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Georgios Trigonakis , the publisher behind many iOS app (Photos Metadata Export ,ReceiptBox ,File List Export ,WidgeTunes ,Control for Denon ,Mass Rename), brings File List Export with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. File List Export app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The File List Export is now available for 4.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 14744158, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new File List Export app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-04-10.
Bottom Line: For more information about File List Export check developer Georgios Trigonakis`s website :

An easy to use application that will help you create list of files for any need. List all your photos, all your videos or all your files. If you need to create list of files ...
I love this software I add descriptions to my thousands of photos Next I create a list of items in the folder plus include the descriptions of each image export to a spreadsheet It effortlessly does what would take hours of manual labor Oh when I see images in my list it shows a preview of that photo Sweet                     Well worth the buy Kimberly Sterling
Really appreciate this little app I use it to create an index of the files I am archiving to tape I save an excel doc on the tape archive for posterity and keep a local copy of the spreadsheets so I can reference it and find files quickly on tape Keep up the good work                     Great Archiving Tool Facob
Amazing Does exactly what it promises to do and FAST My iMac files OS 10 10 need some serious straightening up and I ve used all but about 29GB of 1TB on my hard drive Ten years worth of saving documents anf images of all sorts Over the years I ve sometimes forgotten that I already had a folder for something and then created a new folder and started piling docs into the new one Now I m re discovering the folders I originally set up and 1 getting rid of outdated materials and 2 combining contents that really should be under one roof This nifty app makes it so easy I can t believe it Can t imagine how I managed without it                     WOW I love it DaVinci'sBusCard
This application is brilliant and an incredible time saver If you really want to know the files folders and related data your hard disk contains with very few exceptions this is all you need It literally runs through thousands of files in no time and presents you with a list of the name amount size kind and a bunch of other information you may want to dig up and then allows you to save the results in several standard formats This ought to be a feature of the OS I haven t seen any problems running this application and the price is dirt cheap for what it can do Hope it stays around for ever Kudos to the developer                     Talking about a time saver MacPW
This slick little app grabs file names and organizes them I needed an excel file of several thousand photo file names to import to a database File List Export provided this in seconds along with metadata in other useful columns Version 2 0 will even sort files out by file type and organize them into folders I haven t needed to do this but if I did I d trust this app Very sweet                     Does a job nothing else will do GulfCoastBotanizer
I love use this app quite often to make lists of some large folder s contents on my Mac The app works as advertised has been very stable for me The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I think it s missing a few key features which I believe should be included considering it costs 4 99 I really hope the delepers consider adding in a future update 1 The availible file types to export to is extremely limited 2 No drag drop option for adding new folders to be indexed which means you have to actually click add search for the folder via Finder 3 You cannot save lists in the app or open CSV files so you can t edit previously created lists for folders which contents are changed edited often                 Love The App But It s Missing a Few Things ѕтeғαɴ
I really like this Downloaded it thinking it wouldn t be what I needed Gave it the acid test asked for a list of everything in my iCloud Wasn t fast It s a huge bunch of files But it didn t crash and gave me a very nice summary of everything out there Perfect                     Wow Mike Chillit
Need to make lists of files in OS X folders This app does the trick Performs as advertised Perhaps a future update will add drag n drop folder capability                     Nice App Does a Good Job CityWebCentral
I bought this to help me sort through thousands of files on numerous external drives which over the years have included lots of duplicates and poorly named folders This application allows me to see all the files at any level with the default view when set to include folders and subfolders listing sequentially and clearly all the files along with creation modification dates file type file size etc Works great with El Capitan Is extremely fast and easy to use I can start the task of organizing my hard drives in an intuitive fashion now that I actually know what is actually contained on each drive and in each folder                     Fast and simple djwix
It s really easy to create ists of file names I find that export the list as a CSV is perfect for me The CSV file contains all of the metadata about the files Exporting to Excel is just as nice Once the file list are inExcel or Numbers I can then sort the results to my hearts content I have tried aother apps similar to this in the App Store This is the best                     Very Nice Application GuyLock
An extremely useful program that manages to make a difficult task easy Hurrah to the developers                     FILE LIST EXPORT DAVEHERFEL
I teach several classes and use this to organize all the files great tool easy to use and does what is says                     5 stars bellanochia
What a great help in find songs or videos for creating music and videos for my fitness classes                     File List Export spooker
Does exactly what it says it does Buy it It saved me hours of work Works on network folders as well                     Saved so much time Xolifer
Works as it is advertised Highly recommended                     No Junk Joshy_11
I sorted by path but the root folders still mix with files in subfolders file name c xray pdf will list between c washington2014 jpg and c year2014 pdf because x falls between w and y in the alphabet I d like to see my root files listed separately as if a lack of subfolder is the same as a subfolder named so root files are always listed before subfolders In the same way root files within the subfolders would list before files in the sub subfolders and so on Sincere apologies for using DOS Windows path terminology c is just easier than the Mac alternative                 Very good with one exception so far Texconsin
There is not much that is compicated about trying to get a list of a folders or a group of folders contents Although an aspect of the command line in OS X and available thru Terminal app such procedure is hidden to the average user of Macs and while it could be learned with some effort won t be approached by most 99 This app is a shortcut that becomes very useful when many nested folders must be accessed when the file names are not a clear indication of the contents of the file so comments can give details and when files that are the same may be unclear because the title is different but other parameters can show the identical nature file size author etc this app helps not waste time delivers a printable list that can be saved to spreadsheet and database files and are sortable I find it useful for large lists that need to be ordered in various ways and dumped into other programs easily It is not rocket science and I don t ask it to be For researched documentsand video lists much appreciated                     File List Export does what it says it will do ThePrancer
Great App for creating file folder lists I wish to have a few funktions more but you get a lot of app for reasonable money                     great nanow
I have a couple of large collections that are well sorted When I used win I had a program that could make a list of the files for me Never found anything on the mac This bit of heaven not only gives me a list of names but attributes file size the file name and the file path as separate entities I haven t had any problem with it yet but I have a large chunk of memory so maybe that helps I am very very happy that I can make inventories now oh it also was able to provide data on external drives too Many thanks to Giorgos for such a useful little program                     Wow whitefishsc
I realize after using it more that in kind it doesn t recognize certain formats like MKV for video and FLAC for audio Please update to recognize more formats so that when I choose file type they are included                 Still love it but will be a tad bit critical this time ipodxoxo
I was doing some very complex file manipulation involving 1TB of pictures and videos Basically I was sorting through years of family history and I needed a way to quickly generate a file list with date and time stamps as I m about to massively rename files using another tool This app was nearly perfect for what I needed it The only caveat was it didn t output the seconds component of the date time stamp of a file Minor issue and easily forgivable Although for my task I actually did needed the seconds but I m sure most people out there won t Again create app and works as advertised Now if the dev can just fix my one minor issue this would just be so perfect for me                     Fantastic App One Minor Caveat Sincioco
This app doesn t promise too much but at least in its current itineration it works as advertised                     Works Jimmy ;D
Always crashes does not work     Errr nosogood
Crashed as soon as it starts to scan selected folder Tried it with 10 8 8 and 10 9 2     Wished it worked SubRosa@earthlink
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