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Description - Fitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal

Ilya Mosesyan , the publisher behind many iOS app (Weight Tracker Pro - Control your weight and BMI ! ,Weight Tracker - Control your weight and BMI ! ,Toony ,Fitness Point - 7 Minutes Workout PRO ,Flappy Parrot HD ,Fitness Point), brings Fitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal app has been update to version 2.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The weight lifting historical graphs are excellent..
  • Keeps track of everything u need for ur workout..
  • Best fitness app with good features and novel workouts..
  • Paid version has a great selection of exercises..
  • Perfect way to keep track of your progress instead of a notebook..

Overall Satisfactionc87
Best fitness app with good features and novel workouts.
I have used most of the fitness apps and this one is the best.
best usability and design on the app store among competitors.
Better Than A Trainer.
Great for my workouts and keeping track of my progress.
Keeps track of everything u need for ur workout.
The support offered is timely and helpful.
Essential Workout App.
Alot of helpful work outs.
Production Valuesc74
Nice Animation.
Tons of exercises with awesome graphics and examples of each exercise.
Easy interface to use at the gym while you are training.
Nice and simple animation with colored muscle.
Ease of Usec79
Makes it easy to control who sees updated by setting who sees the album.
Easy to follow exercises and easy to record body measurements.
Customizable and easy to use.
Workouts are easy to build and easy to modify.
Very direct and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc50
I upgraded to the Pro version.
Very fast responding user interface.
Great customer service as well.
the developer responded within minutes and helped me with a u201cworkaround.

Now it supports Health app and Apple Watch. found in 6 reviews
I would like to add customized exercises to the work outs. found in 7 reviews
I have several workout apps on my phone. found in 21 reviews
Great for my workouts and keeping track of my progress. found in 4 reviews
Easy to track workouts with very few clicks. found in 4 reviews
Makes it easy to control who sees updated by setting who sees the album. found in 4 reviews
This was great the this newbie to the gym. found in 11 reviews
If you know what you want. found in 1 reviews
Meets my needs. found in 1 reviews
I haven't noticed anything buggy about it. found in 1 reviews
Good weight training log. found in 1 reviews
Don't buy the professional version not worth it. found in 1 reviews
Decent app until update. found in 1 reviews
Good tracking but stop asking for reviews. found in 1 reviews
but it doesn't sync between devices. found in 2 reviews
I waited until it had the ability to migrate my workouts. found in 2 reviews
you have to let me change font size. found in 2 reviews
Needs the personal trainer mode. found in 2 reviews
I don't see previous workout data from last day below. found in 2 reviews
Lacking one feature …. found in 1 reviews
Great but could use a few improvement. found in 1 reviews
Unable to save log notes. found in 1 reviews
Last update broke something. found in 1 reviews
Great ideas but flaws need addressing. found in 1 reviews
Crashes when editing exercise. found in 1 reviews
But new version keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
DON'T INSTALL VERSION 4. found in 1 reviews
Another waste of money. found in 2 reviews
Pretty decent app if you set up your routine before the gym. found in 3 reviews
No need to go pro or buy workouts in app. found in 2 reviews
Cannot be downloaded and bought surely. found in 1 reviews
but the UI needs to be streamlined. found in 2 reviews
Crashes at several times per session. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Fitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 64.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4 has been released on 2014-11-27. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Fitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal check developer Ilya Mosesyan`s website :

Now with ready-to-start workout plans inside the app Optimized for iPhone 5 You already used dozens of other fitness apps and they all were not logical, without important functions and ugly? Then Fitness Point is ...
Ive tried ever app that has support for the Apple Watch and this app is the best by far I agree there are a couple of bugs but the watch has only been out for days so all watch apps are buggy right now Give the developer a little time to get feedback so he can continue to improve Right out of the gate this app is extremely useful Im coming back from a bad bicep tear injury so tracking my routine is more important than ever and this app is making that easier Try the free version of every tracking app out there for a workout and then upgrade to Pro version of this app when you see its the best                 Best Apple Watch workout tracking app by far
I wanted this to be so good But its been a bust so far Load times to put in your reps and weight is minutes I end up standing at the bench press like an idiot waiting for it to load Someone walked over and asked if my apple watch was broken They were being sarcastic Please fix this     Very slow on apple watch
The apple watch integration is nice but it needs to allow you to swipe and see the last workout you did for that exercise The point of tracking your exercises is to push your self to make progress That is hard to do if you cant see how many sets reps and how much weight you did the last time you did an exercise The app also needs to track your personal weight and rep records and let you know when you have set a new personal record to help motivate you           Good app but needs work
I use this app at the gym every time I go lifting previously on my iPhone and now on my Apple Watch Its an excellent way to keep track of your weights and reps and makes it easy to see your performance from your last session I highly recommend this app and if you have an Apple Watch its well worth the upgrade                 Great Workout App
Best 499 Ive ever spent Totally worth it I love it and use it everyday Everything about it is great                 Awesome
Its a really light app that wont crash on u when working out or something but sometimes it adds some exercises that u didnt add for that specific day of the week but it still one of the best apps out there                 A good light app
Ive had this app for several months and its worked flawlessly Im not very techey so I needed a workout app thats user friendly intuitive and this app has been great                 User friendly intuitive
As someone with severe lung disease I was looking for an app that could track my workouts to see my progress or decline I wanted an app that would track to the HealthKit on my iPhone and was easy to use I have been using Fitness Point Pro for a year and I am extremely happy with it It fulfills all on my needs in an easy elegant design To top it off the customer support is the best Ive ever seen for an app Patient friendly even warm I highly recommend Fitness Point Pro                 Highly recommended
I enjoy the app and do like how it is available on the new Apple watch There are areas for improvement and regardless how the developer states this is how it works since I paid for it a suggestion should be considered rather than stating this is just how it is One having the ability to return back to the current exercise in progress with timer running when moving about the app looking at other exercises logs etc or leaving the app Developer says there is a banner which I have tested and it doesnt work Two would be having the ability to take an on the fly log and create a workout from it Developer says no and to create it from the workout tabs or exercises and adding to workout UPDATEThird issue which is a bug is the app on the watch The rep and weight methods are not working correctly It took at one point eight attempts to get the weight property to take my change of weight to be acknowledged Setting the weight and tapping ok was not accepting and had to be done several times The rep acts the same This is is found to be due to the Cancel and Ok properties being so close on the Apple watch version I have small petite fingers and found tapping the ok button wasnt actually what I was hitting when up dating weight and reps after each set Even though I tapped it if it was too close to the edge of the ok property it actually triggered the cancel property and method call A good suggestion would be to remove the cancel property completely and revert the swiping to the right as the actual cancel method UPDATEEND Last the timer contined to run after stopping it and moving to the next exercise Overall the watch version has potential hut the two most important funtions of logging needs to be resolved UPDATE 051215 Another issue found is the workout timer While most trainers and trainees utilize super and compound sets the watch and phone app provide the ability but only tested on watch leaving the timer running on one exercise carries over or activates when you swipe to another exercise to perform However stopping the timer only works on the current exercise which is fine but you have to go to all exercises to kill the timer again on them Another nuisance is the data in the rep and weight properties carries over to the next exercise These values should remain as the previous value originally set Its very cumbersome to have to renter your weight and reps again when super setting and exercise You dont go from a bench press of 170 lbs to a dumbbell flue with the same weight always Each exercise should retain its own weight and rep values and not carry over to the next RECAP timer should remain with current activity and stop for it or if another exercise uses the same running timer then the End Timer command should kill all timers or give user option to kill active exercise timer or all timers Repweight property and blues in them should be dependent on exercise alone not carry over into others END UPDATE 051215              Useful app but has some bugs and room for improvement
Unlike other fitness apps out there building your own dailyweekly fitness model to workout to that not only shows you what to do but a visual of the workout muscle groups it isolates and a blurb about the workout is epic and unseen until now I just downloaded the lite version and after just seeing what it can do and seeing what I was missing from not having the pro version I downloaded the pro version same day Good job on a very useful app Workout made easy              A Diamond in the ruff
Rates every run the same 66 calorieshour regardless of distance     Useless
This app is great for anyone who likes working out at the gym It has a plethora of exercises and a demo to show you how its done I like that I can create my own workout sets Thats a great feature because it keeps you busy instead of wondering what to do next I bought the full version and it is so worth it                 Awesome App
Great app and compatible with Apple Watch everything you need On your phone and on your watch                 Great app
Loads of variety scheduling and customizable workout routineseverything youd want in an app like this                 Perfect
Ive been looking for the right weight training log for a while and this is the third one Ive tried It also looks like its going to be the last It has everything one needs to log their workout including cardio and stretches It also has to chart your progress and both a countdown timer and a set timer The interface is intuitive and streamlined and it makes keeping track of your routines easy Great purchase                 Both Functional Streamlined
Love the app on the watch While at the gym I found tracking my sets reps weight rest time and workout time easy and free of distraction I bought the 4 day split gym workout and found it useful but no way is it worth the 999 price If the workouts changed each week or upped your goals after each week then maybe The workouts are static and could easily be created manually in the 499 app without wasting the 999 to obtain little to no additional functionality The day labels on the workout are also static so I started the 4 day split on a Wednesday but used the Monday workout Would love if it just modified the Monday to then be the Wednesday workout and adjust all other workouts to fall into order as well Though I admit I could have just started the Wednesday workout on the first workout instead of assuming Monday should be the first workout to start so perhaps thats a feature I can live without Features I would like to see purchased workouts tracking your entered progress and adjusting your goals on sets and weight accordingly over time Features I hope they add with watchos2 once watchos2 is out would like to see heart beat monitoring to better calculate calorie burn and track heart rate during sets              Great Watch app could use a few features
Great App              Great App
As someone who is very critical about apps I cant find any complaints with this one It does exactly what it should do and is easy to use Importantly the developer is consistent with updates                 Doesnt get better
This app is appallingly slow on the apple watch I downloaded it because I thought it could help track my weight regime but I am not willing to wait 4 minutes between reps for this nonsense to load In the time it takes to load I can easily get access to my phone enter the data return my phone to my arm holster read war peace and end the war in Iraq This app is a total joke Dont buy it until the developer releases an update     Slow as molasses
Great app Does what it claims plus has a great Apple Watch support I am amazed Apple does not include it in its featured apps for the Watch You can create exercises and workouts and it automatically triggers a rest timer Also the developer seems to be pretty active                 Simple clean and functional app
I use this app to track my workouts and its great But recently the timer function has been acting up tracked time only elapses when the app is on screen which is not always the case Workouts are therefore timed as much shorter than that really are              Really good but workout timer is broken
My main beef with the app is the poor implementation of graphing Please give us more options average weight max weight etc please group graph data points per workout not per set Thanks           Needs Polish
I normally dont take the time to write reviews And I hate when Apps try to make you do it However I am proud to say I am voluntarily writing this review to give Kudos Its a solid app for both the iPhone and apple watch I have been very impressed with it Great job                 Great App Seriously
تنقصه بعض التمارين وكذلك شرح التمرين غير مترجم للعربيه على كل حال انصح بتحميل البرنامج لوجود ميزه صنع جدولك الخاص بالتمرين ارجو تطوير البرنامج اكثر وشكرا           جيد جدا
This APP does not work as adverstised This is a complete waste of money If you download this APP you are dumb I paid for the PRO version specifically to use it to track my workouts Howover this APP is extremely unuser friendly I regret I downloaded and paid for the PRO version     What a Waste
I started working out at the gym lately and love using this app to plan my workout the night before Love the detailed descriptions of each exercise and the simple animations that real show off each exercise              Great help for gym
Updated changes to the Apple Watch app in the latest update are a mixed bag It is great that the program automatically loads the weight and reps I did the last time I did the exercise but shouldnt it load the first set I did in the last workout since that will be my starting point not the heavier weights of the last set of my last workout Also swiping to next exercise seems to have gone away in this update which makes the watch app a bit less efficient to use A very clean simple interface for a nonetheless pretty powerful app including Apple Health integration Automatically filling in reps and weights from the last workout would make logging more efficient and quicker But other than that first rate              Great
This is a great gym log with a lot of cool features I particularly love the rest timer and all of the diagrams and exercise descriptions However Ive been experiencing a lot of trouble with a glitch that happens that doesnt allow my keyboard to pop up when entering set and rep info Its a real drag because it spreads the same problem to other apps and forces me to restart my phone Im really hoping for an update soon so I can use this great app without disruption        Keyb
Very easy to use and plenty of exercises to pick from                 Great app
The app is cool for the most part Nonetheless it would be better if you had the ability to duplicate workouts to make minor changes to different exercises At present you have to start from scratch which is tedious Also it would be good if one had the ability to assign workouts to each day For instance if you yo have a 1 month workout routine it would be nice if the workouts were already assigned to the days including rest days Hopefully you guys think about adding these features           Mr
I love this app for building strength training routines and tracking my results Super easy to use and includes lot of exercise options for each target area Support is very responsive I asked a question and heard back within 24 hours                 Best Workout App
I looked and looked all over the AppStore and I had a hard time finding an app that let you do just what I was looking for until I found Fitness Point This app is literally perfect for what I needed Something to track my own custom workouts and enter in my own exercises that may not of been listed in the default list One major thing I was disappointed with however is the lack of tracking a routine all at once You can make workout routines and workout plans which is a great feature but its lacking a button to add the whole routine to what youve done today Instead you have to look at each individual exercise in your routine and track it separately It would be much easier if after youve made your plan that you follow exactly each time you workout just to have a button that adds all those exercises in the routine to the completed today list with the preset reps and sets that you added when creating the workout planroutine But anyway this does what I was looking for better than any other app in the AppStore and I love it Just a few minor updates and it would be completely flawless But thanks for creating this amazing app it helps a lot                 Perfect for custom workout plans
If youre like me and are ignorant about muscles and the parlance thats associated with bodybuilding and the gym in general this is a great tool The greatest and most useful feature is the way it lists the different muscles with a robust list of all the different exercises for each different muscle Im now tired of writing              Great App for lifting beginners
I looked at many apps and this is my favorite Huge library of exercises to give you ideas for daily workouts Organized into group Chest Back Legs etc a few sample weekly workouts build your own Tracks daily activity etc Now I have a good reason to buy the watch log workout from my wrist                 Great app for Workouts Exercises and Tracking
So far this has been a great solid app I like the ability to add exercises with pictures Ive contacted support and they are very responsive and helpful I like to create my own workouts so this works great for me                 Great App
I has so many exercises Not only that it show you which muscles are involved in the workout What i would suggest is having more stretching exercises and workout exercises Overall fantastic                 Absolutely fantastic
Works great I like having the ability to take my workout plan to the gym I can log reps weight time while listening to iTunes Even has a count down timer that vibrates to alert me between sets Does not have kettle bell and hammer strength and Jacobs Ladder exercises listed though so I gave it 45 stars You can add exercises but thought these popular exercises would be included on their list already Has pre made workouts available to buy              Nice App
Pictures are worth a thousand words I love this app because its so easy to build a workout plan and easily see what it is when youre at the gym                 Great app for planning workouts
App is very helpful for tracking workouts and adding options to switch your routine Would like to see the option to add your own workout that is not listed           Iaknowy
Loads of exercises preloaded or create your own track weights times and reps no nonsense and easy interface for gym love this app its like having a personal trainer follow u around the gym only a lot cheaper u can design your own workout to cater to your needs u r gonna love this thing                 Hands down the very best
Used the lite version and ended up buying the pro version because it has the easiest user capabilities Lots of preloaded workouts and allows you to take pics of your own workouts to add to tailored workouts                 Best utility for gainz
Good app overall for planning a workout Needs some more exercises For example regular plank toe touches regular pull ups           Good App but needs more workouts
Covers everything needed to help with workouts you can even create your own exercise and log your progress The logging mechanism is simple and easy to use GET IT if your serious                 Perfect
Great app Love that you can make your own custom workouts AND exercises I only wish for a few fixes One that you can create super sets within a workout and two that the rest timer was not included when counting a workout I have the automatic thirty second timer come on after each set but the workout includes it in my exercise so that it thinks I burned more calories than I did Other than that its a great workout app              Love it but
Bugs 1 set time count as sum of current set time and rest time before this set 2 training time count as sum of all exercises time but must also include all rest time 3 calories count not correctly 4 many exercises have duplicates in db 5 many different exercises have same photo 6 no ability to disable sleep mode 7 no different rest time between sets and exercises        Many bugs
This app tracks every kind of workout exercise weight time etc You can write your own workout plans even enter your own exercises Also tracks calories and time per exercise The app also graphs weight per exercise and timereps per exercise Integrates well with Apples Health app                 Great Workout Tracker
I started lifting again after six years of laziness I bought the application because I needed a way to track my lifting and fitness goals Now at the gym I set my iPhone off to the side where no one will bother it and I track my workouts on my Apple Watch A great library of lifts and exercises have helped me vary my workouts and is making me try new movements I am very pleased                 A Great Gym Companion
This is a very good app for tracking your progress in the gym One thing I would like to see is a new update that takes advantages of the new WatchOS2 I would like the be able to use the watch app without being connected to my phone This should be simple because it should be a native app on the watch This would give the app much more versatility and better performance Thanks              WatchOS2
This is all Ive ever wanted in a workout app                 The best
Does what its meant to do Works well                 Works great

Fitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & FitnessFitness Point Pro - Workout & Exercise Journal Health & Fitness

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