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Description - FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS

Electronic Arts , the publisher behind many iOS games (MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition ,Mirror's Edge™ ,Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® BY EA SPORTS™ ,The Simpsons Arcade ,LITE-BRITE ,CLUE), brings FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS games has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Graphics controls and everything is fantastic..
  • Add international teams for favorite teams and for manager mode.
  • I recommend this game to everybody especially for soccer fans..
  • best football game i play in ios.
  • you could play online quick games with your favorite team..

Overall Satisfactionc83
it's an amazing game beautiful handling of control.
Amazing game but crashes every time I win a match.
This game is one of the best games I've played on my ipad.
Amazingly FIFA is the best sports game on the iOS.
Best sports game awful everything else.
One of my favorite games on my phone I play it all the time.
This probably one of my favorite games but there is a problem.
best football game i play in ios -Saudi arabia.
but it's not a football game.
Just had one game so far and it's great.
I have one game and it said can't download horrible.
I would recommend this game to anyone who loves to play sports games.
I would not recommend this game to anyone until they fix these big bugs.
thanks EA for creating such an amazing game.
Please fix - thanks EA.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game love the format and game play.
and looks like awesome game please fix please.
This game is actually super fun and it's very addicting.
It is a really fun game to play the best very addictive.
I love playing this game everyday it's so fun and addicting.
It's has awesome graphics and i love the controls.
One of my favorite games on my phone I play it all the time.
Amazing game download it and u will have loads of fun.
It's tons of fun and keeps me entertained.
This game is so awesome I play it everyday.
99 to unlock everything is really worth it.
I paid to unlock everything but the app keeps crashing.
This game is freakin'awesome I play it every day.
Value for Moneyc37
Replay Valuec53
is way too easy.
Way too easy.
Social Aspectsc32
The only thing that could make it better is player mode.
Player mode And other favorites from the past.
Production Valuesc80
Awesome game great GFX realistic game play for a phone.
There are always connection issues to the server during game play.
Amazing graphics which lets you have an awesome soccer experience.
It is a great game with wonderful graphics and gameplay.
Ease of Usec60
Great new way to control players love it.
The new way to control is worth a try.
Easy to score breathtaking goals from long rang and crazy angles.
Fun music that gets you excited to score the next goal.
The goalies on single player matches are impossible to score on.
The new intuitive controls are perfect for mobile devices.
Highly addictive and great intuitive controls.
is way too easy.
Way too easy.
There are soo many bugs and glitches for my iPod 4.
Security & Privacyc37
Also problems connecting to Origin account.
a security code comes up and 1.
Updates & Supportc71
Great game and this app does the console version much justice.
Great mobile game for those that love the console version.
It's like the ps and xbox version.
Looks like the XBox version.

Amazing game download it and u will have loads of fun. found in 11 reviews
Stunning graphics and great gameplay I absolutely love football. found in 33 reviews
Great mobile game for those that love the console version. found in 26 reviews
This is by far one of the best sports game I have ever played. found in 20 reviews
Wow I live this game. found in 5 reviews
It's a really good time killer and it's fun. found in 13 reviews
FIFA 14 very nice game it was look like real thanks all. found in 32 reviews
Awesome game love the new controls Lionel Messi Christiano Ronaldo. found in 9 reviews
My favorite team is Manchester United. found in 10 reviews
This game is actually super fun and it's very addicting. found in 48 reviews
One of the best soccer games you can get on the App Store. found in 11 reviews
Everytime I play a game I get disconnected and it doesn't save. found in 75 reviews
Only complaint is that ORIGIN login is not functioning. found in 32 reviews
i cant play this game these controls are too hard. found in 63 reviews
Game is somewhat rigged against you can't connect to EA servers. found in 68 reviews
But when I lose internet connection I lose game progress. found in 72 reviews
i cant login to Origin for playing Online. found in 8 reviews
For some reason it won't let me log in to origin. found in 162 reviews
I can't play online or tournament because of that status FIX IT. found in 127 reviews
Fix ultimate team online please Too much "disconnections". found in 1714 reviews
Game crashes at the "Tap To Continue" screen/prompt. found in 117 reviews
Great game but needs way more improvement. found in 28 reviews
But it will not let me sign into my origin account. found in 79 reviews
Every time I try to play team of the week keeps freezing. found in 92 reviews
this game seems to get server issues and connectivity issues. found in 21 reviews
Can't login to Origin can't play ultimate team. found in 162 reviews
Matches should be playable when it can't connect to the servers. found in 84 reviews
Awesome game except fix the crash for ultimate team. found in 19 reviews
Cant connect to servers in ultimate team. found in 23 reviews
So ea please fix so I can play fifa the right way. found in 54 reviews
The next update u guys really need to fix the servers. found in 22 reviews
Error connect to FUT every single time i play a match why. found in 64 reviews
Otherwise you have to login into origin. found in 104 reviews
online game -connection problem-very slow-hard to play-
but it crashes every time I try to play a game now. found in 92 reviews
I can't login to FIFA 2014 to play online match with friends. found in 127 reviews
Cannot login to origin account for fut even after reset password. found in 162 reviews
This game keeps crashing on my iphone 5s after the new update. found in 59 reviews
Game constantly disconnects from the EA servers during Ultimate Team games. found in 68 reviews
2. found in 65 reviews
It exits the ultimate team mode due to connection error. found in 67 reviews
Ultimate Team crashed forever and I lost everything. found in 1714 reviews
however the servers hosting online game modes are very buggy. found in 92 reviews
everytime I try to play Ultimate Team it crashes after picking my captain. found in 60 reviews
It has a terrible Internet connection and shuts down unexpectably. found in 72 reviews
Cant play because of origin account what BULL. found in 63 reviews
The game crashes every time I'm about to play. found in 117 reviews
But i made an origin account to play ultimate team. found in 79 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 1.17 GB to download. The new FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-20.
Bottom Line: For more information about FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS check developer Electronic Arts`s website :

REAL PLAYERS. REAL TEAMS. REAL LEAGUES. Welcome to the most authentic football game on the App Store. Feel the excitement of every pass, shot, and tackle with new touch controls. Plus, live every moment of ...
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