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Apple Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (MobileMe Gallery ,iMovie ,Apple Store ,Keynote Remote ,Keynote ,MobileMe iDisk), brings Find My iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Find My iPhone app has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Text or email GPS location to another device or account..
  • Just now recovered my hubby's iPhone left in a shopping cart..
  • Best app for parents with teenagers..
  • download it and get instant Gift Card codes..
  • I'm writing a review instead of buying a new iPhone..
Overall Satisfactionclick me74
Thanks apple this information will be useful later.
Thanks Apple for this TERRIBLE UPDATE.
You are welcome iPhone owner and thank you FIND MY PHONE.
It's got potential to be more useful.
This is amazingly accurate and amazingly reliable.
Guys thank you so much for this amazing app.
Fun & Engagingclick me90
Most useful app for someone who loses their phone all the time.
I have always loved this app I loose my phone all the time.
Family Friendlyclick me55
Has helped find my kids iPods several times.
I can find my kids w/out having to call'em.
Repeat Valueclick me42
It's too easy to accidentally tap.
Production Valuesclick me55
The iCloud web interface is dead simple to use.
the web interface worked pretty well.
Also no Web interface.
Ease of Useclick me50
The location of the buttons make them to easy to accidentally hit.
Simple app that protects an expensive possession.
It's too easy to accidentally tap.
Simple instructions that you can follow online.
Reliabilityclick me32
Security & Privacyclick me74
Setting up a free MobileMe account was completely without a hitch.
and the device is no longer connected to my MobileMe account.
Password protect your phone them your entire phone will be protected.
Please make that option password protected.
Fun to prank my brother that uses my iCloud account.
Activate service by adding mobile me with your apple ID and password.
I'm sure that's a security feature.
We lost heirlooms and our sense of security.
Updates & Supportclick me22
Found phone in drawer behind customer service counter.
I do remember back to old time.
Batteryclick me49
nor one that was lost long enough to run out of battery.
I lost my phone and it was out of battery.
And if the battery dies.


This application requires a MobileMe subscription (60-day free trial available). If you lose your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
iPadtablet made by Apple
while on the go, simply install this free app on any other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to find it.


Sign in with your member name and password to locate your missing device on a map and have it display a message or play a sound. You can even remotely lock the device to protect your privacy, or wipe it to permanently delete all of your data if you think that it won’t be returned.

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone
Tags :   device ,   mobileme ,   iphone ,   remotely


– Locate your iPhone or iPad on a map
– Display a message and optionally play a sound for two minutes at full volume even if your device is set to silent
– Remotely set a passcode lock on your device (or lock it using your existing passcode)
– Remotely wipe your device to permanently erase all of your personal data


The app will automatically sign you out after 15 minutes of inactivity or you can manually sign out at any time.
Please note that you must first set up your MobileMe account and turn on Find My iPhone on each device you want to locate (installing the app is not required).
Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone requires a MobileMe subscription. If you are not a MobileMe member, you can learn more about MobileMe and sign up for the free 60-day trial at


Supported languages: English, French, German, Japanese
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
3.1.3 or later


The Find My iPhone is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Japanese. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4 has been released on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Find My iPhone in Apple Inc.`s Official Website :


Just as the police arrived they powered down the phone. found in 8 reviews
Stolen iPhone recovered with the help of this app. found in 97 reviews
My girlfriend lost her iPod touch so I flipped this on. found in 31 reviews
I live and Boston and left my brand new iPhone in a cab. found in 28 reviews
What a night thank god for this app. found in 24 reviews
This app is a lifesaver and works exactly as advertised. found in 10 reviews
Low and behold this app saved the phone. found in 9 reviews
My iPad was stolen out of my car along with my sisters things. found in 40 reviews
Long story short my phone was safely returned with no problem. found in 39 reviews
Pinpoint accuracy and really saved my butt. found in 11 reviews
I dropped my phone while sledding all around the neighborhood. found in 36 reviews
We used this when I lost my phone in the woods riding. found in 6 reviews
"find my device" sound is loud and clear. found in 7 reviews
Soon it went back to the location and we called the cops. found in 42 reviews
Soo last Saturday I was at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. found in 7 reviews
Works flawlessly with locating my young daughters phone without emailing her. found in 13 reviews
having this app at the time helped me get my phone back & track the crooks. found in 9 reviews
com I had dropped it in the grocery store parking lot. found in 29 reviews
iPhone finder not accurate. found in 12 reviews
Unless you have another iDevice to install this on. found in 6 reviews
except for the email feature everyone is talking about. found in 10 reviews
but when your phone isn't connected to wifi or shut off. found in 10 reviews
E mail notification is really not good for a stolen device. found in 15 reviews
it doesn't show where your device is if it's offline. found in 20 reviews
only if the person who stole it is an idiot. found in 47 reviews
wish I didn't have to login every time. found in 7 reviews
Needs to be more accurate on the locations on the iPhone. found in 27 reviews
Would like to see the ability to send a message or call the phone. found in 131 reviews
Please add the option "Password for turn off the device ". found in 10 reviews
Apple needs to support it's customers that supported them. found in 35 reviews
Please update to auto store last known location before it goes offline. found in 29 reviews
however if the phone is dead or off the location is worthless. found in 10 reviews
Hate the recent update - make email notifications optional. found in 17 reviews
it gives you another way to track your missing device. found in 16 reviews
#1: Apple please remove the trigger buttons from the location screen. found in 22 reviews
Would be better if you added Touch ID functionally to login. found in 12 reviews
Why can't it track if sim card is removed. found in 27 reviews
location feature is off by default until you enable it. found in 5 reviews
If the phone is stolen and the SIM card is removed. found in 27 reviews
Apple needs to make this a computer compatible software or website. found in 35 reviews
This app is completely useless unless you own another Apple product. found in 39 reviews
This app doesn't show the accurate location of my devices. found in 27 reviews
This app is useless if you don't have another iOS device. found in 26 reviews
This is useless unless your phone is turned on and there's wifi. found in 46 reviews
rather then a registered "device name" on an ICloud account. found in 42 reviews
Also needs the change pass code feature back. found in 84 reviews
but it won't track iPhone if location services are turned off. found in 69 reviews
It will not locate my iPad when it's next to me. found in 26 reviews
It needs to be more accurate please update to make it more accurate. found in 27 reviews
After upgrading to iOS 6 the app became very inaccurate. found in 52 reviews
It doesn't even give last known location. found in 29 reviews
please stop letting people turn off the phone when it's locked. found in 24 reviews
It doesn't go by serial number or MAC address. found in 42 reviews
Email notifications every time you login should be optional. found in 40 reviews
Thieves can disable the Internet connection and wipe the device anyway. found in 25 reviews
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After the update its a useless app My daughter and I used this app ALOT not anymore Furthermore as much money as Apple generates youd think they would offer better quality apps to their loyal customers    It worked okay until the update
GarbAge doesnt even work    Garbage
How am I supposed to find my iPhone when the app doesnt let me log in    How am I supposed to find it
1009                Proplm
Needs updates Constantly gives old location and doesnt update Way too slow and not remotely as good as other locational apps 5 thumbs down    5 thumbs down
someone steal the Apple IDthen lock my iphone ask money for unlock my own phone So bad    Be careful
Love this app My iPhone was stolen within a couple of hours I had it back I was able to trace it to its exact location knocked on the door told them gps had located my my phone at this address They gave me my phone back without incident or problem If not I would have called the police                Find my phone
This is so frustrating I updated my iPhone to 712 which is the most uptodate iOs I can install and now the old version says it needs to be updated to work but the newer Find My iPhone cannot be installed because it requires a newer iOs The option to download an older version isnt offered This is a basic and critical app and this shouldnt be a problem    Cant Install on iPhone 4s 712
What good is a find my phone app when it is on your phone and you lose your phone doesnt make any sense          What good is it
This app is great and I want to be able to use it on my Macbook Pro                Mac version needed
About two months ago I was in school Im a senior now I was walking to school and I was rushing I only had 5 minutes to get to class so I ran I had my phone in my hand and as I was walking towards the school I saw a teacher so I swiftly put my phone in my purse well I thought I did When I arrived to my class and got settled down I was looking for my phone I couldnt find it So Im panicking because I couldve sworn I put it in my purse I looked in my book bag my pockets and even my bra I was so confused Long story short I ask anyone who had an iPhone and thank god one of my classmates did He downloaded the app and I was able to log into my account I asked my teacher if I could go find it with him and we did I played the sound OVER AND OVER Luckily the police had it and returnees it to me the same day within that hour One thing I dont like is if youre using a Mac it wont find it because its off line Someone stole my MacBook and till this day I cant find it Thats minus a star             Really helped
Heres how this app kind of helped me well I came out of the car and started walking forward to my school and after 2 minutes I realized that I didnt have my iPhone and called my mom from my sisters phone and asked her if it was there but it wasnt My heart started beating fast Then I called my phone and someone picked it up and told me which street he was on I went there but he wasnt there and after that he didnt pick up the phone Then I remembered this app and logged in it with my apple ID and tracked it but it was so far so I called the police When they arrived I told them that I could track my phone but suddenly they did NOTHING to help me it was unacceptable from them They said that it was impossible to exactly track the phone but at least there was a chance of finding it So I went alone in the middle Manhattan with no police They were kinda lazy and didnt even care I almost cried So finally I reached that location and called him and he picked up He said that he would give me my phone back if I gave him 100 dollars and I said okay He told me to meet in the corner of two streets Well he was walking around in the find my iphone and sometimes it showed that it was exactly on the same place as me but imagine so many people It was hard to find After a long time of searching I think my iPhones battery died because I didnt charge it at night And the latest location was on the restaurant which was not opened yet but there were chefs inside So I think one of them was him because in the beginning he told me that he was going to his work Well that was disappointing but at least I had a chance of getting my phone back with this app it was just the person who was rude and idiot I highly recommend it to everyone Also it works if the cellular data is on and the iphone is on also But it would be a very great feature if we could still track it while its offline Btw thanks Apple for this app             My Find My iPhone Story
The one and only time Ive lost my phone I as able to track it and send my co worker to get it I was lucky it was still there and that I happy I got this app                Must have
Soy de Lima Perú Acá los indices de robos son altos siempre dejo mi iPad en casa con el Wifi ON y cuando salgo moritoneo desde mi iPhone cada cierto tiempo si mi iPad esta en casa Con esta App puedo estar tranquilo                De muchas utilidades
I left my iPad in a hotel in Moline Illinois Upon realizing it I immediately called the hotel and told them where it was From my iPhone I pulled up where my iPad was and disable it 2 hours later the hotels housekeeping department called me back and told me they found it There was a process I had to go through to have it sent back to me but I did get it back Its a wonderful app just make sure you activate it on all your apple devices                Perfect app for iPhone iPad and Mac
When trying to track my moms stolen iPhone the location would jump to different places inconsistently within a mile radius Finally when somebody called to tell us they had it the GPS on this app was a full two blocks off from where it actually was       NOT RELIABLE
Love this app If you ever lose or misplaced your phone use this app                App
Dont get me wrong its a great app It has helped me find my iPhone 4s a lot but the problem that I have with this app is that it cant locate dead devices I have my iPod touch for a while now but when I use the app to try and find it it says its offline There should really be an update to fix this problem       Eh
Cant find all devicesBut it will make it beep no problem    Doesnt work
Left my iPad on an airplane This has been a gift from my son and I was sick about leaving it Immediately filed a report with airline and waited Didnt realize my very smart son had added the iPad to this app I explored the app and found the feature to add a message that gives my phone number if the device is found That feature helped Southwest identify my iPad Its on its way home right now Thank you Southwest and this appInstall it                Found my iPad
It would be nice if they have a real time update             Awesome app but
Add for Apple watch                Help
45 I like the interface Things are simple easy to use and understand plus it seems like you legitimately want to help me out when in my time of need I havent had to fully use the product yet so I cant give you a full review without a full review to give However if my device is ever missing or stolen and I recover it through the use of this application I will change my review to match my experience I will give my story revise my review and hopefully have a positive outcome for both myself and your product Thanks             Havent had to use it yet
It is overall a great way to locate your misplaced device However if your device is stolen the app can be easily disabled and you will not be able to locate or connect to your device at all          Great overall
Its smarter than what I thought I love it                Find my iPhone
Find my iPhone would be the best app available if it worked when you need it most Anyone who has actually lost a phone knows that thieves are well aware of how easy it is to circumvent the app All it takes is for them to hit the off switch or airplane mode button and suddenly I CANT actually Find My iPhoneThis shouldnt be Please reprogram the app after how many years now to override ALL settings including the off button or otherwise change the name          Totally Useless when most important
The main problem with this app is if you dont have it downloaded it will say its offline My IPad had it downloaded but this app wasnt much help due to the fact it was lost while it wasnt connected to Internet Im positive somebody stole it and I know you can connect to other devices EVEN without wiif so this app needs to update on that This is a good app but not useful in my situation          Not downloadedScrewed
Someone stole my daughters phone and the cops were able to get it back with this app Thanks                Love this
I logged into this on my iPhone I then realized I could look for iPod that has been missing for 2 years The app said offline when I clicked on my iPod Now I have no chance of finding my iPod cause it doesnt have wifi    Needs wifi
What an invention the thought of it is astounding                Amazing
Works every time I need it                Awesome
I found it and i sneaked on my dads phone and signaled its the best app                Perfect for finding ipad from praents
We accidentally left my iPad Air 2 in a shopping cart and someone picked it up We got home and realized what we had done and went back after it Like I said earlier someone saw it and took it home We immediately got on our phones and turned the iPad to lost mode After 5 hours I received a text that they had tried to reset it and it wouldnt let him activate because it was lost They texted me and we arranged to get it back Thanks apple for your app and saving my Fathers Dsy gift                Saved my iPad Air 2
My wife lost her phone so we used this app to track it The enormous circular outline where the phone could be located was about 2 miles I got to where the app pointed out where my wifes phone was supposedly located at and it was not there I began using the tone to see if it was I The area and nothing for about ten minutes Then all of a sudden nothingnothing at all We looked for over an hour and then the phone shut off Thanks for wasting my life    Waste of time
I used this app to locate my husbands lost ipad when he was almost 2000 miles away He thought that he had left it in a restaurant I signed into the app and disabled his ipad from using the internet and turned on the locator signal and notification signals He located the ipad in his pickup where it had slipped down between the seats by the signal It was in such a position that he could not visibly see it The disabling worked well and so did the notification service as it sent a notice to his phone We are very happy with this app             Best app
This is a great app when it works I tend to lose my phone a lot so i got this app Well i lost my phone a couple days ago and my phone was dead I still cant find it and i really need it          Meh
First of all I put in the right Apple ID more than 10 times and even reset it through email and changed the password and it still wouldnt work I havent updated to the latest iOS version yet but I have the previous version I have iOS 83 Could that be the problem       Theres a glitch it says wrong Apple ID or password
Works perfectly when my boyfriend lost his phone we typed his information on mine and it tracked it perfectly                LOVE IT
Very god tanks                Very god tanks
I cant find my phone because its off Whats the point of having an app that helps you find a phone if it cant find it when its off    Whyyyyy
Alright this app can save u lots of the only thing is if the thief is smart enough to put it on airplane mode ur screwed so if u loose ur phone ask some one if they have this app asap when u loose ur phone or the thief might get away             GET THIS APP ALTHOUGH
This app is an amazing app and a very great idea I have something to improve it The app should track your devices even when they are not online The app should also completely lock the device so you cant enter the password until lost mode is turned off by the other device Otherwise I love the app and Im sure its helpful to many people                Amazing app
This app is very appealing in its nature and has good ideas backing it The execution of this program is iffy to say the most I was disappointed to see that it couldnt track my lost phone when it was at 98 charge Also I received an iPad for educational purposes It wont add my new iPad even though I have logged in and turned location onAnother disgruntle Apple customer       Try again Apple
The app is great I hope you know roughly where your phone is but it has one major limitation If your phone is somewhere where it links to the WiFi in the area it will not find the phone because the app does not count that as connected to the Internet If you could fix that little problem then they op would be almost perfect I would also like to be able to load up multiple phones on my find a phone My daughter and son both have iPhones and I need their password to access them Big money items that Id like to know where they are if my kids cant find them Also my daughter lives in a dorm in another state If one of her class mate grabs it we could track it by my phone in short order Or the worst case scenario one of my kids goes missing I can possibly track their position by tracking their phone             The app is great except
U need to have it connected to WiFi and if not it wont work My iPad didnt get lost someone stole it I dont know who stole it but they dont have wifi so it cant be located I hate it please update it to let us use it without wifi it has important info    HATE IT READ
I love this app so convenient Makes It easier and better to find friends and family I organize                App Happy1
Thank you very much for this smart application i had lost my iPhone but thriugh this application i found it thank you alot                I found my iphone
This is a great app for if you misplace your phone I just wish that it could still find the divide if it were offline I got my phone stolen whoever took it turned it off so it could not be found I waiting for it to be turned back on but it was jail broke So I never found it It would just be great if it could track your phone on or off          Onoffline
The app is good but it will be better if it had some kind of internal compass that will activate when you are at the location making the phone send a signal to the compass which will then pin point its exact location and guide you to it in case the phone is off and cannot emit the sound             Good


Apple Inc.
English, French, German, Japanese
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.4
iPhone iPad

iOS Find My iPhone 1.4 Mobile

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