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SQUARE ENIX Co., LTD. , the publisher behind many iOS games (CHAOS RINGS II for iPad ,CHRONO TRIGGER ,KING'S KNIGHT -Wrath of the Dark Dragon- ,Phrases Used by Native English-Speakers ,Secret of Mana ,SUMMER STORY), brings FINAL FANTASY with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FINAL FANTASY games has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • where to buy stuff etc.
  • Awesome game and planning to get the 2nd one..
  • Classic Final Fantasy action in this awesome port..
  • •volume control.
  • Totally engrossing and dripping with old school flavor..

Overall Satisfactionc78
This is an amazing game I remember from my childhood.
Final Fantasy Original is the easily one of the best rpgs.
Runs smoothly Great Music Great battle system Best RPG.
Final Fantasy is one of my most favorite games period.
Thank you Square for bringing back fond memories of my late father.
This is by far the best iPhone game out right now.
I wasn't expecting to get multi- tasking support.
still no multitasking support.
Fun & Engagingc87
Awesome game and planning to get the 2nd one.
Awesome port of one of the greatest games of all time.
Super fun game.
Brings back all the fun gameplay with a nice polish.
This is a very fun and addicting game.
Getting Bored.
Nostalgic Fun.
Replay Valuec88
I just finished the game with eighteen hours of gameplay.
it's worth it fot the 10+ hours of gameplay.
Graphics are amazing has tremendous replay value.
Great game with great replay value.
WAY too easy.
This also includes bonus levels only seen in the PSP version.
this is balanced by the challenge of the bonus levels.
I'll have countless hours of enjoyment out of this timeless classic.
Production Valuesc81
I'm so happy to see updated graphics to an original masterpiece.
There's no menu settings to to adjust volume for sound effects.
No music no sound effects.
and the updated graphics and music are well-done.
The touch interface may take a little getting used to.
The touch interface is terribly proportion.
The touch screen interface is intuitive.
yet updating and enhancing the audio and visuals.
Ease of Usec65
WAY too easy.
There is no ipad support and the game crashes a lot.
Updates & Supportc81
This version is even better than the original NES version.
It makes good use of the graphics from the PSP version.

Great Music
Brings back all the fun gameplay with a nice polish. found in 4 reviews
When I saw it for iPhone with improved graphics. found in 7 reviews
Runs smoothly
Hope that helps you advance through this awsome game. found in 3 reviews
exept for one thing. found in 1 reviews
Great battle system Best RPG. found in 21 reviews
It'll probably appeal mostly to people who are already RPG fans. found in 4 reviews
Bringing this classic RPG forward for a new generation. found in 20 reviews
and this game really brought back memories. found in 11 reviews
yet updating and enhancing the audio and visuals. found in 2 reviews
All the old music is back with enhanced graphics and gameplay. found in 5 reviews
Graphics are amazing has tremendous replay value. found in 8 reviews
this game runs beautifly even without physical buttons. found in 4 reviews
Sensational port of a sensational game. found in 2 reviews
Final Fantasy Original is the easily one of the best rpgs. found in 24 reviews
this is the reminiscent blast from the past you've been looking for. found in 7 reviews
yeah im the 1st one who downloaded this game. found in 3 reviews
u guys should make the game golden sun available for download. found in 4 reviews
In other words. found in 9 reviews
This is a very fun game. found in 3 reviews
Awesome old school Rpg. found in 3 reviews
But there is one thing i don't get. found in 3 reviews
Everything perfect except that u can't play music and the game. found in 5 reviews
But on ios8 and my iPhone 6 plus the game freezes. found in 20 reviews
Great game but fix the sound on iPhone 6 plus. found in 7 reviews
Game doesn't let you play as monk or red Mage. found in 10 reviews
Needs retina support and screen rotation. found in 10 reviews
This game NEEDS to be optimized for the new iOS platforms. found in 4 reviews
00 game its production values are absolutely awful. found in 1 reviews
but I have had frequent crashing issues. found in 4 reviews
but needs in update for iOS 8. found in 2 reviews
Sound doesn't work after IOS 8. found in 10 reviews
The game crashes constantly when you get later into the game. found in 30 reviews
for a few hours the music simply stopped playing. found in 5 reviews
Needs iPhone screen update. found in 3 reviews
Please fix for 5 stars and satisfied customers. found in 2 reviews
But occasional crashes mean that if you don't save often. found in 3 reviews
Glad this game is on the iPhone but it desperately needs an update. found in 2 reviews
Only thing missing is an option to turn off the sound. found in 19 reviews
game locks up and requires hard reboot to get going again. found in 4 reviews
I love this game but this glitch makes the game unplayable. found in 14 reviews
Saved game deleted near end game. found in 7 reviews
Game freezes in the Marsh Cave and no sound or music. found in 28 reviews
the game doesn't go long enough between crashes. found in 10 reviews
You can't play your music while playing the app. found in 24 reviews
If you are having problems saving new games. found in 22 reviews
Every time I open a treasure chest it freezes. found in 7 reviews
The touch interface is terribly proportion. found in 8 reviews
still no multitasking support. found in 15 reviews
There is no ipad support and the game crashes a lot. found in 30 reviews
Presumably so you don't misclick things accidently during battle. found in 6 reviews
Wth I can't get by the first boss. found in 23 reviews
I think it may be a compatibility problem with iOS 4. found in 7 reviews
No iPhone 5 support. found in 8 reviews
The sound doesn't work and the game randomly crashes and/or freezes. found in 10 reviews
Crashes every time I use a sleeping bag or tent. found in 7 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download FINAL FANTASY for $3.99 from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.3 has been released on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about FINAL FANTASY check developer SQUARE ENIX Co., LTD.`s website :

FINAL FANTASY Initially released in Japan in 1987, the original FINAL FANTASY amazed audiences with its rich story and stunning graphics. Players guide the Warriors of Light as they set out on a quest to restore the ...
Warning Do not buy this game if you are expecting support for controllers such as the Logitech Powershell They do not work with this game You would think that a game with roots in consoles would at least add support for IOS controllers but this one does not I will update my score ifwhen they add controller support     No Controller Support
Quit fixing bugs and fix actual usability issues that have been complained about for over a year     Laziness
The game is great Unfortunately the controls in the update are hard to use the direction pad is difficult to use     Please fix
Im not sure why you changed a perfectly functional control pad to a broken one Does anyone actually test the changes that are made It takes maybe 15 seconds max using the new control pad to realize it barely functions No one there has 15 seconds What a joke     Fix the controls
Game was great when the D pad was always visible on the left side of the screen Now it only shows up when you try to move making movement difficult Also menu doesnt want to pop up forcing a restart to get it to work What once was a 5 star game is now 1 star     Fix the controls
The game itself is great and is a very good port of the PSP updated rerelease However recently the controls for the game were changed in a way that makes little sense to me since the original control scheme worked better Originally the game had a stationary DPad in the lower left hand corner which moved depending on which part of it you touched Simple Now it has a floating DPad which means to move up you have to place your finger somewhere on the screen which will make the DPad appear and swipe slightly up This isnt impossible to use by any means but really isnt ideal for a game with gridbased movement mechanics that are this old Hopefully this will be fixed soon by either reverting back to the old control scheme or at least letting us choose which one we want to use           Game is great Why were the controls changed
Please fix Final Fantasy I II It doesnt work in Korean Version since the ios 8 update     Bugs fix plz
Have to add my voice to the chorus Get rid of the borders and giant screen blocking direction pad There was nothing wrong with the game before You should have let it be     Displeased
Previous versions had stable controls that made sense This new design is just bogus I cant do anything Other than that this is a good port of a classic game that defined a genre I highly recommend it when they fix the controls Get that control pad back to how it used to be and Ill change my review to 5 stars where it ought to be But with the controls as they are now this game is nigh unplayable           Bring back the previous controls
I almost didnt buy this after all they negative reviews But I decided to give it a shot since I loved this game growing up While the control isnt a fluid as it probably could be I havent had any problems playing To say the game is unplayable is a tad hyperbolic Enjoying this game thoroughly              Control issues overblown
The sound stopped working for some reason probably due to an iOS update so I went to update the app hoping for a fix Sound works but like and behold they absolutely ruined the UI with some nonsense borders and floating dpad For gods sake why     Updates ruined the game
Controls need to be fixed before the game is even playable     Unplayable with current controls
Please fix controls and bugs     Controls are terrible and buggy
I like this game and the mechanics bring back memories of classic turn based RPG gameplay however the ui is very irritating The joystick is floating so it only appears when you swipe in the direction you want to move and sometimes doesnt respond and the orientation is locked to one side These issues may sound minor but they tend to make the game less playable and inconvenient        game is fine but this interface is not
I wanted to start playing this again but they added this stupid directional pad right in the middle of the screen I cant play with that there Please fix     Unplayable
Its a beautiful port of the game with all the tried and true glory of the original Still playable and enjoyable with new control scheme                 Dont let the bad reviews fool you
This was a great game but the new nonfixed directional pad ruins the game Ive stopped playing several times out of frustration If you ever cared about your customers Square please fix this issue ASAP        New Controls are TERRIBLE
The Dpad from the previous version worked perfectly The one added recently seems to increase walkrun speed dramatically and it is awkward to use as it has no fixed location Parts of this game are unplayable with the new controls It wasnt broken before but now it is Bring back the old controls to make this game functional again please     New controls are inadequate
The very first FF game I ever played was FF IV Advance about 10 plus yeas ago That game took me on such a trippy nostalgia filled joyride bringing me back to the late 90s when I would stay up many hours past my bedtime hiding in my closet to play Pokemon red and blue on my gameboy pocket Since then I only played a few FF titles including FF X Crystal Chronicles and Tactics Advance So Im pretty much going back and starting from the beginning until I have every FF game on the App Store That being said the original FF is completely flawless in every way I havent experienced ANY of the problems other reviewers experienced Aside from the end credits freezing big deal If youre around my age 25 then Im sure this will send you strolling down memory lane as well BUY IT                 Nostalgic masterpiece
Used to have the stationary DPad in the corner Now you have to swipe your finger all over the screen Please fix        Controls are bad
Dpad shouldnt move Makes game impossible Needs to be fixed no one should buy until it is youll regret it     Would be good but
Whoever is responsible for the new D pad should be banned from game design for the rest of their life Yeah lets put it right over the center of the screen so you cant see your character It doesnt even let you move right half the time You should feel bad about yourselves     Game is good but
The game now has a border on the sides with a final fantasy logo while you play It looks awful Whats more is the logo overlaps the onscreen d pad too I highly recommend you find a better way to play this game iOS is not it     Updates for this game made it worse
Not sure why they added them and the placement of the dpad Update The game is great but for about a year now since they added the borders and dpadhard to use makes the game frustrating     Side bars take up space
They keep updating this app but a year ago before these bug fixes everything was fine Rotating screen invisible circle pad can touch anywhere to move and no freaking borders But ever since That first update They havent seem to fix these problems Like I hate borders and like to play on the right side of my screen with the volume buttons on top I cant even see whats underneath the big crystal gpad if thats its name its very frustrating for a beautiful game Please fix this If you do I will raise up to 5     Bad updates
How could you take a crap on such and amazing game with the new controls Will not download again unless I see this problem is fixed Dont listen to the trolls who say that they are fine Im no app designer but how hard could it be to fix really     Disappointed
Enjoying myself so far same great Final Fantasy as always My complaint is that I cannot play music and play the game at the same time It stops any music as soon as I start the app Update after the update the dpad doesnt work on the right half of the screen        Great game one complaint
I loved this game on nes and psp But Im disappointed in the app version Im stuck at the volcano I cant fight the fire fiend although I have completed all the needed quests prior The orb shows where it is but I can progress It wont let me fight it I have played and beaten the game multiple times on pc via emulator psp and nes and never had this issue     Old memories
The game is amazing I love it The only problem I have with the game that takes away that half a star is the dpad its not horrible buts its not greatAnd I have a simpe solution for this A use final fantasy dimensions dpad that one works a lot betterB make a setting to have a fixed dpad like it will stay in the same place forever and that you will be able to toggle between the settings c is that you just Change the dpad altogether act to the way it was when the app was first madeIf you dont do something with the dpad this app will just stay at twostars witch kept me away from this game for a while it kept me from buying itso if you dont fix it this app will have a lot of missing stars if you even still care for this game you would fix it if you dont fix it I will still play the game but some people most people dislike the ddap as it is Thank you for reading this and I hope that you will take it into consideration Thanks KeyCaster              4 and a half stars
I use to play this game constantly and it was really good for road trips Now with the new floating joystick the game is just harder to play and takes too much focus I wish they would add an option to turn it off or keep it on for the very small percent who like it        game was good
The update made new bugs I was at the end of the game in a very important part and I got reset its very frustrating Please fix this issue     Why u do this square Enix
Why change the control schemes when there wasnt even anything wrong with original Why not give us the option to switch back to the old controls And why can we not manually sort our items This is really inconvenient because later in the game there are a lot of items that cast magic and it sits at the bottom of the item menu its just a huge inconvenience The old version allowed us to do this so I dont see why the port doesnt It is nice to see they added something in place of the black bars on the side though     Pointless update
First off I had this game on my gen 4 iPod and I loved it I got it again when I got my gen 5 iPod I had seen a bunch of reviews by that I mean practically all the reviews about how the movement stick isnt locked down anymore I had played games before where the movement stick wasnt locked down so I thought it wouldnt be that bad After moving around a bit however I realized that the new stick is complete and utter crap It is so much better moving with a locked down stick If there was anything like chasing scenarios I know theyd be impossible because you cant move with precision with this free roaming stick I know there are no chase scenarios but I had to give some sort of example Please fix the stick so it is locked down again The sprint button is locked down so why isnt the movement stick           Only 1 problem
This WAS the best game ever great story wonderful graphics and superb music But whoever altered the controls on this should be publicly horsewhipped It ruins everything and somehow feels like an actual punishment for some reason Please revert the controls to the original format     The controls ruin it
Are these controls going to be fixed If not then I will not be buying anymore of your games Please fix this     Horrible controls
Used to be a great game to play on iPad but since update does not work the sound goes out and the controls to move are so much harder Please fix this        Sound bug and floating pad
The d pad is awful Completely obnoxious Change it you a static d pad please Game is great otherwise           Terrible control
The new controls are terrible to the point where its simply not fun to play How does this qualify as a bug fix     Terrible controls
Im a huge Final Fantasy fan so the game itself is not the issue for me But as many others have said the controls really ruin the whole experience If this was a free game itd be more excusable but this is not and it is a franchise fully capable of fixing this Why they havent yet is beyond me        The controls really ruin the game
I love that Square took the time to rerelease these old classics with updated sound and graphics and a couple extra dungeons The new look is fantastic and so the game really holds up well all these years later This port is stable handles multitasking well and lets you save anywhere which is a nice change from the originals Having only three save slots is a touch stingy but you also get a nifty resume feature that bookmarks your current game when you exit so its kind of like a fourth save Definitely worth buying and playing through again for many of us I have to agree with other reviewers about the recent change to the controls though The older versions had an excellent Dpad that set the bar for touch ports of old console games This new thing not so good But Ive seen worse              A great port of a great game
Honestly people The only reason you should rate this bad is if the game doesnt work This game is straight up amazing sooooo Also if ur own music doesnt work just deal with it That has nothing to do with the game                 Right reviews
Navigation just walking around will make you want to smash your phone Completely unresponsive 90 of the time Dont buy this until they fix it Seriously dont I didnt listen and I regret buying Very disappointed Please fix this game     Unplayable in current update
Everything was fine before they updated it The borders just take up too much screen realestate Please fix this and I will gladly raise this back to the 5 stars it deserves     Remove those hideous borders
I really enjoy the game Story is nothing special but it makes you feel like a kid again even though this was never my childhood I see a lot of people are having bug issues though I seem to not have any I guess Im lucky despite always being unlucky The only complaint is the new movement system Before DPad was set Now its where you place your finger making it very confusing                 I have no problems personally
Absolutely love it keep up the good work                 Great
This latest update ruined an otherwise great classic game At first I thought my game was corrupted when I couldnt move my character and I wasted a lot of time restarting and reloading trying to fix it I only found out what the problem was once I read other peoples reviews How is putting the control pad in the middle of the screen on top of the character so you cant see anything supposed to be a bug fix It makes the game basically unplayable PLEASE CHANGE THE CONTROLS BACK TO THE WAY THEY WERE     NEW CONTROLS ARE HORRIBLE
The dpad used the be in a static location and the game was great Now the dpad is dynamic so you have to press and hold for the pad to appear Game is pretty broken with this new dpad implementation     Horrible Dpad
Iphone5s I cannot play game Just black screen     Just Cannot play
Ive just spent 70 to download all the FF games under my account after enjoying playing FF I II and III so much on my friends phone But just now when I tried to play FF I again on my phone I got super frustrated I dont know how complicated it is to release an update but I hope youll listen to the fans and the payers and release a fix for it The game itself is 5 stars everything else is 5 stars But I have to give it a 1 star review because what good a 5 star game is if you cant play it     Another complaint about the control pad
This game would get a 45 if the controls were fixed For some reason you cant move right for more than one step before you need to tap right again This makes it very frustrating to play Please correct the control issue soon     Controls need to change

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