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Zentertain Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Memory Sweeper Pro ,Keyboard Pro+ ( Creative SMS/FACEBOOK/TWITTER Text Art for iPhone Texting ) ,Slots Saga ,Any Download ,Throw It™ ,Zombie Battle), brings Flashlight and Toolbox with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Flashlight and Toolbox app has been update to version 1.83 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Works great and I like the different settings..
  • walking to my car at night - a great safety feature..
  • Love this app it has helped me find my keys many times..
  • Whether looking for something in the car or reading in bed..
  • Great tool to have when trying not to wake the baby..
Overall Satisfactionclick me92
It's incredibly bright & is probably the best flashlight app out there.
Loud video ads on flashlight ap.
Does what it says and I love the strobe feature.
I love the strobe effect you can do and it's insanely bright.
And when you lock the phone for it to stay on.
Works even better than a regular flashlight.
This is a great flashlight for being on a phone.
I was so surprise in how bright the light really is.
Fun & Engagingclick me97
Such an awesome flashlight - great deal.
Awesome light it really comes in handy when needed.
Use the flashlight all the time = always bright - always ready.
AND there's an ad that won't let me use the flashlight well.
It's great and it comes in handy all the time I would recommend to everyone.
Usefulnessclick me97
Very bright and useful for situations in need of light.
Super easy to use and very handy in dark situations.
The flashlight is bright and helpful --I'M IMPRESSED.
Since I travel a lot it has become a very helpful tool.
I use it almost every day and I love it.
Helps me ALOT in the pitch dark.
It does everything a flashlight should do.
Ease of Useclick me88
Simple flashlight on flashlight off and it's very bright.
Loud video ads on flashlight ap.
Super easy to use and very handy in dark situations.
How convenient to have a flashlight built into a device that's always with me.
Super convenient for navigating on foot in crowded evening events.
Does what it's supposed to: very bright and simple to use.
Super usefull and so easy a caveman can use it.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me26
Now I can use with our getting asked to rate it.
forced to rate or play a game.
Batteryclick me100
Very bright- runs down battery fast though.


A toolbox including a Flashlight, a fortune teller, a device info display and etc.


The "Dance to the music" function lets you choose a song from your music library and the flashlight will then dance to the rhythm.

Flashlight and Toolbox
Tags :   flashlight ,   toolbox


The Flashlight and Toolbox is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.4 MB to download. The new Flashlight and Toolbox app version 1.83 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Flashlight and Toolbox in Zentertain Ltd.`s Official Website :


It's incredibly bright & is probably the best flashlight app out there. found in 1050 reviews
Love the dependability and brightness of this flash lite. found in 64 reviews
Especially convenient when I'm walking my dog at night. found in 26 reviews
Excellent quality flash light for short time periods. found in 677 reviews
nice bright light and I also like the flashing part. found in 394 reviews
Great use for Emergencies especially when the power goes out. found in 35 reviews
just wish the light was adjustable and not so bright at times. found in 10 reviews
I also wish it wouldn't turn off when the screen locks. found in 5 reviews
Just wish there was a dimmer option. found in 6 reviews
The compass doesn't work but the light is great. found in 5 reviews
Needs lock screen. found in 2 reviews
Awesome stuff but the light should stay on longer. found in 39 reviews
but is loaded with annoying ads. found in 16 reviews
But I wish I could change the brightness. found in 4 reviews
I like this flashlight app because it opens fast. found in 9 reviews
A perfect app just needs a dimmer switch. found in 4 reviews
I think it's good but you need different colors I think. found in 8 reviews
Nice but pop ups are annoying. found in 3 reviews
Was perfect before the last update added ads to the bottom. found in 4 reviews
Was Great But Now WAY 2 MANY POP UPS. found in 3 reviews
Good but bad. found in 2 reviews
until it turns off and asks you to write a review. found in 13 reviews
Would give it five stars if it had brightness settings. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't work for iPad mini. found in 8 reviews
Needs to stay on longer but it's a great app. found in 45 reviews
forced to rate or play a game. found in 28 reviews
It forced me to write this review. found in 13 reviews
but you have to keep touching the screen. found in 5 reviews
it shuts off when the phone goes to sleep mode. found in 25 reviews
It does have pop up ads now. found in 6 reviews
a recent update added ads that pop up over the screen. found in 4 reviews
It does not recognize the camera flash on my iPad mini. found in 8 reviews
Very annoying ads. found in 16 reviews
Tried to install the ad free " free this week only. found in 4 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
iPad iphone 480x360 2
Icon 175x175 1
This is a tracker app 6mb for a flashlight look it up this is an app that gathers information and passwords Dont install    Virus
When the lights in my house go out I use this it makes my house brighter you are just haters Well its your opiun                It works
This only illuminates my iPad screen and the light is worthless Uninstalled immediately    White screen not bright
Sorta trash Wont turn on the light until it connects to the net so useless for camping basement at the farm etceteraHas adds right near the on off button so its super easy to accidentally get sent to some sketchy websiteUse the flash on the video camera for better more consistent light in the dark    Used it too long now
Very useful A                Great app
OkayI bought this app thinking I would be able to hit the button and a light would turn on WRONG    WORST APP EVER
Useful          Flash
Used to be useful but these guys have found a way to remove the usefulness of this app How hard can it be to turn on a light This app now remains dark until it has checked in with its mother app at headquarters leaving you in the dark for 2030 seconds if you dont have a good internet connection Maybe its retrieving instructions on how to engage the light but my guess is its looking for ads to display before turning the light on Sadly a good app gone bad    How Hard Can It Be
A blank white screen is not a flashlight Totally useless on iPad mini    Really Doesnt work on iPad mini
I like it A LOT                Guiding Light
Too much ads not enough flashlight    
Would be 5 stars if I could get rid of the annoying ads Can I get reimbursed for data being used on ads Other then that good flashlight          Good flashlight
Doesnt work    No good
My iPad mini isnt equipped with a light so it only turns the screen brightness all the way up Not great for people whos mobile devices dont have lights itd be better if you just Google image search white and do from there          Not great
Not the greatest UI but very useful Reacts a little slow on my 4S when switched on for the first time opening App After last update now with ads                Very good
This may be an odd endorsement In addition to its general everyday flashlight usage I have found it to be an invaluable aid in spotlighting cleanup on my midnight dog walking excursions                flashlight
Easy to access and does what it says Ads are on the screen but dont interfere with the light                Let there be light
Dez nutz gotteem    Ct
love yo have it                love it
Extremely useful and convenient app Try it youll love it                Love this app
Pretty useful light its better that the others                LIGHT
Hard to use this app v 21 without ads interfering with its operation The last thing I want when Im trying to fit my door key into the lock in the dark is for some freaking ad to pop up and block the flashlight beam But thats exactly what this app does So DONT EVER USE THIS APP IN A TRUE EMERGENCY You have to stop what youre doing and concentrate on closing the ad in order to restore the light Yes the compass and strobe are nice extras and the app uses little storage but these pluses dont make up for the big fat minus of the nonutility of the flashlight caused by the way the developers have chosen to incorporate the ads    V21 ads undermine app
Liked it very much Works for me                Flashlight
usefull when you need quick flash                fine
It takes awhile to initiate turning on the light which is a pain when you need light in a hurry But otherwise its great          Works but too slow
Its not supposed to have optional color so that means Im both a crackhead stupid    Found out
Just got it the other day but is very handy to know I got a flashlight on me at all times and more comfortable to carry around then a regular light                Flashlight
This app is really good                Flashlight
The ads can get a bit weary but thats what you get with a free app It has a working compass several degrees of flashing lights and a built in SOS signal if youre ever nabbed by Jason or whatever Point is its awesome and its free Just disallow location push notifications and whenever you need a light one click and its ON POINT Love it                Does what its supposed to
This thing is freaking blinding its so useful from campouts to needing to pee at night love it                Flashlight
You dont need 5MB to turn a light on and off your phone This app is using your phone data and gps info Backup your contacts and factory reset your phone    Malware dont install
Every time I open this flashlight app a LOUD ad comes on about Fantasy Football My wife is a light sleeper and the ads wake her up she wakes up if I turn the bedroom light on to go to bathroom so I deleted the app and downloaded InfinitLight which actually turns on quicker and doesnt begin strobing if you accidentally touch the screen    Loud AdsSleeping Wifebad
Since there is no light on my ipad 2 this gets 1 star    No light on ipad 2
Used to be ok Now if I go to use it it goes to a black screen and then back to home screen Deleting    Hasnt worked since iOS 8 update
Superb                Flashlight
You have to go through a lot of junk and ads just to get a blank screen on you iPadNot worth the bother    Free but costs too much
The compass doesnt work but the light is great Do u think u could keep all ads to the bottom of the screen instead of the whole screen where it covers up the light completely             Awesome
This is useful I have a cricket in my room I tried finding it with this the light was very bright And sadly the cricket is so small we cannot find it so now I have to deal with a cricket chirping all night UGH D                Awesome
Lots of ads and does not really work as a flashlight Dont bother    Delete
I love the flashlight feature I use for multiple purposes and frequently                Flashlight review
Hi do not know why this has glitches it has SO MANY ADDS OMG I can even say how many it has       Fine not the best though
It doesnt work for a iPad but its nice    Flash light
5MB fir an application To turn on off a light Seriously what else this application do that is not advertized    file size
I thought it would work like the hone flashlightIts terrible to me    Terrible
Downloaded this after my other app went on the fritz Seems to work well enough but the ads are a PITA             Nice
Review    Use to long flashlightv22
Just ok          Flashlight
I hate it I want to write a book but I didnt do a thing and its 1157 pm right now The tv is on I put it on and I did not WORK    Wow It works great Not
It helped me fix my computer even when my iPod did not have a camera flash                Great
What a waste of time it only works on the lens if you have flash    Do not get


Zentertain Ltd.
0.4 MB
Compatible with iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.83

iOS Flashlight and Toolbox 1.83 Mobile

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