definitely the best of its kind.
Easy to keep up with headlines from your favorite sites.
Fun & Engagingclick me95
Feedly is awesome because it is available on desktop tablet and phones.
Awesome reader with a slick interface.
Usefulnessclick me96
I use Feedly every day on the web and on my phone.
and awesome way to keep up to date on your Google Reader feeds.
Use it daily to stay informed about things that interest me.
Everything in one place and super easy to use.
Beautiful and useful.
I read everything from Slashdot to BoingBoing to BBC news.
Social Aspectsclick me81
I manage content and social media for more than 10 clients.
Makes sharing information thru social media a breeze.
but now it forces me to use a social media login.
highlighting the articles with most likes from social networks.
great input to share out to other social networks.
Production Valuesclick me92
Actually prefer the web interface to the old Google one.
and in many ways a big improvement over the Reader interface.
It makes reading your feeds not only visually stunning.
Ease of Useclick me84
Very easy to add feeds and the presentation is intuitive and attractive.
Can't figure out how to add feeds in this overly done app.
Everything you follow in one place in an easy to read format.
Listing each current posts makes it easy to read or skip.
It's been an easy transition from Google Reader to Feedly.
with clean easy to use interface this app is great.
and allows you to configure your feed in an intuitive way.
Intuitive design and really easy to transfer feeds from Google Reader.
Reliabilityclick me55
Ads not Intrusiveclick me65
a simple and quick way to review news from many sources.
Awesome for those that need to review a lot of content.
Hate being prompted to review.
Security & Privacyclick me100
I love how Feedly easily integrated my Google Reader account.
You are required to sign up with your google reader account.
It syncs across all my devices with my gmail account.
Having to use a gmail account is a total scam.
Updates & Supportclick me99
simply and beautifully as its desktops browser based version.
The browser based version for your computer is excellent too.


Feedly for
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
gives you access to all your favorite sources on the go. It integrates seemlessly with both feedly
desktopa desktop is a computer
and Google Reader and offers a simple yet beautiful mobile browsing experience.


Like the feedly desktop, feedly for iPhone marries powerful filtering with a rich magazine-like layout and offers a variety of twitter and
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
sharing options.

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Feedly is not the first news reader on the iPhone. Here is how it is different:


Simpler. Feedly for iPhone can be remotely configured through the feedly desktop or Google Reader interface, allowing us to keep the mobile experience more simple and intuitive.


Smarter. A lot of the existing news readers focus on creating compelling visual experiences. Feedly goes beyond that by actively filtering and featuring the best/most important articles (based on your personal tastes – must read flag – and the recommendations of the community).


Ultra Fast. Thanks to the real-time integration with the Google Reader feed processing back end, the feedly experience remains super fast even if you subscribe to hundreds of sources.


In-Sync. You can access your feedly from your iphone, your desktop or from Google Reader. You will always be exposed to a single consistent experience.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download feedly for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 10.0 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about feedly in DevHD`s Official Website :


Love Feedly on IPad and my Droid Incredible2. found in 251 reviews
Hands down the best RSS reader out for Google Reader users. found in 1152 reviews
Better than flipboard and is definitely the best of its kind. found in 52 reviews
Better than pulse news more simple quicker and not as cluttered. found in 17 reviews
A very worthy Google Reader replacement with a seamless transition. found in 497 reviews
Feedly is a great replacement that's cross platform. found in 42 reviews
It's been an easy transition from Google Reader to Feedly. found in 35 reviews
Feebly is the best news reader that I have found. found in 316 reviews
This syncs with Google Reader and even brings in your starred items. found in 30 reviews
Have had a seamless transition from Google Reader to this. found in 39 reviews
This is simply the best news aggregator app for iPhone or iPad. found in 58 reviews
This is the best feed reader app I've used. found in 331 reviews
This is a great news feed and a great procrastination app :. found in 83 reviews
A fantastic replacement for Google Reader with a nice iOS interface. found in 4536 reviews
you're missing out on the best social and RSS reader on the market. found in 12 reviews
This is the simplest easiest news reading app out there. found in 50 reviews
Easy to keep up with headlines from your favorite sites. found in 43 reviews
Best app for keeping up with all types of information feeds. found in 13 reviews
It has been my daily companion and a true time saver. found in 27 reviews
Reading Experience is pretty efficient and surprisingly better the Reeder. found in 63 reviews
I hate having to re -sign in every couple weeks. found in 49 reviews
Aside from occasional crashes and a few minor improvements. found in 10 reviews
just headlines until you wanted to read the article. found in 48 reviews
Needs Evernote support but I hear they're working on it. found in 12 reviews
but there's still a problem with posts that have embedded video. found in 17 reviews
Last update crashes on Ipad 1. found in 7 reviews
Needs to be in the Notification Center with Badge count. found in 10 reviews
It also crashes my first gen iPad all the time. found in 15 reviews
Add content function not working properly. found in 29 reviews
Wish it could download to enable offline reading. found in 30 reviews
But it seriously needs an offline mode to be taken seriously. found in 24 reviews
Needs offline capability and ability to manage subscriptions/feeds thru app. found in 13 reviews
Crashes constantly on iPad 1 running iOS 5. found in 5 reviews
Having to constantly login to Google Reader is annoying. found in 15 reviews
Good would be great if you could pin to pinterest directly. found in 41 reviews
title view needs to honor the font size settings. found in 16 reviews
Love app except the list view doesn't work. found in 8 reviews
My ONLY complaint is that there are no push notifications. found in 12 reviews
Since July 1st the app keeps freezing. found in 39 reviews
Crashing to home screen on iPad Air. found in 26 reviews
App needs a Icon Badge of unread items. found in 36 reviews
easy to share articles in multiple ways
And sometimes you can't open articles at all until refresh. found in 17 reviews
if I wanted to read serif fonts I'd pick up a newspaper. found in 48 reviews
And landscape on iPhone 6 Plus doesn't display pictures correctly. found in 24 reviews
It's doesn't always work. found in 21 reviews
doesn't add new feeds. found in 97 reviews
Feedly " over capacity " error while trying to login. found in 239 reviews
but when you do " Mark all as Read ". found in 31 reviews
Crashes consistently if you turn on double tap to close. found in 50 reviews
Feedly has no offline mode or article caching. found in 24 reviews
Embedded videos stopped playing for a week recently. found in 17 reviews
I get an over capacity error for the past 5 days straight. found in 27 reviews
Hate being prompted to review. found in 78 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
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Icon 175x175 1
Thats it                Pretty good app
Crashes constantly No idea why       Crash Away
Doesnt remove already read articles    Buggy
Good replacer for google reader Hope they continue on to and similar features google reader had like an actual accessible website                Greatest App
My everyday app on iphone and ipad                Pavel
Spend more time reopening the app to try and read an article then actually getting to read anything Hopefully the bugs will get fixed soon This was a great news app    Crashes constantly
Tried a bunch and this is the best                Great RSS reader
I am glad I found this program                Great replacement for Google Reader
The very best way to Quickly keep up with all the blogs that interest you                Love it
It seems that having a Pro paid account takes care of any crashing and ADrelated issues The website and app work better than Google Reader I see some people complaining about missing functionality but its all there some management tasks have to be done through a browser The app is mainly for consumption of articlesIts the best replacement for Google Reader                Works great for Pro accounts
Great app I can load BBC Washington Post Times of India China Daily and my local paper Feedly feeds them to me like a buffet I am able to get a more objective and comprehensive view of the world                News Buffet
This crashes all the time on my phone Fail app is fail       Constant Crashes
I like it             It does its job
Great features             Great features
I use Feedly both as an iPhone app and in Chrome to keep up with news webcomics etc UI is fairly consistent across interfaces with navigation shortcutsfeatures specific to either a mouse keyboard vs touchscreen I used to use Google Reader then the Reedr app but made the leap to Feedly and havent looked back                Good RSS ReaderAppPlayform
App used to be decent Now it crashes constantly when I try to open an article to read it Happens multiple times per day Gonna hafta look at another app to take its place    Crashes constantly
The best app of its family                Just the best of a kind
These ADs please offer an adblock solution Crashing on a daily basis now with all these ADs popping up iPad iphone and web access is nice    Thank u
Feedly used to be pretty solid but lately it has been crashing right in the middle of reading The scrolling tends to lock up and then crashUninstalledreinstalled and same thing There are more solid news aggregate apps that dont crash nearly as much When they get some fixes Ill come back       Dumping this app until crashing fixed
It works well Its no google reader why google why but it the better option of several replacement solutions I tried                Replaces Google Reader
I use Feedly to keep up with blogs and news sites I like to read The interface is pleasant the controls are intuitive and it syncs seamlessly with their webpage in Safari In short it just works It does crash every now and then but it seems to be when trying to load the same pages so Im guessing its an issue with those sites and not FeedlyHIGHLY recommended             Solid RSS Reader
When Feedly was new I gave it a fourstar review praising it as a worthy Google Reader replacement missing only a few features I continue to find it a good service but the app itself is the buggiest app I have ever used It crashes constantly Im not sure the last time I went a whole day without a Feedly crash Often it will crash multiple times in a single reading session occasionally throwing up an error message and requiring a force close but most often dumping me back to the home screen It crashes so often its almost unusable as a reader and I cannot recommend Feedly until they make some major stability improvements    Crashes Delivered Daily
This is the only and the best reader I wish they would fix the issue with social sharing Typing a message through Twitter window closes the windows             Best RSS reader
while I continue to use it this app doesnt simply crash on occasion it will dump me to the home screen pretty much EVERY time I use it    crashes constantly
Feedly is the way I keep track of the blogs I am interested in I use it every day It is convenient and it always works It is one of my essential apps                I use Feedly everyday
Ive been using this app for quite some time albeit only the light theme A few nights ago I switched to the dark theme only to realize that the links in the page are displayed in black which renders them useless since they cant be seen against the black background of the dark theme          Black links invisible in dark theme
Works great on iPhone but very buggy on iPad It crashes about every 10 minutes I tried to find a support email or even a place to report bugs and couldnt find anything Ill be looking for a replacement unfortunately       Buggy
Works well                Works well
I use it every day to follow the news                Love it
I like the app but it crashes too often I am running it on and iPhone 6 Plus under iOS 8          Crashes too often
Perfect for reviewing a great many sources in a short period of time and sorting them                Great iPad interface
Impressed with the app as it helps with productivity                Excellent
I love that it just keeps improving                Never Ceases to Get the Job Done
Not perfect but my favorite workalike replacement for the deprecated Google Reader             Replace Google Reader
Add dedicated Feedly accounts of you want loyal users    This is a joke
Only way Im able to sort through news blogs and more based on my criteria and speed read to keep up to date Love it                A Must Have
The user interface of Feedly on iPad for my purposes is the most efficient The Feedly team continues to improve functions and features                Use it for hours daily
I like using this app It does everything I need it to do             Great rss reader
I love how easy it is to scroll thru my feeds Very easy to use But also very frustrating as it crashes CONSTANTLY          Love the app hate the crashes
I havent noticed any problems with the current version of Feedly so I am bumping it to 5 stars                Good some quirks
I deleted Pulse as he LinkedIn integration was becoming overwhelming Feedly is the perfect alternative The only thing he devs need to fix is the ability to play video without crashing Seriously it always crashes          Video crashes are annoying
The All tab shows news from 31 days ago and doesnt refresh       Need an update
I use this app every day It is my primary tech news source                Most used App on My iPad
I get news feeds elsewhere but there is no quality control Feedlot lets me pick the think tanks and papers or sections of papers that I want I dont have it all figured out yet but I like the scholarly feed                Pretty cool
I like this app allot             Old Head
It good Need improve Glad have since google reader Please make better to follow blog Love yous people Like blog It like newspaper But not paper                Chief
I am getting crashes 23 times a day primarily from the overlay style ads Need to fix it perhaps with ad blockers to stop the pop ups Looking for an alternative at this point after years of using Will stop premium service    Constant crashes
I was an avid fan of Google Reader When it was shut down I didnt know where to start finding a replacement Feedly filled that void perfectly For how I consume web content it has everything I need Fast simple and incredibly useful I use it literally every day                Pefect for what I need


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 10.0
iPhone iPad

iOS feedly 10.0 Mobile

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