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Taunton Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS app (Baking with Fine Cooking ,Fine Homebuilding ,Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking ,Recipes from Harvest to Heat ,Drywall: Patching, Taping, and Sanding ,Ice Pops Recipe Maker from Fine Cooking), brings Fine Woodworking with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fine Woodworking app has been update to version 6.0.10 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Fine Woodworking for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 17.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 6.0.10 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
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Experience Fine Woodworking, America s premier woodworking resource, on your iPad and enjoy the full magazine plus bonus features and digital enhancements embedded in every digital issue: linkable and searchable content, techniques videos, slide shows, ...
If I could give 0 stars I would I never write reviews but will make an exception Software doesn t function properly Tried to speak with customer support Spoken down to as though I m an idiot incapable of signing into a simple app only to confirm that there is in fact a problem Told the first time I d hear back in 24 hours After 48 hours I was told that s just an estimate Entirely unable to use digital subscription extremely poor service delivery     Flawed Software Jb587
I have a subscription to Fine Woodworking Beautiful publication This app however will not let me login Contacted Taunton s support canned response about how to login using one s email address on file I have gotten 4 5 different error messages from not registered to server errors etc Subscribe to the print magazine BUT don t expect this POS app to do anything more than create frustration Waste of time     Can t Login tmccabejr
Downloads go to 99 but never finish     App does not work Dagzing125
I hated the new app when it was pushed on me I lost at least a years worth of magazines would be forced to pay for them not just redownloading them that I had under the old app I contacted customer service with Taunton and gave them my order number for a digital subscription and was basically told that they confirmed the start date of my subscription but then blamed the developer of the app and said there s nothing they can do but that I should look for an app update to fix the issue The app update came and still no fix I recently updated to iOS11 and now the app is useless Taunton and the app developer both need to get their act together and make this stupid app work The ONLY reason I still have a subscription is that I love the content     Missing issues customer service horrible timoc74
The last update was a major step backwards and the current app no longer works     The last update was a major step backwards eamesst
Dealing with them is incredibly painful They said they restored but when you click restore it goes off to somewhere for a minute then says restored Then you go to download and maybe you have one to download Then you go try more restore ok loops and it does not have one to download Why oh why can t I do one restore for all my magazines then go download It has been well over a month dealing with non responsive support They lie when they say your magazines won t be lost with the new app     They restored a grand total of 5 old magazines Lynn3333guttrdg
It doesn t work at all on my tablet Customer service said it was my problem On my iPhone when tap on an area I get sent to something between the app and the website The only way back to the app is to completely close the app and restart it         It s Great When It Works Kritter64
Happy to see that the annual Tools Shops issues that are part of the print subscription are now included at no extra cost in the new version of the iPad app Thanks                 Tools Shops issues cost extra Fixed J-Manns
I have tried to send feedback to Taunton via their apps and via the web site but neither works I have screen shots if someone at Taunton wants details so have resorted to a review The new version of this app is a big step backward The biggest problem for me that I am not seeing the latest issue of the magazine on older devices I have an old iPad in my shop and there s no way I m going to replace it just for this It used to work just fine Another problem is that they have not thoroughly tested offline use A couple of days ago I was away from net access and went to read the mag It would not show me an issue I had previously downloaded because it could not connect to their site Both of these are unacceptable If these are not fixed by the the time my membership is up for renewal in a few months I won t be renewing And they should fix the feedback contact mechanisms too I m posting the exact same review for both FWW and FHB     Doesn t work on older devices Mario62
I guess I should have listened to the numerous 1 star reviews When I upgraded I lost all past issues and purchases and 0 restored when I used the restore feature I am unable to download from cloud as it asks me to buy them again Do not upgrade     Upgrade takes away all old issues and purchases Battery123
Edited Review FW seems to have solved the missing issues problem I ll add one extra star for that Next problem up is that the feature where you could jump directly to an article from the circles that briefly radiate intermittently works Turning your iPad from portrait to landscape takes you straight back to the cover Is this intentional Programmers sharpen your pencils P S To the reviewer who thinks some of us are idiots for highlighting the problem of missing issues please we know how to restore and retrieve from the cloud The feature WAS NOT working initially         Still Glitchy zero2hide
Did anyone at Taunton bother to test this first I suspect the answer to that is no After selecting Restore Purchases the app states 33 products successfully restored The problem is they weren t Only one count em one was restored The app still indicates that I must repurchase all of the Tools and Shops issues as well as a Tables and Chairs issue that I previously purchased After sending an email and calling Customer Service all I get is an email reply that they are sorry and they are investigating the problem It has been weeks now and still no change Taunton advertises a 100 money back guarantee well Taunton either give me ALL of the products I ve purchased or give me my money back BTW same problem with the Fine Homebuilding app     Either give me my purchased products back or give me my money back UnRestored
Some say it lost their purchases No you have them in the cloud people Yes you have to re download them ooooh sad You can read in landscape mode and I think generally it performs faster and better An improvement And no Taunton isn t taking your money and no I don t work for them I m just another poor old woodworker like you                     It works better ChipSawdust
a subscription for you All previous PAID FOR issues not accessible Next time I will go through Zinio No more magazine apps or native iOS apps Taunton FAIL     Our records do not show J_Stryker
Aug 2017 Still very buggy and newest update doesn t even load They need a new IT person Until fixed should be removed from App Store Tried emailing for support w o success Downgraded to one star From several years ago Full of bugs had to download three times hard to navigate as inconsistent responses to finger gestures Love the print edition This is a disaster Freezes can t easily navigate it s the only e magazine I have that is bad All the others work fine They should show the same care in doing this as they do in their woodworking projects     Very unstable keithkleinmd
This app does not work as it should on my I pad I cannot get it to restore previous purchases I know I made It also does not allow me to enter an ID number like it does on my I phone Contacted Taunton Press and they said they have no record of my purchases and I need to go through ITunes Sorry to see others are having same problem     New App does not work on my I pad but works on 4S I phone BrownBk
What happened I can t read this month s magazine At first it was ok it downloaded but the quality was pretty poor Now it won t even open just the wagon wheel of nothing going on     FINE Woodworking POOR App Rooster_Cogbern
New app loses all your purchases Taunton needs to fire someone     New app loses all your purchases Taunton needs to fire someone chris_chris_chris_chris
This revised app will lose all your purchased issues They say contact customer service in he review above What a joke I ve tried twice and they ignore me I have over three years of issues that I can no longer access Unlike others I was able to log in and use the restore purchases function but no purchases are restored DO NOT download this app If you do record everything you ve purchased in the past because they ll steal it from you     Taunton steals your money Bustersci
I like the new interface Very responsive when interacting with magazine pages Downloads seem faster too Thanks                     Great update ckstuart
Ran the update lost all the previous issues and can not longer log in to retrieve them contacted Fine Woodworking and they say they have no record i ever had previous subscription Not a happy camper     Update wrecked my history golfdano
I m not able to download any issues That stall between 80 99     The dose not work at all jebull13
Happy you guys made your content even easier to use Keep up the stellar work Sam from north Idaho                     Congrats guys first review gonna Flips211
Just downloaded the update and it doesn t work I go to log in with email and it tells me I m not a user I used every email address I have and same result Just wasted money as I now have no access to any of the issues or other stuff I bought BEWARE this is a rip off     Doesn t work on my iPad BobinBoise
Faithful user of Apple products Don t make me choose                 App needs an upgrade Hottuna69
The magazine content are terrific However the app is YEARS old and if they don t update it it won t work on iOS11 I m very worried they won t do it in time         Don t subscribe about to be outdated Scooby Carolan
I have a print subscription but the app would t recognize my account number and it wouldn t even let me send a help message to customer support     Terrible App Flyfanatic
The content is 5 stars but I m forced to give it 1 as I won t be able to use it if there is no update I ve been a long time subscriber 12 years now but am extremely disappointed with the lack of professionalism on the tech side     Where is the update Nettguy
Zero stars After signing up for an online membership which included access to the digital edition of the magazine it took a week of emailing back and forth with customer service to even get the online membership to work That time was also spent attempting to establish access to the digital edition via the iPad app All the while customer service was terribly inadequate Responses from customer service associates were not helpful or relevant to the issues I was experiencing most responses seemed automated and they simply repeated the same instructions in each correspondence despite my stating that I had already done the instructed method before contacting them Cancelling my subscription was the only solution that fixed this headache Outdated app terrible customer service poor tech support     Poor Customer Service Inadequate tech tigerguy07
This app says compatible with iOS 8 and hasn t been updated since 2014 It s 2017 and we re on iOS 10 3 x now It s probably time to update the app guys     Incompatible App Les34578
So little time to learn what is offered Great resource tool passing on from the masters what would take a lifetime to learn without this app                     So Much to Learn Davrhon
Taunton press does not support purchases made with this app If you want to have digital issues purchase directly from their website When I called Taunton with an issue they directed back to apple as they do not support this app or memberships purchased with this app Now I m on hold with apple to get the subscription canceled Thanks for wasting my time and possibly money     Do not purchase anything from this app Sometimes Cake
The best online magazine ever Fine detail great zooming awesome links etc However I would give it a 5 star if you work more on updating the app                 Very complete Filipo 78
Doesn t work from the second I downloaded it First warning I got was This app may slow down your device Developer needs to update it I m using iPhone 7 iOS 10 Then after you click Okay another message pops up saying there are no current issues Please try again later Then it closes itself down Don t know how this ever passes Apple QA I guess if you create an app they never ensure after initial authorization that the app stays compliant and up to date     Broken 3 Prong Gaming
Here is my take on the positives of the digital delivery system I use it primarily on my iPad Have not checked to see if I can view it on my MacBook Pro Zoom see photo details or enlarge print Helpful as I am in my mid 40 s Embedded links to advertisers and other multi media content Digital delivery system negative Embedded browser While it works is easy to accidentally hit the wrong back button and end up back in the reading app and not the prior browsing page Still worth subscribing My take on the content positives Deep and rich content if you are not an experienced woodworker it will challenge you to raise your understanding and confuse you with some of the terminology used Content geared to intermediate or greater level experienced fine woodworkers Content negatives Actually content suggestions that may help bridge the knowledge gap between a novice whom is determined to be a fine woodworker and an intermediate level woodworker I classify my fine woodworking skill as novice bordering on intermediate I often find myself feeling like I m in the deep end when I see project plans in the magazine I appreciate what I see but need a bridge to get me over the knowledge gap A novice fine woodworker would benefit from a series of small fine woodworking projects using basic tools and technical instructions with explanations of terms and the cause effect of one tool over another The goal of these projects being to enable small but progressive wins leading to increased skill and confidence in ones woodworking potential These projects must result in a fine but basic piece of work The opportunity here with only a few pages per issue is to groom a next generation of intermediate or better fine wood craft persons Who knows maybe content like this would add subscribers who may be on the fence Still worth subscribing Cheers                 Worth subscribing if you appreciate fine woodcraft and want to learn Mont Vernon BARTNDR
I have a subscription to this magazine and the app is just terrible can t even review without a purchase You would think if you subscribe to the mag you might get the app for free or at least get to browse wood plans and make purchases Don t bother with this Just go online     Terrible app Mrorange33
Between the app and the online version I get great value from my subscription Awesome content and the Pekovich videos packed with pro techniques                     Great format and in app purchase links are nice bradthedad
I am a print subscriber to Fine Woodworking I really like having an electronic copy with clickable links to more information and videos I wont give up my printed copies but its really nice to have a couple years worth of the magazine on my iPad to search through when Im traveling or sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office                 Great addition to printed magazine
From the convenience to the quality graphics to the most informative articles this App is the best way to receive Fine Woodworking                 Terrific
I have a subscription with Taunton till 715 and have one with Apple but I lost all my downloaded mags and it just says no active magazines and does not allow anything to be done Except go to the App Store that shows me the option to OPEN the app     Poor poor
I really like the ability to access Finewoodworking on my I pad Like the ability to be able to review articles when I find myself waiting for appointments etc Easy to read and quality of the electronic version is very good I have a problems with loosing my downloaded magazines and have had to re load the app and all of my electronic copies on more than one occasion Wish that this could be corrected I am sure I would use it more if it ran more smoothly and I didnt need to re load so often        Finewoodworking app
Ive been a subscriber for years The eedition is OK except for the little twinkles that flicker every time a page is turned annoying and benefiting the advertisers not the subscriber              Love the magazine
Ive been a subscriber for a few years now Love it Definitely learn new things every issue love the ability to watch the videos                 Love it
I subscribe to the print edition And the ipad version comes in handy I use it in the shop while working on a project Does crash sometimes Otherwise app would be 5 star              Great addition
Thank goodness for the paper version of the magazine This app was working until the upgrade to OS 802 The app opens and freezes on the opening screen Cannot access my issues of FW If this was my sole subscription source I would be very unhappy     Disappointed
Wish you could view just the issues youve paid for instead of having to scroll through every single one                 Good but
I really enjoy this publication and the beginning woodworking website they offer AND the podcast that is free out there Expert and approachable information It is inspiring to me and a bit intimidating but I am OK with that Nubs rejoice Hats off to the content You cannot complain about that                 Im new to all this
I signed up for the online membership to get the digital issue Not only did I discover I have to pick my way through 27 books for sale on the Newsstand bookshelf which are displayed exactly like the magazine Im looking for but The issues that are contained within the app that comes with your online membership can be saved to your device or computer if you have the Windows 8 operating system Windows 8 is the only operating system that works with apps Thus I can neither print from an issue or save it elsewhere on either my iPad or Mac Read that again its practically unbelievable Yet I pay the same as a Windows user I have over 200 FWW issues as pdfs in Goodreader that I got off the archive cds they sell Apparently its too much to ask for me to add these digital issues to that archive or anything else I will have to also buy the yearly cds and import those into Goodreader Im going to report this to the Apple Store I dont know how they even approved such a Windowscentric app     Restricts Mac users
Imagine having to look through every magazine and book a publisher has published just to find the books you purchased Thats what this idiotic application forces you to do Every Single Time Id give it zero stars if I could Ive never seen a newsstand app this hostile to readers who might want to revisit a book theyve purchased If you read what you buy immediately and never look at it again ignore this review But if you plan on using anything you buy here a a reference later stay away Stay far away Youll spend more time scrolling through the list of books than you will reading them     Worst implementation Ive ever seen
The app never loads past the front splash screen     App no longer opens
One of the best magazine apps Ive used it functions flawlessly doesnt nag me to download other apps or magazines and its not an addedcost addition to my print subscription Everything a digital magazine should be                 Superb App
Ive lost all my prior issues and keep getting a message that there are no issues available even though I was just billed for one     Poor app
So nice to have the magazines and books on the iPad                 Love it
Just like the print edition it doesnt disappoint Its a little clunky on startup sometimes or fails to launch Thats why I give it four instead of five stars              Great magazine app
This app only seems to work when there is a new issue to purchase Otherwise it locks up at the start screen making all purchases useless for the most part It works sometimes but not consistently        Great content but poor delivery
Love to be able to read FWW on the road              Good app
Best woodworking info out there The content is top notch The app freezes up sometimes and has issues So content best out there App one of the three worst on my phone              Best woodworking info out there
This is invaluable to me as a source of woodworking knowledge              Great woodworking resource
Great for traveling and love the hot links and extras provided that you dont get with the magazine                 FWW Great App
I want to zoom way more than it will let me                 More zoom
Nice to have on business travel Would be nice to be able to highlight bookmark or make notes Just wish my tablet was bigger              Works well
The paper issues are much easier to retain than the digital versions My subscription fails to retain user settings over time and when restored per FAQ instructions still demands payment for issues that fall within the date range of my paper subscription which has been continuous for more than a decade Guess this is one publication I wont be enjoying while on the road     Hardcopy remains much more reliable
I really like the app but enjoy getting the paper print and online membership It appears they are persuading the online version and membership only I actually like collecting the magazines and looking back through them even months and years later Stick with the paper print and give the option for online as a bonus              Love it but like the paper print as well
Longtime reader of FWW only a year or two of this app I love being able to read or maybe reread issues when I travel But the app itself has been just soso forever I just upgraded and it lost all issues I had previously downloaded It does crash once in a while But worse feature is the Shelf view There is no way to show only the content you have already downloaded it shows what Taunton wants to sell you Im sure Fresh from the Garden is interesting but why does it always appear in my Fine Woodworking Shelf And there is no indication of which Items cost extra and which are part of the subscription Terrible Sad that a highquality print publisher like Taunton has failed in the digital world           Great Content Lousy Implementation
It is a good magazine and the interface isnt clunky like others I read                 Better then paper
I love this app I like the ability to access the online extras from the articles without having to go to my desktop computer Any interested advertiser can be web accessed directly from the app and I can return to the page or article that I was reading or referencing It may not be perfect but it sure is convenient It works well with iOS 811 Sometimes the IPad must be restarted because it freezes in must apps when the device memory locks up                 Pastoraj
This magazine remains the best in its field for power tool and hybrid woodworkers The photography and layout is clear and excellent and the Ipad app is quite stable and easy to use No reservations to say this is top notch                 Great magazine
Between my Dad I we have every Fine Woodworking issue This is great for reading on a plane keeps the backpack light                 Great format and in app purchase links are nice
Nice to be able to take FWW with me As I am a bit old school however I will always keep my paper editions all the way back to FWW 1                 Best Woodworking Magazine
I really like the information and the way it is presented                 Great information
Love web access to FWW content Like having an eaccess subscription However search features are lousy no annotation is possible and access to presubscription issues is perissue expensive purchase           Great content mediocre access
Every time I try to open app it says no issues loaded FIX please     No issues loaded
I was a paper subscriber for years I decided to go to the digital app so I wouldnt have to store old issues The app was great until it stopped recognizing my subscription I lost all archived issues and I cannot read the latest issue FW customer support says I dont have a subscription iTunes says I do My only option was to cancel the subscription through iTunes     Lost past issues
Will not open under the new update Get message that there are no issues setup           Ios82 issues
I have both fine woodworking and fine home builders and although the content is some of the best in the market the online side of TI stinks The apps in newsstand always loose my lic ids I restore purchase all the time and some times that doesnt work I prefer zinio as my reader but these mags are not available on zinio        Taunton interactive is subpar
FWW is my favorite content on the web I love being able to access it on my iPad At times it is buggy but overall it seems to be getting better I hope that in 2015 I wont have to contact support when the app forgets me           Great content good app getting better
I like to read periodicals more than novels This is one I have read regularly since Vol 1 Issue 1 I keep two to three issues saved on my iPad My eyes are not as great as when I was 20 so my gripe is that it does not rotate when I want to hold it landscape But I can still expand the type but have to scroll some and not see the whole page Its exactly like the printed version including all the ads Would like imbedded videos to demonstrate technique as in some golf magazines I also get the paper version but the eversion is easier for travel              Works great on iPad
Since new OS Very disappointed in this app please correct the problems Content is great     No issues loaded message
I love the magazine It is one of my favorites I often read it on the iPad too However of late I cannot access it without having to purchase the magazine even though my subscription is valid until January 2015 THis is a problem that needs correction The iPad shows it trying to download but never ever comes through This nonsense continues I am very frustrated and disappointed that the app does not remember my subscription What does it take Ok getting better I love the iPad version because I can read it anywhere           App Functioning Properly
FW is a great mag with clear narrative and great drawings and photos You dont need any other ww magazines                 Great Magazine
The reader portion of the app works well and remembers where you last were but wish the digital and print versions were syncd better as far as release dates The bookshelf portion of the app needs improving a lot Seems every time an update occurs all the previous downloads are cleared This severely limits the ability to read the digital editions when not in a wifi area A visible bookshelf of downloads that doesnt get cleared by updates separate from the available issues would go a long way to improve the app           FWW App Needs Improvement
I work out in the oil fields of west tx on a 14 7 schedule It a great read through the iPhone when I have time on location and when I get back to NJ to unwind I head straight down to my shop and try out the awesome tips and techniques I learned from all the great article in FWW And it a pinch to go back if I missed a step                 Can wait to get home
Everyone loves the magazine and this is a faithful reproduction of it Still the downloads are far to large On a 100 megabyte cable line and the only user of wifi at the time the downloads of new issues take 10 min Take the time to make things fast to download guys And I fear the storage impact these must easily be 100s of MB each              Great mag slooow download
I look forward to the latest issue of Fine Wood Working As a novice sawdust maker I appreciate the many how to articles which allow me to look over the shoulders of my more experienced brethren The digital format is well done with ready links to advertisers plus additional video features not available in the paper product                 An outstanding resource
Im a woodworker and theres always great tips and tricks of the trade                 Top Self
As wonderful as the Fine Woodworking web site is you would expect the FWW app to be the same but it is not It is a basic flip the page app that does not even register your screen direction and forces you to turn your device to meet their desires Content is great as always but I do not use the app often due to its limitations I rate the content a 5 and the app a 3              content great app so so
As a wood nerd I really like the comprehensive coverage this provides                 Wood nerds love it

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