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Connor Zwick , the publisher behind many iOS app (TechWire ,Flashcards+), brings Flashcards+ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Flashcards+ app has been update to version 2.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • : it helps me stay organized and it's really helpful for school..
  • Nothing like them when trying to memorize new words..
  • Great for kids and students of all ages..
  • This app helps you save money when u think..
  • As a med student this is a great tool..
Overall Satisfactionclick me87
Love the app probably the simplest and best flashcard app out there.
I'm using this app to study for physiology and medical terminology.
This app is amazing for studying and has helped me a lot.
Much better than carrying a huge stack of paper flash cards.
Easy and better than writing down on flash cards and saving paper.
It really helps me study and best of all it's free.
Fun & Engagingclick me94
I loved this app because it makes studying fun.
Awesome for studying on the go as a busy grad student.
Makes learning a new language so much more convenient.
Awesome flash cards AND it's FREE.
I use it all the time for school courses.
Usefulnessclick me91
Recommended by a friend and is very helpful for studying on the go.
Very useful for studying foreign languages and so on.
Told my whole medical class saves time and space.
This is very helpful for school and keeps my very organized.
this app is great and I use it for everything.
Useful and free definitely a must have.
Family Friendlyclick me93
Great for kids and students of all ages.
Great for kids and adults to use.
I study my medical terms and help kids study spelling.
Great for helping kids study.
Social Aspectsclick me100
My social studies teacher recommended this app to our class.
This app is really surprising I had a Social Studies.
Production Valuesclick me65
Very easy interface to design new cards - love it.
Easy interface and comprehensive features.
Ease of Useclick me78
Just easy to make cards and study and finding cards is easy too.
A simple flashcard application that really helps with memorization.
Super convenient and so much less wasteful than making actual notecards.
I think this app is extremely helpful and convenient.
The Best simple effective app you can use for flash cards.
Very easy interface to design new cards - love it.
Clean easy to use app.
this app is very functional and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me49
and fix bugs - freezing and crashing.
Freezes alot and very sensitive when flipping cards.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me100
Security & Privacyclick me64
Is there any way to sync this with your quizlet account.
It connects with my quizlet account.


***Celebrating over 200,000 downloads and counting!!!!***


ATTENTION: If you have upgraded your phone to the new
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
4.3, this app might crash in some cases. Since Apple does not allow you to roll back your OS once upgraded, please be patient as a fix is coming out in an update ASAP. In the meantime, if you intend on using this app for any vital studying in the next week and have not upgraded yet, please consider waiting to upgrade until an update comes out. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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The first fully functional free flashcard (yes, that`s 5 F`s in a row) app on the app store!! Many of the testers for this app have proclaimed this is the best flashcard app available for download-but it`s also the only free one! Any app for students should not cost money anyways, so download this app and buy a coffee for yourself with the money you saved. Go ahead, you earned it.


There were some issues with older devices last version, but I am glad to say after countless hours of unproductive troubleshooting, it will now work for all devices!!




"This app is absolutely perfect! I hate having to write out flashcards and I am constantly losing them. This app keeps them all organized and I don`t have to buy more flashcards! I would recommend this app for EVERY student!" -Manide11


"I down loaded this app onto my 1st-graders iPod touch. This is a great tool. I highly recommend it. We created flash cards for him to practice his multiplication. The cool factor is that you get the look and feel of traditional 3.5 index cards but in a convenient, fun, and portable iPod touch. I can drill him or he can practice alone. Other benefits include, 1) saving money by not buying index cards and 2) It`s environmentally-friendly. I am not having to store or dispose stacks of cards once he has mastered the lesson. I`m quite pleased with the results of this app. Oh and by the way, my son recommended the 5 stars. This definitely means that with this app, flashcard-learning is made fun!!" -AskRonnii


"This app is better than the three dollar ace flash cards for two reasons 1. It`s free 2. The flashcard interface looks better and more like real flashcards than ace" -Williard Hillem


Now read below for the features:


-Integrated with Quizlet, the largest online flashcard database with over 3 million sets! That means you can spend more time studying and less time making flashcards.


-Add custom decks if you`re studying something that`s never been studied before (otherwise you could be using a Quizlet deck!) Adding decks and cards is made seamless and as fast as possible.


-Keep track of the cards you know by checking/unchecking them and only studying the ones you know or don`t know.


-Filter decks to search for a specific card


-Swap card sides


-Shuffle decks!


-Gorgeous & streamlined graphics that allow for efficient studying (at least I`d like to think so because I designed them) This entire app has been optimized for fingers and efficient studying.


-Intuitive finger motions for study mode.


-Comprehensive help area


-But the biggest standout feature of all...IT`S FREE. I can only provide it for free because I`m not in the business of developing apps to make money.


Once you try it out, drop me a line and let me know how I can improve it. I`m going to be updating this app based on what you think would be great features, so please let me know!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Flashcards+ for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10.2 MB to download. The new Flashcards+ app version 2.5.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Flashcards+ check developer Connor Zwick`s website :


So many card options this will be great for school. found in 68 reviews
Wide variety of pre made flash cards for studying courses. found in 151 reviews
Makes learning a new language so much more convenient. found in 27 reviews
The quizlet decks were also good for memorizing trig calculations. found in 30 reviews
A big help for my language learning and memorizing Bible verses. found in 18 reviews
Life saver in a pinch as well is being Eco Friendly. found in 25 reviews
Anyways a must for study guides and portable/organized flashcards. found in 45 reviews
Great app for students of any grade level. found in 35 reviews
My newest best friend when it comes to studying for exams. found in 58 reviews
Great study tool for on the go students like myself. found in 628 reviews
Great study aid that helps me pass my test every single time. found in 401 reviews
This is honestly the BEST educational app I have found online. found in 24 reviews
Great for vocabulary based studying. found in 97 reviews
Really comes in handy for studying and memorization. found in 62 reviews
Such a time saver and I can study anywhere. found in 30 reviews
Does the trick for creating simple flash cards for my son. found in 15 reviews
this app works great for a study helper. found in 24 reviews
Love the app probably the simplest and best flashcard app out there. found in 444 reviews
Recommended by a friend and is very helpful for studying on the go. found in 123 reviews
Awesome app needs a return key while creating your notes though. found in 7 reviews
although the landscape keyboard feature would be a good to have. found in 9 reviews
Wish you could enter multiple lines for the flip side. found in 19 reviews
Whenever I try to open a deck or edit a card. found in 12 reviews
but I commonly have cards with long definitions. found in 14 reviews
the ability to move cards between decks would be hugely beneficial. found in 16 reviews
you can't see what you're typing anymore. found in 11 reviews
Wish you could add pics like graphs and stuff. found in 11 reviews
My only problem is that I have a Quizlet account. found in 33 reviews
Good app but crashes often. found in 6 reviews
Use it for Language but the voice packs don't really work. found in 111 reviews
Freezes alot and very sensitive when flipping cards. found in 7 reviews
Freshman but I wish it had iPhone/iPod 5 support :. found in 12 reviews
Only thing is that it doesn't really shuffle the cards. found in 25 reviews
The option to change font size would be nice. found in 11 reviews
Very good but glitchy at times. found in 6 reviews
This would be extra awesome if it quit crashing on me. found in 7 reviews
The app crashes way too much it annoys me to death. found in 6 reviews
Need to be able to adjust the font size or fix this problem. found in 10 reviews
Seems like a great product but it keeps freezing and crashing. found in 8 reviews
I cannot find my Quizlet deck on here. found in 26 reviews
the Course Hero - Flash Cloud lash up is faulty. found in 35 reviews
I spent the $2 for the voice package and it doesn't work. found in 60 reviews
When I shuffle the cards front doesn't match up with the back. found in 25 reviews
I also have trouble tapping the Voice option. found in 32 reviews
Then it won’t let you add cards to an existing deck. found in 31 reviews
Can't edit cards and how can you flip them. found in 23 reviews
App crashes when purchasing voice packs. found in 111 reviews
newly added decks on the course hero websites wont sync. found in 31 reviews
Unable to create my own custom decks. found in 99 reviews
It crashes every time I try to select a language for audio. found in 28 reviews
The app just crashes after flipping the first card completely worthless. found in 36 reviews
it freezes up and goes to the home screen. found in 25 reviews
there are two font sizes : extra large and super ridiculous large. found in 22 reviews
I wish the was an return key to easily make lists. found in 29 reviews
Cloud and Italian Language Pack Are Not Working Properly. found in 52 reviews
Unable to make new decks and old ones won't load. found in 89 reviews
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Great features for a free App                Great features
This is an amazing app that changed my life It had a huge impact on my grades Super good for people who are in High school trying to learn everything quickly Easy to use best flash card app                So good for studying
The app is great for creating and studying custom flash cards I am using them for a Spanish class so I particularly like the audio capability I am able to study the cards by holding my iPhone to the side and respond to audio examples in addition to visual review Excellent app with full features that is easy to use Thanks Chegg                Love it
This app is literally the best thing ever And if you know how difficult the academic life of a premed student is youll truly appreciate all this app has to offer Definitely keeping this app                PreMedPharmacy student here
This is a great app Easy to use and easy to make your own flash cards Easy to edit Great to study with                Great app for flash cards
I have to say its a pretty good app would be nice if you could create cards on your computer and back it up to sync with your phone because that takes some time Would also be nice to see other cards like brainscape but it works perfectly and Im happy with it             Pretty dang simple but good
This is a very smooth studying tool I love it thanks clegg                Great
I love this app I can take it anywhere and still study for my upcoming tests The best part is that I can keep multiple decks in one app Thank you                Great Study Tool
I am not good at studying its as simple as that This helps me organize it to where I dont feel so overwhelmed                Just saved me
should be able to have all cards face up so you can match the words with the definition also be able to mix the decks up             please add
A couple of years ago I tried almost every flash card app out there and all fell short This is easy to use has a great interface and as a bonus gives you access to many many card decks made by other users Good job                Waiting for this
I spent 2 hours on making a deck for my ap human test and then I accidentally deleted it insiead of this other one and now theres no way I can figure out on how to get back    Deleted my deck
This app is the best flashcard app i have triedit has definitely helped me on school tests                Excellent app
This app is so helpful Ive been using it for my vocabulary in my literature class I love it because I can copy and paste definition from my dictionary app It so easy to use and makes vocabulary less painful I also like that you can edit the flash cards Overall this is a great study tool                Amazing
First flashcard app Ive used the learn and learned feature is great Along with the frontback switch Will be using this A LOT                Love It Great Features
Thats all i ask from a flash card                Easy to work
Does everything it says it will do And for free                A
So simple to make flash cards and the fact that we can add in our own pictures is great This app has been very helpful                SO HELPFUL
I have really enjoyed using this app It works extremely well in terms of reviewing material I do have a suggestion for improvement It would be nice to be able to underline or embolden certain words Thanks so much for creating such a great app             Great flash card app
A must have for studentsAll around great appDoesnt force me to see adds doesnt try and sell me a premium version 5 stars                Great Flashcard App
I like this app and do recommend it However the ability to adjust font size more so than is allowed would be helpful Also the choice to purchase the app without the ads would be nice Other than those two issues I like it          Why NOT a 5
Great App                Super Helpful
Its portable flash cards You dont need to worry about losing any or having a place to put them A must get study tool                Great
This app is amazing It is easy to use and so helpful Im starting highschool and I have never had to study before in my life And this saved my gpa I can study anywhere now I love it                LOVE LOVE LOVE
I love this app Because you dont have to worry about buying the and carrying them around                Great app
With the latest update the deck is synced every time the phone is locked and opened again So if you are studying a deck and stare at a card or get distracted long enough to have your phone lock you get kicked out of the deck you were in the middle of studying when you return This is annoying enough that Im probably going to switch to another app if it doesnt get fixed soon       Update is super annoying
This is the best flashcard app I have found so far It is super easy to use and edit I have already been showing my classmates how easy and convenient it is to have your flash cards on your phone means you can study anywhere                Best Flashcards
Amazing                Awesome
A four because its not organized that well and does not have an elementary school choice and Im a 4grader learning 5grade math Please make app a little better and so you can customize your page and delete decks of cards if you cant already just got app Anyway good app You should get it             Good App But Why A Four
Maximized my study potential             Very useful
Love this                amazing
The app is great very useful for studying in university and for other things as well The only thing I would like is the ability to create flash cards on a website and use that to send them to my phone But it is great as is             Very helpful
The new sync feature of chegg cards caused all but a few of my decks to get deleted upon syncing This was a convenient way for me to study before but now months of time and effort in creating decks has been wasted because of this very inconvenient feature I simply cannot believe the incompetence of chegg not to fix the bugs with this before releasing this to hardworking students who rely on this as a study aid    Update Completely unacceptable sync feature
Great app for flashcards The only suggestion I can come up with is that they need a way to divide decks into folders and then it would be nice if within those folders you could practice with individual decks or combine all of the decks in a folder into one study pile that would remain individual decks once done                Best flash card app
Very easy to use Lots of acronyms at my new job means Ill be using this for awhile             User friendly
Its free Its easy Wish they had a font section and a little more variety in font size Other than that its great             Great
Used for sight words with my daughter Works well and says the word too                Great
Great app                Love it
Just downloaded today Very easy to create my own cards Very easy to use As I continue creating my cards I realized Id like to reorganize and group some of the cards into different groupings Havent yet found a way to regroup cards that Ive already created Hoping Ill find a way Other than that Im loving it so far Ive tried 2 others and was disappointed with them because of the huge number of ads I had to deal with No problems with ads in this app yet Its so easy Ill probably be buying extra functions in the near future Good download I would suggest it to others             Awesome so far
This app is user friendly and it is very helpful for studying things quickly                Incredibly Helpful
This app has been super cool except I wish its whole app layout was White Black             
Ive used a lot of flashcard apps during the past however Chegg has simply been the best Of course Quizlet may have been known and used the most by many people but the interface and the utilities of Chegg are remarkable compared to Quizlet Chegg has language translation support clear audio support and great selections of tools Many people dont know about Chegg however it should be known soon or later Yeah Chegg is powered by Quizlet however theres seemingly a huge difference between the individuals needs and ways each learner and learn in their own way Chegg gives the option and freedom with variety of choices for each student and lifelong learners Chegg is the essential app every learner must get Learn on                Better than Quizlet Simply The Best
Yes sir I like it                Yay
This app is so amazing I love it I really stink at spelling and using this app is really helping me and my grades Iam also almost impossible to please with apps like this and it totally pleases me I really enjoy this app for fun too cause I enjoy playing around with the emojis on this app So it is is fun for playing around and for school So I totally suggest this app it is awesome                Awesomest app ever
Recently started using it and I love it                Great for studying
This is an Excellent Application It has increased my test averages almost two grade points Where I had Cs before i am now getting As as the flash cards make it very easy and convenient to study anywhereI would give this App 5 Stars if the SHARE function worked easier It tends to produce a lot of errors and wont open properly when recevied through an email or text file When the Share File is received to another persons device the file tries to open Chegg Flash Cards and the file except the file does not transfer properly leaving an error message and no Sharing capabilitiesHowever It is an Excellent App and worth the download even without the SHARE function The SYNC function seems to work perfectly My iPhone and iPad are always up to dateChegg keep the great apps comingThank you             Excellant Application for The Student in All of Us
I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone for anything Ive been using it for two weeks and its perfect so far SO GET THIS APP NOW IT WILL SAVE YOUR GRADES                THIS SAVED MY SPANISH GRADE
The best app that Ive seen everi love it                Awesome
1 Easy to use 2 No writing down hassle3 Study quicker than ever4 Save money5 Dont have to carry a big bunch of flash cardsThe best studying app 1010 stars                Simply the best of all flashnote cards


Connor Zwick
10.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.5.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Flashcards+ 2.5.1 Mobile

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