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Halfbrick Studios , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots ,Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots HD ,Monster Dash ,Birzzle Fever ,Fruit Ninja HD Lite ,Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots HD Lite), brings Fish Out Of Water! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fish Out Of Water! games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • it's a fun little time waster..
  • Boy was I wrong..
  • A quick game to enjoy at any time..
  • Great sound effects and graphics I give it 5 stars..
  • Really good game for kids..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is one of my favorite games to play.
An absolutely amazing game from one of iOS' most incredible companies.
I recommend it to everyone from the age of 3-10.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys both strategy and relaxation.
This game is the most wonderful game in the universe.
Thanks half brick for another great game.
My favorite thing about this game is the weather feature.
This game will keep you entertained for hours.
Fun & Engagingc84
Half brick developed another fun game to play well worth the.
Fun and addicting that's all there is to it.
The game is fun enough but constantly interrupts gameplay.
I definitely recamend this awesome game.
It's really addicting and all super fun it's worth getting.
Pretty fun little game for killing some time when you're bored.
This is a very fun simple little pass-time game.
simple game with absolutely zero depth.
Another insanely addictive game from Halfbrick.
I think this game is awesome I think you.
My favorite thing about this game is the weather feature.
I freaking love everything about this game.
Family Friendlyc85
Really good game for kids.
Lotsa fun and family friendly.
Easy for young kids to play.
Replay Valuec71
Fun and a easy to Learn hard to master pick up & play.
I have only have a small idea about the replay value.
but the game has no replay value.
it gets very repetitive.
Honestly it's a great time passer and it never gets old.
I love it fun and challenging and passes up the time.
Social Aspectsc41
It is great to pass time or just play with friends.
Maybe even have competitions with friends.
Production Valuesc83
Great sound effects and graphics I give it 5 stars.
Cute Graphics and Addicting Game.
putting out a well polished game with good replayability and unobtrusive IAP.
Great job and amazing graphics :.
I love the music and sound effects it has.
Love the visuals and the music.
Quirky cute animation.
Ease of Usec87
This game has adorable fish with incredibly simple gameplay.
simple game with absolutely zero depth.
Fun and a easy to Learn hard to master pick up & play.
A fun and cute game with a relatively simple concept.
Ads not Intrusivec37

Honestly it's a great time passer and it never gets old. found in 7 reviews
Best game in the world bless the person who created it. found in 4 reviews
It's great because this is what mobile games should be for. found in 5 reviews
Two: the fish and crabs are not realistically colored. found in 5 reviews
This game is off the hook. found in 2 reviews
The visuals are beautiful & the controls are simple to use. found in 3 reviews
I love this game it's fun to play with on long road trips. found in 27 reviews
Fun and relaxing I have competitions with mom and sister. found in 4 reviews
Easy enough for a 3 yr old. found in 1 reviews
Is a real good time killer and very fun. found in 21 reviews
I just started yesterday and I'm already on level 11. found in 5 reviews
My six year old son got me hooked on this game. found in 2 reviews
Fish out of water is a wonderful game I love it. found in 135 reviews
I love it fun and challenging and passes up the time. found in 3 reviews
This game is really great keep up the good work halfbrick. found in 5 reviews
This game is really interesting and addictive to play. found in 2 reviews
Best game I have downloaded. found in 1 reviews
and have gotten first place for the past 3 days. found in 2 reviews
but gets boring fast. found in 3 reviews
Needs more depth and storyline and an adventure mode or something. found in 3 reviews
It's not a bad game but it crashes way too much. found in 9 reviews
it stills needs a bit more content such as better abilities. found in 2 reviews
This game needs more content like a upgrade shop. found in 2 reviews
Awesome but needs a restart button. found in 2 reviews
I can't help but feeling that something is missing. found in 3 reviews
Please add some other things to work towards. found in 3 reviews
They've added tons of ads to the game - planes pulling banners. found in 3 reviews
but it needs music. found in 1 reviews
Annoying ads. found in 1 reviews
Great game but crashes constantly. found in 3 reviews
Gets boring after a day. found in 4 reviews
Don't pay for this app. found in 2 reviews
I try to open the app but it wont even open/load. found in 13 reviews
But we can't figure out to play the game. found in 7 reviews
The game is broke on the iPhone 6 with iOS 8. found in 16 reviews
Every time I try to open the app it crashes :-. found in 2 reviews
Awful replay ability. found in 5 reviews
Even if I do not have the social media required. found in 5 reviews
when I checked wanted to open up the costumes part. found in 13 reviews
the plane flying by with the banner. found in 3 reviews
No skill involved = no sense of reward or accomplishment. found in 4 reviews
Complete ripoff and it's super boring. found in 3 reviews
The game gets boring despite its polish and adorable characters. found in 9 reviews
Half brick games broken on iPhone 6. found in 3 reviews
Gets boring fast. found in 3 reviews
This game is pointless all u do is throw fish. found in 3 reviews
Don't get this game

The Fish Out Of Water! is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 24.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Fish Out Of Water! check developer Halfbrick Studios`s website :

Launch a daredevil group of fishy friends to the sky in Fish Out Of Water, an adventure across the sun, sand and surf This is a brand new mobile masterpiece from Halfbrick, creators of Fruit Ninja ...
Hey you need to play out of water and 100000 awesome its freemore fish when updated                 Hey pretty awesome fish
I like ityea                 Hi whats the title
Amazing fun awesomeness on an iPhone I love this game so much tbh I did not wanna spend the money at first but now I no it was well worth it                 Worth the cash
Hey Halfbrick I would like to ask you guys to add a few new things in the next update For example two new fish like the sea turtle and a shark about the same size as Micro Also one new weather for the sea turtles best performance the currents that the sea turtles swim through to get around Oh yah and also for the sea turtle the way you use it should be you throw it under the water and it moves in a straight line when boosting and does not go out of the water and when not boosting the shell shows out of water I put a lot of thought in to this so I hope you guys add these things I came up with in the next update I love this game it is my favorite phone game I hope you guys read this and add it I think it would make people love this game SOOO much more even though it is already an amazing game Thanks for taking the time to read this                 Hope you read this
Hey This isnt a review but this is for sure a great game I am in a League and have gotten first place for the past 3 days Each day there were 5 or 6 scores But each day I havent gotten a trophy Anybody no why I am level like 31                 Good Game but
FooW at first seemed like a simple game Id loose interest in in 5 minutes Yet quickly the game opens up new things such as leveling up costumes crystals used to make charms that help you etc Its one of my favorite halfbrick games and Id recommend it                 This Game is Worth It
I love the graphics and the music is nice it doesnt get annoying Worth the money              Great game
Really works follow me at kalosheroineserena                 YOU SHOULD GET IT
Not a bad game wish there was more to it Also woke up this morning and all my jewels were gone not cool that needs a fix 815 update loaded my game and lost all my jewels AGAIN Whats going on        Its ehhhh
Downloaded and wont open I hope I will be reimbursed     Doesnt work
Tried to update this really fun game Somehow it got stuck and now I cannot play it              Fish out of water
I luv this game I especially like the graphics and design to be honest I wouldnt play it half as much if it was pixelated or something This is like the best game ever omg I luv it wow                 WOULDNT CHANGE A THING
I play this all time and I get bored with games and apps pretty fast but this game has spent months on both my iphone and iPod touch              One of my fav games
This game takes lots of practice The object of the game is to basically see how far you can throw qeach fish This may seem super boringbut its so much fun and crazy addicting Before playing you need to know what each fish is capable of 1Micro Amazing at flying 2Olympic100 Good at all 3Finley Beautiful skips 44 Brothers Nice skipping 5Rocket just skipping Next you need to get to know the judges Nice Nataly Gives a good score everytime no matter how bad you were Hard to please Howard the highest score he will give is a 8 Skippy Steve All about the skips Reasonable Rè All about the level ups try to increase your progress Distance Dorthy Go a far distance if you can 5 Hints Try throwing one good skipping fish one good distance fish and a fish of your choice Try to get yellow power ups on your journeys you normally can find or catch 3 of them Save your power ups for your last fishthis will increase skipping and distance Dont use the 4 brothersthey arent to good HAVE FUN GUYS                 What Is It
Its such an awesome game I 100 recommend it                 Its Amazing
I love the game and how theres no ads and theres alternatives to paying with money gems I think you should maybe add more fish like a piranha or a catfish that you could get after every 50 levels or so Maybe one of the fish could go straight through waves and another could stay right on the water but go long distances Please read this                 HALFBRICK SUGGESTION
Its really fun and addicting You can earn power ups to increase your distance and youll have an awesome time playing fish out of water                 Best game ever
I love this game but the new update crashes the second I click on it PLEASE FIX     CRASH
This game is the bestyou know when your in the main menu and plays that really catchy music well my suggestion is that you add the music to the gameplay to so we can listen to it while we are playingthat is the only thing so                 A big fat 5 stars
This game is probably one of the funnest games around You always find and way to be challenged by trying to beat your high score I never get tired of playing this game and I dont think you will either                 MARVELOUS
I played this for yrs and I have a great idea A rare riptide weather Or maybe a regular moon weather where its dark and the boosties glow But thats for the time period u live in and it can be turned off Thx for reading And plz one or two more costumes V                 Addictive SUGGESTIONS
Love the sound effects only                 Gloop
Dear HalfBrick I was playing through the game and I found a typo that you might consider repairing next time you update the game The error can be found in the yellow crabs hintsthe word you have is effective where the correct word in context would be affective or something to that tune I love your games and keep up the good work the Polite Grammar Nazi                 Typo
Half brick makes great games usually This is no different Very fun and challenging                 Pretty darn fun
This is a totally fun game for kids of all ages Its a game that is easy to playeven my 2 12 year old grandson enjoys it and it has really helped him develop good hand eye coordination                 Fish Out of Water
Beware If you buy a Halfbrick game future updates may prevent you from playing it at all It just happened to me on my iPad which played Halfbricks Jetpack Joyride perfectly until Halfbrick updated it to require iOS 6 which my device doesnt support I wasnt even allowed to play the version I already had on my device Halfbrick tech support was completely unsympathetic to my problem as well Halfbrick took my money and decided it didnt care about me anymore If they can do it to me they can do it to anybody     Halfbrick can brick your game
Hi I know youre probably never going to read this but I think there should be more fish in the game for example I think there should be a pink lion fish named Lioness and it would be a girl I also think there should be a bad guy that in some missions you would have to skip faster than I also think there should be a store where you could buy upgrades for your fish and buy upgrades for the boost bar and ways that you can skip hard missions Oh and one more thing I also think that in the photo album there should be more room for new pictures of fish and can the pictures not just be of Olympus and Micro because I feel like Rocket Finlay Errol and The Brothers arent getting there fair share of the spotlight Good luck and please take some of my suggestions Grace                 I want more fish in the game
Fun game I like the fishy facts Should be able to win more fish                 Seems fun
Best game eva But there should be more fish and it needs an upgrade other than that the games AWESOME                 Worth the money
I love this game So fun and addicting                 Awesome
My favorite game for the past 34 weeks play it everyday                 Fun and Addictive Game
My sons version has a score but mine is just a bunch of stupid crabs holding up signs with no score What the heck     Where the hell is my score
It does get a little old sometimes I mean my husband and I play it all the time But we thought it would be funner if you added more fishes or fishes to buy more crystal packs more crystals to get and more costumes Please add more things                 I love it but
I Love this game it is so addicting and fun you can never get bored Here is just a couple suggestions in your updates dont just do bug fixes do some new stuff 1 other thing can you please add some new fish                 5 STARS
Dont get this game Complete ripoff and its super boring All you do is throw fish     Boring
This game is the best u should try it However its great an all but you are mis song all the fun guys                 Best review
This game is so good and addictive I cant stop playing I just cant Like Im supposed to do something else but the game is just to good                 Awesom
Lost everything in the update so guess Im done playing     Bad update
Make a new fish                 AWESOME
Over the last year Ive played and enjoyed this game many hours The last 3 or 4 months Ill play for 10 or 20 minutes before I get frustrated with the advertisements and quit The cancel buttons are oh so small most of the time trying to close the Add causes the App Store to launch When I have to quit the App Store 3 or 4 times and relaunch Fish out of Water and still cannot get rid of an add for an App that I already own thats when I quit playing for a couple of weeks THE ADDS DESTROY A GREAT PROGRAM     The adds are too much of a pain
Another spectacular job Update They kinda gave up on the game and there arent many improvements but still a great game                 Good job Halfbrick
Very fun Ive had this game for a while and I still play it                 Love it
Love this game so addicting But maybe there could be a plot line                
Its truly adorable and incredibly fun to play but it really feels empty and simply wrong the way the music doesnt play the full time              One problem with the game
Strange occurrence an inapp purchase just registered while no one on my Apple ID was using the app Contacted apple and halfbrick lets see how this resolves Fun game but if this is going to happen Ill have to avoid halfbrick until Im confident this wont happen     Unauthorized in app purchase
This is a really fun addicting game It would be even better if they added more weather scenarios and added new costumes or themed it for holidays              Love this game
This game is addicting                 Fish
I never rate games but this game was so good I had to rate it                 AMAZING
Its a really great game but it needs improvementSuggestionsmaybe more fishmini games                 Great but needs updates

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