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Gu Jing , the publisher behind many iOS app (File Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) ,Pocket File Explorer ,Media Downloader Lite - Universal Downloads Manager), brings File Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. File Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) app has been update to version 1.8.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


supports wi fi bluetooth amp. found in 1 reviews
simple and complex passcode support. found in 1 reviews
txt viewer. found in 1 reviews
supports itunes usb file sharing. found in 1 reviews
send files as attachments size under 20mb. found in 1 reviews
large pdf files support. found in 1 reviews
multiple themes support. found in 1 reviews
background playback support. found in 1 reviews
disk and webdav only support viewing online pdf amp. found in 1 reviews
import music from ipod library. found in 1 reviews
more than 40 file types support. found in 1 reviews
turn on off passcode lock. found in 1 reviews
edit txt file. found in 1 reviews
video player. found in 1 reviews
play pause backward and forward control. found in 1 reviews
support icloud google drive dropbox box onedrive sugarsync yandex. found in 1 reviews
lock folder with passcode. found in 1 reviews
directly upload photos from photos library. found in 1 reviews
airplay mp4 mov m4v video formats. found in 1 reviews
local file manager. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download File Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. It weighs in at only 29.8 MB to download. The new File Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) app version 1.8.8 has been updated on 2014-11-25.
Bottom Line: For more information about File Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) check developer Gu Jing`s website :

Millions use File Hub every day to manage their files. iOS 7-ready File Hub is a powerful and intuitive file manager for iOS. Read, Play, View many file formats, easily transfer files between computer or cloud ...
overall this is the best file manager i had tried so far every thing is crisp and smooth but i have experiencing issue with open with function and a little bit video frame rate drop in some mkv file formats please address this issues thank you                 open with doesn t function M.J83
every thing is perfect                     best masoud hawashem
When my iPhone is connected to car Bluetooth audio and play a playlist while iPhone is locked it s not going to the next audio file I have to manually play it through my iPhone But if the iPhone was unlocked it s working fine iPhone X 11 2 1 Also when I unlocked the iPhone I can see a red line in Top of the app that says permission issue         Bluetooth pairing issue AL-Yahri
The ad force displays for about five seconds and then it won t easily dismiss when you tap the X Not much else good to say other than I ve switched file managers Thanks for making a once great app no thanks for ruining it     Once great App now Ad galore Ergojnerjovnedjovn
3 G         傻逼共产党
It s great Add new themes for app and equalizer for music player please                     Best one efi nik
Truly a great file manager The only issue is that since the new update it keeps on crashing at startup So we can t really get to see all the great features         Was great until it became unusable oversmart
The new version is the worst update the version 5 5 was the best manager ever but after version 6 becomes the worst You can t access your files through laptop and not possible to see the lyrics anymore and Etc             Worst update amin-ak47
Too many times the app freezes for a few sconds then quits Here is how it happens to me 1 Use app to view PDF 2 Leaving the doc open I leave the app 3 Use other apps 4 When I return to FileHub it displays the page I was on but it freezes for a short time then quits I really like the app and want to use it but for now it is too unstable If this problem is fixed I would start using it again             Too unstable for me Bruce2604
Don t waste your time trying to find other file manager This is absolutely the best one I feel it was faster before this update                     The best file manager 7ars
Prefect                     Best apk Mostafa_mh78
ipad air 2                     ipad air 2 pes2009k
My favorite application in iTune store and I don t need any other application to listen and watch the video files                     Excellent technical support Bugs hunter
Can you make it so we can choose what menu the launches on opens to music playlist video playlist cloud files or local files                     Request Pimplayer
This app is very good it can extract files and do lots of stuff It s just what I need and I can use this for more things than my other file management apps do This is a great app                     Great Myles432
Does not work The app did not detect any type of file locally or from any cloud     Useless lableuenote
The best app ever used Nothing missed in this app So dont miss it Wish I had Premium One                     Filehub Lefthandedknight
Wow truly impressed Thats a hard statement to make with apps of this sort I have been using apps like this since iOS 5 and this one by far has been the best It does everything I need and more and I am a very picky and precise person                     5 Star App 5 Star Developer A.U.S.S.I.E
Can t do anything without paying for it This is NOT FREE and most likely won t work But you won t know until you give the f cash     This app lies it does not work Can t use anything without having to hand over cash Afggughchkhf
would be better if have search option for files                     search Mich37.2
I ve been using this app for over 4 years and believe me it helps in every kind of way USB drive Checked Media player Checked Hide your files media Checked Wifi remote transfer Checked It s like a Swiss knife I ve never got any time to say Thank you guys My top2 favorite apps even with TheScore                     FIRST app to Install ALWAYS A Must Tevcrvm
The best file viewer I have ever used without a doubt I recommend everybody I use this app very light too                     Best file manager Moutaz idriz
This is the best way to keep some files and download some ROMS it is very good I recommend to anyone                     THE BEST YOULL FIND BenIsABossNotU
This app is really good with great detail Just lack in some tiny features Hope they add them Trash is one of them that for important files its necessary Good job                     Best professional file manager and video player R3Z4F1
Please web browsing option ex File Master app thanks a lot                 Great but No browsing on web F1rhad
I got something and I need it to be put into the open in folder BUT IT WOULDN T WORK I I only needed one job from it     Ummm Vorox785
Cuz I needed it so five stars                     5 stars Notchbadboy
Worked great for archiving unarchiving zip files Good for downloading and unzipping emulator ROMs and other zipped documents 10 10 would buy again                     Awesome Rhett-B25
It can zip files from emu paradise and perfect                     Perfect Harisriaz786
great job thank you                     great Saeidselfjooor
Please change the language     It s in japanese EnzoLuiz😆😆😆😆
Carsh         Crashed Alipipo
Not only does this app allow you to use your iOS device as USB storage but it also supports creating and editting of just about every major file format you could expect along with the ability to upload view save and edit from a number of popular cloud storage services Fantastic work                     Best file manager for iOS period PkChris
Good for gba                     Thumbs up Silver99326
Most features like FTP smb wont work only in pro version interface confusing        Confusing crippled
I have a 1st gen iPad running iOS 511 and this app works flawlessly exceptionally good To do wifi transfer from your computer pretty much any kind that has a browser you type the URL the app provides into the locator bar on your browser and it hooks right up to the iPad So far Ive moved an mp4 video from a Windows 81 machine to the iPad and the app then launches a video player to play the video I have also transferred a pdf file from a Linux Mint machine to the iPad and the the app then launched a pdf viewer and allowed me to read the pdf I will try text files and other docs but Im mainly interested in mp4s You can also delete the files from within the app They reside somewhere in the iPad file structure but I really dont care where I upgraded for 3 to the pro version ASAP                 Excellent
Thanks for best file manager Absolutely like streaming video and music from windows pc Please fix Russian encoding in mp3 id3 tags and add very popular and most free cloud service mailru cloud                 Fix RUS encoding in id3 Add mailru cloud

File Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) UtilitiesFile Hub Free (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager) Utilities

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